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11-7 4:20pm Deke, college football outlook

Nov 7, 2013|

Deke talks to Stanford and Pac-12 Insider David Lombardi about this weekend's matchups

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They -- Lamar with the students -- Davis overtime before Stanford and pac twelve and sign up for the bootleg that comedies the cardinal pregame host in. David this is one it's been talked about. When the schedule came out and Thursday night it may just so happened at the other match up which I don't mean -- -- -- Baylor and Oklahoma just adds to how big tonight's game is as far to shape over the national championship picture. Yeah I mean. You've got to say that there are the biggest Thursday night in college football -- -- right outside of cold beer and I'm sure there's enough. You ball game on Thursday night but as far as the regular season goes. I don't remember anything this big happening a top five matchup and it's up and matchup and but you know what NFL game going on tonight I'm I'm not even true playing because I'm not even sure -- to go -- and. No comments Obama certainly has those -- like they did it. Stanford. And Oregon last year I wanna see that's so low game in this hole but a lot it won't reload the data that I was never able. Too slow Oregon down take us take us back through then I don't know if you expect in Allentown but that was phenomenal the defense they played last year who. There's a formula that slow Oregon down and it starts on the defensive line and the good thing about the -- yeah -- clearly crap. They do a whole lot well obviously can run they can -- But at the end of the day it's football and a few good in the physical game of football relocate the line of scrimmage remove offensive linemen back. Any off and no matter how fast they run. It's going to be uncomfortable and you don't really big really strong defensive line without -- things they're able to move organ line of scrimmage. And that that was that one but they played very well elsewhere but you have to win at the line of scrimmage with Forman and and that helped Stanford get. David when you look at what coach Shaw has done with the Stanford program if he if he was in the SEC. RT world let's say he was in California and UCLA and USC. He'd be given away more views and I've always taken the stance that it's it's hard if it without question -- to go to program what coach Harbaugh did. I think it's even more difficult to maintain. And this is that this is a BCS caliber program. And I know is as good as they -- may have they would win the night coming -- I mean I think he's tried to as coach of the year candidate again this season. Yeah I mean it's for the type game is obviously really important for Stanford at our. Proving that last year's win over organ was no fluke -- and going out there and and maintaining that momentum because they really you have. -- -- -- right now Jim Harbaugh I do a lot of special things. Turn this program around I mean the -- back a little wanna live and back in 2006 than he was tired after that beat in the -- job done a great job of selling. Stanford and then beer you say that. They UCL -- -- that he would get more media exposure when they're winning and that fits perfectly true but Stanford -- a whole lot the -- recruit so well what whereas. Maybe Stanford is in the shadow of a professional team in the San Francisco Bay Area you say it's a world class institution of the beautiful out there. And quite frankly once -- for the winning it's not the puppet played the recruitment. Am in NL only enemy nick they can put on ailments I would beat -- fielding you know would have beat the people's brains out in the classroom I mean that's the only team I'm looking now I think it's a title contender. They can say that David Lombard is on special is pregame host foot Stanford he's got a huge in the ninth number five and number two albeit in Stanford's seven and once -- -- Payton knows now -- A ballclub is always 56 points agreement. I'm how how does this things shake out by Marcus Mary Jodi can run he can throw when receiver is open a wide open misdirection they have like this -- quick. Has the hurry up offense vs what Stanford. Has been accused of doing this season. Slow it down are trying to slowdown people -- faking injuries as they come up this week is had been talk about it all. All of them now because there were -- and -- being proven that they -- or not banking and really -- Washington because that. The guys who Washington acute and sort of faking injury where Ben Gardner. You gouging out or this season his career is over because of the injury. But he said that he was they gave myself. That that that's an issue that hasn't come up and and another reason why had to come up it's because. Stanford played organ last year and people were saying the same exact thing about organ Eric Gordon 65 points -- game. -- was on fire and Stanford came in there enough I think -- is very good at Salem a fourteen point felt. I think people are just talking about it and Stanford do what they did last year again and then be honest I'm -- They played off the mark here I mean event for the game at the Stanford deep and put on point level unreal if they can repeat that. And they can do similar things organ -- end and organs gonna be what they do and run a little -- but that's what makes the night game -- on. Stanford impacts whether it's out of for the bootleg downtown Condo pregame post on him beyond San Francisco yeah. David Lombardi has a great tonight Stanford and are David thank you so much at a time enjoy the ballgame. And Eric are right -- -- -- his time is 431 to have a first due to a voted on any.