WWL>Topics>>11-7-13 11:10am Scoot: on children and accidental shootings

11-7-13 11:10am Scoot: on children and accidental shootings

Nov 7, 2013|

Scoot takes calls on why there is an increase in accidental shooting deaths of children when the number of households that own guns is decreasing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Love this weather. Good morning -- so duties tomorrow and so on the -- be with -- tomorrow everybody's in the integrity. This is a -- I heard last night's -- customers. And and they've been around for awhile I've heard of them but this person after the ban. And I I saw it. Sold out house of blues and full of young people. Some people my -- but it really young people just dancing and having a great time and clapping and singing every word to this song. It all the songs they did the biggest cold. Two door cinema -- And I'm just really impressed with the how their music is so similar to eighty stuff. And that makes sense because -- -- young generation we talked about this earlier this week is a young generation that has adopted eighties music. As their -- Guys what their future of that what you expect to see if it seemed disinterested young generation looking for just. The fund half the sound of the eighties -- now that's manifested in. In bands that are for current and this is the music it will define this era that we are going through right now. Two doors in the club sold out last night that there are supposed as a victory for us. There is an extraordinary picture that I saw this morning and I wasn't planning on talking about this when I saw this picture -- when you talk about it and we'll get to a little bit later in the show. It's a picture. Of a a young black male. Wearing -- -- who has fallen asleep on a subway and his hit his head is leaning on the shoulder. Of a Jewish man sitting next to him. And I think this picture captures. The positive side of humanity. As so often we talk about the negative sides. Humanity but we talk about the issues and that the topics of the day. And it's really warmed my heart it was it was put up on FaceBook. And it it was a long before it was this year 20000 times in I don't know what that figure is now. We better on our FaceBook page if you haven't seen this picture take a look -- it will warm your heart. -- it's at WWL radio which -- FaceBook page you can common -- and we'll talk about this coming up in the next hour. We'll also talk about random acts of kindness. Have you been the victim recently of a random act of kindness that to happen to be walking to the the station yesterday it was a fairy very minor thing. But it's so stood out in my mind and it was just a reminder that. You know we really do care about each other even though we're led to believe through the media that we really hate each other and that everybody's rude and nobody's polite anymore. So talk about that are coming up in the next hour. As a final update on our last W if you project go to new poll last hour. Should students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance 69% said yes and 31% said no. A teacher in a school district in Florida. I was suspended for five days without pay for requiring a fourth grade student who's a jehovah's witness to say the pledge of allegiance. And I've got a text here that says the Jehovah's Witnesses. Schoen and secularism. And they don't celebrate holidays either -- here's another text jehovah's witness is pledge their allegiance to their god. And not to their country. So if there's a jehovah's witness student what difference does it make whether he says the pledge of allegiance it's based on his religion. He's not supposed to say the pledge of allegiance or or are we too sensitive. When it comes to. Tangible things like reciting the pledge of allegiance to -- I'm a patriotic America. I love this country I feel blessed that I was born here I didn't choose to be born here in and those of you were born you did make that decision. You were blessed to be born here. And hopefully you have contributed to our country as it is a good patriot. But just because somebody based on religious police does -- say the pledge of allegiance I don't know that that means -- a bad person. And and it's good blog is serious about this should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance and you can read that -- with others it's on our website WWL dot com. Do you think gun ownership in America has gone up or down you you would think that has gone up like a dental research about this yesterday and I was surprised to find -- that gun ownership in America has actually declined. Even in the south. Where guns are so much a part of the culture but here's what's really interesting gun ownership is going down. But the number of children who died from gunshot wounds increased over 60% over ten year period it. That there have been a number stories in the news recently that we've talked about at about children getting -- hold the gun and killing someone or actually shooting and killing themselves. Gun ownership goes down but the number of children dying from gunshot wounds. Is increasing dramatically. If the child shoots someone. Or themselves with a gun. And it was the family gun it was in the household. Should that lead to criminal charges. Against the parent toward the supervising adults. There are so many people who argue well you know if it's their child they lost a child that their their grieving and up. Is in this case grief punishment enough. I can only imagine what the grief would be like in that situation. But if if grief was a consequence. And suffice as punishment for crimes. Then our jails would not be nearly as full as they are now. So do you have a problem with really getting strict. On parents who. Allow their children to get ahold of guns it's it's not the fault of the kids and and the other thing that I find interesting is that so many of these things result from kids playing with -- really junkets. 