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11-6 6:45pm SportsTalk, Pelicans

Nov 6, 2013|

Bobby and Deke spoke with Michael McNamara, editor of BourbonStreetShots.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael MacNamara suburban street shots dot com -- this as the Memphis Grizzlies in attain. The New Orleans pelicans and Michael the pelicans. And the band right now. Yeah I mean it's it's really growing pains hurt -- and we talked a little bit before the season started about. Glow of of -- and Brian Anderson. Mean he's really because it's such as Florida offensive ventured and a bunch. You know there's that term has probably cost them at least one probably two of these games and man on the defense of that. Tom it's just a nightmare of a put together a little stretches. Where they play good defense for a quarter at times about the quarterback half. But they're not just have lapses that cost them a game like last night against a solid figure about 37 points in the third quarter the Suns should have trouble scoring 37 point perhaps so it's really the defense that they got to put together. Now Michael you talk about the defense and and that's also Ben the calling card for to Memphis Grizzlies. And you look I guess could you say it's a new coach Dave struggled defensively allow an iron to two points a game is that -- with the new coach primarily -- on the first year. My head coach Dave or Jay grow believe is that the reason -- think. I mean that's part of -- but really he was there last year he was the guy who implemented a lot of the defense -- system would grab. It looks I mean it looks to me Zach Randolph. It's put up good numbers -- offensively early but. We always hear these stories of veterans who come. Into the -- and how to shape and work their way back into shape that looks that way through exactly handoff to meet and they could have a couple of new pieces that they're working and two different. You know do different situations especially coming off the bad so for me and you know what amounts in Memphis play couple times this season. And it looks like he's that they just took a break after their long playoff run. I never look at go to work themselves back in shape earlier. Now Michael you look. And Anita Davis then. Gotten off to a great start what -- double doubles in three of the telling his first four games. And then you look at is this kind of a good measuring stick I mean I don't know to see is it's early. But -- when you look at Anthony Davis vs Zach Randolph last show was looking at success against him. Awards the sixty averages sixteen points thirteen rebounds and the three meetings. Got to hang it would Randolph so what is your take. On Anthony Davis right now and his -- great start to the season. He I would say that the best single game last year came again not just hit it. Twenty point eighteen rebound game and what Randolph could really push him around in the post Anthony Davis. Probably has been good to agree and to go on the map with the wing span probably five or six so. He's really able to get a lot of remembered -- Memphis team especially off one of boards and really run up and on the floor with a team that likes to play more of the -- -- style. So he's been absolutely fantastic this year. Maybe a couple of communication problems on the -- -- the -- with some of the new pieces but I mean. It is it's a guy who people thought would take three or four years to become a superstar I would say you are prepared now. Michael it's all up on the site. -- and so on -- particular obviously river game previews and and -- so always comment for that but time really now with all of these new schools and all of these -- -- that -- -- to capture. You know all these stats that would have been a fantasy 1020 years ago we really -- a lot of things analytically look at specific plays that and where this team has grown into the process so we like to break down a lot of the little things that you might miss when you're watching and not at full speed and kind of show what's going right and right now especially what's gone wrong. Michael MacNamara Andrea. Suburban street shots dot com all things pelicans Michael thank you so much we appreciate. McCrary got.

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