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WWL>Topics>>11-6 5:35pm SportsTalk, Saints vs. Cowboys

11-6 5:35pm SportsTalk, Saints vs. Cowboys

Nov 6, 2013|

Bobby and Deke spoke with Kristi Scales, Dallas Cowboys sideline reporter.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This -- -- photo of the Dallas Cowboys joins us now. Kristi scales Christie to Dallas Cowboys come in this match up at five in three and now I think it's also to save him a bit better than erect a debt. A one point loss to -- Kansas City at three point loss in which they seemingly had control against the Denver Broncos. Those two teams together bobsleigh sixteen and once so. -- Dallas is -- losses on Bob is impressive in their win. Yeah I think if you think about the wind is that it happened there opposition -- but still -- how quick victory you know against NFC east in one region like an at the east is third down this year it. They're playing in the AFC west and -- looking into -- yet. Mean Diego and Denver taking care not only the Cowboys back all -- big east but if you're going to be have really. I have to match up the range you you're like on Friday night in and a lot and here. Art you'll cut it down on the -- because even though they eat the vikings' collapse Sunday that would -- gains turn Arlington. Even now calculate their rebel red athletic -- -- rally late in the fourth quarter you know they feel they like -- they didn't eat it. But I surely want and stick and he didn't win with any stop point since Kabul. You know delicate Christian Ponder and every -- court Haloti -- injury agree Jimmy Graham and Catholic parents. All with able to practice today and they have to go against Clement do well. And I think when -- -- out there really aren't fair plot of the game day night. -- -- -- They talk like the Cowboys deep that the -- -- -- in the afternoon and then. They are really enjoyed playing -- rock in and say remember when they -- clay -- went last year. And -- at all fired -- to play you know what -- -- -- team that fired them. Yeah you know being a guy like Jason Hatcher Catholic and to tackle -- at that -- at -- thank god our epic Sunday night. Now are Chris CEO winning when you look at him. The offensive weapons to win Tony Romo and and obviously look at the game last year went into overtime or shootout where he had a 1108. Yards. And and so we could have another shootout quarterfinal scored a Saints winning 34 to 31 a Tony Romo brought him back in the fourth quarter. Oh when Dez Bryant you know we're looking at. Located brought in Keenan Lewis. Came Keenan Lewis at times hang -- -- -- -- Dez Bryant are considering -- towards the Saints. -- shivered 224 yards -- my question is. Also can we go to mismatches that Jimmy Graham prison possesses. Oh what's been out would Jason Witten has seen in obviously when the best tight ends in the game. Any any finally I guess really contributed a high level or what last -- get a catcher is -- 102 yards. But he's big kind of forgotten -- considering how last season he led all tight ends and a 110 receptions and over a thousand yards. You know what what's been happening with the Cowboys optics in recent lie get healthy. Yeah pretty limited them the first campaign and have a good game -- Jason -- he mentioned eight catches last week and he had -- more injury yet. Applicants for that. You know romo's doing a better job this year really it -- in what could be cant get -- so there's been times where to double coverage and got -- dead and I'm gonna double cover those -- -- And what happened but Darren has really opened it up for -- I'm Ricky Terrence Williams. He's hit third round pick from there are now we didn't have a touchdown last week but. Before cat kick on fourth consecutive games with a touchdown catch that set up. -- the way we're eighteen record sure it came within touching them. All of the whole peacefully. Little guys little slot receiver even smaller and Wes Welker. Number eleven he he and getting open you. And a lot better also because my thought yeah. He too bad it is incumbent starting wide receiver he had not recorded a catch. -- sweet curry Internet Catholic blow out win over the ranch he can battling hamstring injury. And was unable to practice again today -- it doesn't look like the Cowboys are gonna happen. Miles Austin back -- week all that and here. Listeners -- -- and it might be checking up on Cowboys announced he won't get. I didn't have practiced today what separate and we'll get attacked. Kind of a chronic lower back it hit an upper. Dick Jauron and -- they're thinking times this year. -- -- Limited him in practice this front and they are very station so he get to go on Sunday aren't sure yet to be ready because -- -- -- -- Probably yelled out off the bench depending on what Rob -- if I could -- -- gonna take awhile to get their take Ray Whitney. Yeah how can -- Romo said he'll he'll throw it to whoever's open and then obviously defense dictate a lot of break off and go with the ball up. Everett made to -- -- but you know -- at practice he get you know -- the topic. Really well haven't seen him for the past three years so I think that he -- -- on Sunday night. She's a side lateral portal for the Dallas Cowboys Kristi scales Christy how can folks followed you on Twitter. I -- -- -- not on Twitter alright yeah I you know when these social media people that -- and to -- that you haven't let. -- and we got going called cal bully. Guidelines dot com okay we got that photo is the story that they are that they perhaps in the kicking a lot like -- -- sideline dot com. OK Christie thank you so much -- call that a dome Sunday night. Or trip on RI.

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