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11-7 6:15am Tommy, GOP too conservative or moderate?

Nov 7, 2013|

Tommy talks to Ben Dworkin, an Assistant Professor & Director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider University, about Chris Christie and the GOP

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And working joins us right now from New Jersey and assistant. Professor. Division command -- I'm sorry then a assistant professor and director of the -- -- institute for New Jersey Pollard tip politics at Rider University it's normally better than I'll tell you that. Good morning -- army is great to be with. Banks are taking a time when as well actually it's not normally better than this but here's the point com tell me what happened in New Jersey with Chris Christie from where he got his support what happened in Virginia. With the Tea Party candidate and are these individual anomalies in each state where. Every election is different or does this portend anything for the next presidential election. Okay there's a lot there and not in you feel comfortable and chart while about Chris Christie are. Victory democratic state their 700000. More registered Democrat in new pictures and -- Republicans. And on the issues. People New Jersey overwhelmingly agreed with the democratic candidate for governor. The fact was however that victory for personality. Over issues issues and matters in this election Chris Christie won. Which is 62%. Of the vote because people like him. And they liked him largely because of two things one it. And attitude especially his leadership capabilities that came out after we had. Superstore standing that devastated. The New Jersey shoreline. And second. Court opting -- and I think. Really the message for conservatives who want to -- in areas that aren't very read it. They showed they can get things done people are so frustrated with the dysfunction. They see in Washington DC. That even a conservative who. Works with these Democrat but scored the lowest arched out keeps getting victory after victory even if they're partial victories. That makes a big difference and people responded to that. Let's take a break right now we come back -- you know attacks that came in talking about. Instead of Democrat they were saying in the leftist and it's in -- seems to be huge divide ideologically that I think is gonna. Clash -- politics and it comes down to the U wanna win or do you wanna hang on he believes so we'll wait to another four years of a democratic president. Our conversation continues with men to work an assistant professor and director of the -- of -- institute. New Jersey politics Smart man a man rather -- hear what he has to say when we come back six when he two time -- traffic. The terror Robinson. WL pleased to have been to working with -- the assistant professor and director of the -- bitch institute for New Jersey politics. I don't only have a couple of minutes left here amendment but to texts on it. Why don't says LOL what he's saying is Christie won because he started acting like a Democrat. Netherlands says Christie as a Republican however -- and he is not conservative. The person he was running against was not a well known figure. When I read these tax and and you know everybody's entitled to their opinion. But it makes me think that and I referred to it is the conservative entertainment complex is dictating public opinion. These guys and girls are making a ton of money off this dividing the nation and as a result they're splitting the Republican Party and at this point I'll see the Republicans went and a White House in a long time and I'm a registered Republican I'm just trying to analyze. Well I. -- and it's important under and protect creek creek he would not. I'm moderate. He would not Rudy Giuliani. Is pro life years and I -- -- the -- Charter school again. But the teacher's union -- cut but it continued to try and cut. Income taxes and cut it it. I think in the record when you look at people. That because he -- from the north. You've got to -- not. Conservative enough by it's actually you'll approach the politics and presidential election where I fully expect them to be a candidate. Then that open a computer actually quite more conservative. People -- -- you comment on the not so much an issue of moderate and conservative those old label. People really. In Washington about how they approach politics. And it could be. From the wing. And but that bird population. Only what you're -- only what you have. Done it if you bargain. Negotiate and compromise. Andrea. Recruit folks. Who really that bargaining and negotiation and compromise are apparently. In the the white America went off -- the real. Because people. That America in touch it because people compound. That by its value promote politics argued that. Politics. And that could clearly represent one. I felt -- That more -- there -- more moderate and then. What's what are the chances of Chris Christie during the primary process and you know it happens. Heading to go so far right to win the primaries that he becomes less attractive as a candidate in the election. Louisiana inevitably lead. I think it is very genuine and -- In line with where he -- would again it's pretty considerate you know we're not talking about. Com home. A former governor gave in 1988. Republicans. National convention keynote address. It does not. You know that kind of Republican. So I approach it won't get. A lot of the which meant. But at the same time that the Republican the the financial and it will surely. Somebody like Chris -- By that could be seen as an outsider because he's not been watching them. He's the governor who's getting things done and I think that will be -- you know that'll make a very intriguing candidate. In any presidential primary. Then Chris Christie is going to be a major player in this as we all know and I'd love to talk to you again as. And as this story progresses. I look forward to be epic that you have a great date and Wharton says thank you --