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11-7-13 12:10pm Scoot: on random acts of kindness

Nov 7, 2013|

Scoot takes stories from listeners featuring random acts of kindness.

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Good afternoon I'm screwed in fort Garland. Saints cowboys Sunday night kicked off 7 o'clock Mercedes-Benz superdome Rob Ryan faces the team that let him go. Hopefully revenge for being -- inspiration for him to have the defense ready to take on the cowboys. There's going to be a fun fun game. And we've got a game here at WW well and our coverage begins in the afternoon from Oceanic grill and then after the game go to Dini seafood at the French Quarter. Even if you don't have tickets to the game and you just wanna be part of game days come down to New Orleans. Pounded the city go to the French Quarter the part of gained a crowd even if you don't have tickets. It should be fun. You know it's interesting how. If you don't like the game starts later like this is a 7 o'clock kickoff so you would think that people would. Alter their party. Based on the start of the game you know if there's a new kickoff you'll understand why people start -- party in the morning. If -- at 3 -- -- off you think if they would start later in the day. -- they started missing them. At 7 o'clock -- -- missiles reporting at the same time which is Kimberly Saturday night actually. Still it -- they'll be a lot of crazy people when there's a Sunday nighter Monday Night Football game out. And it's LSU Alabama -- of course tune into sports talk every afternoon for 48. Here and to be a -- for the latest on that tonight at 8 o'clock dispute show will be on the big 870 Debian VO AM for those of you who were listening on -- WL FM 153 FM. Via pelicans will be dear. Time with the the the money -- show and then. Time -- FM will join the -- show at 10830 is when -- you give your reminder of that here's what we've been talking about today. Should students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance. There's a case in Florida where a teacher was suspended for five days without pay because she forced a jehovah's witness to say the pledge of allegiance. A fourth grade student. She put his hand over his heart. Twice I went to class restoring the pledge of allegiance. Now if you're jehovah's witness it's my understanding that you don't pledge allegiance to a country you pledge allegiance only to your god. So shouldn't we respect that in the classroom. I wrote a blog about that it's on our website at WW dot com should students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance also we've been talking about. By some research that I've found it shows that gun ownership overall has gone down in the 2000. And yet over ten year period. There's been a 60% rise in the number of kids who have been killed by by guns that they if found in the house either they've killed another kid or they've killed themselves. I should parents be held accountable. If a child gets a hold of a gun a Stanley gun and kill somebody -- kill themselves. Should you charge the parents criminally. That's our Debbie W a pretty general opinion -- give us your opinion by going to WW dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up in just a few minutes also this hour I -- talk about something. It's a little bit more on mutual. I saw a picture earlier today. That just really warmed my heart. And we got the picture on our our web site -- -- regatta on our FaceBook page WWL radio. It's a picture of a young black male. Wearing a -- And it's the end of the day. He has fall asleep on a subway. His head is resting on the guy next to. A Jewish man. And I thought this picture captured. The positive side of humanity. So if you wanna be reminded about it. The good side of people. And you haven't seen this picture go to our FaceBook page. WWL radio. Take a look at it -- me your comments or go to some of your comments it during this hour. Yesterday Bryce what into the station. This was a really minor minor thing. But it meant a lot to. It was a guy hero what are walking to the station there's a guy who was working in a hole. On the sidewalk in the CBD. And without too. Without it being in elitist I'd I just thought and that has got a tough job. And is -- -- is just starting. He's working in a hole. In the -- on the sidewalk and I'm -- -- -- from one hole to the next or how long's it gonna take and I I had these instant thoughts. But as they approach the guy the guy looked up to me and he said abort. Had no reason to do that I was touched by that. The Castro what's going to my job as a talk show host. Here's a -- starting off his day and not belittling what he's doing and to say that you know maybe I should have been the one. To be in a better mood is working in a hole on the sidewalk in the CBD NE says aboard. He just went out of his -- to be courteous. It's really easy to get people to to talk about negative things. If I didn't show and we've done shows on this before how rude people more on the phones to light up. Our challenge us to think about. Random acts of kindness inspired by this picture that I saw this morning of this. This Jewish guy who who who didn't. Did you sing