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11-6 6:10pm SportsTalk, Saban: Stay or Go?

Nov 6, 2013|

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Good evening about under the final how all of sports talk and a lot to get to this Alomar and -- will give us a take on the NBA preview tonight's game between the pelicans. And the Memphis Grizzlies on the road will speak -- Michael MacNamara editor suburban street shots dot com he would Jonas also I thought first break. Former LA shoot defensive linemen in now the Dallas Cowboys -- never miss Jones has a lot of always NF label on that Dallas defense of line Drake. And Jason Hatcher having a Pro Bowl caliber year thus far. Of course Jason won the I'd lay a solid pro players -- that's in the NFL to come out of Grambling State University. Has really stepped his game up -- and also DeMarcus Ware out that they got a solid defensive front the Dallas Cowboys do. Yeah. You look at the impact he had the last time I was unbelievable when he -- close to play. Realistic I think you have to help Charles Brown out and DeMarcus Ware is a 100% of full speed. So -- see how we mix of the protections. But truly. I think what has to happen. The second half of the season kind of old school football. And it really keep this service against the Jets last Sunday. Is that as -- we run the ball. And and hey -- we stop the run. If you look at it. You know the Cowboys and they're not really a running team but right now we're given -- basically five yards a run. And that's not getting it done and and we only you know we're not running the ball we night even. Most of four yards per 10:1. O'clock Saturday in the dome that's the Alamo dome it is conference USA match up. Tulane at University of Texas San Antonio Jonas now is to link coach courtesy. TU coach CJ follow coach. On Twitter green wave -- green wave dot com the coach CJ coming off a difficult loss. At the Florida Atlantic out what was your message to -- team last week at the -- law. Yeah and ask them shot you're peaking at the Chesapeake -- -- are. I'm an emotional moment. Especially you know I'm -- about it -- -- just got to come back. In the groove. And the quarterback yeah I'm sure we'll let the sure loves the -- and you have to actually went out just how bad he didn't even play it's a. Coach a lot of times coaches. -- a -- his players themselves say that a lot of times. It's more difficult to deal with success. Then -- lack of success. A lot of success you've had this season is the most in quite some time. Is this is this moving forward to see because you're in a position I know you said you had a 24 hour rule about beginning bowl eligible. Add to the thrilling victory over Tulsa but do you do you kind of look unfold and see how you respond to your team response knowing that they've had a lot of success this season. When you don't have that and so -- And are -- -- Oh and I don't tackle well. Who should -- keep -- -- a little bit emotional. English and skiing trip down the road ahead of them -- -- -- hadn't I don't want them to play them. There you -- about an hour and a little bit and their singular focus on the bench. Now luck could CJ what do you tell the fans about Texas San Antonio. What -- you look at a very similar to south Alabama the problem's not that old but. All of a sudden -- playing big boy football or what about Texas San Antonio. -- interception during the politically I don't -- better but again the people of our Christian mission because you know I've been told yeah. I thought about -- yeah absolutely. Am so -- -- We -- -- than -- and it's definitely playing and where where you are true I think is a little bit and he. Coach a big horn this week at Texas San Antonio being sandwiched in between the final home game which will be very important but. This is this is the big Broncos because now when you look at suicide in in this conference. I you know did the big ball is in his convert to self not Texas rice and he's come -- on other side. Although one loss so it's basic -- come down the stretch and made him finish of the best. All we know we don't let you know they're a good group good. I'm sure -- at -- but I don't know I did my job -- Position the management chemical and get the call. -- I probably shouldn't. I didn't. To Blanco it's courtesy. 41 a comedy USA at four and five and three into. Commentary it's a University of Texas San Antonio 1 o'clock on Saturday follow coach. Curtis Johnson and TU coach CJ oratorical CJ can thank you so much -- the time good luck this week on the road and Alamo dome. Yeah our president of welcoming in former LSU tiger and defensive line -- the Dallas Cowboys. Drake never straight thank you so much at a time how are you. Particular -- well. What -- take us through this season that no parity and stuff like you want to but did you get to call from Dallas in -- you made an impact player a former have a sense. All Jumbo. You know try to help audit and are chair about a portrait keepers expect for a first and foremost a -- -- for all your. Blessed to get their vocal throughout. And -- what would you say you rollers right now is as it to get after the quarterback an obvious pass the situation -- that they have in the rotation like every. Now Lyman double will what is -- what that continue to do right now. What are you we. We are great cultures Belfort and checked it. Basic cult -- airport belts -- -- program people. Aren't you wanna help will change more to keep jobs first slopes -- capital to repeat result track might. Now Andre go what would you say because right now you look at the Saints they're struggling. To stop the run and -- look at ya when ya -- one before last as far as. You know -- the past and defense. And then little what is that like him all of a sudden you get ready to face a quarterback now I'm like Drew Brees visit. Is it pretty much is that pros they even have success we gonna have to get after drew in May be forced into mistakes or what. All -- elaborate I'll. They're actually 00. Just like -- actually he you know. After Emery board with what worked well written well Draper and true breeder and I'll go to the whole you know where -- felt record let. Where golf lesson learned it -- it well -- pitcher -- an embarrassment will all be no matter. We played especially -- -- In my three years it. Now Drake look at LSU tiger is getting ready to play Alabama. A big a weekend obviously to Louisiana football LSU Alabama Saints Cowboys Sunday night. Just when you get ready to play Alabama was that like and then it closes thing maybe ten NFL game. 00 most definitely have a lot expatriate. And just -- -- bishop -- best backcourt in Lowell would. Paterno preparation quarterly. That there would go recruit better true pitch. 20. I'm a lot of it speaks I mean most most of her. I can't do this track -- Poor poor preterm occurred after the extra in the open here. A missile scalia's we won't Tiki. Well structured hopefully we're there. I love my arm off but I don't drink scaled that saw me up I ever had. A lot of parameter for course -- that short ball well which will look what the local directional COLT because it will. If you want to take ever -- about a foot and there's there's a lot to try to -- the lateral. Tropical triple gave me. Oh -- well. That now Drake you look at a number of players that you're familiar wedge play -- I'm I'm I'm talking about particularly along the -- it's a blind. It is that a case of growing look. I got to do whatever rug I could do just to make it last you look at Glenn Dorsey. All of us and Eagles -- cheese and a forty niners. You got Ricky Jean cross why he's both of organized that a cold you go from the coast to the Cowboys isn't a case in point they'll look. I'm -- be almost like the military Brad well traveled. And now whatever I have to do just to make it last in this league in and than whatever it takes just to have a long career. I mean you know -- always have a player and I mean no no one that would do it you know they probably will whilst -- low point in the -- -- They -- -- usual but the person you know just. Movement and -- Angola truck but the black woman -- new starters saw me -- has a part of the business. I mean it can't take everything personal I absolutely. Drake never -- the Dallas Cowboys -- thank you so much at a time Amanda looked forward to see you Sunday night. All right tomorrow night's a course like Crown Royal saint players show our special guests. We will visit with Saints receiver Robert Meachem us we'll go QB to QB MRI in a view. From Vegas Bob and I did some good -- now VR told me. He was -- takes -- it takes a little earlier this 7 o'clock picks at a Monica many you Collison. You hand it back Trey quit in him I gotta get him before kickoff when you know we all spoke to segment at the -- issues cellmate seventy in. So the Aussie that you don't deal with the ladies. Before. -- -- clock about between six and 630 there was slot until you and if you go over because tomorrow night folks. Who got some monster games the Baylor and Oklahoma. And are again. And stand for Bobby and some big time there are some of the fall to third and I football tomorrow biggest. -- -- -- yeah -- if that's because this say probably the biggest Thursday night that I can remember are probably ever in college football you big now ever since you threw five touchdown pass and a solid food JV game want to. Now with that. Who then only then you might you might Iran but five obviously you're coached -- -- little profile -- -- that -- hit that button -- I think it's everybody within a game and but -- you talk about points and defense in. An offense whatever then you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the last handful of years and some reporter asking you say we you know -- up fourteen points last year are you think you gonna be held -- day he is comic. Let them do about forty. Yeah tally that is seventeen below and averages and -- they were about four. Let me tell you Stanford can lose a game tomorrow I still think -- one of the top programs in the country when you think about what they have done Jim Harbaugh. It's not. Gaining to a certain point it's maintaining. It in -- has maintained. What coach Shaw has done. If you are in LA if he was a USC UCLA Bobby all of you in the Southeastern Conference. He'd be on hairline every week for what he's done coming as some believe what is our staff and I do need to remind you that. And look at the players he's got then -- and now to beat -- -- field -- beat Joseph brain in the classroom big guy. I think had a similar college notes that preparing. You know for the games coming up. I wanna say that it's Stanford. Has won thirteen straight games against California teams yeah. And Doug and come on and that's