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11-7 6:10pm Robert Meachem

Nov 7, 2013|

Saints Wide receiver Robert Meachem joins the radio huddle live from Hooters.

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-- receiver. -- -- You always want -- -- had go to program again our defense has kept you out because -- -- -- led the defense. Brian how you can see an immediate and I know one thing that and I don't know -- they say -- -- there's been a lot of people kind of questioning. They show that he when he came back here to New Orleans and that was something he says hey I'm fine looking grown. Right that the Bruins. -- how are you know black. Not so good but they have all my hope your own. You get to do a lot more where you're comfortable. He has his deep tissue. You massage therapist did get personal trainers do those things that you. Head before you left and they come back to it and just don't know. Last week give this game I think to come back and Owens was it a situation -- it was that the best you felt out on the field there was an opportunity with a chance I think yesterday do you showed up big mistakes that we've I think it was just the opportunity. Make an aggressive hitter Robinson. When the ball comes your way you know we have so many weapons. We got a dividend. Be accountable -- absolutely if you have a question for Robert 50426018780386688908. Season. Well let's take a couple of steps back. From the time he did for me Jamont. When you find out if not going to be in New Orleans what was that like for you but there was. Do -- because it's been five years did it is we came home. Known for me in my family and there was this season. He had to me this is -- especially if you're defending medalists so. I felt like it was best to go. And room went out though. Has started out looking. I don't -- Every situation enough for you and I think it's -- they give me opportunities. But I also think that things could give me another opportunity to have fun. This so my -- What did you learn around remain about yourself when your career. Going away from where you can kind of comfort level is close to home from way you'll -- To go out to San Diego what was it might be glad you could you build a lot of TV like you say family a lot of people considered you can't you consider their -- It has become -- total -- at least it was an opponent going took a situation we have maybe that is to me just from the people you -- where. -- -- Do humbled in the experience -- there was something that I'm. Not to try to be someone else on his speed is so and a moment when you can be yourself everything changes. And that's what happened when I did they actually back everything changed. We've run it because it was comfortable. We we have looked a little bit uncomfortable in San Diego. Q have you Q have you term. Times where you were uncomfortable because you felt like hey -- we'll make a play the game. When you didn't have an opportunity -- this though. At times you know that was like okay. Right there what do I need to do to help him. Now around but you get a chance this year when things happen and -- -- situation in New Orleans. -- you -- maybe he's a vaccine when you keys that we don't know where you keep that wouldn't be physics you know UC may have. Did you ever think you're -- you might have a chance to come back. Oh yeah a lot of -- though is till -- -- that a lot of people I actually didn't think -- didn't know what was going -- so. Palmer was one of those things where. I have people who pre infamy and instead you come back and moment okay you know Bryant. But -- happen. Take mr. Robert when you do get the call. From the time things he finished up in it San Diego to would you be contacted at the same clothes and my. They're releasing me on. Friday. At the moon. And -- Payton called Sunday morning. And become major illnesses as well I think it is. -- Like as a possibility but -- -- -- vibe in the room and coach called two more times. Nothing good to call them back and think yes poem that. -- back inclusive. I was doing so I'm doing good he's okay thank you go home. And when he says. I don't think okay -- you -- San Diego and I was in San Diego and again we've box in the trunk. Room because -- -- anyone -- we didn't know we thank you come back Brian play here. Full well what was then feel like pickled they'd come back. It was like when those. You know because I mean everything is that the group who -- no winners when you do released soon as -- You never know but. At that moment I was kind of like there was -- series lead and and we when you get back here around what was it like -- to get back here and Walton and locker room who looks on the first keeping myself I couldn't stop saloon. There was like there was just something that was so familiar. And the first person I saw was coach. -- man. It's a lot of the rest of the guys is -- into it and Holmes is -- to do very you know you have Vilma and you have no. Some of the new guys I was in there and greasy through he's right he's now and -- -- -- -- Didn't think. They -- Jesus with a win. Always like when you back in the -- Okay good he he always says that consistently you're out there out disposal comfortable and confident when Harry's. There's runs. Yes probably a result his final four to six so when he seventy told 38668. 