anything about this guy who would fall asleep. In fact there was a guy who the guy who took the picture said do you -- awaits him. Any sit now. It looks like this kid's been working hard all days the end of the day we've all been there. Now if you were in a public setting like a subway and a boss or a street car here in New Orleans. Somebody fell asleep in their head was leaning on your shoulder what would be your first reaction. I am embarrassed to say that my first reaction would be hate dude get off them. But maybe we shouldn't be so quick to do that. Here's a guy who. Simply remember the times that he was tired. In this picture again just so captures of positive side of humanity. But I thought we challenge ourselves to think about any recent acts of kindness. That we have experienced. I'm gonna go ahead and phrase it this way because we often talk about the that the people who become victims of random acts of violence. And you think of any incident. Recently. Where you have been the victim of random act of kindness. Today yesterday. Last month. Have you have you seen this the positive side of humanity. -- -- to talk radio we often talk about the negative side of humanity. We we talk about the negative things we talk about the hate. But you know there are a lot of people who really are good it. Like this. Like this young guy who just looked up to -- Singapore. It made my day -- to think it's such a simple thing. What was was something that this guy just instinctively did I mean -- is working on a hole. A sidewalk in the CBD the -- and good morning. And and I I attended the person who staged myself for dialogue -- I waited to say -- Or good evening or how you doing here. -- -- day. I tend to be kind of a closed person. And I guess sometimes we're suspicious about how people are gonna react if we're if we're kind. But kindness really should be addictive. Have you been the victim of random act of kindness recently. If you wanna join our show with your comment your story our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number -- 877. I'm scoots in from Garland. And we'll be right back but to be WL. Tonight on this good show for eight to midnight here on under -- well. Will continue the conversation about a gun ownership and the increase in child deaths. And should parents be held accountable for child gets -- the family gon it kills himself for kills another kid. Also we'll continue the conversation tonight about should students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance if reciting the pledge of allegiance. Defies their religious beliefs and in America or we sometimes too hung up on tangible things like reciting the pledge of allegiance. If you force somebody to say it and it they don't really mean it and that doesn't make a patriotic force person. And I I can imagine how many people are in prison how many people became unpatriotic American activists. -- and they recited the pledge of allegiance every day in school so reciting the leads the pledged to the of American flight that doesn't make you. It doesn't make you a good citizen and doesn't make you a good American their other things that account for that. This are we're talking about a picture that just in inspires me. It's a picture of a guy resting his his hand on the shoulder of -- of the Jewish guy. Mean it was Jewish is going on Africa on -- New York subway as a young black male with a -- And some took this picture it has gone viral we've got to earn on our our FaceBook page at WWL radio and we're talking about. Random acts of kindness have you been a recent victim a from New Orleans Mary you're under the WL. High value to about fifteen years ago -- -- -- it might mean Amy person and I am I'm working on the pedal and it failed. Red neck. That this payment that pot movie at all. And it every day he put everything down that -- -- that he's okay. Got picked up on net to put everything down everything that happened to a product affected. -- -- keeping their blessing. I'm not right now. I'm -- and without a if the parent thing with that on at the same but -- a Ole opry. But everything -- I'm looking I'm trying to say even information operated thank you very much and -- somebody said that to me. And you see I have. But I feel like I have more pop them up by having him get made provinces anybody else. But what I'm looking but the positive. You know I'd go to bed happy. Because I can't get along with an output cut out -- a parking spot right on the dole did and -- walk. And when I look for that. And I'm looking -- The whole world become positive and that's why haven't had become national. I'm not gonna call about a negative -- talk about it you're that's a very positive attitude on the -- when you don't you probably got out of iMac but talk bad about the government that that is it ticket means that get that. -- Even though I have to do. Every day here at WWL I still need your driving in a positive -- and I appreciate you sharing that witness. That's a really great way to look at life that I know I mean it's so cool to get the radio and inspire people that he's talking about how rude people are hateful people -- -- believe me there are times that we've talked about that there