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11-7 10:10pm Scoot, Pledge of Allegiance.

Nov 8, 2013|

Should students be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? A 4th grade teacher was suspended after she made a Jehovah’s witness recite the pledge. He said he couldn’t because of his religion. Did the school do the right or wrong thing?

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He destroyed our show here's what we're talking about on description or nine I saw a picture earlier today that. Really touched my heart it captures the positive side of humanity. It's a picture of a young black male wearing a hoodie and he's fallen asleep in his head is leaning on the shoulder of the Jewish man next to him -- -- New York subway. And the guy took the picture. Even asked that the Jewish guys who do you want me to wake him up in that. No he must've had a long day letting sleep we've all been there. And I couldn't help but think about how I might react in that situation I would probably shrug somebody off. And and thinking that I would do that instinctively -- seeing how this manhandled dated. It it kind of made me embarrassed to think that I wouldn't be human enough to just let somebody fall asleep on my shoulder. -- Really I guess somewhat of a bold thing to do in the world we live in today. It made me think about random acts of kindness. And so we're talking about that issue by the way if you haven't seen this picture we've got her on her FaceBook page WWL radio down the left hand column. Now look at the picture. If we don't show the entire picture when you first see it on the FaceBook page so click on history could see the entire picture. It it's very it's very heartwarming. And color you like it I'll reach him your FaceBook comments coming up a little while but we're talking about. Random acts of kindness of nice things that that people have done just even the smallest. Active courtesy but somebody has done for years as anybody. Done something really nice for you or have you done something nice for for somebody else. If we focus on these things that it sort of balances out all the bad that we hear about human beings. To join Russia would comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number. Is 877 and also a something happened at an airport recently. With some first class passengers and some Marines returning from Afghanistan. And this was a random act of kindness I'll tell you about that in a few minutes -- talking about something that is in the -- blog today on our website should all students be forced to say the pledge of allegiance. There's a case of an elementary school who was suspended for five weeks without pay. Because she required a fourth grade student -- a jehovah's witness to recite the pledge of allegiance. And the teacher was suspended -- twice place the student's hand over his heart. While they were reciting the play the teacher said she did know the religious beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses to place -- is an American. The -- bloggers had a VW other outcome you can read it and -- shared. And here's an update on our WW -- pretty -- opinion poll should almost like the pledge of allegiance even if it goes against their religious beliefs 34% say no and 66%. State. Yes they should be forced to sustain it. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL don't count our remind you there's high school football on tomorrow night there's Monday Night Football on. Monday night's make an appointment to join us Tuesday night for this to show. Gun ownership in America in terms of the number of households that have guns. Has actually gone down. An allegation in this story here and just -- messed up from mobile David you're on the skirt showing WW. -- -- -- -- Great show. That. Kind of that's -- they don't bug me at the -- because. But the Erica and you have a variety. You have the right to freedom of religion and you know what the school was that -- with the general. As you know reportedly -- -- urgent needs. But then they will not disrespectful. Not disrupt about it it just politely quietly there. While about the. And everybody in the class from respected that. Yeah maybe I'm in. I don't know why he -- -- -- but aside Monday and you know it probably you know like well okay that makes. You know -- -- -- You know. I tried to bow out like beat -- -- topic that they have to capable of control. You know you know. This -- the man who founded on the principle of freedom of religion. Well at the other I think the other thing it's a fair to point out is god should be bigger than that country and and also of this country where is founded by people who came here. Seeking freedom. Of religion freedom to worship the way they -- worship without anybody telling them what to do. And they did that before this became the United States of America. Yeah exactly -- on the other subject about that in the back of kind of -- several years back I was delivering pizzas. Off the money on the ground picked. Yeah booklet at the -- topic of the book but what about public law -- actually bought my -- what that the that the Republican that is in been -- well. Although. You know a couple -- local police and you know toward the development report. And only time that happened is because I'm that operate with the police dispatcher. And she was able. Really -- -- it did that because in the the Christmas by the money partly. Over there that given to -- kids' Christmas but. One on T that would agree story. And you know. You just let you know the Mac and that's what what you know. Well that's true -- and you know somebody might do something nice for us and we might not be able to do something nice for them. But if we go on in life and do something nice for somebody else that we do kind of pay it forward. Yeah quickly. If what you thought kind of chain would -- when you thought about how he would just probably. Well pop pop back it was well -- -- yeah the best thing about that -- in dispute if you have that you've got time ago I would change. -- -- Down the -- I do and I looked at that picture I thought. I would shrug that guy off. And and yet when I see the way this guy handle that maybe I shouldn't be so quick to -- -- -- -- David -- to -- showed thanks for listing. Gun ownership in terms of the number of households that own guns according to this city research that I've I've seen. Is actually down. It's down from the 70s90s. And the 2000 sits at Lois pointed at the 2000. And and yet this really flies in the face of what everybody believes is. People rushing out in and buying guns now the information I have is based on on decades ago. There may have been an increase in households -- own guns in the last couple of years but but over over time. After the two thousands the the research shows that gun ownership per household. Is