0870 he's beat number if you saw me get -- beating he did feel like. But you home you got their Q did you feel they would like to do with this new faces in new faces every year that it was like. Like you do with it. And then had -- gone on him right back where I had a world toiletries you know -- -- still it was like. I'm still here you know and I'm back there. You -- it felt like I've never left. And chemistry you know since the -- you leave one putt of about the military lagging them back a month maybe you hear you right. Has pretty much so it was a camp somewhere you. Yeah I guess since that group who with the put him and where my of them burned -- you know I don't think to Pee-Wee bit too -- around. Sabres -- around a maintenance doesn't miss against the got a phone call at this moment since it's only 7866. 889087. This is sports talk on -- Buick. And welcome back our special is this week is crazy people. It was around 56 only 786688. And 08%. To. Brown making his way back to the Saints after a year and a San Diego or I don't know how would you characterize -- as -- -- early season wasn't choice. There wasn't good. There was a new found. There was we wanted to do you know you always want to make plays you always when have -- team. And I decided I wasn't being able to help. I want to I've got. To the solidly -- let's go to. Toronto on land on throughout a thank you for calling -- Robert Meachem. I -- beneath them and you arrive. He's feeling I'm doing I'm OK this is the welcome make two -- do you boom I was back in the area as -- -- that I'm the biggest thing I've -- Hey you can upgrade over. Thank you new album. All right thank you so much of -- college -- to Jill online to a New Orleans -- thank you can't go around and beat him on WWL. I -- a big game you don't. I had a real quick to -- that I'll always wondered what it lands a big dog national media. Always. They're like Philip Rivers couldn't that was better than Drew Brees. You know yet wanna cup title but no matter if you have a repeat it and play football quarterback. Was it different than if you put out things that bad at all -- fought through. The -- When you don't know. The Cleveland got hooked it. I don't know if very good and bad. Overall I was -- I would I would say. The things that make them -- -- that is the thing is true because at the practice I would say. Oh -- go through every progression. -- -- isn't called -- quarterback I don't think you so much has to do it because you can see. A lot a lot better than -- troops here. Defensive question here then answer the thought that out and I think it is going to give you an. Because you know what you when you hear people talk about popcorn offensively I think -- -- did you find. Drew was not confident group but. His face as of late this week there's a lot of conversation -- -- the best format but one of them was injured. If anything bring me and brightest prospects against is -- -- final four to 60 point 786688. Night. Zero rates MVP of the number to be involved Robert do you have a good -- -- -- -- from all the parts about their play for him watching game of youth event. Everybody is how did you do it yeah. And it's simple they had to caucus. Plus don't split them and also the way that. That that he was carrying the ball. And I figured I could get it. But on the problem was. Hoping he didn't get down before I get through it right we only get down because again go back. Once they get I -- -- it's okay that can be pretty soundly -- Obama round. Unnecessarily this way those positions isn't this the way you have to position yourself. To get it. From a guy who hasn't because we don't have. Good way to carry the ball and who were you on that keeps them followed in really told -- right you know you talked to Q did you talk to make turnovers. It's so. He was -- the ball a little looser. They get I give my head and. Do you think he thinks he's this final Robert is a sudden -- -- -- game tape maybe -- players so no other defense -- how they have had a good dialogue with us because we know singletary well frank. They always he has to another of those plays if you watched -- -- offensive plays do you see in other guys that. If the receiver you may have -- the team and you think he would have been safe. They ought to put -- called a little but I remember -- used back when Tom Coughlin took over the New York Giants job Tiki Barber had a lot of problems on this one I think one of the easiest things he told him was how to hold the football differently anyway touchdown of his fumbles. Tremendously but that was easy for him -- time because you get used to. Once again I had -- -- to break. He has a bad ones even that bad idea when he broke because they -- anybody out there but that was his dedication to. Absolutely how a lot of times is that's the toughest -- there to train your mind to say. No I don't know I don't like this right and then try to -- just have to run with the ball like that yeah. That's that's pretty typical because it -- it don't really move -- But if you -- stated he's the runs he runs like that he kind of crosses his body socialists and never see him fumble. Well the jinx him of that but. -- -- -- BA is basically playing tonight and I'm good how. Oh yeah. I don't think you can think around. Let's get to the phone to go metric for Jack on I want to thank you for calling you -- with Robert Meachem on Saints radio that you don't view it. Hey K