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Nov 7, 2013|

Dave talks about why we live in one of the poorest states, homeless in the pent house, and a skirt alert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on the seventh of November 2003. Team fair it is the day before Friday had come to. I today he S feels good to be close so close to the weekend. Jason nice we like to celebrated twice here on the early -- Just like music it's an EU and today yup. We'll do not yet looking forward to bad indeed and Christine missile out there. Dressing missile -- speakers at an all my windshield all the way here at that annoying thing where you put the the near term presence in this so called that it -- think they call load I think it's -- residents as long yet I'm always setting of the windshield wipers isn't. Luck isn't high enough but the next ones too high exactly is if he would be and -- truck then you got to turn it way out because he got that. Missed coming up for the tires anyway that wet that -- erode the roads are wet. And it's still Canas. Wet out yesterday is he ready for that as we wait for the cold front which would mean we don't get out of the sixties it all today. Sixties and all ball tomorrow forties and 50s in the morning. Sixties during the day. Am -- Crist will there all weekend so it appears this current 67. That we have and it actually felt. To any cooler than not. But to that's may be because of that north wind that's coming through that it -- yet so that's going to be about the high and Afghanistan about reward -- old -- law alternated. Yeah Al wine now. You know we live here for a lot of reasons you know you and I have chosen to make this. Austria. Many people. Feeling they had no choice in the matter because they were born here and they would never considered leaving. Never in -- they had no choice that the they're forced the statement they just couldn't imagine going to -- going anywhere else. Don't fish out of water by news he brought me some information yesterday. You've got ahold of from the United States -- dispute -- that shows. Report. We don't. -- years people across the country now. Where are we in in terms of the poorest states in the nation. Sullivan from the bottom. Of the seventh forest state. Terms of wealthy states he started the top we're seventh from the bottom. Average median income for a household. In Louisiana how much 42. It's actually 417. A close or less than 42000 doubt that for an individual. Brown how median house so yeah you're combining if you husband and wife. If you have roommates whatever it is all the people who live in one home under the same emirate. On average in the Louisiana make less than 42000. Dollars per year. What does that nation one. Fifty. So -- now. That's a considerable that the average nation yeah yeah is it -- average years 42. You go someplace like Connecticut it's like -- -- have -- something yeah way up there. So there's a wide Dubai the other. West way far west you know California and and and even up into the in the organ in Washington and then the northeast sector. Those two places seem to have the big incomes and and we have the little and yet. The question I guess I have and I know the answer for myself but I wanna hear from others as well. -- live here. In a lot of people would look at that go wait a minute. I'm moving there or choosing to stay there. You're saying all right I'm happy making a lot less money than people across the country. On average my household makes more than 8000 dollars last. And the average American council. Compared to the people who make real money in this country. We make in some cases half its -- geologist we have our right and some of the wealthier states. So why -- I know why I love it here can be too. I know lots of. Yeah I like the people. I really despite the brutal summer I like on one of the weather. And and -- -- that are in. The food. Those are -- the culture of action. -- -- -- about it in more effort here and tell him and it now. -- -- -- -- -- Bottom ten and the economist reproductive you don't see that change it. We are all these great economic story here about other's company coming these jobs are coming mrs. one of the reasons a lot of these companies -- come here is that I can pay people last. The bottom line is last because you don't have to pay people as much here. So they don't see any time in the next generation anyway 2530 years. I significantly. Increasing or improving our position in terms of course states. More jobs is always a good thing but they're generally more opening apparently across the country. We'll talk about it political -- -- meteorologist Laura -- tell up next and man we got some important football games coming up Natalie. Saturday and Sunday they would -- but this too huge college games tonight. Why do you have kids -- were talking about with again Louisiana despite all the -- and. Gains despite some weathering the recession better than just about any other state despite all the rebuilding money that's been -- in the state going in the economy strong. So seventh -- state in the nation and the economists were talking to say. Gonna change much at least not for the next point five or thirty years this is a poor state. Salaries here are generally lower than another places the average household income in the Louisiana. 