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11-6 5:10pm SportsTalk, Saban: Stay or Go?

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number to a sports talk coming -- wanna hear from LSU coach unless mouse also. We will visit -- ease of the advocate covering it. Also to sports including the LSU Tigers and -- skate scales the Dallas Cowboys -- -- report will be with us as well. And it's at the clock to Blanco it's Curtis Johnson joins just 260187. They are pretty jaguar to -- believe. Alabama coach Nick Saban will leave Alabama fourth Texas schedule online at WWL. Got Thomas got a phone calls mobile for Gary Gary thank you for your patient -- WWL. They could have new development -- tell you what an excitement gonna leave Alabama and up up it would just the second but three of the last four years we know we won a national championship. And he didn't -- Tuscaloosa I'm and he doesn't have to go to Austin, Texas he's won three of the last four years national championships he gets all the players you want to get all of that he. You can't stop in Toledo Cleveland East Lansing. Baton Rouge Tuscaloosa. It's not about all he's lived in more places and you know why he would lead Italy to this region right here did you take last year's national championship game beating Notre Dame you know what that was that was a relief. Losing to tech who played him last year. Was devastating beaten no lift pitcher when he thought had not been the fan base grumbles Nick Saban not bored with Alabama Nick Saban understands this. That he's competing against Nick Saban and Alabama he can go to Texas and up recruiting Vietnam and Soria compete against Nolan but the program. Yeah and that's why he's gonna -- it's not because. Now because he can't recruit he can recruit to Tuscaloosa. It out because these boards a better place and if he can hit anywhere he wants to its not about money he can name -- price. The reason they believe in it when you beat Ole miss when he found an open and fan base gripes are you beat Notre Dame and its a relief. Deliberate -- the last three that you walk they've had the losses to LSU. To Notre Dame. I'm sorry not in -- day detect they had him at the South Carolina goes -- absolute devastating losses. -- -- Aaron mode now at the end that was a horrible loss. Right in that those are devastating losses you all the wins in between are just a relief. That's all -- didn't like who got passed another one that's slightly even. Gary -- the points -- admits it's such serpent over there in Alabama -- but I. They are my youngest daughter actually has a year up there and yeah they're all worried about it but it's like I said hey either no -- EL where where there's smoke there's fire he thought he don't like. So no doubt. We'll give it DSL at thank you for your pace he Kyle we appreciate -- all right let's go back to -- the phone calls matter -- -- Bubba Bubba thank you for calling WW well. Above which got. I write everything -- -- that. You know. Everybody knows well. And I detected the -- I believe it was last year and they had seven starting cornerbacks. I didn't and that's doubt that he played high school put out so -- decadent and I expired back up quarterback Matt -- -- problem. I attaining a little noticed that is of -- Robert Griffin to reason. I thought that was pretty impressive I mean that the two positions. It is. At -- yeah it did did the death sentence started the stat guy either play high school quarterback. But college football but Charlotte started inside a little bit and I aren't at the right. General we'll have our legs you know -- he. He was very practical about it at this single -- that and that and that didn't just say I -- I don't have to get used to it and. Well what not a doubt and I think. If you look -- a three -- month today also look. I think Marchand -- lynch you know you talked about when he had that also learned of wells beast mode that's it all came about. Against the Saints are. Always categorize. Now he got paid by the -- that. Said more Chris Simon is like a poor man's a Marshawn Lynch what I -- and not let him in the no words you have the same skill set but you don't you don't have the same check. Ozzie you say yeah like important has already he's doing that any day yes and then it's somebody beat DePaul means Chris I've yet -- and that is curry Robinson all right and as I said three had a -- think they all have an educated -- all very similar and you know -- rob Torii he's at right now the game. In how he he he runs bio is a violent runner he is and then they can break tackles and and he's glad to be in the league you know the end handle -- But -- -- does some he might be Chris Ivory shoes one day so that's. What I mean by that and you say three headed monster now -- -- like their big men -- Ghana yelling at bid must limit three animosity doesn't allow the fight if you look gave him -- how I guess is they'll Oudin known. The -- dread -- version and -- of the NFL players have been like to credit to Jeremy Predators in a whole -- don't -- like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hasn't had those dreadlocks