thanks -- down. I'm I'm humbled us Robert Meachem I would remember and Robert Gillespie and yeah he's writing it. -- Alabama that out Obama Chad against Washington Redskins a couple of years ago that was a great piece who -- man job. -- -- you factor in this city you know we wish you well thank you. I was good talking thirty. Okay Jack thank you so much -- anyway Robert -- Robert are you at the most social media at the folks thought I don't know this doesn't mean. You don't beat social media goes no rabbit is that it's for those who don't know I'm sure people Cuba around the league as a devout family man Irabu when. When you live for what we're making here one time before you just always say. You baby there was a few months older than you think you'll go in the hole and now here. And we I was always grown she's grown it in New Orleans also right and now we have a seven month old little boy a little -- and he -- to a bulletin Carla Power. And his health is gonna. A big confidence in two bits of I'm going to be good I don't even at the end -- and then -- and -- logos for you though that he is somehow fantastic girl on the right on this. There was that. There was this doctor. Campbell was -- for Halloween last round. She had to pass them to us he was clear pats red no single one. Cleopatra is simple -- yeah tendency maybe to dress up as a gladiator. Anybody it as fun you know Israel's you know -- me is this kind of different because you're -- -- -- -- -- I'm really put on a constant. -- -- -- Ground meats and his -- as it is lower Robert it would be a degree in Harold they got a question for Robert. As well I -- point 260188866. 88908. -- -- because of a -- you can Texas City 78 -- -- email was upbeat she could get beat them throughout. Dot com don't need to give you send me 630 -- -- first -- -- goes to Donnie. The latest now from your official weather station WWL AM FNN dot com. About an hour after a divided City Council voted to give cab drivers a year's grace time to make sure their vehicles meet the new maximum age requirement. -- missile Andrew vetoed the measure. The council can override the veto but in order to get the five needed to vote someone on the council would need to change their position. Louisiana's Health Department says it has issued an emergency rule requiring that water systems in the state maintain a higher disinfectant level. It's because of the presence of the brain eating -- in the saint Bernard parish and other water systems. Officials say US secretary of state John Kerry will fly to Geneva tomorrow to participate in nuclear negotiations with Iran and other major powers. Karrie is expected to first make a brief stop in Israel which has an intense interest in a Rams nuclear capabilities. Iran hopes to trade nuclear concessions. In exchange for selective relief from international sanctions that have crippled its economy. I don't. -- Wall Street the Dow is down 152 the NASDAQ down seven -- four oil futures fell sixty cents closing at 94 dollars twenty cents a barrel. Breezy and chilly this -- Overnight lows -- fiddling around forty in south of -- around 48. Friday will also be -- Round 66 or seven these. Partly cloudy and sixty -- down easier forty. -- -- -- -- -- -- Found the plays have pretty much wound down as you make your way out to the battery and get our area leave him at CBB on the -- intended for Chris in stopping go to traffic around clear view in the -- sides -- Kallis backed up. We're seeing those who -- back around Williams boulevard and that's probably go all the way up to clear view. Bit -- -- -- all of these to the high rise fluent between Louisa and the base. MS across the Crescent City connection from the west bank -- -- back inside gym all the golf. Playground expressway still slowing go at saint Charles River valley -- -- delays are. Stopping go around Claiborne no problem that the -- we have no way advisories for the calls way. Traffic brought to you by raising -- and be guaranteed. -- -- -- So taking. Crazy game. From the WWL -- similar line Bob frost have a traffic tipped COLT is 60 info -- done names WWL first news. These WWL score stock featuring their Coors Light Crown Royal saint players show live from -- on veterans and mentoring drug do you fly -- And -- in Coors Light. Also my attorney Greg DiLeo crescent Ford and patio -- okay let's hear it who dat nation five move forward -- 601870. 4866889. And zero late seventy. And welcome back on special this is Saints receiver Robert Meachem when you lose some veterans boulevard is better five local. Point 703866889. 087 it's -- let's get back to a simple goals we have for Robert -- downtown they waited. The longest break already made your own Robert Meachem. Yeah I didn't know. -- -- and it's a pleasure to talk big. I'm doing great ran out wanna share a quick ghost story out of my bring a smile to the bench. I'm 53. In -- -- opponent and I. I'm fortunate jerseys proudly equipment they'll hole going up to the simple Super Bowl and -- fact we still wearing today when we go to games. And even Atlantic district such a great retriever but also because it's our grandma of the -- back in the day he referred to as -- moment. Almost a lot when -- Meachem. It into -- -- -- -- when he saw you in a recent movies available to our league achievement so he's I had -- -- and you're put themselves -- -- backup can go a little. Yeah. Well when I'm at a game and you're glad that we -- watching TV in your stuff nick does so we can be next to each other one home. -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- that might bring a little smile because they have done there was a little what I mean I was so thoroughly I think this program they have to back it won't grand. Looking forward to a great things from you -- Thank you. Okay great thank you so much the colony we appreciate it Bible four to six only seventy. 