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11-7 9:10pm Scoot, Pledge of Allegiance.

Nov 7, 2013|

Should students be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? A 4th grade teacher was suspended after she made a Jehovah’s witness recite the pledge. He said he couldn’t because of his religion. Did the school do the right or wrong thing?

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It is a very breezy night throughout this part of the country nice cool fall like weather I'll be adjusted to the time change you know it it gets dark so early night. I have to languished starting a show in the middle of the night because he was sort around. Around dusk David -- just getting dark coming on the evident that a -- dark earlier because of the time change last week. Here's an update on our WW -- pretty general opinion -- this appeals for a year -- talking about tonight. Should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it's against their religious beliefs. 42% say no and 58% say yes they should be forced to do even if it's if it's against their religious beliefs. We'll track this poll throughout our show give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com that we give you know erupted on that coming up a few minutes. The -- good blog which is set trending it to WW real dot com under our opinions to scroll down to you find it. Is titled should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance. And in looking into this I've I've thought about religious freedom and I thought about. -- the pledge of allegiance which I totally respect but should we respect religious beliefs. Above forcing somebody to say the pledge of allegiance in fourth grade class. If you just joined a set tonight a teacher at a Florida school district was suspended for five days without pay. Because she forced. A jehovah's witness student -- great student to recite the pledge of allegiance or she kept putting his hand. On his on his heart to win the class was doing it. Now he was willing to stand and be respectful but she wanted him to participate. Where's that right or wrong for the teacher if you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 87870. Also a driver. We're talking about this picture that I saw earlier today -- really touched me and I started this conversation on the station went right into the show for Garland earlier today and I wanted to continue tonight. Because I've just -- some amazing stories. It's a picture of it is gone viral we -- on our FaceBook page at WW old radio and if you haven't seen it yet take a look at it. It's at a picture of the young black guy wearing a hoodie who has fallen asleep on a subway in his hand is resting on the shoulder of a Jewish gentlemen. Next story. And the person who took picture asked the the guy do you want me to wake him up. And he said no no don't don't like him out he he obviously had a long day and you he's tired let him sleep. And I I can't help but think about how I might react in that situation is so when he fell asleep in my shoulder on a street car on a blustery and some public setting. I would probably nudge them in and get them to move. And when I look at how this is handled and kind of embarrassed to think that I would handle it that way. You can give us your comments also if you become part of the conversation on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. -- only part of the picture shown on the FaceBook page astounded. On the left column. So click on the whole picture in and take a look at a comment or if you like it was shares of your comments a little bit later. So this brings us tonight to talk about random acts of kindness because this picture is something that really does capture. A very positive side of humanity. Has somebody done something. Two you were for you recently. It made -- the victim of random act of kindness. Or have you done something for somebody else. We so often focus on negative things and and sometimes we have to. But there's nothing wrong with. Also finding the positive things did that we have to talk about positive things that humans do. Forty each other. Because there really are some positive aspects of of humanity. To join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. In a text number is 87870. Here is a text that reads Escude in the Jewish religion. An act of kindness or a good act is called a much fun. Pronounces it dispel I hope I did that right you try to do one at least every day. Maybe we'll -- Here's detects a Catholic Church. It doesn't have to provide birth control. Its kids have to say the pledge. Wonderful. Here's another -- -- there's nothing nicer than a simple good morning to a complete stranger. End and that's true I have to admit that I. I'm not as as as openly courteous and nice -- I should be I always hold doors open. But I don't go out of my way to say good morning I mean sometimes I do but for the most part I -- to myself. And I attended -- inclusive by nature. Sort of go on in my waited to say they said -- you know if I'm an elevator. And I don't know anybody I don't say anything for the most part and maybe I should be a little more. Willing to start conversation that conversations but just. Just acknowledge somebody's existence. By saying good morning -- report are saying hi. Now if it's somebody in the apartment building on Libya and -- chances are I'm gonna see them again