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11-7 8:15am Tommy, animal abuse registry?

Nov 7, 2013|

Tommy talks to Chris Green, the Director of Legislative Affairs for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, about creating a registry for animal abusers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tell -- -- I am standing and we've done some research on this the only national registry that exists. Is for a sex offenders but our next guest wants to create a national register register rather to prevent convicted animal abusers. From adopting pets Chris green joins us right now the director of legislative affairs for. Animal legal defense fund morning Chris -- Good and you joining us from California and I appreciate you get up early tell me about that your group and what it is you wanna do and why. And so we're an organization of attorneys that the nation's -- Trek lives in advantages in general legal system national -- get -- hundred numbers. And he's doing much about thirty years. And what. -- -- -- -- for the past two years and trying to get states to pass certain legislation to sit there and they've got a registry. And they've built on it -- stayed to try to choose our -- patent -- and intolerance and roadblocks. Ireland being taught the girl lessons of -- concerns and a traditional test check of literature that photos and -- -- -- And so -- and and what would happen and usually that. The executive at this stage would want to do it. Party will look at some under funded it didn't combatants and actually I'm prize. Lives in Michigan recently partnered to 2000 dollars. California we're doing the dollars where we have vendors in the future much as money -- -- bit awkward stage -- the paper that. And it still didn't pictures Asian -- That's -- ourselves so. The national registry which alternates all the cross border problem actually for example. If California -- a partner registry cadets went and that it does not stray and they would be put -- there. So -- Registry in populated output data educated in each state and in -- -- -- go in and as usual -- and without panel or purchase an animal. The shelter rescue reader App Store. They've captured the driver's license and and bad gender or shelter. We're just patent database the person's name and and and -- it would pop up whether or not he'd been convicted and -- these -- I how if you do is nationally counties state laws apply. In terms of privacy concerns are invasion of privacy and there is between a public. The agency do and it ended in your privacy and your private agency Jonas. Well actually most. Such conviction that it partied at a public record. So does that actually already -- -- out there in a statement just -- but he compiled but he certainly acceptable form. So why would estates resident Byron -- has meant to do it besides the economic concern. Well they announced -- in London really and he killed it I think questions and concerns that are engaging you can because. They didn't wanna hear a traditional types. Think that's sex offender registry where -- the scroll ball saying -- the other crafts and home address to it would be more like targeting people in -- heritage. This is completely different from that -- intentional bulletin photographs it's it's easily searchable by -- -- so it really putting the pension. The second that are indicative. Put the focus on the actual bad guys are out fighting back guy and certainty to people through this machine aspect of that. So it is nothing of the sort that it's important that focus back on. Havoc on our impact on that -- animal welfare -- to ensure that we shall -- you can't be vital tool to make sure there and sequential bit where you can handle it. And that the child has it all the time we've been AD information gained. And -- -- attention -- happen. Where do you draw the line between who goes on -- listen who doesn't. Well it is essential wreckage anyone actually convicted an animal -- -- let the pretty bright line and it's official as you know. -- rescue party have their own. Our officials do not adopt late stage or gets circulated amongst at all. And did hear a lot more merger ad -- and and then what are subject should -- kidnapped. We have the subject -- -- -- rules when you've actually been convicted and all star. And before we let you go mom. You say these are all public record so. If you're just compiling them and put them. In one place it's accessible I don't understand -- you be violating the law. We're not and there's no violence in the law whatsoever. The Turkey system just contains information -- him. Only -- you give us an issue that has been. And and I don't. Purposes. They don't get it contested legislation. That was appointed in Michigan. That would -- require action required touch future -- conditions require short term -- Peterson has started to consult the registry. He or that in Paterson -- somebody. And also admissions can now. Into Japan where it England's independent panel these crimes are prohibited from young adults are certain period of time you achieve your surprise you're sure that the. Chris I appreciate you time in and tell me what the weather's like in California. This lovely I think -- -- better from the network at Toronto and back. They have respected -- -- pretty chilly -- yesterday and -- in the region sort of enjoyed it thank you Chris I'm glad you called.

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