pull and in any but he was bleeding green and like edges vicious and it just sub dominant while. That's some saying yeah if you look at their look indeed how intimidating JR of Marshawn Lynch. Chris Ivory and -- Robinson that they have. Now we're -- -- -- -- an -- be like man are you are you had defied emulate Mandy you better tackle on Tuesday they would they would lose they seem very intimidating. That was a good call the guy from Alabama not. Not desk where you're right begat from make L mobile was a very good -- we agree back to the a falls ago harvest some Michael thank you for calling WW -- You know this is Michael from -- you -- Michael Harvey you probably get settle questions -- poppy. He's been -- known to basically speaking it's not at all like it is. -- like his opinion other comments from. True rookies on this chasing it -- that they were not a Miami. I was very disappointed that he didn't get categorically deny I've been great is that aspect of the coming into all -- got a lot of -- been once senate saying. That the racist comments were wrong but he spent the next six -- seven fairness it's saying now we don't know what Goldenthal on Ryan all kind of things happening at all which is disappointing. Anyway yeah if you're gonna be so easy he did say everything that we he -- withdrawal. Yeah Sammy Sosa now would categorize how he said it how long he said it. Yeah as a bit picky but what other thing is Michael. First off because of leaders on the Saints -- -- the -- like that would ever happen now. I don't know if you if you wanna Google this is some look at our Ricky Williams -- response. To mourn the player. That was good when -- and how good Andre and Ricky made that I'm not saying we try to make a scapegoat or not and not even looking at the racism part yet but. That this morning really wanna play football he has the ability -- their talent but Bubba and -- you gotta -- the -- gotta go play in the National Football League. Now some players rights -- -- win because -- like the money right but but -- and to truly one of play because it's -- you get -- government and Hendry can talk about how he really didn't want related airforce and zone -- say yes even as great and -- -- is was eating wanna play -- -- his skate was that you know small -- and -- a month and -- now the league but. As far as the racism and another player that address that Cris Carter. You know he he talked about whether. Bowl win is it appropriate. You know to use the N word. What this day and age is Sampras -- probably never you know nobody appropriate but if you look at the Dolphins locker room. And is kind of a brother brother kind of thing. He talked about the leaders and a teammate cutting meat on pounce it to center. You know calling each other that. You know aside and and I'm not saying it's right I don't know what's in the -- are you doing is talking now you say and what would they say -- Mobil or what what they said so it's it's a much bigger story. And and ended thing is as far as you know they hazing. I -- was much it went beyond that. Now that's and is in the sea of could still win big game winning kinda you don't say look you you got to. Light a fire. Right and I -- get -- and going what he's got to be the worst person to do that because he should have never told him yeah it is a -- -- a fired the Indy he -- hill said I'm on fire. You know I mean he's a worse -- and again I'm going right -- don't have the personality even Martin's high school coach. Said that did not surprise him because he would be a kind of person they could get bonus sound pretty remain. Or any kind of sound -- his team's depth. His heart society at any -- in the -- Duke was -- and got -- -- and see just. -- As an acute Jason -- venter well you should -- a dollar -- that after the 24 hours -- be truly investigate everything was it was going about. I would say right now that and it is a number of NFL players say it has been -- see how Marten. Can go back and had Dolphins locker room but that -- kind meet those days might not be numbered with the Dolphins -- that makes it. He is a -- when you rely heavily on and a true professional he is of the Baton Rouge advocate. Economist and be Rada and all over LSU and Alabama list he says he -- this. The last thank you so much for the time and now this is a big one and that era Cobb the other day -- save our sorry in -- -- you -- to win the next three. It would save visits idol fans to be more -- more than pleased with the season. They would they lose to the next three. -- -- -- commissar and as a tiger fans. Yeah I think you're exactly right DQ. Eight for the huge disappointment and you know there's there's LSU Alabama rivalry has gotten to that point. Now where I think for a large faction novellus ukrainians. Very little outside of the Alabama game matters that much she is not true -- -- but you know. Maybe it's almost like winning an SEC title while losing to Alabama. Is worse. Then losing to Alabama and winning an SEC title it's taken on that aren't significance or. A lot of fans and without you having already lost two games. That this season could really be