will be times it will continue to talk about that. But touched by this picture that I saw this morning I thought we spent little time talking about random acts. Of of kindness and maybe it's because of things that I've been through in my life recently. I just appreciate. The simplest. The simplest things in life. And sometimes we get so caught up in. Accumulating things comparing ourselves to other people they have more than me. We get so caught up in material tangible things. That we don't appreciate some of that absolutely simplest. Intangible things that are absolutely free like Mary just -- you you can't find a place to park he aggravated. Will appreciate the walk. Right now at this point in my life I don't have a car. I don't need a car I live downtown and worked downtown. Places I wanna go or downtown it is to me and sometimes get out to the suburbs but I'm okay with I'll get a car. But right now I'm just enjoying I'm -- walking. I am enjoying not having a car. And I guess because of things that have happened in my life in in recent years before coming back to New Orleans recently. I just learned to appreciate some of the the simplest things tonight. To some degree I've become somewhat of a minimalist. A from -- channel Patrick here on WWL. It could have a -- good. It -- it because. There's there's so much bad in the world and eight. And the band is very contagious but people don't all realize that. Low. Kinda locked loop just as much change agents it is. And I knew we're not too long Google Earth. Mental health. Nonprofit where -- -- we could trigger. People with -- sort of not well. Problems and Beers there at one patient who was not schizophrenic. And I've found that they the same. He got -- fifty -- a month whereby who'd been Limbaugh. And EJ's. Favorite thing in the world with cigarette and -- And say Cooper probably. About two months jet. Urquhart the president you give me. A -- -- two liter bottle Coke while. And now. While most people think that the stupid yet but whatever. Knowingly using com -- and now on. -- it over from then I meant the world. And I -- that follicle. Yeah it's it's not. It's not what you give it's what you give in comparison to what you can -- you know some. It's somebody to give somebody a 100000 dollars an and it would mean anything to that somebody could give you five dollars and and that would. That would be so hard for them because of their financial situation. They -- what you know what what if you want acting -- Just. Get back the money and so ever since that and Ian no longer with that you have to weigh about a year ago. But. Try out try to remember that Daly and to try to or whatever acting -- -- Yemen is becoming you know. You know that you just in debt audit you know it's been ages it's kind of local aid. Patrick I'm glad to share that story with a sex for calling and yes -- it being being courteous being cut it is contagious. I'm from New Orleans Beth here -- WWL. Hi I don't call sure. I work in. And a player that we need I think you community that it that we feed homeless and people low income every day. And date that goes by that -- The matter what anybody looks like no matter what they felt like. That -- welcome glitches here and extra day and that would people he. They say thank you so much for your confidence thank -- -- to say thank you let it if you want to hear. If you want to hear acts of random kind of come at saint Jude and you'll hear everyday. -- -- Beth I appreciate you sharing their -- here's a -- a reason I appealing just set the set if you just joined the show. I'm action yesterday walking to the station there was there -- guys -- early in the morning there's there's a guy working in a hole. On the sidewalk in the CBD inning as I walked by -- he looks up when he says good morning. And I thought wow you know. I wouldn't want that job. The disguised like ended in a good mood and he's going out of his waited just say good morning and know me. Here's a text that guy in the hole probably makes twice your pay. He's happy to be there you know and maybe -- and I hope he is happy to be there. Because we do tend to judge other people's jobs that I would hate to have that job but there are people who were -- performers in their jobs and -- love doing what they do even though it's something that you and I might not want to do so I hope the guy really is it is happy. But I -- just struck by this person who really didn't have any reason to say hi to me it just. Took a moment. Looked up from this hole that he was working and said. Good morning. And I don't do that enough. And yet when I saw this picture this morning of this this guy -- fall asleep. And his -- was leaning on the shoulder of the person next him in the subways elated even know and the guy. Who was awake. Didn't say get off me do just what the guy actually because he said he probably had a long day and we've all been there. I'm studio for Garland if you're Arnold stay with us for coming right back with more of your comments about random acts of kindness here's another WWL news updates with Chris Miller. Every day we are faced we have. People who are the victims of random acts of violence and sometimes it's it's us or random acts of