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11-7 7:30pm Deke, A View from Vegas

Nov 7, 2013|

Deke gets a view from Vegas with Paul Bessire, GM of PredictionMachine.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Off view from Vegas continues here is welcome in now all of a senior GM a prediction machine. Dot com -- polyps that get right to work let's take a look you'll take as we jumping in on college football tonight Oregon and Stanford. Yeah we've got to bargaining in this game very similar opinion to a certain degree 41 between kind of predict -- score so. The of these numbers is right became put forty points bought them -- if they do that we think they'll win not only went 61% of the time we're currently only game in. Our Baylor or again and Alabama 35% chance of all. This weekend don't want them like we all in the cage -- -- -- -- double digit sacred heart beat these data bases as little political means. In our from our numbers to be over there I think there's some value because of our most going to game -- your -- would appoint them but their defense -- -- -- -- there. Now let's take a look at the propane by Minnesota and Washington. -- after that take up here and pick up that corporate. -- anything indoors because the highest scoring game you know that he did that -- day lead to much passing -- -- bottom by defense against the run two top sides. Altman who's seen the running game. And ultimately bit of a shoot out. Told me -- -- thought the record to that point spread -- and I didn't think they're very strongly in that but Washington should rated that you about 54% of our our numbers. We do a little bit lean towards the oh where do it well they're pretty -- yet did you think is gonna kick you to court or court. While with the team a prediction machine dot com and not -- -- I've -- -- -- -- a couple of other comments about things written music can't advocate in trounced last week is a seven point favorite over the in Nebraska -- -- -- -- lucky you in the game a bit of both those holes obviously -- hail Mary that we saw last week. You know beating O'Meara to beat northwestern at home right out to be tough to go on the road beat Michigan and Augustine in the bit last week that could mission statement even a country period including all you can do you are. At all now what you did the -- beaten -- Here that article dressed like the schedule are the decision -- metric. I think you should be a pretty good position put -- points in league bat with our arms spread thirty sports weekly predicted score we had a double digit. Right so he's mainly in the seventh in earnest about what has played pretty good they have a few guys won eight point total -- with Florida State -- now north they would look at it to Clinton but in the case. Boston College is it a four point favorite over New Mexico State. And that goes it's terrible we are balking partly by about four -- celebrate reported on this 14042 point to predict a score bought out don't on the road are you mentioned him. Really opening the mine made a couple of it is stated on that hole witness statement Tuesday the third worst he 125. In our power figured it out that into struggle again we -- bought out by our number 23 touchdown or. I'd be -- -- in the us -- policy in the college ranks Ole miss rebels sixteen point favorite over the offense. Yeah we we like atmosphere and it not only do I have to win but to cover the spread Arkansas. Number and hit it adequate right now -- -- that we could mean and yet he. You -- -- usually title loans pretty securely by Kentucky and especially in the let Arkansas really it's an agreement here repeal but I'll greatness burst speed and -- lead the team that opened the season and -- -- it cleaner -- -- creep back up into that they are what they've been quite recently that when the game pretty -- 37 to seventeen to pretty good score you mentioned it being a little bit more than two touchdowns that we because you were twenty court game art center now all of our sport well. I'll let everybody know how you guys keep these information -- and how you come up with him them. There we -- machine if you local the predicts the later that actually simulates every single game 50000 times in this case her. For college football the NFL -- -- a column about the launch tomorrow the NBA NHL on baseball that we've -- -- -- all week -- players -- count forward allowing them interact quite likely they are. And it doesn't matter who who what teams have done place them into may -- so strength of schedule or just the numbers -- with some pretty realistic and fortunately accurate all the opponent even our strongest we need to get spot in the -- each week -- what I want. The free pick we get away as we ever be Arturo haven't heard any warning order number well and -- -- back for more or are aware but fortunately. The results matched your education -- where are. All right Paul speak it at that next day LSU and Alabama given -- Anecdote you can keep the -- quote that 3526. That predict sort of the single digit gain twelve and a half point spread you achieve in this game. -- -- percent of retirement AI the big key Urbina or to keep the game close and reveal for which were picked you know as well. Is that he didn't do it yet met burger right now I'd be number two -- all active at the agency team that -- -- -- that's what -- -- -- to their data. And they -- really important thing to look it up in Alabama knows it yet Johnny meant so little more leaders speak to be an Alabama last couple of years. Point to get him. Jimmy -- actually looked a lot he's Egypt Egypt last year where -- At burger -- -- yet. Pillar point and door it was that we we keep a close at 3228 -- -- a little bit more point being that scored but the ball -- pitcher. Alabama but he should go back importantly to be a lot of offense Alabama they'll wind predicted -- if you caught the points that we're gonna take this week into -- for. -- right now -- -- let's take a look at some other ones so let's take a look at the Saints minus seven against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night ago. What we rarely pick in this thing to me especially it's on any of the going to be a public team construe -- and shot it got hurt that your strong opinion against the spread and it felt that we get a lot of of the week if you will. -- that it means that in the -- it was a ten point game 33 to 23 to think -- this game straight up 75% of the time. It -- at Gwinnett which is the package. It struck the -- about Erstad struck it straight at the B we have periods where it became -- project project -- Tennessee Titans. Big match -- issue but it predicting they'll run the ball. He hated for it you don't think he's 7% of the time and I think it's significantly better against that pat and arrogant Robert how are censored here. Against the pats are -- where they it. We need to breed that kind of advantage when he'd beaten Jameel shut down there contained so -- we get throwing for 300 -- equal parts. In a projected 33 point scored efforts at -- -- a ten point victory at point seven points -- And I'll speak it out then let's go to Tennessee and Jacksonville give us -- numbers and give us the -- And we like to veto it in the cover that perennially strong because the -- well. And 88 and eleven happened some places like that he did double object of 27 to sixteen to predicted score. We had it about a twelve point game a little bit more than that -- -- -- -- cover that little one and seven against the spread the for the he's the only game they covered. They were 26 in that regard to act Edgar. You can see their team that -- it typically get blown out we object they'll. Which I like the right out and you -- only sixteen which the committee members think about the fact is that after he left quite -- he went straight up all our our. They want the public doesn't RS in Miami everything they've been through it Tampa Bay went out there and it's 11 point lead. The -- -- two point favorite over Tampa Bay at Dallas South Florida team. And I could really only in the opening nine and I really look at -- the players and the other the other team and all those players are trying to artists in the third they live they live up to -- they put up until this point. I think will be much an opinion against the numbers two and -- point spread in the two point game -- -- 2018. Little. That it -- be an opinion undertake -- indict needle injured mark off the opposite like it was already giving up. The most amount of fact that all of the NFL and it's going to be a long days are ranked -- -- -- -- And fortunately order for a bit Buccaneers as good as their defense has been any sort project you know there. Bet there are -- that need to be incredibly ugly a lot of drama throughout the game -- -- -- on the field at the -- a two point victory. The under is quite. I -- given everybody know how they get all this great information you'd be given us. Prediction machine dot com the site -- -- all the in the talked about yet -- information and obviously than a -- but I thought that we'll start tomorrow would be NBA NHL on a daily basis he could probably at Twitter at. Prediction. All of us hear -- from the GM a prediction machine dot -- -- always greats that take you so much my man let's go out there and -- zone. I thought it out right well thank you and come back and now wrapping up with a very interesting story you know basketball coach engage in it that night. Mocks those of -- talk by the very unique event tomorrow. A propelling off of -- -- talent to raise money for the Special Olympics in the week it.