866 and 8890. And -- using them breaking ball. -- go to Harold you know New Orleans on my three Carroll thank you for calling you homer Robert Meachem on Saints radio WWL. They've been around I don't. I do. Yeah. I bet your -- a home. Wanted to fuel and don't worry about it you're released by the ten days ago I was hoping that Youkilis back to the things he DA I'm glad it. Of course -- you. We -- and -- them on -- prime -- game that good night. Coming -- I played against Oklahoma team -- that that you know and I say yeah I think you'd feel. -- -- -- -- It. Goes yeah. -- -- -- Okay but again I'm being. I'm going against hot (%expletive) do you think you know they have no word when -- -- in those two tight nowadays you know it's judge yeah I couldn't put together. But I feel. That felt good that it it was his lack of practice remaining home. Think we thought we talked him into along with local pride days wouldn't -- -- -- -- the through training camp we tell. It's up there and blew up. I knew it was an -- and person. -- so is it hey if -- in the pick and you have to beat you know didn't inside you know build. Wanted out of league that you do the blood type obviously kept if you think you know what I. You know -- -- potent I don't know on the mound and I've had and I'm glad you're back and look at it probably took from what you did you Benjamin -- go out like. Thank you. Pineiro thank you so much for the call -- we appreciate 2601878668890. Today we have a question for Robert about -- will be glad to feel them. Robert is not a running back he doesn't know what -- -- gonna play on Sundays so. If you want to call Internet if you call in another time and -- why analyst Robin as a receiver you think they talk about your team what they're doing but. As far as if somebody else is gonna play or something like that. You would bet that that he is a really special to so to speak let's go to Jeff in Virginia on line forward Jeff thank you for calling owner Robert Meachem on WW. Go out and I want to welcome him back. And you know -- -- you play hard to your family but as we in the city I'm I'm in Virginia now but I'm always a New Orleans and. And them I can tell you always play for the city play hard and I'm just good to be back. -- Thank you. Then -- -- -- -- night when or how do you do have much. It's rabbit who would you say is the strength of your game as her -- I get this chesterfield home and do a lot of good luck turning. Trying to keep players. Open because I know you can't billboards certain people crying. And if you do they'll literally go -- went right so like at the B -- when we hit we get to have fun with do you see different. Coverages now that you've been in the league for quite allow me I guess I'm -- kind of resentment and Duke Duke teams do think. You have to speed you -- when you first got into this league or is this their back up. I'd like. He's still back over that come into these do you think you got enough guys that got them you've still got hey -- and and honestly and I dancing I was in his field he still hasn't. -- look for the kids doing do you have Robert and we knew we would make him make some plays especially. It was this time you know is like I said there was that opportunity. Through this make plays in -- Hollywood is. To make the plays 11 crazy play -- home but. That's life yeah. He's 60187. Into the back to the phone -- OK now let's go to Bobby's on line to Bobby thank you don't Robert Meachem on WW. -- Phillips the radio outlet not a question Cleveland you've got draft could have written about it I think. Pretty came in yeah kind of injury -- rookie beat him. -- -- order guys that you can trust -- they'll bring you along and who can't get redid it and Marco Rivera. If you haven't done you've got to contribute to kind of help you get there up there live there. I honestly. I was Curtis Johnson. -- okay all and then all the other requires he was I had a lot of quote reruns he was that. Wasn't worried about me coming in being a first round draft pick to come in and take this but. Most guys you know wouldn't teach you -- help you. But -- Colston Devery. There has come when they all took it at that time to help me grow to beat writers who I am today. He had great hurt or don't pay a lot of courses where you went back. I'm not a liberian. And I know you have got to be straight into it as matter -- I -- -- an all around with being the day indeed there are so boss but job. Much different value endeavor. It depends on what we run. At halftime and we were that there really and avoiding a repeat every but it -- he's gonna win every time. I -- he went to school which right now I didn't go to school pitcher and. You straight football -- who have both been. 260187886688908. -- TV nobody get involved. Robert now as far as. Coach TJ Ford is it like for you used Buick here would be okay job you're very exciting was that it was