in some cases I've seen them several times. So it might be easy for me to say. You know how you doing have a good day. But I've really. I don't go out of my way as much as I should and when I realized this -- skyway is which working I was lucky to work yesterday morning is working on -- on a hole. In the sidewalk area of the CBD and he is I passed by just happens to look up and say good morning. He didn't have to do that. But that was a nicely for the -- and that was it really simple thing to touch a from -- Fernando Euro on WWL. They -- to -- -- authorities and the lesson to you read that comment about the fourth grader that you mentioned was forced. By the teacher who was suspended for -- -- -- -- -- wanna say the pledge of allegiance you know. But what I find -- the distribute five years ago level folks from all the country. Come to this beautiful great country of ours and they don't want here. Or compliment them beat X sixteen and rituals lost tradition that we have that we also -- -- but yet. Went something like that public school was supported by the government by the public. And also it is a matter of the shooter going into product kills people. Was going to be here for those people the local police that matchup for what is going to have to do that got to. -- -- The unity of what makes this country great -- -- -- that they not in the country can hit 1966 when my parents prosecute them. But up even more and -- much hindrance in the -- pledge of allegiance. It's cool because that is what sparked this country. Tradition that we uphold and we gonna come to this country to profit from. You know the -- as you can start here as a principal -- or if you have a religion that you may not quite. Upbeat in -- winner beat Clinton in Asia on school. Wouldn't it be Jewish would that be multiple what did you what appeared that it should be but -- -- -- it awfully cool. Then that should automatically. You know. -- overrides everything else the. -- that they're there there could be people who could afford to says syndicate to only as a result of religious based school. Get what you really that you could go to public school. That you that you know right cute too stupid and I something that is want to beat this because as well as optimism. Well what we know certainly credit for percent Britain's country to be. This is why -- we have lost. There respect. They've -- children. Used to have in this country that is why can't get away with a lot of -- that -- because they would not be here and polls they're not being held to certain standard that get away with it and to me Vincent spot of this culture that make this country what it is. But I I've I basically I I I agree with much of what you're saying however when it comes through somebody's religious police and and you know what's also mentioned that. If it is -- of jehovah's witness it's not as if they came to this country -- could have been born here and via an American citizen but based on their religious police -- not pledging to. Our flag not pledging to a country but only saying a pledge to their god. I can respect that. And and not demand that they say the pledge of allegiance and as far as I know they were snowed disruption. And I've gotten some emails and text from people who say they're Jehovah's Witnesses and did they are willing to stand and be respectful they just won't actually say the -- because that defies their beliefs. That well again that's just my personal view I am not written from here. I would rate this country exit and contribute thirteen I never had a problem adjusting to the law. I I totally I totally agree with you about people who come to America and not only people who come to America but people who are born here everybody should become part of society in their arson. There are some norms. But we do we do have so much respect for religious freedom. In this country actually was founded on religious freedom before it became the United States of America. I would think that we could respect that and not and not panic if somebody doesn't say the pledge of allegiance but I do respect your opinion for Toronto. And one final thing that this what is. You know that it's very EP where would you not would you accept parts. Or or or eight and culture expert -- they've yet. Who that you don't respected your inspiration it's not in the community and it and you followers who spoke -- So to me you know politics and religion should be separate. Fernando I'm I'm glad you called and thanks for being part of American thanks for being part of this cute show. And here's a Texan -- I saw you at a saints game and you ignored me I hate you LOL love the show. You know there's -- -- you know I stayed to myself and I mean if somebody says something to me I'm not gonna ignore them. But I don't go on in my waited to say hi as much as I should say hi to people. I don't know have you been the victim of random act of kindness. And should students speed required to say the pledge of allegiance even if it defies their religious beliefs. Do you feel about that tomorrow night there's high school football on WWL. And then there's Monday Night Football Monday night so make an appointment to join us for the -- showed Tuesday night and the rest of next week. Here under VW well here's a text taste good I saw you at Roy are -- called concerts. In Lafayette square last week huge fan of viewing your show