234 year olds playing with guards. If they're playing with a gun chances are they're imitating behavior they've seen in the house. Quite often they -- parents casually handling guns. And that's. How they know how to play with -- If you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601872. All free 8668890870. In a text number is 877. From -- spread your and a BWL the morning. Remark -- and there aren't sure thanks. Well not law would be the just reported accurately. It's sort of during. Every problem with Richard -- you're you're on the court. And that they're cleric who we have wherever Soviet State that -- -- let it be that they were to go right back in there. Why are or what what is the what if the student is willing to stand there have been just Dodd recited. That's hard -- I would agree the current. Pretty outlawed in America and -- At basketball and football period -- all recite the I'll certainly. You don't have as much short -- about it all my life now. Been involved and so this is where we're bouncing just blood. It -- problem that I have with the lately it's gotten. A bit what actually. It -- site in. All the immigrants would because this -- Which you consider yourself to be a patriotic American. No. Ergo. You're about all the -- ordered war and it bit nerve and look at a new watch television. You know people -- -- not. Maturity. That people that have been in wall. In this current. That there have been an awful lot of movies recently that have touched on that subject. Art. The Tuskegee airmen. There had did that there have been movies that is if I have to I understand your point there there may be haven't been as many as you like it I can under I can try to understand your priest -- do I have to do. Well I'll walk through Tuesday are. On way. -- You know and still very. But there have been a lot of movies recently that I mean in recent years that have to have the trade the strength and courage of African Americans in the military the Cuba Gooding junior movie. And a man of honor that comes to mind. Correct. It -- -- -- that who you know just see -- -- it like it is. Would it be and maybe it's seal and when you look at. I think what -- report that a problem based try to make it wouldn't look at war people look well apparently went through. Two jets where at that beautiful I remember all say it that -- Nikkei -- from war. He -- wears uniform walker pitched for the -- -- ritual -- at the just looked at account it. We thank god those those times have to change our. Sport what it does not do it. -- I don't I Italians in a jar outlook is struck or real. -- -- run through market. Brought it got all things over three -- in this. For quite critical factor just this far. -- I'm going to call the show and thanks for sharing that -- Estonia to break if -- -- stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment this morning. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 text numbers 8787. -- -- -- -- -- Did you buy the gun recently and and what did you buy guns. Will be back toward your comments here -- -- for Garland on WWL. A 500000. Dollar grant. Has been given to influence TV writers and producers in Hollywood to start including positive messages about Obama care. In the TV shows they write. And you watch. We'll talk about that on the -- -- nights they to midnight inevitably you will. Here's an update on our new WW a pretty general opinion poll do you think parents who own guns should be criminally charged. If their kids get shot with the family -- 75%. Say yes and 25% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com from home. Stefan your and to be WL. I do think that make sure. Paul Butler of the so I've really enjoyed. What does bring about the case in order words the -- of what it's -- -- page report to open what that student choose a couple of yeah. There -- law student and Nichols universe at the moment and there was the case in 1940. Sailors. Basically it happened and the Supreme Court patent states decided that. It was perfectly legal -- okay for that or teacher to force student and the -- But after a -- -- next three years in nineteen point lead to. It was the West Virginia board of education verses aren't. And they think they decided that. It was First Amendment violation. To force the student to say the pledge allegiance there'd be so astute. But it suing the school board and it -- all it. Supreme Court -- in my opinion you know. What about. It is patriotism. Whatever it is legal that. He committed and she should just be glad she got that they -- instead -- student. Yes Jeff and I would agree and and I've I've wrote a blog about this should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance and -- this isn't. This is a battle that we face in this country wanting people to show patriotism but forcing them to do it defies the very principles upon which America was created. Exactly and I mean this second case happened and and its global war to win you would think patriot would have been an adult -- So I think we really you've cut. Deeper than you know these kind of patriotic surroundings you know. I I think we need to figure out which is more important forcing somebody say the pledge of allegiance or having total respect for the diversity of things that we don't understand and it is my understanding that. If you're jehovah's witness I -- tax of about this a few minutes ago you pledge allegiance to your god and not to the country well if that's what they believe he might not agree with that but. Why not let somebody even in the fourth grade exercise that religious freedom I don't. I don't see why that distracts from us being a patriotic Americans and if you just don't wanna do the pledge of allegiance for religious reasons. That doesn't mean you're not a patriotic American. I mean to be patriotic American what to be more page to stand to bury them in that state and I agree about their religious guy to only person limit freedom. Seven deliveries schooling and logical to show from Slidell Christine your under BWL. I. I did when -- make comment about the guys. I knew. And I have a four year old sign on the single mother and the reason that -- look at my house got. Com about -- after that -- and cattle you know right -- would be prepared for any pain. Back at apple but I definitely believe -- -- in here until around get -- of the guys. Should be punished for. I take every console in my I don't know what happened he doesn't know where did it lock up and hit. So you know I don't believe it is children -- being. And door that you get the impression that if these cancer or are playing around with a gun if there's that familiar with what it looks like