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11-7 7:10pm Deke, A View from Vegas

Nov 7, 2013|

Deke takes a view from Vegas with VegasRunner.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time now -- view from Vegas -- we get a look at the big -- of the week and the view from Vegas that brought -- back acme oyster house to have really excellent. The oval 100 years on the difference quarter Brees. All over and Amanda won't -- them last week another -- week he was 53. Last week including one of his big blocks with a leave new Browns at home -- two and a -- He took the oval on Thursday night -- got to start off with a over in the south broadly used to gain that came through any catcher. Big on Thursday night last week at the Dolphins he took him at home plus three they want out right in overtime. All -- The Cincinnati big with the alternate USC plus they want straight outing and this could state minus by. And they want straight -- is well it's suffer losses on the Tennessee and Arkansas game but it. You can't win them all he's been road as of late and these are big Estrada pregame dot com. BR let's jump on this gained a right now Oklahoma and they. Guy -- I let him and I know. Baylor has it been get no respect -- -- -- on the oddsmakers look from the pollsters early on in the evening and there was some money to be made only Baylor. Can -- in -- week I thought we still may be that do that. But when you look at this line began to open -- around thirteen and it and it's now at seventeen. And it's not why I'm money it's not the professionals that are piling up money home Palin is that can do better that's what this team that's been scored. Seventy plot points and won five of their -- the last six games. I'll give me I think there's no doubt there anymore -- betting big highlight. Obama applaud the sixteen inning -- seventeenth and I think that. Bet made BP under that total being driven all the way up the 75 man and there was that time back in the day. Out -- any time. That the betting syndicates that can be. In college football or it's the in the NFL they automatically went on there knowing long term they're gonna make money doing -- Granted it -- differently today -- -- catch Kathy Lee and -- sense takes center stage before defense. It's still -- the spotlight it's such a high number if if you could just hold the team don't score the touchdown -- one or two of those trying. And not get turnovers it's so hard this sport that many points so hopefully I I got to bet this game I don't Oklahoma up -- the points and come back in the game on. There all right so it take Oklahoma. And -- on on tonight's game the NFL game tonight BR Minnesota and Washington. I'd -- I like the home dog here and there is no reason to to look toward the Washington deep into a team that really should be to win six. They should not have won that game last week against San Diego on the flip side minutes about it much better in the one and set the record show. Well they really good against Dallas on the road last week. They out -- -- -- 33 yards AP. We got it going and I think they're 81 against Washington they're gonna. Some -- that the formula is what -- -- defense. Yeah how flannel -- sixteen yards per game all the going. And four point four yards per carry I think he's gonna have some success here against the night and be able to keep this game. Any pain from the beginning again here's another one where we -- about one. And then back down meaning. The public on the paper they shocked on the -- that they think. In what the total -- 48 minute when it's quiet and it speaks male -- -- bank account and about 949 and and that's another situationally got the bad guys don't want -- the betting public on the over the other is made. Don't get me wrong a lot of times I think the public side the right side. But I don't think that's the case that night I like watching him I'd bet on it and I like the game under as well. That is it's due to Washington and Minnesota -- my. Pocket and I -- -- -- I guess. Yes the off the off. A pregame it they Estrada dot com. And on Twitter at Vegas trying to beyond now the other big one tonight. Sparking an amateur in 56 points a game of these -- that in Eugene a nice they can on. In the days that for the -- well aren't in as an eleven halves point favorite owner -- -- want -- to -- that oddsmakers. Bookmakers hate more than any other team is all right in. All in all sports come off. And here's why. No matter how high -- -- the price this -- got down there probably -- number every book maker I've spoken to over the last few years is that the same thing. If we think the line or target should be mine his seventeenth. We put it out there minus twenty minus 21 -- let the professionals get the best for the number because we -- so much money that a couple of on again. That were hoping that limit our exposure and on line ability