42 grand one person says though that's deceiving me -- -- 7870. And they salaries here actually pretty good but high welfare numbers. Drive down the average and that's true we have higher welfare rolls we have more people impoverished. So even if you take into high end and then -- in all of the ridiculously poor. In the state. That does bring the average down so yeah there's a vast divide in the Louisiana of the haves and have not no doubt about that. Somebody else clarified David Blake statement about one of the best reasons delivers great weather year round. -- -- -- great weather means you can fish all year that it has very few days. President hurricane are rare freeze that fishing is out of the question what's the weather going to be like today. We do have a -- lingering early this morning but as fat -- continues to push and gradually skies will clear today staying cool -- so -- jacket might be a good bet for much of the day. Sixties with that north breeze thing clear and chilly tonight look for forties on both sides of the lake. And Friday's high only 68 with sunshine Saturday little milder 74. -- 10% chance for light shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and urologist -- Tell and we have misty drizzle out there and most of the region right now otherwise cloudy the airport in -- winds gusting out of the north up to 24 miles an hour at 67 degrees south of the lake cloudy and 66 on the North Shore. -- the winds are gusting to twenty miles per hour. One person to activate 78 centimeters out of it because the cost of living is lower I don't need to make as much money someone else says very simply. You can't guy. -- Well being miserable somewhere else. Born happy here. You -- happy. I am happy -- I think if I was. Will the as well -- a lot happier yet people always say that you know just if you have money doesn't mean happy. You know people have lots of money to -- they have all the same problems you do. Well I'd like to be rich and unhappy and for an unhappy you know given the options. I'm gonna be unhappy either way which I'm not very happy person but if I were going to be unhappy. Arctic -- -- -- report and Bieber you're rich with sports they get to talk about sport that's your job we pay you to do that. -- -- -- I do prefer a cool well good morning -- on the Boston my good. The pelicans built another early lead but managed to hang around this time taking on the grizzlies in Memphis 199084. Politics -- was drew -- were cutting sort of going left drives the baseline of one of the Iraq lays it up and end. Just past the outstretched arm of Ed Davis. Eric Gordon led New Orleans with nineteen points while Anthony Davis added eighteen with nine rebounds and three blocks. Well the saints have moved linebacker Jonathan Vilma to injured reserve ending his season. And possibly his career only three days after he returned for his first came of this season. The -- began the year on short term injured reserve because of an arthroscopic procedure on his knee. Now for more on the black and -- matchup Sunday night against Dallas here's sideline reporter Kristian -- This is saints and cowboys Sunday in primetime the Dallas office -- weapons a tight end Jason Witten and don't forget about wide receiver Dez Bryant. Saints coach Sean Payton says Brian is about as good as it gets. He's very good as good as anyone run after the catch -- he's a hard got to bring down so I think that's one of the things that you see in each game. I'm Kristian garic malice second with the -- via her preview LSU and Alabama. Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron likens the battle with LA -- to -- of a heavyweight title fight. We know it's going to be a blow -- -- type game and it's almost a team gets -- punches then things went so. Always look when they start the games for everybody expects so much fun. -- In the last two regular season meetings the tigers and -- have split -- LSU winning in overtime in 2011. And Alabama winning late last year in baton route we'll see would have been this year Saturday night and Tuscaloosa. Beat the -- WW real sports. And the college football game with national championship -- repercussions this evening. The second ranked in high scoring Oregon Ducks travel -- the effort to play the sixth ranked cardinal there's another big game also in Texas. Baylor number six hosting number ten Oklahoma. Today a four on sports talk live from voters on vets in Metairie wide receiver Robert Meachem is this week's guest on the saints players show. Plus Bobbie bear goes QB to QB with Drew Brees I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at. -- -- my -- -- -- radio -- tonight to see Robert -- because I'll never forget during the Super Bowl victory. Many parade in the players that come back it landed in -- and they drive and you know other cars back to go wherever -- ago. And the fans that lined the road leading from the airport at Q veterans. Meet him was driving his vehicle and you -- -- coming up to and for some reason they all thought it was Marcus calls. Oh so by the time we knew we were about half way down the line in and but -- got there he just kept on Google I'm knuckles. I'm not -- So Austin which go to that. Yeah -- apparently he's and a history of being