flowery -- like you said they'd they'd lose this one -- one more of a doubt. Will sleep -- -- I think it'll be a competitor yeah. You know less I think. They're very capable and I'm confident that the offense can hang in if you look last year they have what for the 35 total yards. Is that meant murder right on the 300 and when you look at Jeremy hill. No they fed him the rock now was -- like Ole miss situation and a 115 yards with. I needed 29 carries only averaged three point seven. But when you look -- I'd be set and a deviates aside in and you look at in these road games SEC road game. You look all miss Mississippi State. And look at their all of its a structure within you look at Georgia. Who would be that are more traditional like Alabama. This is very discouraging that basically they've given -- farmers -- yards a contest and three -- through the air so convinced me how -- you can stop Alabama is it. Isn't creating turnovers. Because they have not. You know been able to get at that opposing quarterback can obviously with a blown coverages in the secondary. Create its certainly turnovers would be the first way they can do it of course Alabama so different plan but -- that's not easy to do. Well but they did get believe one turnover Alabama last year on a fumble so. If they can create more no more turnovers that would help a lot I think they absolutely have to be lost. In the turnover category they have a chance. The other thing you have to do is keep the ball away from Alabama if they can. -- did Jeremy hill and going along with the passing game and hang onto the football and limit Alabama's possessions. That would certainly help and I think you both go back and can make. A big play to win the special teams that would also help with field position so. I guess what -- pain is the best chance for having success and going down Alabama. And more to do live your offense in the special teams helping the defense. And expecting to be sent to suddenly start playing at a high level. Yes how can folks Tebow -- you don't social media. Are they can now follow me on Twitter at east advocate. At ease and -- -- -- -- so much what part of the rest of the week in on game day pre imposed that is big matchup between LSU and Alabama. All right -- Ellis is great worked -- -- -- dot -- the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep for a ball around up Friday night these same guy entertaining the days to hand wildcats a big -- to battle the district titles on the line the -- to being. The home of the wildcats. In Saint John. And to entertain. A battle of wildcats this Bobby Friday night on the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep for bar Rambo had a great -- this past week. Added Franken thanks to close ties on of course prison police lieutenant. I found out about you never know. -- folks in the small towns all the ones that got of the of the best information. Well in the moral of that story culminated yesterday listen. If you would -- to -- -- down they go get increases you chances if you feed him well. No -- -- give and take care must say yes yeah only like oh yeah but I mean yeah everyone involved. The ilk doesn't mean now work in an enemy of my The Me Show Dominic -- okay good -- I promise I got my man on the Titanic. I'm I'm only everybody else jump -- the boat before I well promise today I don't know but people -- this mare today. I promise on the team players how we are mama outstanding citizen on the -- for your mama uses to -- -- -- guys don't -- -- close -- around own children and hope. No winner and I'm not a life that I'm mom I'm a southern gentleman and they look at -- -- it's -- but I mean -- -- I'm -- southern gentleman. And I like how like Hamas -- to be thinking -- -- they -- call yeah there are caught right in studios daddies take care from originality of their Friday night. In Manny -- bus and had to Iran and missed the wash our mom and our big shield him. Jordan and Jack has some candidate -- -- out there and we couldn't get -- I was owner and maybe you once it got to make sure they take care what you he had taken care of you on a nice bread you don't want. But you may have -- -- -- last week dough could you -- to carry you all did they did and a smoke -- it was going around around me she gave him bristle WA. Jason impacts I know I know them good folks and they would tell me that this -- at hand Derrick Dillon. Is a junior this year he'd be see you next year he's our have been invited to the US army all American game. He's 2015. Minutes big task he's going to be -- is the biggest recruits know president pat pat is -- -- I think a little way yes. Are not a frankly tend to not pine -- not hand Villepin mind you want to compare errors and hammered a school here. So many time you've been invited to an all American game and -- -- know you all America the united Biden because in like here they're not invited because you look good uniform yeah we had a good. We keep doing eight memorial. Back cut to the phones we go and let's go to our good buddy Joseph Amanda feel hello Joseph. -- Why lecture and then I. I always noted how do you