to just play around with a gun that they. They they must seek casual on handling of the gun in in their counsel. That's what actually -- that the -- being completely -- our goal at how they're such candle in the situation in the current. Irony and allow my client I would -- to get -- and it he didn't you know mentally developed not to understand. What is therefore and that's why these kind of problems happen because the parent should don't take into consideration. It seems that you you've got this done recently. -- -- -- -- attic and I get out AP former stepped Aggies in the current recruitment back the war in Afghanistan and. Well thank you for what you do for our country to. Teach you obviously if you were in the military EU are pretty firmly with guns and you know ultimately -- And why did you know on field there -- constantly app taking you just need to -- are so I think they need to be -- -- are. Double screen things happen. Christina appreciate you calling your show and again thanks for what you did for our country if gun ownership of men in America even in the south has going down. But yet the number of children dying from gunshot wounds has increased 60% over ten year period. What's wrong with this scenario is so personal with this picture. It seems to me that it really comes back to the parents there have been a number of cases that we talked about recently. That involve. Young kids getting ahold of guns were gonna review some of those. When we come back if you wanna join Russia with a comment our number is 2601870. -- free 8668890870. Text numbers 877 here's a Texan res can I just turned you -- when you were talking about the new band. It's late eighties music. What's the name of the band again. They've they've they've been around for a while first time I've seen a span. I'll play another one of their songs when we come back after the raiders it's 1130 on this. Fall like Wednesday -- Thursday morning feels like fall it's going to be very very chilly tonight on the north and the south shores and enjoy this weather. Here's another WWL news updates with Chris Miller. This is a band that I heard last night for the first time they've been around for a few years ago and see these selfless person I've I've I've seen him in there. They're becoming more and more popular with the young generation the band is called to door cinema club. And they've reminded me so much here. The cure. Tears for Fears. Depeche Mode and it had it sounds similar to big country and they are from NORTHERN IRELAND there. Essentially -- -- type. I'm just really impressed with -- effort for all the people who think that music out today is just trash. This music really does embody the sound of the eighties in the eighties are back. And I just -- so many young people in situations. Recently. -- indicate that America is again Americanism racing's eighties music and it -- this is manifested in this. This this group I definitely feel -- by this season. To -- and thought someone -- so -- like the first time. We're talking about. Parents who own guns. Do you have a gun. Did you get a gun recently. Gun ownership actually is down. And I was looking into this yesterday -- gun ownership averaged about 50%. In 1970s. 49% in the 1943%. In the 1990s and 35%. In the 2000. So we've gun ownership is down. Then why do we have such a dramatic increase of 60% over ten year period of children. Dying because they get their hands on the -- That just doesn't make sense. Because if there are fewer guns than there should be fewer child deaths. But I guess we have -- responsible parents today. And that's our Debbie WL pretty general opinion poll should parents be held accountable if their child and shoots themselves or shoot somebody with the family got. I give your opinion by going to WWL dot com 76% right now say yes and 24% say no. -- if you enjoyed this for your comment our number is 260. 187 and to all free 866889. Is nearly seventy in a text -- -- having. Recently we have talked so much about. About -- that -- involve kids there was -- it was a young kids. Who. I've got to a Tony to rifle for his birthday in Kentucky. And his mother left the porch for a few minutes human got the gun shot and killed his two year old sister. I don't know if charges were ever filed initially charges were not filed. And there were so many people who instinctively say oh my god what -- they lost the child that's you know that's punishment enough. Well who speaks for the dead to the world. Is heavily punishment enough just just -- the grief and again I can only imagine what that grief it's like. But if if being sorry for something that happened or greetings. A situation. Is enough of a punishment then our jails would not nearly be as crowded as they are. There was a case of the woman here in New Orleans who who left her five year old home alone. And the five year old ended up shooting herself in the -- she got a hold of a gun that was kept in the house. And there are countless cases. So if if parents are not responsible. With their -- why not hold them accountable like criminally charging them. I'm screwed in for Garland and from Covington Jeff you're into the WL. Yet tragic. But some are a belief that the parent should be liable what level -- at. You know I really don't know about -- The question really comes back hopefully at the gun ownership down. That may say at -- you know a lot certainly the last question then. -- what a partner they have weapons you know that. You know part of it in the parts that at -- you know I mean there's a lot of different things. That there there are you here but also -- you know you can't deny statistics just because you don't -- believe that malvo I think it's fair to take into consideration at that some people may not want to say they have -- This -- the study event that I looked at. -- seems to be a reputable study time and again we're talking about over the the 2000 which means the gun ownership could have gone up in the last couple of years. -- but the point should not be that people go -- by guns -- there there are people who wanted me to buy a gun. Because I was attacked. There are people who want everybody to have guns and and only those people who wanna have gardens should have -- -- -- my life took me into a situation where I was on surrounded constantly by danger