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WWL>Topics>>11-7 9:35am Tommy, Confederate flag controversy

11-7 9:35am Tommy, Confederate flag controversy

Nov 7, 2013|

Tommy talks to Johnnie Holley Jr, the Division Commander of the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, about the Confederate flag

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

945 more U calls coming up and right now we're talking -- Johnny Holley junior division commander of the Texas division. Of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And -- text catches my attention in the confederate flag should be flown by whoever wants to fly it. He area -- 1 sorry am proud of my southern heritage but that doesn't mean I'm proud of every aspect of our past. Fly the flag if you want to look like an ignorant racist. Now Johnny Holley junior I'm guessing you're not an ignorant racist. -- Johnny and guessing you're not an ignorant -- let her know from rock and Tommy will do what it is that you wanna do and what's going on in Texas. Well what we have -- border taxes has the ability to our slogan here is by having a license -- With our they'll blow for the Sons of Confederate Veterans all the plate. Now the Arab world -- on the plate does complain to confederate battle. But that people confuse that battle flag with the confederate -- The battle -- was never city official. Government. Flag of the confederate states of America. The battle flag was polish soldier forward. And that's -- it was in dividends. And 621862. Because the actual confederate flag which at that time was the first national look too it's like. The starters. Strikes you have political battlefield in the heat of battle. What colors were those other way -- It was red white and blue just and it had a camps will the circle star little -- and red stripe but about why it was pretty well. It looked like the US flag. And there was a lot of confusion mark the bubble first Manassas but both sides -- totally couldn't tell. Which unit. Well there was a good forever -- a union unit. So -- board art -- with these. Bottled water. And that was used. To differentiate on the battlefield. Converter units from the US units you member of in the war toward this basic and radios withdrawal of almost. -- always uniforms either on gas. That's right civilians -- were very. Very similar. And so the battle flag was designed for that reason. So what kind of problems are you hand and trying to get -- on the license plate. Well. We run and so -- well reflection earlier caller earlier a lot of ignorant about the -- flight. People just don't understand. What really went -- on the war between the states and it looked -- called out to black slavery is is is this fall only a lot faster clip conception. There's been put out all the years. But if you're probably brutally honest about the black slavery was the store destroyed. -- that was the one that foolishly. Shields that brought up mostly to this country well the largest. Both foreign markets in the country -- in New York City animal probably old eastern. Fairways expect actually those who weren't the ship beaten it is noticeable ships that came out of -- -- -- in Boston. And all those border ports. They use Scioscia. To halt the slave to this country in -- -- the oval northeastern friendlies we believe there. Fortunes in the slave trade. So to. Take the -- Questions and this -- and it's strictly to solve this is a misconception. Formal. Let me ask you this real quick Johnny before we run out of time on if you've heard this tonight Kanye West. And -- colleague -- rapper hip hop artists may be a combination of the two. Says he's co opting the confederate flag -- and on clothing that he sells that he's gonna. Own it. He's he's going to be able to co -- the flag in -- have been what he wants it to me. Well a lot of people take that flag trying to turn it into what they want it to be there's battle on both. Bad groups here in the United States does it take an hour. Battle for our game and period it -- and hit some people like and we reserve hopefully. The -- That's the Ford that are suburbs soldier period. In the battle when they were. Resisting. Lifter -- good blue. Army who he sent down here to force the Soviet states back into the union that the portable by -- And the silent soldier. We're fighting for their -- their plan would use their property. And little sites. Now you can argue one of the war took place. Although they all there -- two questions so recession one that the south secede. And that could be debated. Intellectual for a but the truth of the matter is the war was all but called himself was invited. And if the sort of Norfolk nodded waited the so. In the oval palpable self will proceed with the if there were comeback of the union there's no question that the body. Johnny before we let you go tell me how likely it is that you're gonna win in court. Well Felicia -- intricate questions but you know when you're dealing with the the court she never know which -- -- gonna go -- thank our cases very good. Work properly. Racist group we're here fusion group have always wore our ancestors and partially a lot of world allows -- Different groups with Dodi and -- taxes that. That I don't agree with there. Fabio and what you think Davis at the right to express. What thank you Johnny.

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