Joseph Jo-Jo and Joseph went well -- to you don't know when they when he you -- here -- -- bag of -- ten days on. Joseph knows college football knows that and I would know Juli welcome mr. you're right now go to in my mouth I know his voice but. Talk until I'm he's knowledgeable accounts -- Q so when he's on time with these days is global but he -- and -- are so well what is askew. What is your take obviously. You know following Texas. Is -- like no matter what happens this year just go ahead and and and pay -- Mack brown and bring -- and or what. But now I can remember. You -- stayed in contact Alabama's gonna have to go home at least 9% more. In what Texas softer in the word out there. Is 101000010. Years. -- Look at. So why didn't know where they rarely -- -- young examining the united -- Texas is almost always. You don't it and you gotta keep their money does not have to work to be 72. Right right I don't see in his contract yeah. Grind but the point I'm here and getting it. You know he's got a thing about station he'd get three prodded landing strips to coast and now -- to -- in Toledo band. Yeah and also into the last gets sodas they're gonna take care -- you know may have become. My question is. It becomes. Is born yet coming Lipton. Then get Larry Port Authority L latter at this playing all. On an attack in don't know what Larry Carter is he. Don't want to dance over the men's tennis yeah we millions yet. He got -- -- thing on May not player and I'm telling you. Born attic looking attacked it is saving ghost there. Yeah I mean I mean they let me tell you one thing go and I both -- we also -- -- does -- I don't know evening but. Don't believe the hype all I'm telling you is the front runners and everybody say is. All this holiday and I I don't know nothing at all I know is that the lives donated his family I'll even as close to the best in the -- was safe between LSU and Alabama. The morning don't know what they talk about that I do know. It goes goes about -- they are the folks are respect in the -- to respect their privacy. And they did -- going to do a whole recruiting process and always make an official visit to Alabama this week in and know that analyst. Now and it's funny how it all came up after they had they'd be in the fidelity Alabama and I'm telling you is something behind it. It's it's a reason whacky pop them up -- is no question about it I was just not it's just not some report up. You know -- thoughts on it and I'm in Pomona is a reason why I enjoy I even have the common sense approach I'd like if you I'm just saying let's say I'm his wife from the woman. Doing it. Now that is in Aussie ally and I'm like people retire they wanna be and also where would you rather be Tuscaloosa Austin as a red raider. Put it that way he's pitching and look at first front our home you do not primary in a car and. Lot of the bathroom -- and then. We know what that's on a money loaded big and they only -- or -- elevated as. I can. Commercial grade eight JB -- talent. That's right yeah let me make a big day AGB grocery store by meanest -- I do thank you very much. This side lateral photo of the Dallas Cowboys joins us now. Kristi scales Christie to Dallas Cowboys come in this match up at five in three and now I think it's also to save him a bit better than their record debt. A one point loss to -- Kansas City at three point loss in which they seemingly had control against the Denver Broncos. Those two teams together -- sixteen and one so. Dallas is -- losses on Bob isn't president their win. Yes that thing about the wind this that it happened they're all good station went first -- part how quick victory you know against NFC east didn't. One -- like NFC east we are down this year it. They're playing in the AFC west and yet so can't hit me -- Mediate Ellington and -- taking care of not only the Cowboys -- all of they eat but if you're gonna be have really. I have to match up going and you you're like on Friday night in a lot and here. Art you'll Connie yeah I'm on the cowboy because even though they eat the vikings' collapse Sunday that we began to turn -- -- You know the Cowboys a rebel red outlet at nine ER rally late in the fourth quarter -- they feel they like hey they didn't eat it. But I surely want and stick and it. They didn't win with any stop point in Kabul. You know -- Christian Ponder. And that receiving corps is a lot easier injury agree Jimmy Graham and Catholic parents. All -- able to practice today and they have to go against Canada well. And I think when it -- there really aren't fair plot to being day night. Problem I can't talk like the Cowboys deep that the players in the locker in the afternoon and they are really enjoyed playing her rock -- And they remember when they -- Cleveland last year. And -- at all fired up to play you know what Iraq -- teams that fired him. Yet you know they. I'd like making catcher Catholic and to tackle and that that problem that it ain't got fired up Sunday night. Now are Chris CEO winning when you look at. The offensive weapons to -- Tony Romo and and obviously look at the game last year went into overtime