and yet bargain continue to cover now predicted that but at ten games. You cashed the ticket nine at those times and the reason sample. This team know in the conference they play the only way they're going to be up there with Alabama is if they'd blow teams away and that's exactly what they've done. Unfortunately tonight they play a team that's not gonna get pushed around in fact. They went eighteen inning at point favorite against Stanford and Oregon last year and Stanford beat them in overtime I don't think there's any overtime minutes yet. It's -- at the point with Stanford should be in the game -- -- -- finished. I -- Stanford in the first -- at plus 6 and I am and I -- stamper. For the game -- -- glad that I really think they're gonna get bargains a lot of problems tonight because they're a physical football game. Oregon has the speed and and that but it's gonna look like a heavyweight boxing match ups where they're gonna go to the body the body and he'd eventually. It is your -- dole out your arms start to drop a little bit. And I don't think like is speed going to be there in the third and fourth quarters Stanford got to grind away -- them to stay in the game and may have a shot to -- it might take the the point would Stanford. Take the points with stands for right now the all let's move on to a couple other -- sand but Siskel and Carolina. Unlike in San Francisco here because they arrested they got a stout defense. And Carolina San Francisco that's one of the longest road troops an NFL team has to make -- cross country. Yeah I got a -- with you but again I think the oddsmakers got it right because I've made my same -- mine is fixed. And it's right around their -- -- I -- in the problem with Carolina. They've not got that and then -- I'd been the least laid up and five in three against the spread and they really didn't start off -- well -- left the Seattle might -- pointed out. They lost time on the -- a lot they have lost. Don't worry about the sport games including. Lost to Arizona everyone forgot about them and they want to force play games where they scored thirty points. And they -- everybody -- -- -- but if you look at the -- opposition. For the worst team in the NFL so we don't know what we have in Carolina we do know that we haven't same plane and at Atlanta these is. That the champions I'd get a -- at the played anyone that they've beaten they lost at Seattle and Indianapolis and the only teams and -- is -- -- Tennessee Arizona Houston Saint Louis. -- can blow out that Green Bay game because we didn't see him. So they haven't beat anyone either but I think don't know that they make and the travel give them an edge here. I think -- better -- is that it's all there I think the defense that you are property games the travel that -- ball. Carolina and again. Rarely seen this same -- defense. We're really playing and I think is the kinda games they do they looked good the last few weeks. But it was against no one and I think they step it up you know -- -- the that -- -- -- -- defense -- -- -- Played against in practice I don't think anyone's going to be -- don't bet this game Honda forty believed he got that aside I agree with you the same brain. All right BR let's get to off picks close to home Saturday night Tuscaloosa. Alabama as a twelve point favorite over LA -- Yeah and the -- it opened a lot and and it kept -- not men and I don't see why I'm gonna target. I don't know what UN has got to do it would be in Spain. And I don't think it is beat Alabama do you expect everyone expected I thought it that -- at ease and I'll that was probably as -- the power rating is a team that you could get any kind of carried over to this year. But I really don't think it's warranted -- and LSU shouldn't have. Have those two losses don't in today's game. But they now they can't put that behind them and I think they -- and if they only had one B or no office I think -- pressure would be too -- Right now -- but when you look for LSU. No one expects them in the wind it's not that that was gonna play in the national championship so they just let it go. And I'll still play some football. The pressure don't -- Especially at bargain wins tonight Alabama though they only have to go out there and beat LSU but they have to do so convincingly and if you look at what happened yet. LSU dominated that team Bennett just speed up that team that dominated. And every facet of the game except the finals format that Rupert pretty yards last year. And that was when he wants inadequacies that now that Cam Cameron. As not as a coordinator. And let's not forget he -- they've been extremely well but is it the Michigan State I think Dallas is going to be in this game from start to finish I think the twelve point is an absolute. -- -- And I got beat fourteen and I think this is the team that develop. Of those lost I'm not changing my mind there's no way