unacceptable you don't divide that US CQ what they see that Beagle that's why changes had to be me. Our guys are welcome in the head coach of the LSU fighting Tigers coach less miles coach miles always a pleasure. Big game this week -- you've acknowledged the number one ranked team in the country Alabama -- ankle this is a game that. -- a team that gets excited to prepare for how how has practice been this week. -- any time we line -- initial rule quality opponent this could certainly be a challenge to have picked -- You prepare best. Just. I can't say how much the tournament Jerusalem which as you understand how much it looked corn. The Puerto corner practices so it's a different week. Coach what would this big game atmosphere at the seriousness of the practice a year a -- -- like say we got to do we have to do -- got to prepare but it's also about having fun as a thin line there -- and you see these guys idea. Having fun preparing for big game like this. Well it's it's AM. It such an age if you look at -- and is being productive. Hard work. Our collective. Focused. Come a a connected group of people that are all operate in the same way. And then the enjoyment of having accomplished. A game plan. I think it really is on the when it comes to football. We at LSU coach -- allows -- tigers' tenth in the nation and number one Alabama 7 PM kickoff is set today on WW our coverage starts today at noon. On tiger radio coach miles when you look at both of these ball clubs there signed quarterback -- and zag men burger and AJ McCarron as much as we talk about. It may come down to who's gonna make the best play. On the flip side it may come down -- who protects the football who knows when maybe not to gamble and take a risk is the risk vs the reward. I'm sure ball protection is a big thing your decision of your preaching this week the team. Hit a ball security offensively. You know making the right throws. Making great tour with the ball we're still gonna push the ball downfield just way it is we are. We'd like -- -- to know we're going to and but we -- make better decisions or. -- -- to me in the -- -- in the back end of his career and discuss the position that you could be. I'm in terms of ready to play big in big -- so I'm not. Were not very optimistic that. That it will make better decisions there and that -- And our defense at all won't play this same style of defense that they've always played. -- only played Alabama which finished you know hard -- coach dished out beef up its. Coach when you look at this match up Bob. Mean obviously you are trying to put some pressure on -- and try to put some pressure on -- member -- it easier said than done what what makes this Alabama offense so good coach -- Well -- AJ McCarron should make great decisions there and there. Very accurate. -- count group of men very. Rupert talented skilled group. An offensive line no small for football and and play physical ball. Yeah this -- that this this -- the quarterback continues to play at a very very high level and which accounted group and no wonder they're not done that that trade that -- that football so a lot. You know. And it just Colombia this will be a really nice matchup toward defense is going to be something and it will have to focus on and wore on it. Coach they have a stable of backs on the flip side you do as well -- receivers in this secondary and that's a lot of matchup they talked about they have a stout second Dave gave up 52 points their first two games only 26 cents. This is a big matchup that people are talking about some good guys on their side and you on yours and -- like a fun matchup your receivers and their defense -- -- Yeah via. The that'll be I'm I'm certain they eight key matchup to be game. You know we we we kind of hoped that. And our guys will play -- and and really give them. Mania I'm very difficult challenge and that being said we also want to be able to run the football and pushing them on the ground so. Balance is going to be the key hand again they're very could be split to Campbell. Will enjoy the competition. Coach the last time you go today and I will have been a special teams played a huge part of me in the return game and also in field goal kicks. I'm sure when you look it would be dog about this in a tight game that this special teams could sure Hughes at the end of the day. -- you're you're you're going to have to. Play well on special teams you're gonna have to give return Schmidt to cover kicks but either take care of the ball we cannot come up in the mishandled the kick. And I -- you're right that this. Special teams will always -- Have a play in this in this game -- you played dominant special pinch. He you're you stand to win. And found a coach the number one ranked team the number ten ranked team the Tigers and attack the or are some things you need to do in order to go on the road and get a victory over Alabama. Well we need up. You know really just take care our business if we take care of the things that we can control we -- not -- the ball well. We have made good decisions with -- we have balance -- offense. -- defense is stingy used to run. Pressure pressure in the past nick against the point game in the first special -- Place like -- issues capable of playing great speed under kicks. They that quality return game. I -- like -- finish. LSU coach less miles coach miles thank you so much for