I tell people good morning good afternoon all day long. It actually makes me feel good inside to do so whether I am or am not acknowledged but it's good to -- I hope I was nice to you via. But you square concert. It's a -- had a random act of kindness happened to me a few months ago. A few months ago I started back to work as attempt she for temp job. When I had to walk eight and a half miles to work. To get there on time. When I had to arrive from my shift for the day I told the manager I had to walk here. And all the way from uptown to -- -- So while everyone was going to launch the same manager told me. Abouts my nice long walk and treated meat to launch and gave me camp their home. For a couple of days and that is that's from Donald. Now I admire the hell out of you for walking eight and a half miles to go to work. Have you been the victim or recipient if you will of a random act of kindness to somebody does something nice for you. Or have you done something nice for somebody else and if you haven't seen this picture yet. Obvious addition blackmail a wearing a -- who has fall asleep on their shoulder gentleman next to him who didn't wanna wake him because he he said we've all been there and obviously this guy had a a long day so. Did you sleep sleep that's was that was his response when somebody wanted to to wake him up the pictures on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. On FaceBook and stay on the left hand column and a click on the take a look at the picture give us your comment I'll share some of those comments coming up in just a few minutes. And here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it's against their religious beliefs. 45% say no. And 55%. Say yes. Here's the text for or against. Pledge of allegiance. Or get out. You see. That doesn't sound very American to me. And if you believe in freedom. If you believe in the freedom that. People have fought for. Over the years. That freedom actually give somebody the freedom to be disrespectful to our country. It gives somebody the freedom to desecrate the flag in expressing their opinion. I don't think they should. But you can't pick and choose which freedoms you allow him which freedoms you you don't allow. From Denham springs mark here on WWL. Eight you. Initial allotment wanna comment on them. -- greater influence we could not. Originally. Young and brown well. What. -- with the witnesses believe is you know is -- and they're neutral you know they're not. One management. And the whole pledging allegiance. To add to what -- understood is not bad at all so. Ritual. On tradition that is not part of the Bible and what the witnesses. Strictly believe it is from the Bible and you know it actually if you try to force that the president do it did not part of their religion. You know our debt that and -- you know so. Yeah I. I can respect. I can respect somebody's religious beliefs sanity -- if it's somebody's religious beliefs to not pledge. To a flag or to a country and play -- to their guide. Then I I can respect that and that doesn't mean the person is unpatriotic. That doesn't mean the person hates America. No no of course not no -- and -- -- -- Beijing they have high morals are there they're taught. Everything Biden you know bit -- you know in. Later life and -- Aren't buying what kind -- column mentioned about you know kids nowadays. I don't know that not being. Libby not being taught her -- not being enough like to call. All accountable for their actions. I don't agree with that -- -- -- the Whipple and truthfully and that that's all day you know. Mark I appreciate you sharing that -- I I agree that there's a lot wrong with with America and I agree that there's a lot wrong with younger generation said. That haven't been taught to be respectful of this country and native of each other and of adults but when it comes to somebody's religious beliefs to me. That's differed from just being disrespectful. And especially if somebody's willing to stand. But simply just not pledge and not put his hand on his hard because it is religious police. I gotta respect that and and not freak out -- Too many people in this country are. Our. Hysterical when it comes to anything that might appear to be unpatriotic. And and I guess to some degree with everything that goes on in this country and around the world. I guess it's natural for us to want to defend patriotism but I don't think we should read. Hate and being unpatriotic to America or disloyal to America in everything that happens because if it's what you religious beliefs again like I can respect that. -- -- as planned let's go show ritualistic if you wanna join us with failure -- tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a -- -- 877. His attacks tried being nice. It is text jump around because system and commence sometime -- depicted this taxi just jump when I'd started to read. The text read this I tried being nice it will make you feel better frankly after listening to you a nightly since she started. I'm a little surprised. He's scolded that unfriendly stripper. But you don't. Show -- cute but you don't show courtesy. You'll enjoy it just try it. No -- guaranteed to -- I'm not exactly sure what this is saying I. I don't know a fight this respected as a stripper. I got okayed there was a story once tonight I told on the -- the Sunday afternoon and I'm I'm walking down Bourbon Street