shootout where he had a 1108. Yards. And and so we could have another shootout quarterfinal scored a Saints winning 34 to 31 a Tony Romo brought him back in the fourth quarter. Oh when Dez Bryant you know we're looking at. Located -- Keenan Lewis. Came Keenan Lewis at times hang -- -- -- Dez Bryant are considering -- towards the Saints. Clash over 224 yards on my question is. And also can we go to mismatches that Jimmy Graham prison possesses. Oh what's been out would Jason Witten has seen in obviously -- -- best tight ends in the game. Any any finally I guess really contributed a high level or what last he had eight catches 102 yards. But he's big kind of forgotten man considering how last season he led all tight is -- a 110 receptions and over a thousand yards. -- -- what what's been happening with the Cowboys optics and everything YE get healthy. Yeah pretty limited number campaign and -- have a good game or Jason Witten he mentioned eight catches last week in. He had did have more injury yet. Couple against. Sport that you know Roma doing a better job this year really taken what he can give -- so -- there been times where did double coverage and got it dead and I'm gonna double cover those two Witten. And what that problem that is really opened up for shot with Ricky Terrence Williams. Yeah the third round pick from there are now we didn't have a touchdown last week but before that kick on fourth consecutive games with a touchdown catch that set up. -- -- eighteen record sure -- came within a touchdown. And all of the whole peacefully. Little guys little slot receiver even smaller than Wes Welker. Number eleven he he and getting open you. And a lot of it is also because my -- in. He too bad it is incumbent starting wide receiver he had not recorded a catch. Sweet curry in that Catholic blow out win over the ranch he -- battling hamstring injury. And with unable to practice again today Billy -- look like the Cowboys are gonna happen. Miles Austin -- -- week all that and here. -- Stewart thanks and it might be checking up on how Leighton LC a little bit. I didn't have practice today what that would -- -- -- -- Kind of a chronic lower back it -- an upper. Dick Jauron and the -- they're thinking times this year where -- Limited him in practice this front and they are very -- -- -- ticket to go on Sunday aren't sure yet to be ready because Saturday night but. Probably know how -- an -- Depending on what Rob -- if -- could -- -- gonna take a -- to get their take great Whitney. You know chipper -- says he'll he'll throw it to whoever's open and then obviously defense dictate a lot of -- off and go with the ball up. Ever made to beat me but you know -- -- get -- -- the topic. Really well haven't seen him for the past two years -- I think any relatives on on Sunday night. She's a side lateral portal for the Dallas Cowboys Kristi scales Christy how can folks followed you on Twitter. I'm I'm not on Twitter alright yeah I you know when these social media people that that can't say I that you haven't let. -- thought that we got going called cal boy. Guidelines dot com okay we got the photo is the story that they are that they perhaps -- -- taking a lot like the Cowboys sideline dot com. OK Christie thank you so much -- call that a dome Sunday night. Or -- RI RI tomorrow night it's a course like crown were All Saints players so. And we will visit with her Robert Meachem will also have QB QB cannot view from Vegas at the always -- last week he was Roland. He tell you over an -- Houston in South Florida game. I am you went over I say take it off I say take -- big as he said no I'll tell you the Dolphins. Graham you are right on that when he had the Steelers Jimmie had the Patriots in the old was against the Steelers. -- -- in his NFL lock of the week with the Cleveland Browns at home last two and a half against Baltimore they won outright. All manner of view from Vegas we didn't more more people when I go to -- Bobby now people asking me in and asking me what play is coming Bennett asking me how you do it in and ask him about things I've been wanna go there what DVR saint. They Israel and you know you got people in this. Let's go to move quickly to Chris and -- Chris thank you for calling WW well. Yeah I've only miss. Our league all my -- Hi Chris the thought Sabina Bagram purple yoga -- in just a moment but he -- the case he -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up next we're going to give you the -- word in the 1000 dollar. Holiday K this contests and Nextel. Coach Curtis Johnson joggers and will visit a coach less -- all right here and then we'll go to the last mile so it's 7 o'clock tonight all on its. Pelicans basketball the pelicans and the Memphis Grizzlies and by the elegance all too late I just a surprising slow start they'd been flat out hey. While diving for the fans' expectations. Including a loss to the yeah I mean I'm always going on you know new season but regardless I don't know that you lose it to imagine him well and I and I'm not joining -- is that just didn't -- their home play not so right oh yeah team. This is sports talk on WW yeah.