the time -- -- and LSU Saturday. And number one Alabama. She -- -- all right that's our conversation with LSU coach less miles -- -- starts at noon on Saturday and then we'll go all the way up until kick off at seven. And it's a purple and go point after right here on WW hill. From by you -- and that will be about midnight. Two to three you know how long it takes use the fans wanna sound off on that -- -- LSU and Alabama. Well they give if you look at it that's why I think there is a blowout Alabama would do the blown out but I just don't think it's gonna happen. And I'm just -- on the track record. When you look at five of the past six regular season games have been settled by seven points or fewer and I'm -- going. And looking at you know the regular season. Then that that I think. Truly is going to be a touchdown a one way or the other and and in ten years taken more I think -- him. Probably more in the thirties you think you mourn the twenties right yeah I just I'm now. Look when Alabama's team as a escorting evens -- unbelievable as of late. Yet they've allowed 24 points in the first half of eight games this season all -- -- and scored the first two weeks this season. None of this six opponents since has scored in the first half against I don't care who India's. That's impressive. That's impressive in their best fans in the second when they outscored their opponents a 123. In the this season so. Went to see I mean I knew he had is LSU the best opponent -- plates and the first two games this season. Absolutely. Is LSU may be the best offense they face complete from top to bottom diamonds in on it it's wide open but I -- me and him can can line up and run between the tackles. When -- bringing out like you know you can't go you know -- -- you could argue that this is the most. Completing comprehensive offense certainly with a wide outs that they had here as an -- and then only in north -- Beckham in Davos man and we think they are may have made it to the top two guys in the NCA. This is where you all the top. When you had your top against their top. Play the best against the best. Well -- there and I'll look at last year Ellis she racked up four to 35 total yards. Men burger or 298 right under 300 I think men -- better. And like you talk about the receivers. Where Beckham sat right now or they'll Beckham junior and in Jarvis Landry and I think they're just better than you look at Jeremy L. I think even in the stands after playing against Alabama last year and he was -- of course -- nine carries 115 yards now. You like him to average about five yards a carry instead it three point seven to three and a half. But he's not gonna shy away from a big. I even made a common is that always trying to hit home runs. And kinda. So to speak in the running game take to the defense gives you there was -- -- bounce it out pick and choose when you go for a home run. I know we're GC you can get for five yards and a run and in the gap. There's an Alabama so discipline just a debt and not in a controlled temple team. It takes this is -- a worse LA issue I guess I hope they -- -- and mistakes and then drive. This is a worse on the sooners LSU team in man she warn you smoke in Turkey to -- I mean LSU defense is. To have Turkey you Jack turnout LSU defense Michael MacNamara are -- street shots dot com -- this as the Memphis Grizzlies in attain. The New Orleans pelicans and Michael the pelicans. And the band right now. Yeah I mean it's it's really growing pains hurt us and we talked a little bit before the season started about. Glow of of -- and Brian Anderson. Mean he's really because it's such as Florida offered -- them commandment. You know there's that term has probably cost them at least one probably two of these games and then on the defense of that. Tom it's just a nightmare of a put together a little stretches. Where they play good defense for a quarter at times about the quarterback half. But they're not just have lapses that cost them a game like last night against a solid figure about 37 points in the third quarter the Suns should have trouble scoring 37 point perhaps so it's really the defense that they got to put together. Now Michael you talk about the defense and and that's also Ben the calling card for to Memphis Grizzlies. And you look I guess could you say it's a new coach Dave struggled defensively allow an iron to two points a game is that the with the new coach primarily -- -- -- the first year. My head coach Dave or Jay grow believe is that the reason neat thing. I mean that's part of -- but really he was there last year he was the guy who implemented a lot of the it looks I mean it looks to me Zach Randolph. -- put up good numbers -- offensively early but we always hear these stories of veterans to calm. Into the -- and how to shape and work their way back in the shape that looks that way through exactly handoff to -- and they could have a couple of new pieces that they're working and two different. You know do different situations especially coming off the bad so for me and you know watch amounts in Memphis play couple times this season. And it looks like a team that they just took a break after the long playoff run. I never look at those -- worked themselves back in shape -- -- Now Michael you look at and Anita Davis and gotten off to a great start what and double doubles in three of the telling his first four