a couple of friends. And my friend turned to take a picture of a stripper -- it was outside. And she got really upset and started cursing in my friend. I don't even wanna say with the blacks but there were a lot of blanks. You anyway. So she cursed she cursed my friend and I said. But that's it's a way to treat somebody who's visiting from out of town of a -- she soared to cursed me and that she spit at me she missed me but destroy. The stripper spit at me as I was -- Tim Urban streets so I was real happy with that particular stripper I -- asked for that. Here's a text and I think everyone who lives in America should be a patriotic person. You live in America be grateful. I I understand that but is that there's something. Isn't there something different about not wanting to pledge. To a flag tangible object or pledge to a country if your religion tells you what it's not something that I understand because I'm not. Of a religion that doesn't allow you to do event. But can't we respect somebody who doesn't want a pledge based on their religious police. The -- applaud tonight on our website at WW real dot com under our opinions is should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance and sort of thing for a talking about on the show tonight. A 500 dollar grants. Has been provided to influence TV writers and producers. To start. Including positive messages about Obama care. In the plot lines of the TV shows they write. And the TV shows you watch. The goal is to. Get the positive image of Obama care out there and I mean honestly right now I don't know are you gonna get very much of a positive image about obamacare and I would think that if if they're gonna encourage. Writers to include plot lines about obamacare if it's a sitcom they're gonna have a field day night last night I I saw a little bit of the Country Music Association awards. And there were some moments when they they took some really funny shots at obamacare. Kenneth you're on the VW -- evening. -- guests and realize that that's. -- agree. If it's under the first Jabil. It's against the law. And -- planet is against the law no it's not yet not now. Well on Monday. Well it's not a -- around somebody you know it's not illegal in your neighborhood if if you if there's if there's this feeling that it's on it's it's not illegal in any neighborhood. It's well the problem would be burning the flag if you if you light a fire in public -- you might be trouble for that but not the not desecrating the flag that's protected by the First Amendment. Which you might get in trouble lighting it on fire and public because you lit something on fire -- is a newspaper or or the flag that might be a technicality where they can. Could could arrest you but you -- You do have the freedom to desecrate the -- in America. I'm not saying that's the right thing to do at camp but that is -- and are great -- I guess. Let's -- show thanks for listening here's attacks no pledge of allegiance no food stamps no free education no obamacare no vote. Really. Wasn't this country founded on religious police before it actually became the United States of America. And shouldn't we respect religious police. And and why would anybody be so threatened that. That somebody based on religious beliefs not based on anti American sentiment. But based on religious police state they don't. Recite. The pledge of allegiance because he's pledging. To a flag into a country which apparently is against. Religious beliefs. As -- RWW a project opinion poll tonight should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it goes against their religious police give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. And we'll give you an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes. Four Givenchy calls here's a text his conduct to be a downer but you forgot about you know what I'm glad you reminded me of this -- You know I get involved in these -- these breaks and that we we talk about so much stuff on the show that sometimes I actually forget. To talk about something I said it was gonna talk about -- -- reminding me to talk about the six year old. Klansman in training. This was there a little six year old kid that -- in dressed up in -- Klansman. Constant. And the mother justify this. In the mother has a right to do this. I it's just sad that anybody would. We do that guy. You know that there are many parts of the country where if if kids Wear sheets with eye holes and -- they're just being ghosts. I in this part of the country of their kids who were little clan members and is this smothering effect I think they had the -- emblem on the the sheet. And -- -- head in. Net and know what more of a despicable costume could somebody where but there is ignorance in this country. And there are people who were so ignorant. That they would justify dressing up their kid. As the a little kkk. Member in waiting. And you know you you can't. He can't ban ignorance. We can talk about it and we -- pointed out and we can say that that woman is ignorant and it's a damn shame what she's doing to our kids. But I guess she would argue that she has the right to be ignorant. From Gramercy Melissa you're on WWL. -- Any. To me why -- -- -- pain. Me. It porn throughout apple really need crowds you're out at the gala for the rest stimuli. You know he let you model Qiyue. For charity. -- that you are lagging that you know and little