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Nov 7, 2013|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: Should students be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? A 4th grade teacher was suspended after she made a Jehovah’s witness recite the pledge. He said he couldn’t because of his religion. Did the school do the right or wrong thing?

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Good evening of welcome to our show tonight we are alive tonight it is very breezy and it's it's -- and that is that cold but with the with the windy it is very very breezy. Hopefully you'll look forward to a great weekend the saints are gonna take on the cowboys Sunday night it's LSU Alabama week we get all the information you need on our web site. At WW dot com it's time for tonight's top later dates here the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. The saints play the cowboys Sunday night's nationally televised game from the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Is this the game when the saints are gonna come out with a all black home uniforms I think so I thought I was gonna be against the Buffalo Bills I think this is the gain if they've been waiting for to come out. And they're all black home uniforms. I get the feeling that this is the game where the saints need to make a statement. You know they've -- a good season they're six and two halfway through the season. In a nationally televised game coming off a loss to the chance. That cowboys are playing good football. I loved it that rob line the team that letting go he's facing that team in the Mercedes-Benz superdome this Sunday. I hope revenge which can be a very strong motivating factor. Is a part of the motivation that he has to get the defense ready and then of course we need to get the running game that has been one of the big issues this year. I'm sure Drew Brees was a little sore after last week's game hopefully you get a little butter protection. This week but it's going to be a great game and I'm gonna remind you once again. Even if you don't have tickets of the game. I've come downtown enjoyed being part of game day in New Orleans this is a big NFL city like every other NFL city and even if you don't have tickets of the game there's so many great places downtown and in the quarter to watch the game. And I expect -- to give you the the entire schedule. Our coverage on Sunday begins at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon with -- guy -- Christian gear life from Rouse a supermarket. As someone on the grown in the CBD not far from the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And then it -- clocked it stands first take with Todd Manassas and Steve court life from Oceanic real. Pervert and contact great place to start big day game celebration. And then also at 530 MD who'd have fans will join Bobby indeed. After the but like counter to kick off file outside of DC in the Mercedes-Benz superdome than it -- kick off time at 730. It's the best play by play team in football. Jim Anderson -- guys John -- Garrett and then after the game where the go to the gaming years hanging around downtown. I'd join Bobby and -- life from DC food for the point after it's always. Always fun to watch Bobby. Very talk very passionately about big the game in DC food and a place for good food. In the French Quarter so it's twelve hours of wall to Wall -- football coverage Sunday and it begins at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon. And you know I've mentioned this a couple of times you know I I notice that. That people start their party at the same time -- it doesn't matter whether it's. A new kick off. 3 o'clock kickoff or 7 o'clock tick off. People start departing at the same time which is usually Saturday night so you know people are gonna be a little crazy by. Game time and then certainly after the game downtown New Orleans will be wild. A number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Don't not everything about equality is it's a positive thing. A South Florida city is. Considering revising the band on -- -- pants that reveal underwear. To include women. Say it isn't so. -- -- city commissioner and Opel Opel -- Florida. -- -- the Johnson says that you know they've had this ban in effect. It's baggy pants that exposed underwear since 2007 but it only applies to guys. You know we've actually talked about this on the show and I've always sought that it was a a little bit hypocritical because their -- lot of girls walking around with pants and he conceded the top of their underwear there. -- -- would have you an umpire called that. And so now the the City Council is gonna consider including. Women. Along with with men violators currently face a 500 dollar fine. Or 25 hours of community service so far since a 200772. People had been ticketed for wearing sagging pants. Again I'm not everything about equality. Is. Good number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Fourteen year old north Texas team has pleaded guilty to killing a five year old. With a bowling ball. At a -- -- not been identified because he's a juvenile but he pleaded guilty. To capital murder yesterday. And he's going to be incarcerated for 23 years as part of a plea plea bargain came up with a the last minute site osment. Why is found dead in the backyard of a vacant lot of -- Fort Worth, Texas home back in June. And the teen told others that he killed. The five year old by hitting him twice in the head with a bowling ball. Because the kid kept pestering him. Now if you've ever been pestered by a five year old you might think this is justifiable homicide. I'm gonna have to disagree with it it. You know -- I hope we don't start hearing about how well now we need to -- we to make sure that we keep bowling balls out of the hands of children. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. According to the number of households with guns. That number has actually decreased -- according to a new study the number of households with guns. Has decreased over the years. Now does it mean that it it has increased in the last couple of years -- the information I have is sent from the the seventies the eighties and nineties and and now that the 2000 it's. And their research shows that the number of households with -- is actually decreased. There have been so many cases that we talk about it quite often on the show. Of kids getting a hold of guns. And either killing another kid. Or killing an adult or killing themselves because they got ahold of the family done. And we'll review some of those things on the show tonight. But it's interesting that if if gun ownership has gone down and the question is. Why has the number of children who died from gunshot wounds increase over 60%. Over ten year period. The number of households with guns decreases but the number of kids being killed with guns because they're playing with gonna get a hold of guns. As increased 60% over a ten year period. What what's the one factor there. I would think parents. And whenever we talk about kids getting a hold of guns and doing something bad with a -- If my child in the family is killed. I often hear well the family is is grieving and suffering enough they should not be punished criminally. And while I can only imagine what that kind of grief is like. Who speaks for the kids who were killed. Somebody has to speak for them and say wait and grief alone is not. Punishment in our legal system and I mention this it earlier today -- on the year for garlic. If if grief for -- a punishment for crime then our jails and prisons would not nearly be as crowded as they are now. Because there are a lot of people who really sore for what they did and they don't like what happened at a date they they're they're suffering. But based they were still punished. And so when there's a tragedy involving a child who dies from a gone. In the hands of another child. Why not hold the parents criminally accountable we'll talk about that on the -- right if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about. Our number is 2601872. All 3866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number is 87870. Many of the conversations that we started to have for earlier today. When I did chauffeurs for Garland will continue on the air tonight and I've received -- a number of calls and text for people who who challenged the idea that. The the number of households with guns has actually decreased. And I'll I'll give you the source of the information but what I have is the average. The average was 50% of households in the 1970s. There was gun ownership. Households with gun ownership 49% in the 80s43%. In the nineties and 35%. In the two thousands. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. 500 dollar -- Has been provided to influence TV writers and producers in Hollywood to start including positive messages. About obamacare. In the TV shows they -- and the TV shows you watch. The goal is to use entertaining prime time TV shows to improve the image of obamacare. Good luck with that I sub a few a few moments of the Country Music Association awards last night. And they've had fun with obamacare was it was very funny. This is coming from a private foundation this is not a government grant the California endowment is the private foundation. And they have been spending millions of dollars to help promote obamacare. So this 500000 dollar grant is to inspire writers and producers to include obamacare in plot lines in hopes of educating more Americans. About the benefits of obamacare. Again if it's a sitcom are you can make a lot of fun of obamacare at this point. The sad truth is that many Americans do learn about social and political issues from watching their favorite TV show us. A survey done a few years ago by the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation. I discovered that many people had changed their opinions to be more positive of gays and lesbians. And the contributing factor was seeing more gay and lesbian characters. On TV shows and in movies. And one time a vice president Joseph Biden said the TV sitcom will and grace. Did more to educate people about gays and lesbians. In almost anything anybody else is done. Have you learned anything about social or political issues. From watching TV shows. Again to join our show tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy in a text number is -- 77. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- Supreme Court is gonna hear arguments about public prayer. As saying a prayer in public before saying government meeting at City Council meeting or -- legislative -- -- so violate the constitution. I bread and and an op Ed piece at foxnews.com. By Cal Thomas. And I would consider cal Thomas and and I don't and use this in a derogatory sense it's just my assessment of of of people some people call people liberal or conservative because -- they're trying to column a degrading name. But I would say the Cal Thomas is a very strong conservative I don't know if I would call him an ultra conservative Cal Thomas is syndicated columnist and I've contributor Fox News I would say these are very conservative -- But he rice's op Ed piece which is really interesting it's titled the Supreme Court in public prayer. Why would god be more impressed with public prayer than private prayer. And this in this case involves. It's a situation in Greece New York. Where they were reciting -- prayers. Before board meetings. And the prayers were overwhelmingly Christian. Last year a federal appeals court ruled that. Such a steadied a drumbeat of Christian in vocations violates the constitution's prohibition against. The government endorsing. A religion. On the court has struggled with the First Amendment to over this issue in -- New York the town board. Made it attempts to have different states say prayers. But they ended up mostly being Christian prayers and one woman who is part of that lawsuit that was filed itself before the Supreme Court. Said that she was uncomfortable with the sectarian prayers. Another woman -- part of the lawsuit who is an atheist said that she objected to sitting through the faith. Based indications. In their briefs. These women said that the legislative bodies are required to have nonsectarian. And the their prayers or anything but that. In his op Ed piece Cal Thomas says quotes Isaiah 4017. Talking abouts public prayer. On how god -- nation sand and this this idea that well in America we we can pray publicly. And and we should pray before. American. Government events. But in I say a forty seven team. It says before him all nations. Are as nothing. They are regarded by him as worthless and less than nothing. -- Cal Thomas in this op Ed piece also goes on to say that and this is from Matthew 66. -- Jesus commanded his followers. But when you pray go into your room close the door and pray to your father who is unseen. Then your father who sees what he's done in secret. Will reward you. And Cal Thomas is actually talking about how. Maybe we put too much emphasis on the idea that we need to say a prayer in public because we can all say prayers to ourselves whenever we want to. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Should students be forced to recite. The pledge of allegiance even if doing so violates their religious beliefs. Again this was the conversation started earlier today at WW on I want to continue it on this -- -- ninth. -- there was a teacher in a Florida school district who was suspended for five days without pay. -- after she required a fourth grade student to recite the pledge of allegiance. The school district said the teacher was suspended after she made a jehovah's witness student recite the pledge. And she she physically placed his hand over his heart twice. When the class was doing the pledge of allegiance. The students said he told his teacher that he couldn't recite the pledge of allegiance because of his religion. The teacher said she was aware of the -- relation but didn't know that he couldn't say the pledge of allegiance. Did the school do the right thing. I wrote a blog about this it's on our website tonight the blog is titled should all students be forced to recites. The pledge of allegiance. And you might agree or disagree with -- that's the way it is in America. You can read it -- artists on our website at WWL dot com under our opinions on the front page scroll down until you find it or find it on on this two page. What I find interesting about this is. We respect. Freedom of religion. And according to. Jehovah's witness this is from my understand I'm not a jehovah's witness and I I don't know when he jehovah's -- -- they had him come to my door. At times set throughout my life. But I have learned that. They played only to their god and not to the flag or this country that's their religious belief. It doesn't mean that they're not patriotic. It doesn't mean that they're not good Americans. It simply means that based on their religious beliefs they don't play edge. To the flag or to a country they played only to their god. Why isn't that something that we should respect. The idea that every student has to recite the pledge of allegiance I what I'm a patriotic person and I I hope you are too. But repeating the pledge of allegiance every day that doesn't make you patriotic. And I think sometimes we put too much emphasis on tangible things. And it it violates a student's. Religious beliefs which you know if you think about it this country was founded. On religious beliefs. Long before it actually became the United States of America. And so if we are to respect the true spirit of America. Should we not respect. Freedom of religion. And if it's against somebody's religion to pledge to a flag 88 tangible. Object. Then why would you be upset with that. Now it's my understanding that Jehovah's Witnesses are not willing to stand. And be respectful while the pledge is is being said. They just don't say the pledge themselves. And while I don't understand much about being a jehovah's witness. I respect freed from which is so much that I don't think is a nation we should freak out that. Somebody's not saying the pledge of allegiance if it's something that goes against their religious beliefs if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And our text number is 87870. And here's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight. Should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it's against their religious beliefs. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we'll be tracking that -- about our show tonight. And we're giving up and coming up here in just a few minutes and finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. I was really touched by him a picture that I saw him. And that got a lot of response to this earlier today and I wanted to continue the conversation tonight. I was really touched by a picture that I saw today. Of a young black male wearing a hoodie. Who has fallen asleep and he's had his resting on a Jewish gentlemen. Next to him on a New York's -- This picture. To me. Captures the positive side of humanity. So often on the show we we talk about the negative side of humanity. We talk about hate we talk about. Ugly things it's real easy to get on the air and say hey you know white people -- rude calming and tell -- when somebody -- -- deal last. You know phone lines light up a negative news always gets more attention than positive news. But as I did earlier I wanna do this on the show tonight. I won a challenge us. To look at the positive side of life I heard some incredible stories today. Random acts of kindness. And when I saw this picture this morning it really it it really touched me a young black guy wearing a hoodie. Which fall asleep on the shoulder of a of a Jewish man on on the New York subway. And the guy who took this picture by the way this went up on FaceBook and almost immediately -- 20000 times. I think we still have -- on our FaceBook page. And Ted WWL radio so check that out I'll read some of your comments if you wanna become part of that conversation. On FaceBook at WWL radio. The guys took the picture asked that the the big guy do you want me to wake him up. Any he said no he said. He must've had a long day. -- sleep. Revolt in their right. So. We all that again this is a small thing. But to me it's it's significant because it does show a very positive side of -- of people. And I mentioned it yesterday I was walking to the station and there was a there was a guy working on a hole. On the sidewalk at a CBD. And and I'm going to work ethic of Thomas guys like I'm I'm I'm starting up my day and go to the station I'm gonna go to talk to -- restarting office they work in a hole. In that the CBD in a sidewalk I thought chairman -- like I'm I'm having these thoughts is a walking up to. And how long is gonna take him this is CDC to go on into another hole orders is they finish when he finishes with this whole. And the guy just -- just happen to look up to be -- said good morning. And I was touched by that. I tend to be very much to myself was I walked down the street in a touch me that this guy took a moment you know me. Took a moment to just say hi. So with these little things that happened to -- in life that I think we quite often take for granted. And in the same way that hate can be infectious. I think. Love and kindness can be infectious as well. And it wouldn't take much for us to be a little nicer to each other. On a regular basis into to notice those times when others are nice to us. Have you been the victim. Of random act of kindness recently if you wanna join our show -- the -- tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889070. In a text number is 87070. Should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it defy us there and there religious beliefs sort of thinks we're talking about also. Random acts of kindness. Have you experienced you feel like you have been the victim and I I I use that word on purpose because it. So starkly contrast. The the victims of random acts of violence. Have been the victim of random act of kindness. Tennis as somebody dance of the -- or have you done something nice for somebody else. We'll share some some stories. I think if we take more time to notice the good things that people do we we feel better about society in general. When we watch the news every -- we read the news or we go online to check the news. It's it's human nature. For bad news to get more attention and good news it's human nature -- you have a bad meal at a restaurant to tell more people than if you have a good meal. It's not a good thing but it's I I accept that it's human nature. But if we challenge ourselves to think about. Good things and again this is inspired by this extraordinary picture that I saw of this young. Black male. Wearing a hoodie when his head he's he's asleep in his head is on the shoulder of a gentleman next going on in New York subway. I think about what your first response would have -- an -- I honestly I have to be Iman nice guy. But he somebody rested their head in my shoulder I would have shrugged