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11-6 5:20pm SportsTalk, LSU vs BAMA

Nov 6, 2013|

Bobby and Deke spoke with Les East who covers LSU for the Advocate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is a -- and we rely heavily on and a true professional he is of the Baton Rouge advocate. Economist and be -- and all over LSU and Alabama SE says he will this. The last -- so much for the time and now this is a big one and that era Cobb the other day -- save our sorry NFL issue or a win the next three. It would save visits idol fans to be more -- more than pleased with the season they would they lose to the next three. Kind of paid -- commissar and as a tiger fans. Yeah I think you're exactly right DQ. Eight before would be huge disappointment and you know there's there's LSU Alabama our rivalry has gotten to a point. Now where I think for a long armed faction embellish -- planes. Very little outside of the Alabama game matters that much she is not true of all Spain ends but you know. It's almost like winning and SEC title -- losing Alabama. Is worse. Than losing to Alabama and winning an SEC title it's taken on that aren't significance or. A lot of fans and without you having already lost two games. I did it's -- could really be salary is like you said they'd they'd lose this one have one more of a will sleep better away I think it'll be a competitor yeah. You know less I think. They're very capable and I'm confident that the offense can hang in if you look last year they had what four to 35 total yards. Is that meant murder right on the 300 and when you look at Jeremy hill. No they fed him the rock now was -- like Ole miss situation and a 115 yards with. I needed 29 carries only averaged three point seven but when you look -- I'd be set and a deviates aside in and you look at -- road games SEC road game. You look all miss Mississippi State. And look at their all of its a structure -- you look at Georgia. Who would be that a more traditional like Alabama. This is very discouraging that basically they've given -- farmers -- yards a contest and three -- through the air so convinced me how LSU could stop Alabama visit. Is it -- turnovers. Because they have not. You know been able to get at an opposing quarterback and obviously with the blown coverages and secondary. Create its. Certainly turnovers would be the first to -- to do it of course Alabama so disciplined but that's not easy to do. Well but they they get the only one turnover Alabama last year on a stumble so. If they can create one or more turnovers that would help a lot acting -- absolutely have to -- -- In the turnover category that have the chance. The other thing you have to do is keep the ball away from Alabama -- they -- I did Jeremy hill and going along with the passing game and hang on the football and limit Alabama's possessions. That would certainly help and I think you both go back and can make our. Our big play -- -- in the special teams that would also help with field position so. I guess when I'm -- is the best chance for having success isn't going down. At Alabama. -- more to do we have the confidence in the special teams helping the defense. And expecting to be sent to suddenly start applying I'm liable. Yes how could folks Tebow where if you don't social media. Are they cannot follow me on Twitter at east advocate. At ease and give list thank you so much what all the rest of the week in on game day pre imposed this big matchup between LSU and Alabama. All right so premise is -- worked attitude that.

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