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WWL>Topics>>11-7 5:20pm Deke, Mike Scarborough

11-7 5:20pm Deke, Mike Scarborough

Nov 7, 2013|

Deke talks to Mike Scarborough from Tigerbait.com about the LSU vs Alabama game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back Mike Attleboro high the big -- Pound the zone is just now Michael big week this week it's. He threw us. I was we get some feedback on walkways Brandon Harris Edison new groove now that allow players to -- -- son now won't always sign up for some type of -- -- him out of the -- in the school right owner. Adversity is going to take us through that process. Yeah it is a new deal they'll issue got to that there was interpretation. And and Brandon Harrison they were trying. One the portions of the scholarship package. Which allows this basically. He gets his age and stuff that forward. But do -- weird thing about it is it's not actually -- he could still. You know change his mind if it didn't and -- -- and -- somewhere else in January but because it is mid term party he's able to -- a portion. That there's really to I guess two or three documents. Big east side on signing day you have that -- good the FTC document. IN CAA and I guess there's the grand made courses well. Michael I have been on the side right now given the latest what they get the latest coverage on it's kind of a tight. Diego retired -- dot com world blown a lot of pregame coverage of big week -- was -- Alabama we get a recap big show last night. Lot of recruiting stuff going on but I don't Williams brought him back from John -- got a scholarship offer from relishing yesterday. Is an athlete. Either a running back or linebacker in but it does attorneys that squarely courses committed Arizona State so. What do you learn how to tradition they get out we got off to -- tiger bait. Michaels had a big week in this weekend and the phone and Cody Jones some of the who's who recruited and then on the -- of LSU and Alabama. I'll make that some officials this week entity LSU Alabama game. Yeah we think it is it is actually going to be -- officials. It was going to be special but his mom couldn't make that trip. So of course that's one that do LSU. I highly coveted. And you know he's gonna make -- it's a decision on November 25. He's gonna come -- -- the ocean a and -- game Brazil until issue. Good yeah yet that the sideline and Alabama in the stands and a lot of recruits that both teams recruit. Tony Brown we talk about a lot of pop star cornerback from close thing in the high school and in Belmont will be there on his official visit. There's four net -- Corey Washington knows she's -- commitment from Westlake. -- Joseph Willis from car I would even -- the linemen in and of course you know is by the Landon plays for Alabama. You mentioned George Jones and Kevin White stuff from northwestern Spring -- Louisiana. 2006 team running back. This job. I don't know you after a great camp. Did this past summer so. Lot of -- have been there for the big one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I understand that a young man it's a junior to -- of 2015. Derek Dillon. Got invited to the US army all American game already and he's a got a really climbing the charts now. Yeah we -- a story on him a couple weeks ago and I mean I've had people tell me for awhile they get the kids time. And he came to camp had a big big Campanella -- and he gets a lot of publicity don't -- you know then become a recruiting for over twenty years and never have we were scattered -- sent a video crews to time but. Wouldn't and we were trying to get over there. Yeah I think any -- awhile back I was out but do you want to focus on Williams went on played you have Monroe but to beat. And I had two years so armour all American game obviously that's that separated just don't invite anyone know I don't I -- the under -- those -- were the cream of the crop. -- might again I don't know how to follow me on social media keep up -- -- conference. Yeah I go to tiger -- I -- of course I'm on Twitter at Scarborough Mike. If you go to FaceBook where we're close you know and 8000 users on FaceBook page. Just FaceBook and I can -- been tiger tiger made I've come and I pilots and the like button and we've we've -- a lot of information there as well. We'll have locker room reports after the game I can as a breakdown before the game and of course will be on to the wee hours of the morning to a 3 o'clock after LSU and Alabama. Saturday and Sunday morning Mike thank you so much so the -- will be a big week in the -- I'm I don't Saturday okay Mike I -- -- I debate -- coming up next QB to QB. Whose son is 530 times the first -- or go to Donnie.

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