of rudeness. But. I've been touched by some incidents of random acts of kindness recently and I I love this picture that I found this morning reported up on our FaceBook page it to -- WL radio. -- -- come with your comments here in just a moment. It really captures in a positive side of humanity. A young black male wearing a hoodie. It falls asleep and I in his initial his head is on the shoulder of a Jewish guy sitting right next one. Ended the guy takes the pictures is do you -- -- in my -- says. No. You know he must of had a long day -- sleep and revolved and there it's a great pictures so we're talking about random acts of kindness. Have you been the victim of one of those recently. Here's a comment our FaceBook page. To the picture this is how humans should interact. Do what god would do to each other with respect. And compassion. Here is comment from pending I said that this is seen as such a big deal. It should be seen as just another day as a human. And here's a comment from -- I just following the golden rule and the comment on her FaceBook page from Susan. I'm great human story. And Jackie WW well good afternoon. I need good. And very quickly. But. Actor. Companies not long ago. In. My first. All week. And -- simply. She's Arctic -- War. War that she is just one. People. -- Or are. Catchy and mark all the beautiful thing and start. It's great Jack I'm going to share that story which -- I have to admit that you know I'm I'm kind of reclusive type person I know a lot of people find it hard to believe because of what I do but I I'm very. I'm -- reclusive. And as I know how to do my job and I know on and act when I'm in a social situation. But I go down the street very very close to 99 -- go out of my way to say hi and one of the reasons I don't is because I I and sometimes I'm curious as to how somebody's gonna take it. We are so used to being shut down and not talking to each other that we almost find it somewhat suspicious if somebody is overly friendly to us. A -- to a -- Reverend Billy you're on WWL. -- -- -- -- necessary. And receive a -- which was. About. I don't want Serb virtually government church. -- -- -- the slow problem comply. Military rather than it you know. Google actual complaint with the English turn. And I like it happened. Within a shot -- a time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that maybe demand to put that she -- know and that the reluctantly blog you know skeptical too populated to call. And related to case the litany of the reason he would leave. And the real well. You look at what should not on the actual. -- not related -- -- -- -- Imagine that you would buy food throughout the -- which you about a month now. And 10. So whether she shall frustrated. It more bluntly tobacco related so I'll put you -- -- bar and -- all. Right out there and other testimony and wouldn't be that currency. (%expletive) about this day option to become true it would -- other. Pair of free. And that he would field in the lot had been built ownership of the problem it may. And you spy traitor to help -- to a crime on the congregation. And insisted that the only it is sick right now what you know we need each other and we -- look. Care. Under three extra. -- relationship which reform. Screw that it just the typical. Sexual. We don't have much respect we shouldn't. The qualities they recognize -- -- ownership. So would you expect the man he continues to expand by spend the -- -- -- -- -- About the people. Reverend Billy thank you and thanks for a year inspiration. This contagious when when people are nice so it may -- we should go out of our way to be a little nicer. Have you been the victim. Of a random act of kindness that I got a -- a moment ago victim of kind issue mean beneficiary. -- but -- -- to work it this way it -- just. Shows how diametrically. Different it is from being the victim of random acts of violence. A random act of kindness. But even if it too recently. I'm astute if a girl or -- come as Morgan -- are next on -- VW well. I heard event last night it's it's been around for awhile. But it's it's it's a new -- it's an orbit and the navy -- it to door cinema club like I heard in the house of blues last nights for it's called racing community over there was a sold out concert. And I was so impressed by this band they they really captured the sound of the eighties but it's all new original stuff there from NORTHERN IRELAND. And I I think this is one of the bands that will continue to define the music of this decade. And it's so interesting because earlier this week I was talking about my experience -- voodoo fest and at an 80s91 I Jackson in the French Quarter. And and seeing twentysomething young twenty something people. Embracing eighties music as their own. While their love for eighties music has now. Has now influenced the music that they are listening to and the music that's being created to entertain them and -- I thought the span -- Two door cinema club was was really impressive. And I'll play yeah apart when their songs going into the next break it for those of you who think that there's no good music out today. There is a lot of good music today from the plus GO here and to be WL. Kind hit and picnic