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WWL>Topics>>11-6 6:35pm Deke's 1 on 1 with Coach Les Miles.

11-6 6:35pm Deke's 1 on 1 with Coach Les Miles.

Nov 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How does not welcome in the head coach of the LSU fighting Tigers coach less -- coach miles always a pleasure. Big game this week is you've acknowledged the number one ranked team in the country Alabama -- ankle this is a game that. Your team that gets excited to prepare for how has practice been this week. -- lineup initial rule quality opponent that could certainly be challenged to have victory. You prepare best. Just. I can't say how much the tournament there is so much as you understand how much they -- corn. The Puerto corner practices so it's a different week. Coach what would this big game atmosphere at the seriousness of the practice a year a guy they might say we got to do we have to do got to prepare but it's also about having fun as a fan I -- joke and you see these guys Saudi. Having fun preparing for big game like this. Well it's it's AM. -- -- If you if you look at Troy and this being productive. Hard work. Collective. Focus. Com Canadian connected group of people that are all operate in the same way. And then the enjoyment of having accomplished. A game plan. I think it really -- on the when it comes to football. We did LSU coach less miles a Tigers did in the nation and number one Alabama 7 PM kickoff is set today on WW our coverage starts today at noon. On tiger radio coach miles when you look at both of these ball clubs there signed quarterback you always in zag men -- and AJ McCarron as much as we talk about. It may come down to who's gonna make the best play. On the flip side it may come down -- who protects the football who knows when maybe not to gamble and take a risk is the risk vs the reward. I'm sure ball protection is a big thing emphasis you you're preaching this week do you team. Your ball security offensively. You know making -- throws. Making great -- with the ball we're still gonna push the ball downfield just way it is we are. We'd like I wanted to know we're going to and but we -- to make better decisions were. Actually to me in the in the back end of his career and discuss the position that you could be. I'm in terms of ready to play big in big game so I'm not. Were not very optimistic that. That it will make better decisions there and that frankly. And our defense at all won't play the same style of defense is they've always played. Now we played Alabama which finished middle part notion Belichick's company and it's. Coach when you look at this match up -- Obviously you are trying to put some pressure on the -- got to try to put some pressure on zag men -- it easier said than done. What what makes this Alabama offense so good coach -- Well Leon AJ McCarron should make great decisions that are there. Very accurate. Per count group of men very -- -- talented skill group. An offensive line no small for football -- and play physical ball. Yeah this position. This this is the quarterback continues to play at a very very high level and which accounted group you know when they're they're not done that that trade that -- their football so a lot. You know. And it just Colombia this will be a really nice matchup for our defense is going to be something and it will have to focus on and wore on me. Coach they have a stable of backs on the flip side you do as well you're receivers in this secondary and that's a lot of matchup they talked about they have a stout second Dave gave up 52 points their first two games only 26 cents. This is a big matchup that people are talking about some good guys on their side and you on yours and it was like a fun matchup your receivers and their defense -- Yeah via. That'll be on them I'm certain -- eight key matchup of the game. You know we we we kind of hoped that. And our guys will play -- and and really give them. -- very difficult challenge that being said we also want to be able to run the football and I'm sure that I'm on the ground so. Balance is going to be the key hand again they're very good decent split -- -- -- will line. Will enjoy the competition. Coach the last time you go today and I -- -- and special teams play a huge part of me in the return game and also in field goal kicks. I'm sure when you look it would -- dog about this and a tight game that this special teams could sure Hughes at the end of the day. -- you're -- you're you're going to have to. Play well on special teams you're gonna have to -- return Schmidt to cover kicks. And either take care of the ball we cannot come up in the mishandled the kick. And yeah you're right that this. Special teams will always. Have a play in this. In this game you played dominant special pinch. You were you stand to win. And found a coach -- number one ranked team the number ten ranked team the Tigers and attack the what are some things you need to do in order to go on the road and get a victory over Alabama. Well we need up. You know really just take care our business and we take care of the things that we can control we not kill the ball well. We have made good decisions where that we have balance so often it's. Hard defense is stingy used to run. Pressure the passer in the past -- against the point game in the first special -- Place like -- issues capable playing great speed and kicks. They that quality return game. I think -- -- can't finish. LSU coach less miles coach miles thank you so much for the time to look to you and LSU Saturday. And number one Alabama. Thanks I appreciate it to see guys.

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