them off. And now looking at this guy who didn't do that I would be ashamed of myself for doing that. And I got a text earlier from someone who said this shouldn't be surprised. This should be the way humans act on a regular basis. Up from New Orleans I secure on WWL. -- -- -- Are at the pleasure of being invited to give the invocation at a rule on City Council meeting some years ago. I am always so distressed when I hear people say prayers. Without realizing that they're not only people or other denominations but all the religions who are involved. So I -- -- to be a very nice nondenominational. Nonsectarian prayer. And after I concluded our turn to walk away. A group of nuns who were sitting in the front. To be -- on the issue on bowed out and came open embraced me. All of this City Council people got up and came over it shook my hand even -- policemen on can be taken over. And I -- it was so nice that. All of them express. Appreciation. Are hearing somebody. Sport divine guidance or are the people to hear where they good heart. What these people were going to petition Clark. Ban what -- -- snicker good combo order created to be decided. In their fair and equitable manner. -- I left there where it if some other -- -- a couple of days. Are noticeably better in that respect should be. Do you remember some of the things that you said in that prayer. -- this play pass that. The creator. Open hearts and the minds of the people and give them -- and sensitivity to. These individuals who were bear river is sure polite that -- -- wears them and fairness. And they're just basically went a long line because -- -- you can keep that to. -- very short period of time. And you know -- fit inside of that. But I contend that. Games college football games what are people prayed for our home team and -- that. -- like but it's reported publicly welfare all square and then all of the players. Yeah -- I I don't I don't know I don't doubt there are a lot of people who pray for the saints to win and I have to tell you that I guess I've been kind of guilty of of doing that and I I hope god understands that week you know. Because god likes both of the teams are equally I would assume. So it I guess -- there is somewhat of a conflict if we pray for one team to have to beat the other team we should she say just -- for a safe game. I -- you try to build a -- and -- quick. I stopped and pulled all over. And I drive back and -- on I attempt from along the better route almost daily. Jumped out ran back to a lady. Gave her and her daughter a gallon of antifreeze. And Ayatollah I had to make an appointment. I got a front car summit we got -- flat mile down market by about. An exact game over it they'll meet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great story Isaac I'm glad you took time to caller showing it thanks for listening. Here's a text that read says -- here's a question any thoughts on the North Shore mother. Who thought it was a good idea and a family tradition for her six year old cost to costume as a plan map yes I saw that little kid with a the Klan outfit on. Yeah I'll answer that question we come back have you been the victim of random act of kindness recently. And if you haven't seen this picture go to our FaceBook page WWL radio and take a look at this what I think is an extraordinary picture that really. Personifies. The goodness in inhumanity. How this guy just like to sky fall asleep on the shoulder under New York subway. And should students be forced to say the pledge of allegiance even if it goes against their religious beliefs ledger -- tonight I'm scoot and here is detects that reads. Well this is about is it okay to pray for the saints and is it okay to pray for one team to beat the isn't is it okay to pray to god. For one team to beat the other team on unless the other team is -- Atlanta Falcons and it's OK it just kidding. Yeah I would think that the falcons might be the might be the exception. Here's a text you can pray for the New Orleans Saints to win a game as long as you're not praying for the other team. To get hurt and I I understand that. A lot of people are. And so neutral though when it comes to guide that they wouldn't even pray for the saints when I don't think there's any problem with praying for the saints to win. And I think this is the week the states come out with -- all black uniforms Sunday night's kick off around 730 Mercedes-Benz superdome. And our twelve hours a saints coverage begins Sunday afternoon. At 1 o'clock and it looks as if the weather's gonna be really nice for tailgating or just just walking around at the CBD the warehouse district of the French Quarter just being part of of of game day now on Sunday. Here is attacks to about the the picture and by the way the picture is on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. It's -- down the the left hand column and you'll you'll see part of the picture but click on the picture so you can see the whole thing it's a picture that touched me earlier today. And it's. A young black male wearing a hoodie. Who. Has fallen asleep and his head is resting on. A Jewish gentlemen sitting next to him on a New York subway. And the guy who took this picture. Asked the -- the Jewish guy which are likely to wake him up when he said now. -- he's