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11-7 4:35pm Deke, LSU vs Alabama

Nov 7, 2013|

Deke talks to Eli Gold, Voice of Alabama Football, about this Saturday's showdown in Tuscaloosa

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It will be the voters might just inaudible and ideology they should double triple flour and a if you believe it's the final weeks of the regular season already. We have a good matchup tomorrow night about the wildcats -- John and this your hand. Tomorrow night will be at east Saint John has looked forward to that battle continues to check out. Wildcats in the east saint John's sort of disease and -- three they've won six straight. And of course Donovan I some. And the district and wildcats point five touchdown pass some more Presley only one interception and a was on a -- Bowl so would be out there tomorrow night of the big games. Had the call Cougars taking on Warren east and coming team in man to build. There's some big games tomorrow night follow up -- will be out station it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football. Round up back to be -- phone to go to cannot come back on line one -- thank you for calling WWL. It hasn't gone out looking at and Mecklenburg. That the birds quarterback coach is gonna blow up against Alabama when the game. It's one of those -- well when you got hot shooter compound he had done in the last two games and kind of -- The second point I was gonna make it that he kind of character issues don't don't wanna definitely do it will happen to a college where do you think that would grow and stuff like that so. That's what -- -- I would I would make you break of -- group Womack I don't know if I miss and what happened to him what he did to itself you know. Yeah I think infected -- a blowout Lutui known about the quadruple -- -- -- game. Exactly. You and he didn't I don't know I mean he has in the past absolute but I do remember that though you're right earlier in the season when he said that about for a figure points. You're young just pick themselves to know -- thing as I mean they won't do it but they should switch to LSU and Tulane coach right now I think that -- would bring a lot better recruits. I think they'll a lot of players who -- really they have more. And. Mean I don't know I don't know how to go works -- other issues pretty much gives. But the best of the best of Mac come out and almost better looking at here. That's an argument that because of what our -- sort of because of the system and we know what we -- -- -- we need. And when it's almost like saying okay are they gonna have because of the culture they going to because the school bottom line is who wants to get on mr. irrelevant to coaching is what keeps going to play football that. Yeah that's old -- he should talk about recruiting. Yes several big matchup this week into tonight of course one Saturday -- like number one Alabama and number ten at L issue because of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Eli gold joins -- now you are always a pleasure and did that he's been in -- you're at the Baylor Oklahoma game tonight. That is correct I'm doing media national radio here in Waco tonight that I'd be without -- without having been off last weekend. I did the Michigan Michigan State game and East Lansing last Saturday it. And I'm doing the Baylor and Oklahoma game here tonight and that's how we're where we're talking about the Obama and it's great to be banned them. I'm being watched Michigan State and they're great defense -- it. Meanwhile tonight you know there I don't know how much people and you're going to be -- against that explosive Baylor offense is going to be a lot of fun to watch. -- I -- you are dead dead -- not that you needed more provincial but on this season alone coming to see those two games. You know tonight -- what you saw last week Michigan State defense is mighty impressive in -- You know the big -- gonna get more out of respect they need Michigan State to beat him one loss and dementia later down the line in in possibly face Ohio State in him tonight. Yeah facing two ball clubs and you when you talk about a team has a one loss. Oklahoma could really put itself thrust itself to at least get in the best position they possibly could be any lack. If they come to a bunch of one losses with a victory over Alabama ballclub on a Saturday victories. Only twice they haven't hit a 58 points or more so they score a lot of now. Are unreal and you know that put up. 714. Yards per game we -- -- Remarkable numbers speak to people with -- on paper you think they were all typographical errors you know but they're not. They've got such -- few numbers of three and out this year -- they are great ballclub now if Oklahoma picked and shut them down. Or he can keep them in check. -- -- it's going to be a big big threat there and they're out but -- No I don't have a rooting interest in that one they ever have a dog in the fight. I don't see everybody right now short of an Alabama or