mistaken for -- Yeah I don't know I can't see that it all and they're not even similar body type now I'm on the basket then knuckles. But he is. Meachem and you will be -- -- tonight about their votes needed tickets and get his autograph and -- not. Did not call market schools here that. He had this step it up. Last week because the saints are banged up that receiver. How -- things look and now the injury report comes out yesterday five players including Jimmy Graham did not practice how worried were you when you -- injured and lateral just because it's Wednesday it is the initial one coming out -- it's typically a day where. The coach will give a lot of guys a rest so it'll look a little more the gates today. With the second injury report and of course Friday is the most important one. Minute Jimmy Graham Malcolm Jenkins carrier and game Jordan and David Hawthorne did not practice. You're not too worried about that what courage and Darren -- practice completely -- was really surprised by that meeting -- that it was not a. Serious concussion which is great dad he was elected back -- it and Marcus Colston speaking. He's not. Robert Meachem he is Marcus Colston. He missed the game Sunday but he was able to get back in this summit that in practice. Yet and we had some foot issues distort the year and apparently now a knee problem but was back on the field -- -- to roll. Hey did the saints need their weapons back in full force this game is Dallas is a high octane offense as well. Thank -- -- -- talking again about appointment meant more sports that demo and talked about all the sports tonight. Two big college games we have an NFL game. And that's all before we get it -- And weekend now they'll get Steve to preview some of that for us coming up and about one element here at WW on the value forecast market text messages today 7870. Why you Olivia. Before they look at your forecast. There's a Thursday update clearing skies for the day and look for Temps in the sixties always through the afternoon but with that breeze that may feel cooler than that. Might be a good idea for the long sleeves or at least a jacket today and definitely jackets tonight clear and chilly forty is on both sides of the lake. Dumping up to 68 for Friday but lots of sunshine on the way tomorrow and Saturday still looks -- it's at 10% greater chance that high of 74. From the eyewitness he's forecast -- I meteorologist -- -- -- 67. At the airport and it winds gusting to 25 miles an hour 66 and slide out or says someone. Work people it's out there on the pipe fitter on the president's -- -- expected to crop it. As has salaries maybe you but it's -- to live here. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW LR's it's November the seventh it's 23 it's the day before Friday welcome to Friday EU and -- -- tonight we celebrated twice. Friday. Man this week -- die and that they did things and -- whether it's going to be fantastic weekend great timing. Thank you mother nature yes. -- momma did go to. -- is scarlet development effort to Laura now coming but. We've been talking to people about your report. That the median household income in Louisiana and 42000. -- seventh -- in the knee share. On average you combine all incomes and everybody and under the roof. And here. Median its -- at 42041. That. Snow line has. I was born and raised in New Orleans. Sports who moved to Atlanta did -- job. I stayed three years packed my stuff and brought to act in Portland or three years of my life. -- Another person says nicer people more polite. That culture. One -- I think that is your choice I live here on -- make 80000 dollars a year. And it didn't graduate it ought to be out bonuses and live here because of the vote. Does it because. Of the rich and great people. To be the atmosphere of the culture of the area. And it Michael in him and when do you take all of the factors in considering. And you did it. We chose. -- make this place now absolutely long time. And I've heard a lot of. Stories of people who did goal way for jobs and and other reasons and then they they tell me that they found themselves in this other city weather was Wesco city's water. -- they were talking about New Orleans all the time. You know I was like that it every day -- and then other people wanted to hear you know what what was it like down there. And you know and then they end up coming. It's just like the writing is on the wall. And here's the funny thing -- now you know we lived other places now people proceed. The ports other days aria because they don't do it it would delta. Because once you get your butt down here your -- and I found with a woman down here Thelma with the culture down here I fell in love with the people down here and this is now in. Seventeen year level. -- -- Are going to be hot relationship that I have witness in this part of the countries -- at this -- And the women well. They don't get it and yes you know that's. Thank -- -- argument ointment mark for his propeller driven party he's fine and about people who love their foot off. Believe our whole lot of folks from -- Alabama. Even though this isn't number one vs number two even -- for a bad policy if LSU can play for a national championship years championship this year. Don't care is -- go and party in Alabama in joy. The