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11-7-13 10:10am Scoot: on the Pledge of Allegiance

Nov 7, 2013|

Scoot takes calls on whether students should be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning I'm screwed in fort Garland today -- and you saw this we conducted it will be with you tomorrow let's deal it is. Think -- Last night. Got a text from some friends and I. At house of blues. And I've heard of the band I've never heard them before I heard a band for the first time. They were unbelievable. You know it's interesting that earlier in this week -- talking about moving -- I saw so many young people with a cure. And singing every word every sort secured also this past weekend we -- -- thank you when I -- for the quarter. And I once again saw a young people early twenties something. Singing the lyrics to every song from the eighty's so there is a young generation that has increased the eighties as music of their own. Well this isn't your payment to door cinema club sold out last night house of blues as fortunate certificate -- and these guys. Have so many similarities we have. Bands from the eighties it was applicable to excellence of two hours Saturday to dorsett and I was really impressed and and I saw a young audience. Just having fun and that was something we talked about earlier this week on the show in the eighties music was -- music. It was a fun time people wanted to dance I saw them last night and soul now there are new groups that are. There are reflecting a young generations love four cities. Thank you witnessed that they're so there's a picture -- got it up on our our FaceBook page you -- thank you need district visiting her FaceBook page it's going to be a dual radio. There's a picture that I I saw this morning. And I really did plan on talking about yesterday decided that it would really should talk about this. Is a picture of a young black man and he's he's wearing a -- And he has fallen asleep on a subway. And he's had his has fallen over on the gentleman next to the guys wearing a compass so it's a Jewish man. Sitting next to him this one on FaceBook and almost instantly got 20000 shares. And to me this picture. Really isn't of a visual of of an example of how we do care about each. You know as so often we talk about mr. Schumer talking about issues and topics often we talk about. How we don't like each other how we don't get along and the things that we. That we don't like we we we often talk about violence and the way people don't hear about each other anymore. -- this picture really personifies. The fact that we really do care about each. And the world we know we still with random acts of violence. But this morning we'll talk about random acts of kindness it's a thing happen to be it was a very minor thing but. It it made me smile and it was agreed to that happened in the yesterday into the station so what will talk about that later in the show. If you go to our FaceBook page go to Debbie -- will radio on FaceBook. And the pictures there and you can comment on that and also talk about your random acts. Of kindness you know in in radio it's it's always easy to get people riled up and get people to respond to talking about negative thinks. It's like -- and talk about how rude people our phones light. When somebody -- you last in what way were they -- but the phones would light up. Talking about negative stuff. But -- I think it's only fair that we talk about the positive side of humanity. And not just the negative side of humanity so we'll talk about that on the show later today at random acts. Of kindness and think about what's your first response would be if you were on a subway or a boss or a street car here in New Orleans area. And somebody fell asleep on your shoulder. So he didn't know. And yourself a white Jewish guy and a and a black guy wearing a hoodie. And to me it was just so so that so significant. About that picture in and what it says about. About how -- candy. Which your first reaction -- somebody fell asleep on your shoulder. Which you have back to the way this -- acted we'll talk of more about that -- later in the she'll also do you think gun ownership in America is going -- Where's it going down. I was really surprised to to find out -- -- little research on this big gun ownership in America has has actually declined. Even in the south where guns are very much a part of our culture. But here's an interesting question is gun ownership has decreased. And why is the number of children who died from gunshot wounds increased. Over 60%. Over ten year period. There have been a number of stories in the news recently we've talked about. About children. Getting ahold of the gun and killing someone or actually shooting and killing themselves. Gun ownership is down. But the number of children dying from gunshot wounds. Is dramatically increase. So why is that. I can't help but think about parents. If a child shoots someone or themselves with a gun a family gone. Should that lead to criminal charges against the parent or the supervising adult. You'd be surprised at how many people -- will go you know if somebody loses a child there that the grief that they are suffering over the loss of the child that's punishment enough. They're really. They're really shouldn't. Be criminally punished. But yet somebody