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11-7 5:35pm QB to QB with Bobby Hebert and Drew Brees

Nov 7, 2013|

Bobby talks to Saints QB Drew Brees about the Saints' tough loss to the Jets and upcoming battle against the Cowboys

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back the Saints radio Stan now for QB to QB -- -- -- conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Bobby eight Bears QB QB has brought you by the great employs a Crosby tugs and yelling and now. And -- septic. And Joseph septic got to go call Joseph. Drew thank you so much for the time and the Saints aren't tough on Lance that you go to New York Jets and I'd say it's short memory go to bed drew you got to kind of move forward and focus on a big win Sunday night against the Dallas cowboy. Walton did that you can just you know put that behind it and move on obviously. We would -- are different so much you know successfully. They also all. You get prepared -- -- -- to -- so. They got on Sunday from that a lot to learn their games are what we were able to do that we can -- prepare them on the. And out. -- kind of building upon that you know how hard it is to win the NF and NFL and especially on the road and you've probably answered this number of times in. -- but obviously it was -- from the get go. Having to utilize the three time outs in the first quarter united is either use a timeout to get a delay game in. Well was that like guy at times a lack of miscommunication -- no could paying commented on May be. You needing to get the player and quicker you know about five or six seconds. And then but my question is. That when you on the road and he's trying to get to the best play. One what are the situation or how to yell utilized. As far as you can attack it the fifth of its two Lyle in -- soleil they became really. Interchange to play it is that almost a case in point where you live with the play call and and let's say their bullets and then maybe do a sight adjust and -- just -- -- there -- -- -- the -- -- what approached LT. Yeah I mean we we -- -- -- give him the best way possible you know especially when it's third down you know you. You don't wanna make sure you. Are you have -- right protection taught on that everybody is. On the same page as far as your power blocker and you know. -- reporter that you go to church and the drive so you know. Really in in Oakland there were a little -- Our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm on the at a live game and -- on erred out all. Torched more on a -- play as you know -- timeouts didn't fighters you know but obviously you want to make sure you can say those. Much as possible -- not used them all you know first -- Now drew looked good at. You know yet that block and injuries in the obvious he always won all hands on deck and Jimmy Graham another outstanding game. And I'm receptions and -- sixteen yards a couple of touchdowns. Who would Colston DMV now. More thing like Robert Meachem really stepped kind of like old school Robert. Before he left to go to charges they came back four catches 93 yards. 23 and a half yard average per reception. Year's big game for Hendry to iron. You know obviously in in mark is absent such as open about Terry for further and you know we which required shots in the game you know so -- capitalized on our -- fuel. Some big play. Probably had more chances -- you know that we that we were not you know we're not at those plays with some. All those guys -- very well. Great she reached out to get back into that you know that -- It'll -- targeted and he'll get some big play opportunities and in should make it. -- -- with that being said you always -- around it seems like at least aid if not nine or ten or receivers coming to driven by you spread the ball around. But when you look at nick -- in the rough outing that he had it Devlin had an influence in the game he's they would let me talk about the taking points off the board because now we -- punt or -- given up points as far as field position but how do you encourage our approach a young receiver. Like need to when he has a a couple of significant drops that did influence the game. Just you know operating under your -- you know or you're gonna hear another -- -- report especially you know. Well look at the pitcher -- you're on first and so there's a lot of people that you're gonna get -- cherry so. We'd rather go you know. Each week you never know who's going to be the guy to have an epic game. You know I think you are expected that Jeremy put -- -- did it. Four. Yards and -- -- couple big plays you know also. Again nick turns and get more more opportunities to wriggle off here. Now drew look at it -- in any game in. This -- third and inches fourth and inches we all know what transpired then. All of a sudden. Given the Vonage a college -- a first down with a cat and mouse game Rex Ryan. Just pieces snapped calls time out. And you know and I you have third and inches you hit -- Collins he drops the pass -- -- you have fourth and inches. But but my question is in my approaches that. That was eight yards -- eight yard loss and reverse the Josh hill but I never like it. When when you take that approach is that -- going north and south. You know considering giving ground when you only have a foot are -- ago and -- that had to be discouraging because. I mean does it just seemed like it was bad luck. But. The everything about offensive accidents that while Max group. But that may be on your home. Maybe you just of dissent or something or just doing a quick count and do a quarterback sneak. Maybe just to get the first. Now it we talk about we practiced -- So like nor the upper Terry. Pure sport been -- -- you know so well you know to -- -- -- -- -- There also. Are on the edge you're just like to report back -- -- you know sometimes it works about -- all all. Public also like. Got their place so. We -- and a you know not at work force that's. It is QB QB our conversation we Drew Brees drew. I'm it's Sunday night's prime time but. You know -- they they are franchises in in each sport to an all across the board of professional sports in. And it's faces world renowned is that -- -- helmet to Dallas Cowboys and a they they give people fired up in him primetime in the dome should be a great atmosphere to be great -- Should be -- you know lately. -- -- sports arms. -- we all been here. You know so you go out there other division or C and and so we. -- -- -- All play each other appropriate it it's a very OK you are so. Are you wanna we want to get back our winning ways and you know really struggle to check out our -- as do -- There's a lot plate -- relatives. But. Archer especially -- is like except our diamond adult. We put our best sport coat yet the atmosphere is going to be loud crazy we need either that. Also will be able to the other great -- fortunate picked up. Now drew have you played long enough you know you always get across that's it different players they're redeem its a -- -- threads of the Rob Ryan. You can maybe say he knows the Cowboys offensive personnel. Probably as well as anyone in the league in but it you look at the flip side Jason Garrett and his staff they also not go Rob Ryan told -- cat and mouse game in. I think that also could be said in college elaborate on this. That all of a sudden you're going to get some money give the defense and Kenny takes something from that considering. When you faced them and is that the -- Buccaneers and attempted to him and what they like to do defensively. Yeah you know -- -- -- even though some social from Nomar chip from. Eastern a couple of I'd say. It's. You know. That it that are here to here are a lot more downstate. The Serbs and you know in a lot a year year -- changer scheme they are you personal. What you do oh. Until -- -- each year you are you. I think there's certain coordinators that there -- certain you know and she's in certain situations. And you know back up which you can maybe anticipate or look out or put. In large part every week you'd rather have a specific player you. And you can't wait to get in the game it would that is make adjustments accordingly. And you know but yet there's state. Just kind of knowing the past there are certain tendencies that you can typically terrible. Drew what can you tell the fans about this Cowboys defense obviously they're disappointed right now spores the -- they've given -- one before last also. A long before last pass defense but looks like DeMarcus Ware. Is coming back here as a four sacks on the season but -- seeing one area where there really excel or a couple of areas should say. You look at their turnover ratio and number two in the league right now plus ten and but they've also had. On defense for scoring touchdowns that's impressed whenever you get -- -- -- Noted that it's a particular ball away a lot. This year like he's the second best. Or racial the second cultural well but he most. Any change. To the sport and -- depression and we're back so like a major. And provide opportunities. Or your offense out scoring opportunities short steal our -- and there was a big place so. Of our solid we've we've preached all parliament the shutout ball into the -- chicken mole. And you know for -- so -- -- -- we've done a pretty good job this year or are there but we we need to continue to do an actress. BW more important -- QB to QB was brought you by the -- and laws of Crosby -- again and now in Joe's septic got to go. Called Joseph drew thank you so much for the time we'll talk makes -- -- you guys get ready for San Francisco. -- --