just tire he's had a long day. And and I am I ashamed to tell you that if somebody did that to me I'd I'd I'd probably be shrugged them off I wouldn't be mean about it but you know it be like to get a MySpace. And in looking at how this was handled by this gentleman it embarrasses me to say that I I would've would've done that. Here's attacks that just reflects the ugliness. It in this city and across this country. The text reads most every young black male in New Orleans -- ability to hide their faces during a crime. Now to say most. Means over 50%. And I don't know if you have done any surveys on this but I don't know if you could say that over 50% of black males in New Orleans are wearing booties to hide their faces during a crime. And this guy isn't -- -- committing a crime and for anybody who has not recognized yet. That wearing booties is something that is simply fashionable. Not just with the young black males. But with white suburban kids and the white females. Anybody who has it recognized that simply doesn't want to accept the truth and they're they're quick to. -- 21 -- just lay blame on young black males and and that that's that's wrong with the you've liked the look or not. It has become fashion now that doesn't mean that some people don't utilize the hoodie for committing a crime. But that doesn't make the -- inherently wrong and that does it make everybody who wears a hoodie a criminal. Also tonight we're talking about random acts of kindness and -- I get another text here. Why are you calling it a victim of random act of kindness you mean recipient. What -- course at you know this a little bit of sarcasm on the show and and I I think by calling it a random act of kindness. And we get that from random acts of violence we refer to victims of a random act of violence. I just think it did demonstrates. The total difference from one to the other if you say if -- that's just what we choose to do additional. If you have been a victim recipient of a random act of -- what what do what does somebody do for you recently. And and what have you noticed about humanity that is good now. I realize that it's a lot easier on talk radio. To get people to talk about. Rude people and and we talk about -- people on the show they'll they'll be playing time to talk about rude people. But having seen this this picture this morning. I was touched by it and then it. Yesterday walking to the station a guy that just it didn't know who I was just took a moment to say hi in his case. Doing manual labor and it did in a hole and that the C meant working on -- CNET hole on the sidewalk in the C Beatty took a moment to say. Good morning. And I thought that was I thought it was great and I I feel like I should have told him good morning before he told they can boring. In any event we're talking about random acts of kindness have you been the recipient of that where the victim of that recently. If you wanna join our show with a comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Days early seventy. In a text number is 877 a 500000. Dollar grant has been provided to influence TV writers and producers to start. Putting positive messages about obamacare. In the TV shows that they writes the TV shows that you watch we'll tell you more about that coming up in the next hour I if here's a text about the pledge. What if for a great in American history or civics teacher. I made him say the pledge should the teacher have to change her lesson. -- to give the kid a free ride because of their religion we're talking about a teacher who was suspended. In a Florida school district because she required a fourth grader -- say the pledge of allegiance even though it was against his religious police -- a jehovah's witness. And if it's part of a lesson that would be one thing perhaps. But to. Recite it. As a ritual. If that is against your religion to make a pledge to an inanimate object like a flag or a country. And according to what I have learned -- witnesses only make a pledge to their god that I think it was wrong to make the students say the pledge of allegiance. I -- on -- and a BW elegant evening. Argued PR act kind of talk about that happened and he. An opportunity. Middle school child. It is I'll. Our football team and they -- each hit our mark -- coached. About have been beaten up -- play at one point it was a two yard line and stop all our groups. And then the second player was brilliant. It happened but there are around -- push over the line let me get a -- out and college age group supported by all OJ. Other ball players lives at a -- -- recover afterwards. Sean I appreciate you sharing that witness that's the other thing about it when somebody -- she -- do something nice for them. It actually makes you feel better about yourself. Sometimes people give you the opportunity to do something that. Actually ends up helping you while you're helping them. We'll continue to talk about random acts of kindness. And I again I was touched by this picture that I saw earlier today. A young black male wearing a hoodie who has fallen asleep in his hands resting on the shoulder. But the guy next to him a white Jewish guy next to him on the New York subway. Can you think of random act of kindness that happen to you recently we'll be right back after the news.