has to speak for these kids or innocent. They get ahold of guns. They kill somebody to kill themselves somebody has to speak for them. And I am -- go through a list of that some of the very recent stories that -- talked about on the Scotia in 98 timid and tentative deal. Facility the amazing stories about young people getting a hold of guns and killing somebody else why not hold parents accountable. It's not the Goran. It's. Reckless gun ownership. In my opinion. Will also talk about that later this morning -- WWL. But first up on our show should students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance. Should a teacher had been suspended. For requiring a fourth grade student to recite the pledge. A school district in Florida suspended a teacher. After she made a jehovah's witness student recite the pledge of allegiance now I'm not jehovah's witness I can't speak firsthand about this but. I I guess there's some issue with religion and reciting. The pledge of allegiance the teacher. And and -- gold. McDonald placed the student's hand over his heart twice. When the class was during the pledge of allegiance. I guess forcing him to say the pledge of allegiance with -- and -- -- The students said he told the teacher that he couldn't recite the pledge because his religion. The teacher also admitted that she was aware of the bush relation. But she didn't know that that meant he couldn't say the pledge of allegiance. The teacher was suspended for five days without pay. Did the school do the right thing. Should students be required. To say the pledge of allegiance. The -- blog today on our website is titled should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance. And it will be those who will make that the obvious argument hey this is America these -- public schools in America students should be required to recite. The pledge of allegiance. But do we put too much emphasis on tangible things like reciting the pledge of allegiance. If you wanna join Russia with a -- our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Our text number is 878 cents. Should students be forced to recite. The pledge of allegiance. That's -- WW a pretty -- my opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. I'm scoot him for a girl and and will be. Right back. I like to try to introduce. So I'm newer music on this show us this band to endorse it. Microsoft last night the house of blues for the first time it just was amazing and it was amazing how. -- how similar they are just off tonight I heard in the eighties the media reminded me of Depeche Mode if -- sure. Beds and big country. And then from NORTHERN IRELAND and they represented music it will define this decade. There's a text that says just -- one of the best parts of being dead is that I share. Music -- like kids. I have been produced in the classic rock in the eighties and they get turned mile to a lot of new music I otherwise would not have discovered including chief source of the club this -- Really cool thing except -- two teenagers don't wanna hang out with -- it's nice to have that -- that we talked about that earlier this week what what to who confessed. It's solid young people. Responding to secure. And also an -- night in the French Quarter and -- young people fleeing advancing -- -- Eighties but now that's eighty sound has manifested itself. In new vans that are attracting an entire new crowds -- just type I thought that was really interesting here's a Texas sounds like a lot of stuff I heard in San Diego I'm gonna have to check them out. We're talking about the the pledge of allegiance and there's a student in school fourth grade in Florida and a teacher forced you to say the pledge of allegiance. He's a jehovah's witness and I'm not a Jehovah witness but apparently you're not supposed to. They say the pledge of allegiance if you were a jehovah's witness you know more about that and ideally you would call a short semi -- please do. But if somebody for a religious reason doesn't -- recite the pledge of allegiance is that okay. Do we put too much attention. Intangible things like reciting the pledge of allegiance. Reciting the pledge of allegiance doesn't make -- a good American. And I would think that. I -- was witness you might not agree with their religious beliefs but I would think that there's every possibility that it jehovah's witness is a very good citizen. There's no reason to believe that that would not be a person who considers himself to be a good. American citizen. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance 73%. Say yes. And 27% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. And at tying in with this is something the Supreme Court is dealing with which is whether or not. We should do endorse and except. -- prayers in public situations like before. Legislative session symbol talk we'll talk a little bit about it but I but I thought this this case in Florida it was an interesting one. And -- I was writing the blog and and thinking about talking about this today. It occurred to me that it as Americans sometimes I think we put too much emphasis on. Went on tangible things. For example. Reciting the pledge doesn't make someone patriotic. Or good American. In the same way that. Reciting the same prayers every week in church over and over again that doesn't make you