games. And then you look -- is this kind of a good measuring stick I mean I don't know to see is it's early. But -- when you look at Anthony Davis vs Zach Randolph last show was looking at success against him. Awards the sixty averages sixteen points thirteen rebounds and the three meetings. Kind of hang it would Randolph so what is your take. On Anthony Davis right now and his -- great start to the season. He I would say that the best single game live here came again not just hit it. Twenty point eighteen rebound game and what Randolph could really push him around in the post Anthony Davis. Probably has been good to agree and to go on the map with his wing span probably five or six so. He's really able to get a lot of rebounds -- does Memphis team especially off one of boards and really run up and on the floor with a team that likes to play more of the grit the grind style. So he's been absolutely fantastic this year. Maybe a couple of communication problems on the -- -- the -- with some of the new pieces but I mean. It is it's a guy who people thought would take three or four years to become a superstar I would say you are prepared now. Michael it's all up on the site. -- and so on her particular is there ever being previews and and -- so always comment for that but time really now with all of these new schools and all of these -- -- that -- -- to capture. You know all these stats that would have been a fantasy 1020 years ago we really -- a lot of things analytically look at specific plays that and where this team has grown into the process so we like to break down a lot of the little things that you might miss when you're watching and not at full speed and kind of show what's going. Right and right now especially what's gone wrong. Michael MacNamara Andrea. A Burma street shots back Tom. All things pelicans Michael thank you so much we appreciate. Great week at 65 the city saying that Nick Saban would leave Alabama for Texas. 35% you are saying no new Bible to chill in the well and so -- this the time a year. And then you've kind of you've had you'll run with the Saints should human loss to the also the Patriots do you switch it up so Saturday when we get ready go to. Manager to do boggle our tiger tailgate show for -- -- -- Most went over to go from go to got some new Saints in the Ellis used to some funny some nowhere flawed this week I am in the company they got. They got these you know what to what's popular now. Liked a unanimous remember those come that would numbers he's growing -- -- jacket. They got some I had asked how like oh look in saint -- now -- I -- coup and a guy like Saints that I would -- let him anomalous. And they get the chin man minutes stuff has also -- like they kind of hold opens well I don't know. He got that telecommuting assured this year is it's a bootleg chaired but it says. Yemen had the Goodell hater got one thing game -- says Cowboys hater in the got Arab point of pointing out fattening. Bryant is -- goal and as has Cowboys -- when you do you represented him and the man who put together and a certain maturity out there on the street Cowboys -- stints on the -- does not available out of the things we've -- was again and Allen makes his two editing is the party -- the -- -- would it make sense of women games now. In -- -- about it is a big advantage out of them off. One thought he had tomorrow Thursday November 7. 2013. Obviously from 10 AM to 1 PM. The national World War II museum will wholesale hiring our heroes job fair. Follow all veteran job seekers active duty military members. Guard and reserve members and military spouses. The event located at national award to museum 945 magazines streak. Will be a one of a kind three aren't fair for both employers and job seekers. There'll also be a transition employment workshop. That begins at 9 AM again that's tomorrow November 7. From 10 AM to 1 PM the national World War II museum will hold -- harming our heroes job fair. Follow veteran job seekers active duty military members guard -- reserve members and military sponsors. Go to the world more won't World War II museum at 945 magazine street from ten to 1 PM. And like you said there'll be a transition employment workshop beginning at nine. AM hour ride coming up next it is the last mile show and your chance to take out the pelicans and the Grizzlies -- 1053 -- 870 AM. It is the less amount shall be dated date tomorrow in sports. In all sports so -- -- QB to QB our conversation with Drew Brees the latest on the Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. And the Saints and the Cowboys plus not popular 7 o'clock our our view from Vegas all the that's a big with the -- MRI Oklahoma and Baylor. And Stanford and -- will have a huge shakeup in the top ten this week without question thanks so much to. -- Christie Garrett Stephen gala mark Menard and also on the program today we want to thank. Dave Cohen for bringing us on new things and big children showed in decent. Showed decent -- Williams that he recently married there is -- married man who recently knew we got him over a room here. But draws gave him away the following dunked over -- room and bobbled that decision is aided by the go to -- is the man as boxing K when Kennedy. Don't know makes it is the last mile -- so and pelicans basketball -- big Bellamy is dictating Jamie and Bobby a bear monorail his own good night people.