and that cost him. I have put in the story that Reverend Billy context -- you about the grocery store incident. And the tomato paste. I had gone to the question stool with a friend of mine and it's were quick check in now to put -- in -- -- lady in front of my train and then announce a time for him. And she had -- -- and should they don't built in you know the cashier -- checking everything count. And it came to a total. In the lady didn't have enough money. And -- the -- captured so the lady he kept it from this act because. You know it is. Like it was about 1215 dollars. Over what she hand. And my friends spoke out. I mean instantly -- that letter at that I'll I'll I'll carry it out topic for it. And the lady turned grant and looked at her and just. -- She could not believe that and but I couldn't advocate Mark Green and that this all the time I mean she's just really. He had a Blackberry -- aren't. It breaks it breaks my heart to see somebody in line they have to put something -- because -- have gone to the grocery story times when I had to. To count everything that I was spying. And then things changed in and got a -- pattern and there have been a few times in my life. In recent memory win. I have been able to do that supported ports on the back and sit -- going now know how to carry them that's ago it's a great story -- and I appreciate you sharing them with us. From Slidell wonder you're now -- -- BWO. Wanted to share a story. That -- when I was seventeen world on the West Bank. In a hurry and apparently an elderly lady trying to cross street. Which rainy -- and she was under addressed. -- directly in her hair to go back to that he. Probably actually stay unity and to people at her the green. Anyway three years back. Yeah I thought of myself. And better person because I had done for her and it took a while you realize she did -- meet again. I'm much more so than I did in her again. You know that was an investment in myself or felt better about myself because I had done that and without -- government and -- Yes sometimes sometimes others give us the opportunity to do things that make us feel better about ourselves here you're very right about that. Right so you do get what some are not from me to club and anyway. -- one day of the week he's something. Like that it's an investment in our own -- or it's not -- it hit me getting. Paradise I appreciate you sharing that story with this here's a text that read surrender a Max of -- -- last night I was a vendor an event in New Orleans when I was. I'm leaving I found myself struggling to get down a narrow flight of stairs in heels carrying a large box. A police officer nearby must have noticed me and kindly shines is flashlight on the dark stairs. I was so surprised and thankful that sometimes it's just the simplest thing. Here's attacks when our new Pope was selected one of the first statements he made was. People mistake goodness. For weakness. I've -- for girl we're coming right back with more your comments are more detection by the way. -- make an appointment to join me tonight on this could show it to midnight because we'll continue this conversation tonight as well I here's another bit of a song from the band. Two door cinema club. A relatively new band. And they just captured the spirit of the eighties to me and remind me of morphed. Version of so many bands and it is in the eighties if they're from NORTHERN IRELAND and -- house of blues last night I just so they were excellent. We'll be right back on. WWL. As we wrap up this hour talking about random acts of kindness and there is not a kinder person in the world that Angela hill an open mind with the legendary Angela -- is next one to four. Here on everything hero. From Dallas Tony welcome to our show. You're going good. I just went out to -- random acts -- yeah. On a city which team but I'm employed as a quarterback for faculty. And I will be. Now right Tony you're gonna. Obviously this is it Tony Romo. On I can't. I'm not but there are certain but it random act on it if it does paint that only could oh boy back in her that being me. Any any person. -- -- be appreciated. Note. Tony there will be no extension of any random acts of kindness and -- -- beginning to butt -- but thanks for a couple of the analysts. I love this it's a humorous his audience. I hear is attacks that Reid says could keep spreading the positive message -- we can all do just one thing every day to help people however small it may seem. Think about what. Our society could be one of the show that is to Patrick in Chantilly. Make an appointment to join me tonight eight to midnight if you gonna be the call you be driving around babysitting holding hearings say an officer Gary working. I -- -- on his future right we will continue this conversation tonight and if you haven't seen this picture yet go to our FaceBook page WWL radio. But take a look at a picture of it really does show a positive side of humanity. A young black male wearing -- -- It is fall asleep on the Jewish guy next to him and he's letting him his rest his head on his shoulder. When -- Margaret order studio producer Diane Newman our executive producer unsuited for Garland Angeles next plug in New Orleans.