a big day you guys are a lot of support. Tough a tough year last year but I mean he's already bowl eligible this year what are what is it like to see him doing music while -- work. -- it's it's it's a great home with a new experiences see him go on and do something that he loves it too and Eddie actually got a head coaching job and he's actually. You can teach. At a different level you know home where he hit he got us to be able to perform now is a once he was like to -- of the younger guys perform once again. Because the way he takes them takes them learn to. He had to go from being an NFL close to being a college coach all over a period it was a lot different it'll. You know you got to meet you before me too young I mean it's so how you. -- and tease him to do what you needed to do for them to be successful and the presentation on one level person. Yes so I can do I get the blood the sometimes and watch him practice room and he's. He's -- -- and did you miss -- with -- -- -- when ten most of them about us than what we want to ruin things like that he asked us to help help. Will we see him until I give alluded to it here today. With the -- receivers because his wires to coach he just goes duties that coached him yet so it's like he's -- generations -- -- that he's been coaching. This became an awful and awful long time and and and arrival would you talk about that what they've been a good news but also can't move forward now. One I think this CC always told us we really do you think if the team didn't run the ball well. He didn't receive news took it upon themselves say what it's we and it's a big burden on us as we could do a better job blocking people we always felt like than we do feel like that. We feel like if we know blocking good improvement. As. Its own thought the running game is no word. I mean we spent a lot of people who do know is not too -- but with how we took it right this week pleaded innocent in this how we sooner but I. What goes L that he says the same thing and we make no boxers they don't know blocks and we got a little runs. How for the linemen they get first downs we make up bugs we've I have those down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Q -- -- facing the Dallas Cowboys it's a course like ground balls basically show our special I guess yeah. Irritated yeah. -- -- -- -- Michael Rose is giving away Michael Rose Gary. He's seven winners. And he releases. You tell me. Encourage free. The single biggest play Michael. -- Message from one at 803050204. I just call. 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Run do you -- crown royal -- slice and also by present forward attorney Greg DiLeo and patio drugs. Call now who dat nation 504260187. Or 8668890. Weighs seventy. Hey welcome Texas -- -- Of course -- Guerrero -- his players don't. 26018786688. He rates at this stage receiver Robert Meachem is on special get us back good for the phone to go. And now let's go to let him hold in Texas on line three the dale thank you for calling you always saves receiver Robert Meachem on WW -- I they DiMarco beat Jim this fan I'd like to welcome you back and I got number one you didn't job. Yeah mind at all -- hasn't been out execute there employers who played good don't do plugs are used more familiar are you. Feel familiar with all fit. And -- the second question is. Good talent it's about your new receivers coach Henry. It's. How is dad did that adjustment from all the big big jobs I'm not I'll -- you call. All your comment are apparently -- thanks to pick Marco man and glad to back bad ankles both. Break that it. Okay -- dale thank you very much love. The first question but. Was. All of that hasn't changed for me I'm still the -- and everything's pretty much working. Like it always worked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- run up and down the field Holland as he Cotto that is ways -- game debut corrects -- on game day. You go back and go see some of the plays Henry elevate. It is it's this is shocking. He was a great receiver Wright has looking -- it. Ocean and the good of the that I had goes -- enjoyment to. I'm trying to prove main users of elite coaching company that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Robert Meachem on WW it. Going again. Yeah if you're -- -- you. OK okay I -- I want to make a comment throughout the Roberts -- yes you have all around me to. You're in a one game during the 2009. Season I don't remember -- -- always humble -- -- -- one of the Saints or if I defenders intercepted the ball. But during that game you ran over. They -- -- it and it's better than this kind of work the golf and you wrestled the ball away from him and ran it in -- and staff. And that was that book also played better than receive -- watching football. Think you have under has won them crazy dream about as a kid and then when you finally get a chance to do it. I get I kind of have bragging rights among other brother Jacoby Jones because he always say he was going to a first. It was wonderful I'll always wanted to get to -- people think of teachers made after that but it didn't have. -- Mabry -- and welcome back to defeat meant and how we should -- the speed and and the rest -- career thank you. Thank you can't -- Don't I can't thank you very much for the call 260 point 7886688908. Sydney is the -- to get involved. Robert the Dallas Cowboys come to