I'd been I would feel the need to carry a gun with me. But -- like our choices about where to go. And I completely and I mean my my biggest thing right now that -- that Obama regardless that's on. You know the parts don't count. But my I have two children. Have been raised I was -- Within the military. -- You know pop -- and I am tired strict and Wal-Mart I mean and that's why it -- beat the parents responsibility. And Jeff they should it should go beyond just locking your -- up I don't if your kids got a hold of a gun they should know what to do and what not to do with -- -- that's really up to you. And and not think that. All the parents -- a lot of parents. That but a lot of but I'm sure that a lot of people with weapons that don't -- now properly. Split it trainer. Art -- it out you know on. I think that's something that even require. You know what but he but he got parts that there should be some. All of my training that's required. Just an Atlantic can't teach your children there's a lot of people weapons that don't -- -- And -- that that's that's scarier than did people not having weapons. Jeff I'm glad to coach -- thanks for -- that witness. If you wanna join us with your comment to our number is 2601878. Toll free 866889087. In a text numbers they Tiffany sending us -- WWL Freddie -- opinion poll this hour. You think parents who owned guns should be criminally charged if -- kids. Get shot or shoot some body with the family done. To pressure and you are going to be WL not count coming right back your comments on every WL. -- case this event kids in the news just this year getting a hold of guns and either killing themselves -- killing a brother sister or friend. If parents own guns. Should they be criminally charged if their kids get a hold of those guns and shoot somebody with a family god. That's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll right now 66% say yes and 34% saying no give -- opinion by going to our website WW dot com. Here is a text that reads gun ownership may have going down but the number of stupid people keeps going up. That pretty much says at all because if if there according information I have if gun ownership is down. Across the country. And if child deaths. From guns is up 60% over ten year period and obviously we -- some stupid gun owners from and a bill rusher and WWL. It's -- I'm I'm kind of surprised to hear your statement that gun ownership. Has gone down in the United States. And then I heard you say I think that it would from a 2000 study known. Well I'm -- electorate system where those very same problem. But -- I'll tell you what -- and all right instructor. And -- ten years. FBI background checks -- -- Ghana but record numbers of people buying on. Gun sales and dealers and it and I wrote a column through there Ruth. Where it may take it to that there are shortages. People think -- what they want. Yeah and that's why I was so surprised or to read this study. I just don't believe. Then you don't. -- mean it just conquered all of that is not at -- And I think that it demand for tracking them down through the roof and -- right well that is a good time but it took part worked out. Right here at what waiting list. To alleviate that out may not helpful available seven days so we are trying. And many many people are people. Interstate 506072. Network traffic -- alive. At this sad and that they need to be trying to -- colliding gotten. Russia gonna get your gonna have to get to a break -- let me ask you do you believe as an NRA instructor do you believe that if McCain gets -- -- the family gun and and shoots themselves -- shoot somebody at the parents should be criminally charged. We already have statute on the books that deal with negligent injury and now and -- A wire there's so many cases they just go unpunished. That's a good question. In Hawaii -- some thugs on the street that long criminal record that it is. A problem. Not not one that deal with -- we've got that it. I think they're sometimes is this innate sympathy for a parent who has lost a child when I don't you know I I again I I can appreciate the grief but if parents are held accountable who speaks for the dead kids. Well I don't quarrel with that but I mean. It is for say it that's the big are the NRA training program. And I even while -- -- for the client. I don't metrics -- it will only -- when -- if someone has their Oprah program. It sounds like you're responsible and selling -- responsible in our instructor -- and I'm sure at our instructors are responsible I don't agree with everything about the NRA. But I'm with the terms of their agenda. But I I I do agree with everything you're doing and I do agree with the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms rush I'm glad you called a show. If -- -- stay with us so yeah there are a few people who were challenging this information I'll tell you where -- got this information when we come back we'll take a quick break here. And explain. Why. Apparently gun ownership is has gone down according to this this on -- -- give you the source of that when we come back. A -- states of the cowboys Sunday night 7 o'clock in the Mercedes-Benz superdome rob Bryant faces the team. That let him go. Oh I hope for revenge plays a great part in his spirit of getting the defense ready for the cowboys and it's LSU Alabama week. -- studio for Garland and we'll be right back into the WL. Coming up. In just a few moments you'll have a chance to win 1000 dollars in the WWL 1000 dollar holiday cash contest. Listen for the code words coming up shortly at every WL. We're at the end of this hour if you're -- where this will continue this conversation into the next hour a very quickly. Let me give you resource forward this information vodka and gun ownership going down is from New York Times article in march of this year. And the director of the John -- consider for gun policy and research essentially says that even though it appears as if gun ownership has gone through the roof. He believes that most of the new gun sales or with current gun owners. And at the most reputable surveys right now show a decline over time in this year of households. With with guns but he should be disturbing to everybody. That if gun ownership. Even remains steady. And kids dying goes up that's a problem with parents.