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11-6 6:10pm SportsTalk, Coach CJ Johnson

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1 o'clock Saturday in the dome that's the Alamo dome it is conference USA match up. Tulane at University of Texas San Antonio Jones now has to link coach courtesy. TU coach CJ follow coach. On Twitter -- green wave Tulane green wave dot com the coach CJ coming off a difficult loss. And de Florida Atlantic out what was your message to -- team last week after that law. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure you -- he showed me that our. -- carpet remnant of opponent with tremendous session you have productivity are the only. We've just got to combat we -- -- groove. And the quarterback -- I'm sure we'll let the I'm sure my right while he didn't have it actually went out -- cornerback you've come close to us. Coach a lot of times coach is and they -- players themselves say that a lot of times. It's more difficult to deal with success. Then -- lack of success. A lot of success. You've had this season is the most in quite some time. Is this is this moving forward to see because you're in a position I know you said you had a 24 hour rule about beginning bowl eligible. At the thrilling victory over Tulsa what are you -- and looking forward to seeing how you respond to team responds knowing that they've had a lot of success this season. You know you know wherever -- at a certain. I'm glad you spoke so now I don't have a well. Who should know if you could change -- little bit -- Let me -- doesn't mean I know you haven't been having. We settle in haven't moved people -- -- and there you go back -- -- -- single mother I was. On the range. Now I could see jail what do you tell the fans about Texas San Antonio. What were you look at a very similar to south Alabama the problem's not that old but. All of a sudden -- big boy football what about Texas San Antonio. -- -- -- sort of grew up a little better and everybody -- good people of our then Christian mission but if you go out and told yeah. I thought about it yeah absolutely I -- so -- Between. The mood they're delusional and yeah I'm definitely going to be important where you are true I think is a little bit and he. Coach a big horn this week at Texas San Antonio being sandwiched in between the final home game which will be very important but. This is this is the big Broncos because now when you look at suicide in in this conference. You know that the big ball is in his convert to self not Texas rice and he's cannot on the other side. Always want law so it's -- ago come down the stretch and made him finish is the best. All of them not let you know they're a good group yeah. I'm sure everybody can keep that I don't -- my job yeah. From the minor league is critical I get the call there and Malaysia and probably shouldn't. I didn't -- To an ankle courtesy. 41 a -- to say at four and five and three into. Commentary it's a University of Texas San Antonio 1 o'clock on Saturday follow coach. Curtis Johnson and TU coach CJ -- -- OC take I -- so much of the time good luck this week on the road and Alamo -- yeah.

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