car. You love America you love right Iraq War pride in that whatever. In Cuba I. Are -- I don't get. -- and got. Their legs it died you know. Well since I'm not a jehovah's witness I can't speak firsthand. But it's my understanding that in their religious beliefs they don't pledge to anything other than their god and pledging. To the United States of America is pledging to a country and not to your guide and while I don't understand that in those aren't my beliefs I -- respected those are somebody's police and I'm. I don't think they should be forced to say the pledge of allegiance. I'm not be. They get an ancient branch. It just by heat and the writing with -- wit her son Brett critical. Client whatever you know in rainy. You know ordinary. We're -- to me and look at that you know it should not aware. You know our economy you know that they being -- I'm carrying out another -- -- -- You know I think in the ink. Special needs. -- in the -- Yeah. I don't know five wood compared the the situation of not saying the pledge with a woman who dressed up again I don't little clan member. But you know I'm get I give -- the definition out of me. Look at it I -- -- -- But as you as you know Melissa within our own religions will we we define certain things certain ways and -- it's always going to be very subjective to judge things within. Your religious beliefs and and and they're gonna be things that don't make sense to you were to me but it makes sense to van and I just think of it's based on religion and not anti American sentiment if it's not defying the country but it's based on your religious beliefs which. You know I mean I I guess the argument could be made that god is bigger than America. And this country was really founded on freedom of religion before meet the people who came to this country that. That led to America becoming the United States of America they came here to. To get away from religious persecution and that the freedom to. Worship the way they wanted to worship so to me that even supersedes. Some things in it in America. If you come from another country. And you know where can the United States. You know now that we -- being tried in the hearing date cat is making each column. -- You know what you can mean no we don't actually. -- and -- -- that can make up handing out where other people are staying out you support our country. Well I grow if you covered this country EU EU should -- if you wanna come to this country you should become part of this country. And and therefore you should pledge on it to America but I I think -- not pledging on religious. Stands it is is a little bit different from I'm not becoming part of America. On the other thing I would say is that there's also been criticism of the pledge of allegiance. And in some areas because in in schools where kids have come here and they don't they don't speaking -- shed. They have actually done the pledge of allegiance in Spanish. And that is upset a lot of people but if these kids don't understand English wouldn't you rather them pledge allegiance to America in a language they understand. Then say words that they don't even understand. We know we have to compromise. With it meant is. It likely have to compromise that little bit here. They're trying. Yeah I mean as long as the goal is for these kids to. Right any -- the goal is not too. To protect their Spanish to -- what they don't learn English if their learning English but they don't know what yet I would rather them. Pledge allegiance to the flag in Spanish because that's what they understand as opposed to saying words in English and I don't really know what they're doing as long as the long range goal is for them to ultimately speak English. Melissa I enjoyed our conversation thanks for calling. Right here is a text a part of becoming a US citizen is reciting the pledge of allegiance. You are pledging your allegiance to the country not to any specific god I do understand that. But if you're jehovah's witness it EU might be born here. You might not have to become a US citizen because -- or any US citizen. So it based on religious beliefs they don't wanna say the pledge of allegiance because that defies the -- why is that -- problem. -- WW both -- general opinion poll tonight should students be required to do it even if it's against their beliefs. Can -- opinion by going to WW real dot com and we'll give you an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes also I I read a study about. The the number of households with with guns. Has actually decreased in the 2000 it's. And yet there seems to be an increase in children who die from from guns. Sounds to me like maybe there's some parents in the house who weren't being responsible very breezy Thursday night getting ready for what seems to be a very nice weekend as far as the weather is concerned it's going to be chilly again tonight chilly in the morning. And then I think mid seventies for tailgating before the saints cowboys game Sunday afternoon into Sunday night. Our coverage begins at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon it's a 730 kick off on TV that to schedule and a -- of you are coming up. In the next hour and even if you don't buy tickets of the game I always like to talk about this. Come downtown to become part of the game day is -- especially when it's Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football