Michigan State that could possibly. Brothel but Baylor Bears the David Bennett going to be very very tough to -- I'm very explosive football team and make you spread the field so much really off the line up against a. Absolutely our Browns has done a remarkable job -- -- Houston and just taken it to another level. Ed -- a huge matchup tonight too big on staff and -- of course point Eli go is covering for national radio tonight. They've Baylor Bears in the Oklahoma sooner originally lied in football in all sports we talk about okay what can a team do good. And -- mean things when you're number one new one note three of four look at -- in -- another one to make it three straight. That you -- point now but maybe the best thing Alabama does better than anybody by far. They don't beat themselves. And -- the other team is gonna have to have their best performance. And they gonna have to help. Alabama maybe do some things to themselves that they don't rarely do and to me that's that's probably pay -- short lists. Is what makes them so hard to be beaten. Is that they don't beat themselves. Now they don't turn the ball over much. And all. AJ McCarron last year tiger three interceptions. I'm thirteen touchdowns. This year he's got only three interceptions. There has been -- -- a -- this year -- you know they have not been devastatingly. Down McCarron. You're right they don't make a lot of mistakes then and I am and the depth of this football team and Alabama. It is really something to mark a lot because that I'm no you know in your listeners well. Alabama took and -- secondary this year has been wracked with injuries and suspensions. All sorts of stuff. And still you know they haven't missed a beat them even though we can't. Take game out of the equation but allow me -- the purpose of this talk show and pay the taxes play in and game. Out of the equation and excluding that game -- and giving up on average five point that. Points a ball game yeah and when -- only given up five point checked well you know you get a couple of field goals when you win. So it took very good ballclub but you're right they do not beat themselves. Boy Eli you mean had to call the first half of those teams offense in the last six games there's nobody scored the first half on Alabama. In the last escape the 24 points they gave up a world where do in him and Duke Virginia Tech in in this match up -- Not we talk about LA should Alabama brings out the best but and I try to tell people what they talk about people's schedules who would've thought. At this point in time gone into this season a team that was -- -- -- the conference a team that had lost ten straight conference games would basketball be the best quality we -- -- -- And on the back in makes Alabama had two top ten teams they will face. And then being Auburn you just don't know how the season's going to shake out and now no hitter into -- Auburn is in tremendous shape right here late. They are you know coach miles on and really don't know wonderful job there and I'm not a betting man so I don't I don't make that I don't know the batting line -- ball game. But I wonder how many -- And I don't expect this is and how would play out obviously I expect Alabama's gonna win the west. You wouldn't expect me just say otherwise I wondered how many people. We're looking at an Alabama Missouri's matchups or an Auburn -- -- matchups and the FBC championship game agreements the bizarre businesses. You know when you're dealing with the young men. But you know bam it's still a very very very good football game and Matt I like to feel him again I know I'm guilty of looking at like. Through my crimson colored glasses but I like the field out of Alabama placed to bear polish. -- do their best. There's nobody I've seen yet that's going to beat them. Eli goal -- been in some elite company he was in the big -- is in Lansing Michigan emissions Michigan state of Paul Bunyan -- the night. He has a top -- -- and Oklahoma and Baylor and another -- -- matchup Saturday night LSU and Alabama Eli it is always a pleasure. Thank you so much of this demand be safe owner wrote. Our -- -- documents -- they carried out okay Eli thank you very much. I talk about somebody else did it it's got an opinion of seeing something Michigan State. Think -- that was them they need about fifteen points to win only games they they have a legitimate defense. He was there watching him shut down Michigan last week point 93 point 196. And then -- night Baylor and Oklahoma as can be something else that's going to be phenomenal motors they. They was in good shape -- Baylor run run the table. Who knows he's got to keep winning you've just got to keep when he goes -- big matches and possibly out there and it is hard if the coast states forward to go undefeated. Is -- -- we get to a defeat to the championship that we saw Oregon enough. Auburn a few years ago I'm not sure photo right now it's -- -- only problem for someone seems to get ahead of Alabama. Ball -- mistake this is forestall -- WW.