rivalry on the field and in the community. Japan's -- Alabama could more. In twenty minutes and WW. Well we will be walking. Again that I'm not quite yet don't miss meteorologist Laura but they'll have agreed Friday he -- -- yet we're not we're not the sunshine yet when it's coming. And ordinary right dad went one person texted me called annoying mixed -- hands at all in the middle there you go it felt like eight. It's not even showing up on the radar but it is Al bears every now and -- you need to get to windshield wipers working and the roots are still wet from last night we actually had some -- plane accidents already this morning. From the rain last night to be here at around -- Slattery -- slider that's. That's an official word that is very efficient. Thought oh god please you'd be careful but all this Kristi ms. eleven knowing meant to target not. It is the -- could be moving up pretty quickly today I think by lunchtime we're start as -- as skies clear and certainly by this afternoon. Were walking on sunshine arrived right now warming up -- where we are right now that the temperature all -- -- -- and even cooler I think what's gonna happen we're in the upper sixties in the city right now were right when the front moves at which it is moving and as we speak. Temperatures are gonna fall into the lower sixties. And then when the skies begin to clear we get some sunshine -- kind of warm back up to the mid sixties the kind of wobbling around a little bit he said Bobble head whether probable entered yet. The kind of but you know what with these winds it's actually can feel cooler than sixty's so my advice even you probably don't need it right now is to have a a sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt or jacket or something which use it that way -- later today. And but I've got to ask either way it is now 20/20 five miles an. Our gusty is that gonna stay that way do we need to issue an official Laura but -- skirt alert. And before we issue -- elect I want to think that this -- I've been presented with that thought it may be. -- we have discard alert for for women they really need to think of something to alert the men about as well. Well we are alerting them to watch for laments -- I don't know whether it but I'll -- -- -- or something yet you know alert. EB advocate hat alert you know people know where it all have the kind of leaned as a candidate -- maybe have somebody. Text and Nokia for now do we need issues -- let that is. -- -- -- Warner sure we'll. Meet you can't hear -- -- and we're here. And women have been -- -- -- may blow up men have been warned it easier woman wearing a -- keep and I are good that your may blow up the official Laura but they'll -- alert has been. That's right and we come up with -- the -- -- argued that word about you know I don't think that that plane outlining sexy. Equal upper Texas bike accident as a I'd be equal opportunity Alan Cutler -- the when and the -- for the portrait to to be sexy. -- skirt and the kilt that's panicky. Lot of guys which it from a distance and about a two paler and I've heard that already edit and now I -- -- if the I don't doubt we'll thing. Well while we ponder that -- invite people attacks detonate them obviate them if they can join us on FaceBook. Give me some suggestions there is proud of what should we issue for the man he had the -- alert for the women what about the -- -- will be gusty today folks that whatever it. Alert him whatever FF. The story out of its. A homeless man. Has gone from the proverbial. Dog house. To the penthouse. And then to the big house. Me he was found sleeping in the presidential. Suite one of Pittsburgh's weight is throat now. Debt -- police are trying to figure out the 48 year old told police that he is from Los Angeles and his passing through. When he was nabbed by security at the omni William -- -- Yes. Hotel guests were checking into the presidential suite when they solve the man. Slipping on a couch and notified the hotel's staff. Hotel security operatives woke him up. Took him to the office and called police. Yeah now now they're still trying to figure out. How did he get into the presidential suite that anybody noticing -- -- of those cards on ice and he had you can easily get to that war in the elevator without -- spent yeah out after. So the parlor area of the presidential suite worries founded a general user per reception that -- that jobs to the door have been programmed remain unlocked for an event earlier. I in the game there -- at least all that frequently dance. I think they're gonna put tighter controls -- So can you imagine here checking in the year 2000 dollar A night room. And there's -- homeless guy out straight the president. Mitchell's recent health and the maybe it's one of those things where you you never know -- anybody status you know and and that could very well be aghast that just made it looks a little different than the other guests -- -- presidential -- I well you never know. Tight angle or alerts as one person. Higher alert that's another like lying Tyler's does some of them cookie sheets -- I have -- -- Thursday COR but now live and direct Eyewitness News forecast that -- So whatever your alert about be alert and keep your text messages coming. -- alert that -- lot of sports going on