town. It's very exciting to be part of the energy and you know in a lot of people who come downtown and they'll find a nice place and then the CBD or in the French Quarter to watch the game. And and be part of the crowd before and after the game. If you enjoy pressure with a comic tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. We're talking about a teacher who was suspended in a Florida in a school district. Because she was forcing a jehovah's witness student in a fourth grade class. To recite the pledge of allegiance when that is against. On their religious beliefs. Here's an email that I received. This says I'm a jehovah's witness we stand up during the pledge of allegiance to us to show respect for the USA. But we don't take a pledge to a flag only to our god. Here is another email that I received. You live in the United States whether it's against your religious beliefs or not you pledge. Really. And so just saying the pledge of allegiance nature patriotic person. Think about all the people who are in prison. Think about all of the people who have turned into very anti American activist. And -- horrific acts against this country. Think about all those people who probably grew up saying the pledge of allegiance every day when they were in school. I got a text a moment ago that says we we -- we pay more attention to symbolism than substance. And that -- tour I think that's part of what this conversation as it is about as it's part of what I talk about in on the block. That we shouldn't be so sensitive to think that if somebody doesn't do something they're there on American. If they're doing something because of their religious beliefs. They might really be a more patriotic American that a lot of people who are reciting the pledge of allegiance every day. Reciting the same prayers in church every week back does it make you a good Christian. That's an IQ good Catholic it doesn't make you a good person. There are a lot of people who who don't even pay attention to the worst that their recite you know I remember the pledge of allegiance I didn't. I was really confused as a kid. Because I couldn't figure out who this guy Wallace Richard stance. And there was no Richard stands. In the history books and yet I'm standing up in school. And I'm I'm I'm saying this pledge. One god and our nation to Richard stance. I that they were -- to Richard stands instead of saying to which it stands or wherever. -- I kept looking for Richard stands in the history books and I and I never found it. Gun ownership in America in terms of the households that have guns has actually gone down in the two thousands. We'll have more on that coming up for if you wanna join our show the -- tonight numbers 260187. -- framed 8668890. Point seven -- at a text number is 87870. Here's a text ahead at Pakistani fellow working for me as a bartender his brother. Who is a strict religious conservatives visited for a week so for that week we voluntarily moved him to tickets sales. To save his life. We all had -- that he was a great employee. Before the chase for the cowboys Sunday night the saints are going to announce their ring of thought it through the ring of honor time this saints are conducting Ricky Williams. I'm sorry. Ricky Jackson. Willie Roaf and Archie Manning as their first ring of honor before Sunday -- showdown with the cowboys in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Did they get the first group right or did they miss anybody also -- -- issue bam a week. And it's a question will Nick Saban stay in Alabama or will he move to the University of Texas and more details are coming out about bully -- And what went on with the Miami Dolphins. What do you think really is happening there. These are some of the things that tummy -- double talk about tomorrow morning so wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning and weekday mornings from six to ten here on WWL. I -- is a text about the pledge of allegiance. I'm 31 years old and I was in elementary school. There was a girl who was a jehovah's witness and she always sent. And that was in the eighties. Here is attacks that Reid says scoot I spent four years in jail. And although I'm not a religious person I did study with one jehovah's witness who would come to the jail every week to study with me and one thing that I learned. Is that Jehovah's Witnesses are the most sincere genuine good hearted people. Unlike most hypocritical religions. The sincere Jehovah's Witnesses talk the talk and walk the walk. So I have no problem with them not pledging allegiance to the flag. They are sincere and not trying to be controversy. I'm here is. Another text that reads. -- What's silly is. Who would tell their six year old. When the class says the pledge of allegiance you refuse to say it. Hello well I'm not exactly sure I understand that detect if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our number is 26 -- 1870. Toll free 8668890. Insanity. And a text number is 87870. Here's -- -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it's against their religious beliefs. 35% saying no and 65%. Say yes they should be forced to do it. Can assure opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com skewed -- -- titles should all students be forced to. Say the pledge of allegiance will continue this conversation when we come back after the news on this Thursday evening into -- WL.