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11-7 7:45pm Deke speaks with Coach Sless

Nov 7, 2013|

Deke speaks with UNO Head Coach, Coach Mark Sless, about his work with the Special Olympics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now the other night you had a chance if you listen we've visited with you know men's basketball coach. Coach lessons coach this is what we effects they called him and now he's beaten Brady felt that the season Tuesday night. At the Lakefront arena -- it's male stance the majors -- town but he is he in the several others are doing some of them are a bit. I don't listen to how brave he was. But maybe when he walked outside day in. -- how windy it is outside he even more -- that he will propel off of the -- hour mark. In helping raise money with Special Olympics in Louisiana Coetzer lists are by the gets you back on a game man I hope we get a little more. Money erase that I learned more from talk of being called out to the school this really is a great call. I'm pretty -- again Bengie. Is a great cause in the these great athletes that that a bullet to work with than in -- that -- -- their coach. When they come out where the basketball clinics that we have. It in all the other great experiences that we -- That Special Olympics helped to create for these kids to. And give them opportunities to succeed in -- they they never they should it in Indy winners and it. And improved results count that did everything this is a great change or per for us to give back to help raise money for them. And not so parchment gradient. It just sit there and now people have got on the cause and air really rallied behind it and yeah I don't violent to the West Bank to get my Erica and mister DER a and I joked after round on that on the car there. -- ago and I looked up and toward a little bit down and said oh boy go to court that it cannot. I kind of luck -- good time but I was. I Dixon now what looked to have to Moss this stigma. Out of it good the first part of Wear purple all about a thirty. And in my time will be -- -- DiMarco all the way till two birdie. -- and so there will be people out there throughout the day. There's different time -- think -- about forty people that are that are doing it total and it's so it's a great chance for people come out and support kids than. Support the people that that'll be out there. I'd do it in in in in a -- to raise money and your prayers are department has partnered list too and they've really done a lot in and it did help our organizing get this together -- -- gotta give. Give goes Garrett Art Shell out for all the they're doing well. Absolutely you know meant that's well coached a -- us a special is he and so little apparel from the top of bits of our mares and money. And wins the Special Olympics of Louisiana -- list is there a web -- can folks so print more money at last minute generate some more money. Yes he can be -- A episode -- or. And guys in the bottom let -- core of that webpage are gonna see a little I chart that shows over the edge which is what they've just got to go we're going over the edge. And so LA as so dot org and what you get it correct that you -- but where you can donate. And give to any of any of people that are power off the top than. And going over the edge that are to be me to be anybody. In any -- anything that we can do to help. In and help raise money for this is it off tomorrow really appreciate you guys get invited to being in the world to -- that actual support there. Absolute mess this up basketball starts up this season a lot of folks are excited that I buys in cool you know check out go to. You know daddy -- edu depravity is you know privateers dot com the the EU the movement toward the new local folks of -- today is it some believe it's it's gone good. The voters won't atop the logo as a college athletics it's kinda then Jack Sparrow. Parent private do you look about it is realistically -- real sharp and coaching you start the season -- but what type of group people have out there on the court this year. They at a group of extremely entertaining or not huge group we were gonna play on a small ball. Oh really -- proportional to transition and get the ball up and down look for. People are getting joy at the end and be able to place and Baird's strange. Side matchups strong. You know we've got to 5859. Freshman OIQ you're five are probably 575 refreshment. From Alexander's senior high and who just don't -- firecracker people get a vote in you know we got to another dynamic freshman from Oklahoma. Our Christian high school and they try. Along with our return your children you know -- from the -- break over at John there are high school. I'm glad you're -- you're not talked about the other day premier job as well. Along with our we got three -- -- that are your kids the dog to undergraduate each either in the spring semester with one that class and somewhere that -- does here and to me that will play very. A very entertaining. Best brand of basketball that that people -- enjoy. And its list of those that they are you back you wanted to cult is active multiple it and are -- minor -- Took -- Spirituality can't tell -- there and coach and as you opened up Tuesday night and gave me a sense without tipped ball. Tip off at 7 o'clock there in beautiful arena there's not a bad -- they don't like the my -- crown -- of -- as well. In the -- Yeah I'm looking forward to a coach at a -- upcoming embrace him now among girls out took obligate they'd stay local to the ball and so golf. But comics and games at it is -- a lot of folks are excited about the program it certainly excited about. What you are many others are doing tomorrow to help raise some money and awareness. The Special Olympics here in Louisiana he's you know men's basketball coach marks lesson to check them out you know privately attack from -- -- dot edu. And active coach -- onto the coach always a pleasure mom and a good luck need to market -- being safe hands when you do have some like that you -- -- -- -- No no no doubt about. The only tomorrow morning and say it in the leg or that those. Yeah you'd be back you -- Banco. You'd be -- Okay coast and as we appreciate all right and that's athlete when you have that don't know Owens' side a Covert we've spoken to a among the Ian Dave colon. Scott Cologne that's you know some people. Put together in the sport Taylor it took a lot of people's lives in Colts president. His family are great people but. Do and that kind of thing -- though isn't it special need in Special Olympics. That to be one time new stores tomorrow for sure I mean when you come off well -- -- -- stories. Is that you and it's the that's a lot of courage and a lot of good that it's slow for the column on now it's the -- look look if you win -- it's going to be went in -- more on 830 so you see something gone on a lot of people. On top of -- and how the Marlins it's Ivan. All the toward the west bank of from their way into the OC BD that's what will be colonial. Thanks so much to up which slander on sanctity of the great dining on new Steven Geller Christie Garrett. Scott Cologne Ian -- in big sure they knew early he thought the market folks that -- he's in the long of -- -- jump to brew ETA's that don't champagne but it. He is now the mayor. He's got -- with -- although it will be with song limits you know I talk -- -- thought I'm probably on Twitter at the big --