to look at Steve Geller and. Because over half of the conflict three strands of hair that. Thanks a lot balding man it feels wonderful. Towards -- get those that was a good morning as the gallery good morning and happy Thursday Eric Gordon scored nineteen points Anthony Davis added eighteen with nine rebounds. And the pelicans beat the Memphis Grizzlies 909084. Contests today this could -- slopes on the tapes and shoot. Using my left shoulder step back jumper on the way -- Anthony Davis. It was the first road win of the season for the pelicans were now two and three on the young season. Well after only playing in one game Jonathan Vilma is 2013 season is over. Who sings -- the 31 year old linebacker on injured reserve ending his season and possibly his career. Vilma had started the year on short term injured reserve as he recovered from surgery on his -- Now with more on the saints in their Sunday night showdown against the cowboys you're sideline reporter Christian yeah. -- the saints have struggled to run the football this season at times struggled protect Drew Brees offensive tackles actually says run the football will help. Protect number nine. It if we wanna keep him really clean enough right all the time we need to. We need to come out consistently need to jump on teams we need to put ourselves in a position where. -- we can pass protect with some efficiency and and that starts I think with the run game. The saints take on the cowboys Sunday at 730. Right here announcing its radio I'm Kristian -- Deke Bellavia breaks down LSU. And Alabama Saturday in Tuscaloosa the next three games can either save. Off hurt the tigers 2013. Regular season LSU defensive -- -- Ferguson says a big -- Alabama. We'll put a special part. In 2013. For the by you being. There's -- doing stuff when you have a fifty tunes and wanna show you know each week you have ups and now he -- the life. Everybody now knows right now in I heard a -- double digit loss. Category I'm just wanna -- -- on -- -- when -- know where everybody refusal to play better. LSU is an eleven half point underdog Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Kick off to say after 7 PM here on WW ago. The Bellamy at WW real sports we'll expect Sabin has responded to the latest reports linking him to the Texas coaching job. The high tech coach says he's totally committed to the University of Alabama and added. And no one ever said anything about facing quote special pressure. And two big college football games and action tonight's entering second ranked organ. Battle the sixth ranked cardinal in Stanford. Also number six Baylor -- number ten Oklahoma. Four on sports talk live from looters on vets in Metairie. Wide receiver Robert Meachem is this week's guest on the saints players show applause Bobbie -- goes QB to QB with Drew Brees that your early morning look it's. Warts and -- Steve Geller it's a -- of Washington that Minnesota in the NFL tonight and we have to -- calories football games. Few battles a top ten team. Yep pretty two and could be a pretty offensive. Mind games I think you not a defensive. Often offense -- even those the effort is -- for the defense I think organs could be way to much for them to handle. I'm looking for like a 4121. -- game there. And then the Baylor game should also have some fireworks. Against Oklahoma. I don't think -- keep up the sooners can keep up with the Baylor Bears -- all look -- that the role model to -- so if you're gonna pick one of these three games to watch the NFL's Washington Minnesota though the U college games. Which one do you watch what's going to be the best game under a -- to get the college football that I don't want it to NFL game is not very exciting and I would stick with the the organ Stanford game -- is that Stanford had to get upset them last season but I think. Org is looking for big time payback this year and you got it right is these Stanford Cardinal routed not a party to tree and it's one tree and I want cardinals. That the cardinals yet one tree that's their team. One tree thank you Steve we'll talk to you if it meant what sports here on WWL I am adamant that. And I want to thank everyone who is suggested different alert for the man you know we have this hurdler today for women that that mr. -- is more about now if you if you want to know what you if you for the men. To me just -- man to watch women wearing skirt is enough to keep that we need them to comb over or rather alert to tailor those are among the top ones I think -- -- People also texting as -- navigate them also some fantastic text messages. Throughout the question is that why do you living. With a seven poorest state in the nation. And we really don't change to me it just despite all the good economic news we remain very very poor statement people have been texting and so many fantastic reason. To live in Louisiana and new -- and we'll keep that conversation going on FaceBook together and now make your comments. And read other people's confidence that they view it as a funny story. When the mayor's race was decided in Boston on Tuesday the guy who want. Marty. Walsh. Of vice president Joseph Biden went to call -- football party Washington fraudulent so long you guys talk and sports leader.

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