religious. That doesn't make you a good Christian. There seems to be a tendency in this country to. Dictate beliefs. And I think it's -- -- dangerous trend. With many of the controversy old -- we have in this country and talk about -- on the show. There are individuals who -- tried to tell other individuals how to lead their life -- what to believe in what to do. Whether it's legalization of marijuana same sex marriage so many issues that really calm down to. Somebody trying to tell somebody else how to lead their life. And in income in America. A country that is based on individual freedom. I don't see how those two philosophies. Go together. Reciting the pledge of allegiance every day in school. Provides no assurance that you're shaping young students into model citizens. And I wonder how many hardcore criminals. Or people who have become unpatriotic. Activists. I wonder how many of them grew up every day. Going to school and saying the pledge of allegiance. At the beginning of every school day. I would think that respect for individual rights and the beliefs of others respecting the beliefs. Of others. Should not be mistaken for political correctness gone wild. But he should be a wave appreciating diversity in America and that's not a weakness I think that would be a strength. If you wanna join Russia with a comment our number is 2601872. All free 8668890870. In a text ember -- 878 Saturday. A Disco blog today it's on our website -- -- under our opinions. It every WL dot com is titled should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance. Read the blog short coming -- if you like and you might totally disagree with me. A British and at the great thing about America. You might agree here's a text that read -- do you think other countries are as sensitive to American views I think not this is America. Let's act like it. I think we very much. Act like this is America we should we should but in acting like this is really and truly America. We also need to respect the the religious beliefs of others and you know I I do understand that this is America. And I understand that people who come to this country should assimilate into our society. But when it comes to saying something like the pledge of allegiance do we put too much importance on making people -- something it doesn't make any difference if you say it. If you don't really mean it. Reciting something isn't nearly as important as what leads in your heart. Or in your mind. And it it it occurs to me that sometimes there's just a lot of emphasis placed on. On tangible things like well we must salute but I I'm all for being patriotic. But if it's against somebody's religious beliefs. Which we totally respect in this country. To say the pledge of allegiance isn't it okay if they don't say the pledge of allegiance. Why why do we see that is as such a negative thing. Really. Allowing a student to not say the pledge of allegiance based on religious beliefs. Doesn't really do any harm. And yet momentarily forcing a student against his or her religious beliefs to say the pledge of allegiance. Forcing them to do that that does temper rarely take away their religious freedom. And and while I I I realized that I grew up at a time and maybe you -- at a time when we said the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of every school day. That didn't make -- good patriots. That didn't make as good Americans. There were other things that made as good Americans. And so -- I think there's just too much emphasis placed on. Well we that this is it's on page rates on American did not say the pledge of which is well I guess you could make that argument. However. If based on somebody's religious beliefs. The or not to say the pledge of allegiance. Even fourth grade is it okay to respect that. Or -- do you think that that every kid should be forced to say the pledge of allegiance. If you wanna join our show this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889087. In a text amber who's except it's. -- -- for -- coming right back with -- it's 1030 on this chilly Wednesday morning it's not actually but compared to -- we've had it's a little -- feels great love this weather we're gonna see -- little bit later. Here's -- WWL news updates with. Chris Miller. -- weather excuse -- for Garland last night was the 47 annual country music awards. -- association awards. I saw a little bit of that afford to -- -- -- winner best album of the year and just male vocalist. Which -- children watching. Here's an update on our -- WL pretty -- my opinion poll should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance. 65% say yes news. 35%. Say no we're talking about this because a teacher in a school district in Florida was suspended for five days without pay. After it was discovered that she forced a jehovah's witness student and her fourth grade class. To recite the pledge of allegiance the teacher and Michael McDonald place the student's hand over his heart twice when the class did the pledge of allegiance. She said she knew he was a jehovah's witness but didn't know that he couldn't stated this the pledge of allegiance. Answer she forced him to do with the student. I did -- to do it because. I guess there's something in the religious beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses to where you don't say the pledge of allegiance. Did the school to the right thing by suspending the teacher. Should students be required to site to recite the pledge of allegiance. It was also -- of controversy about this in some school districts where. Students have been reciting the pledge of allegiance in Spanish. Because they don't understand English. Now as long as they're learning English. -- before they learn English isn't it better for them to recite the pledge of allegiance in Spanish. Rather than to not say it at all. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601872. All free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And text number is 87070. Here's a text being forced to say anything is not a sign of freedom. Here is. Text of the eighties music -- -- I'd vote for eighties music being the worst era for music disagreement that. -- toward your text here just a moment. I Gerald you're on -- WL a good morning. -- -- -- I'm. A two. Year old remembered element who. People don't know. The age like people that -- -- During the two police and that is why. -- religion. Don't think -- active. You agree or integration. The peak at the -- at in the. I am not sure because obviously that's our process that I've gone through if anybody has recent experience with becoming a citizen and he should you recite the pledge of allegiance in India have to. And I don't think there's a there's a problem with that I guess that the question comes down if if somebody based on. Their religious beliefs doesn't -- recite the pledge of allegiance on should that be okay. But you -- trained that's their right. It also on the other hand at the port of the immigration process. And an -- -- a two Lincoln's regardless of -- race or creed or religion then. Why not teach in school to begin. You know what I understand that point Cheryl -- and if you were becoming a US citizen why wouldn't you want to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. However if there's a religious issue involves there it can't we respect. Somebody's religious beliefs. It -- that means not reciting the pledge of allegiance can't we respect their religious beliefs. Without assuming that there -- there on patriotic guy is is this another example of a tendency to tell other people how to lead their lives if they're not leading their -- still the way we want them to. Well our country your point well at once again -- -- coming to America and match earlier. Picture of the ability in our culture. So it shouldn't be that big would be. Well I'm sure there are a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses who who are American there -- American citizens they were were born here. And work hard part of their religion is I guess not to say the pledge of bullies again if anybody understands more about that and ID could certainly color showing and lightening. Yeah I'm not 100% certain of our goalie. I'm pretty sure I had an -- yet to say. -- I'm glad to go shown thanks for listening to WWL if you wanna join us with your comment this morning our number is 2601870. Shall free 8668890878. And a text number it takes -- -- except. There's a text that the pledge of allegiance is an American -- if you go to their country and don't participate. You might have to face the consequences. But isn't there a danger in. In that those of us in America saying well if they do with that -- there than we should do it this way here. I don't think we should always compare ourselves. To other countries. We're quite unique that we should be proud of that and diversity should be seen as a strength. Not weakness. I'm -- for garlic and we'll be right back on WWL. A 500000. Dollar grant has been provided to influence TV writers and producers in Hollywood to start including positive messages about Obama care. In a TV shows that they right. And you watch. We'll talk about that on the -- showed tonight eight to midnight on -- VW built a studio for garlic today here's a quick update on our WWL party general opinion poll. Should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance 66%. Say yes and 34% saying no. Can -- opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com. There is an extraordinary picture that I saw this morning that captures the positive side of humanity. It's a picture of the young black -- I'm wearing a hood who has fallen asleep has had its resting on the shoulder of a Jewish man. I'm sitting on a subway in New York City. And I think this really does capture the positive side of humanity it's on our FaceBook page WWL radio we're gonna talk about this a little bit later in the show. And you can comment on it will lecture some of the comments that you put on the FaceBook page as well from New Orleans Amy here under VW on good morning. I'm on. -- here I'm good -- that there. Yet I get you know I pick it up and about -- equity. I think at that I mean I'm not I'm not -- and I. I was bought I can't believe me. And I think you know I'm -- Michael -- -- at IB peaking at thirty. And I mean every -- He. -- -- -- -- You know I I don't think anything what I do -- keep comment -- -- in a -- lot. Yeah me. What -- But yeah I think they share. A platform. When when you can mimic and it is and they -- -- -- -- So it is when you became an American citizen you did have to recite the pledge of allegiance. The idea -- I would -- -- not