to do that I think does it go in there shocked the world come Saturday night. The off Vegas from a pregame that count -- are the saint seven point favorites that totals 54 Sunday night to Mercedes-Benz superdome. I knew I actually came down pretty game because I think obvious pain paper in New Orleans this week it -- -- -- against them and that's what I think that the money should be. And as much as -- and I'm not gonna catch my overseas in -- and I think this is gonna win the Super Bowl but this week I like you know if you signed. And I like the New Orleans finals Sunday night there's one thing you don't -- you don't bat against the talented now. And hit it they don't lose games that all stayed under the lights on prime time yet. Those there's going into the game and now that played a game. Coming -- I think this is. Trying times but until we we shall rock and light it -- I'll tell you what I didn't think the -- a little bit high it's not that fifty sport that before and it. And the public continues to -- this game over elegant LB careful because the only one team added that the scoring and that's New Orleans. Down at the will not a lot of scoring there's no solid defense they allow opposing quarterback. Only a 75 quarterback waiting well that we know how much is chokes under the under the lights than in Beijing. I don't think -- is going to be able to keep score with them I look at this point 15 New Orleans game at the same -- that game. And I think you'll become something like this being there with a seven into and Dallas dropped to five on this team exactly what they should be. Our idea -- -- -- their points out what you give us your two best picks of the week. I let's go to college football real quick I'm I'm gonna do it again I'm going against Auburn because I didn't think this team is -- they are about. But when he is top ten team telling him now in college football I -- had been in my top quantity and I only did that at Purdue -- last week. And I think Tennessee. And there what happened last week the way. Embarrassed at his story around them -- won a lot of effort and I think the defense stands strong this week and I don't think. Auburn's gonna be able to run a bad bad bad easily and that's what both got. -- due to cover seven plot points on the well. There's going to be the most one lopsided that games with the public debt Auburn team in Auburn and I'm telling an out when the season's over. It will not be a top ten football team and wanted to -- -- wine. They're gonna lose a long -- now -- done exploit them and I think Tennessee just they do that on Saturday and take ten -- to block the seventh inning. And in the NFL it's easy -- not that they -- Monday Night -- the Green Bay Packers don't let Rodgers. Quarterbacks this line that it didn't really pay at 1010 and I have been -- That's what the wind because out here and then -- we put -- which means we put a line up for next week's game that you -- bet it's not a hypothetical. It's an actual line and the line was going to minus ten. Want to go down. But -- green -- only one point where I -- promise you -- there. And beyond they meet in the -- -- not educated I am now for what will -- -- the -- in Green Bay was close. It Green Bay was supposed to be a ten point favorite in Aaron Rodgers is out now -- only a one point favorite. But I go back and that they view and also RJ told me once that. Only quarterbacks award more than one point recently in there -- -- -- about six point seats so -- he'll get a full a couple of Saturdays the. As sharp as they come again I'm happy that meant that and he's -- -- safety and not not a quarterback on the planning on a cornerback. And that played a game that's what nine point. Ever ever and now there's fame Rogers and because Seneca Wallace and Green Bay looked so bad and by the national audience. You have -- so much over if I -- just got to get the spelling it could have finished with one brother because it I'd probably made it believing you said. That I had that -- should be allowed. Not even -- might at sports and we're definitely at minus one bet that talk about what you meant that the talk about. The off pocket folks volley on social media. Check me out at. At that Florida all the political urged go to David -- comment and again appreciate that we wanted them good. Wait we can't really use it rarely got to beat -- -- celebrate on Saturday and doing it again on Sunday. I'd be -- Bosnia some tweets out there at the big chief if the we like the kind of money did fold nudging. Act act act act. We are Vegas -- pregame that kind of -- in front of Vegas from a back out the honest cash a ticket evading him don't try and all right BL -- -- next Thursday night. Our view from Vegas right here he is blocks -- the week he is taking in the Green Bay Packers minus one although Philly. And it didn't -- balls at home plus seven and although all.