town not grown up -- in the end Manning's I mean that was -- -- -- eighteen years ago and has fluid. How come with a lot of plays black on the day you can pinpoint and the NFC they were pretty much she's strong power that was San Francisco. And there was Dallas what either one of those -- -- -- -- their -- fans that is how important OK okay runner up. I'm like Michael Irvin who is well and had. Is Jerry rice's. Did a few things a little bit different. Now Robert what do you see -- There's some of the challenges of receivers face this week in the Dallas couple. Only got to be. Men in zone coverage today. Their front they have a great front was going to be a tough task. For us like it is every week but this one fit their findings really really good. And we had to do is take -- will split time that's another Russian thing. Robin is it is there a different feel to have a prime time game. Vs. A Sunday afternoon game at 3 o'clock -- something some people say yes and some people say -- is this not some people say it's a normal game. For me. They're pretty much all the same do you make it more than what they are. He would have won those games return -- do too much and we try to do too much that's when everything goes room. -- -- Robert Mason is -- special -- who come back to a ramped up it's because I found All Saints players show what does he give you this. -- New Orleans as the Saint Louis cathedral WWL. AM and have a. For a New Orleans pelicans. WWL. Today a lot these plus in Covington where you can strengthen your corps to expand flexibility and maintain good spinal alignment today future 89 dollar certificate good for five reformer -- classes only 39 bucks got mine works dot com slash New Orleans. Unlike other checking accounts heel -- from capitol one bank makes it easy to get more we're talking free GMs here people. Just like moving from coached a first class and go ahead put your feet up -- you've -- -- allegro. Speaking about greater Capital One bank also -- to a great great compared to other checking accounts. 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Marshall ago -- Ford dealership and carries eleven major brands your Ford dealership and who's having his retirement. Your for a -- They're basically gonna figure Ford dealership and Ottawa senator -- yes. Thank shoes forget those and. Before you mentioned it it comes -- vehicle experience and his seventy dollar mail in rebate when you buy for select time. -- -- another seventy dollars when you supports him his credit card. 240. Dollars which Campbell Wisconsin they're Ford dealership. Section and the subject because approval -- paycheck. Manufacturing Gator country cannot be combined for a series credit card rebate your roster here I just beating Blake -- of the details are 1231 to eighteen. Big decision be made about who managed Jefferson -- hospitals and there's a big difference in the proposal for the council. Brings 300 new jobs. Don't see him seeing the local nonprofit community health care system will ensure the best health care possible and healthier local economy. You know Children's Hospital -- and the future university medical center so you know -- LC MC not just another healthcare company. -- your neighbors. We're that busy road -- there's a place where living really -- a place where you can get away from the world and experience a whole other world. Rural America it's a place like no other and if you want to own a piece of it for yourself talk to first so -- credit. Let us custom tailor loan package that's perfect for you it was great rates and terms up to thirty years first so far credit. Financing plan farms and trainers and find out more -- first -- Klemm de. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take like when you're a new intelligence as we above the 2013 fourteen seasons with the release about five game -- -- everything about me. We have a ticket plan for every fan the package started -- 45 dollars and beat the best seat locations to see all star moment. Including the world champion Miami Heat it with the purchase of every. You will receive a free. Guard while supplies last visit delegates dot com football blogs about who. He -- today. As New Orleans is Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest WWL. AM endeavor them. And winding down here with Saints receiver Robert Meachem with a -- in goal Saturday night. Take all that that Dallas cowboy has rabbit always a -- had just about a minute left thought. With some things you you need to do it ought to be successful Sunday against Dallas. -- -- I'm glad my guys -- -- there's -- ball. Make sure reds will -- spin room. Scored a touchdown. That's all right Robert Meachem folks and even when I -- to play at this point now my son now you'll allele social media. All his free time go to his family that's all right rob your program has give a big -- -- -- to -- I'm always a pleasure to have you out thank you so -- they have that in the regular. Number seventeen -- rubber -- -- all right coming up next are you from Vegas and got some big games to pick and ninth. A few thank college football the biggest there tonight history pound the ball. Two times -- match -- of a three that would suit at number five and also number five and I'm looking at Oklahoma and they've all that's coming up on -- from Vegas have you -- some sports don't go to speak to that because you have.