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11-6 6:20pm SportsTalk, Saints vs. Cowboys

Nov 6, 2013|

Bobby and Deke spoke with Drake Nevis, Dallas Cowboy Defensive tackle and former LSU Tiger.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- welcoming in former LSU tiger and defensive line over the Dallas Cowboys. Drake never -- thank you so much of the time how are you. National recuperate well. What -- take us through this season that no parity and stuff like you want to but did you get to call from Dallas in May and you made an impact player form of -- sense. Told Jumbo. You know try to help part of it and it actually hand out of portrait keepers expect -- -- first and -- -- -- -- -- -- Blessed to get their vocal about. At Drake what would you say you rollers right now is is that to get after the quarterback an obvious -- the situation aren't that they have in the rotation like every. Now -- double will what is that -- that continue to do right now. While many of whom we. -- will -- coltart Belfort and kept it basic cult of the airport and people have heard people aren't you wanna help will situation. More to keep jobs first slopes outraged -- the older date result travel might. Now Andre go what would you say because right now you look at the Saints they're struggling. To stop the run and -- look at ya then -- -- -- one before last as far as. You know -- the past and defense. And then little what is it like him all of a sudden you get ready to face a quarterback now I'm like Drew Brees visit. Is it pretty much is that first they even have success we gonna have to get after drew in May be forced into mistakes or what. -- are elaborate all. Yeah actually 00. Just our country he you know. Estimate what what what we're we're we're -- paper and true -- and help grow the whole you know -- -- felt record let. Where -- -- for -- hundred regret at all going pitcher Kirk -- Nebraska football to be no matter. We played -- that's what I learned in in my three years it. Now Drake look at LSU tiger is getting ready to play Alabama. I'm a big a weekend obviously to Louisiana football LSU Alabama say it's Cowboys Sunday night. And just when you will get ready to play Alabama was that like and then it closes thing maybe ten NFL game. 00 most definitely you have a lot -- it just built a tradition merit -- aspect golden rule would. The key to return to preparation. Orderly. That there would go recruit better true pitch. Two. But I -- it speaks I mean most most would -- I can't do this track cooled. Poker term occurred after extra in the open -- -- Holdsclaw is we won't Tiki. -- Well structured a little fluid there. I love the permits are but I don't take care of bad saw me up I -- had to. A lot of parameter for -- current throughout the correct vocal which will look what -- -- directional COLT because it will. If you want to take ever ever about a foot and there's there's a lot extra pick -- -- allowed -- Tropical purple that gave me. All the other -- That now Drake you look at a number of players that you're familiar wed play wed I'm -- I'm Tug of operative who belong to deal with some line. It is that a case of growing look. I got to do whatever rug I could do just to make it last you look at Glenn Dorsey. All of us and Eagles would cheese and a forty niners. You got Ricky Jean cross why he's both of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go from the coast to the Cowboys isn't a case in point they'll look. I'm -- be almost like a military Brad well traveled. And -- whatever I have to do just to make it last in this league in and than whatever it takes just to have a long career. I mean you don't got always have a player and -- no Milan that would know that you know they probably will post scorer from putting routine and put. There it is usual approach you know jerk. Movement and -- Angola took a little black woman in the senators -- me it has a part of the district. I mean you can't take everything personal and it -- Drake never is with the Dallas Cowboys Drake thank you so much for the time Amanda looked forward to see you Sunday night. All right straight -- is committed to dome on Sunday and Drake is coming to New Orleans Arena. On Saturday night yes taught -- from the bottom he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia it was a W did you know.