parity is there any music and that would you know and I are you know and I know. -- -- what if it was against somebody's religious. Beliefs to its recite the pledge of allegiance should they be excused from from reciting it. I don't think I'm at in my I'm I'm I'm and you might call yet. So I don't think that I think they are trapped and I think they should say hit them at anybody. Emmy -- touchy for just a moment about being in America from Vietnam it's it's amazing to see. It where these two countries are today when you think back on the Vietnam board especially those veterans have. And I have have got to just see the incredible. Relationship now and and I've I've never been but I hear Vietnam is one of the best places to vacation. And I hit it in coming to America did you ever think that. That she would be in this country and feel the way you feel when you obviously had memories of the war. I do but you know black I am I in May not -- he. Banged -- at the date April right at one day. Are we are real hot or not not. Mean art in new week here on out he. Yet when I can't I can't you can't -- I've -- Okay. Now know why it is -- country. Think that you are unique unit you have this this passion even over your home country. Is great it's it's great it's great to hear that would you say America gives you everything I mean you're not talking about you'd get stuff free from the government Arianna I guarantee you opportunity. Yet -- an opportunity to be able to run in the -- it -- on -- -- A -- application. And letting you know get Libya now. I mean we are worried -- that's why haven't we seen people in the districts. And -- Then. You've got to be able to -- you got to the end you know you get on. American -- you -- -- You interview can knock it -- hate it hate it. Amy you are just a perfect example of why -- immigrants should be and that is people who come to this country with great appreciation for America who are willing to learn and assimilate into our society. And yet you can still maintain your culture what you do that. I mean I'm an. Clearly in my county so why are we now can we -- it. You know we may we. ABM proud union should be proud of yourself tonight I appreciate you calling and sharing your story -- There but if you wanna join us with a comet -- number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven taxes except me Stephanie I'm studio for Garland under the WL. Coming up in the next hour we're gonna add something to our conversation. Gun ownership in America even in the south has actually gone down. And yet the incidents involving. Child gun deaths. Has increased. So I say it's it's not a case of more guns. Is that a case of Paris not being responsible. Gun owners we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. I'm skewed in four -- Pletcher eyewitness on the set chilly Thursday night that kind of chilly compared to what we've been used to -- so nice to feel this fall whether it's going to be another beautiful weekend we should see some sunshine. In just a little while you might be -- -- right -- should students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance that's -- -- WL party -- opinion poll this hour. 67% say yes and 33%. Say no give us your opinion are going to WW dot com. A teacher in a school district in Florida -- suspended. And added to Michael McDonald was placed on a five day suspension without pay because she forced a student who's a jehovah's witness to say the pledge of allegiance. Here is a text. I disagree. The respect individuality and what about respect our country. And those are fighting for freedom. The flag represents us I want some money to or would you want -- to disrespect. The cross of your religion where does it in every wine. Is to disrespecting everything these days even parents and elders. -- here's a text and need to understand what it means then be allowed to choose not forced. But never denied. The -- blog which is on our website at WWL dot com is it is about the pledge of allegiance and maybe we put too much. Again you don't necessarily are gonna I'd agree with me and that's the great thing about being an American but the question is should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance. As if as if that makes you a good patriot is if that think she would a good American. And is there any reason to assume that somebody who was a jehovah's witness would not be a good American citizen. -- even a fourth greater. But if it's against their religion to recite the pledge of allegiance then doesn't do any harm to let them exercise. Their religious freedom in America which is what this country is based -- -- I'm all for pledging allegiance to the United States of America. But I'm also for freedom of religion here's a text scoot I have been listening to you for years I graduated from high school in the early nineties when you were on B 97. I've been listening to you this morning and never seen a picture view only heard your voice -- like Google your name and I found out that you were the DJ. That was. Was attacked. It must have been a significant day in your life I'm grateful that you are okay -- -- -- thank you very much that I'm doing fine we'll be right back. BC news talk and sports leader they'll create -- seven DW WL New Orleans 1053 WWL -- -- HD 110 -- New Orleans and WWL dot com.