down to 35%. Down from 50%. Households in in the 1970s. But here's an interesting question I also read. That the number of children who died in hospitals from gunshot was they were they were they were wounded with with guns in the home. Has increased over 60% over ten year period. So we've gun ownership is down and the number of children dying from gunshots. Is it is going up. Then may be parents aren't really doing their jobs. We -- talk about this on the show when there's a case of a young kid who gets a hold of a gun and shoots themselves or shoots somebody else. Why can't we. Be stronger. When it comes to holding parents accountable when a kid gets hold of a good. It's not the kids' fault it's an adults' fault for allowing the kids to get a hold of the -- I support the Second Amendment. And the right to keep and bear arms. But I also respect the responsibility that every gun owner and every adult has to take care of their kids. And to keep their children safe. And I don't think we should be so reluctant as we are generally is a country to punish. Adults who allow kids. To get ahold of guns. -- -- apparently is a bad accident on I ten east just passed me issued and the road is blocked if anybody has any more information on that you -- send -- tech if you're not driving by the way if you have a designated text right need to say that. -- if you have a designated to dialer you can call us at 2601870. In this traffic Tex has been an accident I ten he's just passed major imagine that an accident. On the I ten in New Orleans east. I mean everybody drives so safely out there. Everybody so courteous nobody TO -- nobody's driving fast nobody's weaving in and out of link I. I just I can't imagine an accident. On the I ten in New Orleans east. Have you seen this picture. Of this stranger sleeping on a guy's shoulder. It -- a young black male and a -- With his head he's asleep in the he's leaned over his his head is resting on the shoulder of this this Jewish man -- New York subway. And I think this picture really captures deposited cited humanity if you haven't seen it we've got a -- FaceBook page at WWL radio and here are a few comments. This is from John. While a human being who -- someone else as -- is a fellow human being. And treats him as such with kindness. Just think what a wonderful world if everyone saw each other as human beings first and foremost. Instead. We waste. We waste our time. Here is comment from penny. It said that this is seen as such a big deal when it should be seen as just. Another day. As a human. And here's a comment from Chris he doesn't look too happy about it LO well actually yeah the guy doesn't look that happy about it but. You know when I I look at how old. How old rigid he seems. It seems as if he doesn't want to move because he doesn't wanna -- the kid up. And as I mentioned earlier the guy who took the picture. And this was on the FaceBook -- got to 20000 shares in in no time. He was he he the guy took the picture asked that the Jewish or do you want me to wake him up when he said no he must've had a long day. -- sleep we've all been there. And it was just there was just something about this that was was it was very heartwarming to me again if you're missing the pictures on our. FaceBook page at WWL radio. And Dow reached more comments they're coming up. From the I ten now buried got some information on that accident. Yes sure it's drivers on the flight like this past it Beagle won immediate. But look psychic and after closing interstate because there's a lot of debris in collapse and part of a call that looked like -- may be overturned a couple arms. To bring all over the place like a car accident. And they had four unit on hand and another on the way it looked like it away or fire truck. Industry could not -- now. It is this this eastbound or westbound. It's these. It's about a mile or shall -- flyers by. Mario still has -- repeated. If anybody and he uses the I ten in New Orleans east sort of remind you that there's -- activities around. About a mile before Irish by U. All right. Bite very thanks a lot of that to traffic update if you're ever in traffic or if it's you know whether during the winner something to know you are -- Give us what weather update or traffic update we're turning to chill in the air right away and you know our number 2601878. And our text numbers 87870. -- Again net I'm very sarcastic about this wow I'm accident in New Orleans east everybody's so nice out there and such courteous drivers. -- is a really dangerous stretch of highway and the way people drive into or -- -- between -- between -- it really is a miracle that there aren't more serious accidents. If you wanna join -- show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 877. -- David talking about this elementary school teacher who was suspended for requiring a fourth grade student to recite the pledge of allegiance in class. Her name -- and legal McDonald. And she placed a student's hand on his heart twice while the class was reading the pledge of allegiance. The school districts spend the teacher without pay for five days. The young student was a jehovah's witness and based on his religious beliefs he cannot. Make a play edged to a flag or to a country only to his -- Should every student in the class be required to recite the pledge of allegiance. I know that -- the first argument is. And the instinctive thing to say is yes. This is America. Say the pledge of allegiance. But instead of having that initial instinctive reaction. Let's consider how important. Religious police are. And because you have certain religious beliefs that doesn't mean that you're not patriotic. It just means that based on your religion you cannot play -- but there are quirky things about my religion. There were quirky things that people might under understand about your religion. So they're always going to be thinks about religions that we don't -- of course we don't understand it if you're part of a certain religion there are always going to be things you don't understand. Most of us grow at a time where there was little if any respect for religious police for individual rights and if if you were in the schools that'd. Did the pledge of allegiance and I'm was. You said the pledge of allegiance period no questions that. But allowing students the right to not participate in reciting the pledge of allegiance. Really doesn't have a negative impact on other students. But forcing the student to defy his or her religious police by reciting the pledge. Does do harm to that student by momentarily taking away their religious freedom. There are many many times when many Americans -- put too much emphasis on tangible things. Rather than focus on what lives in the hearts and minds of people. I got a text earlier from somebody that said it -- should be more about substance and symbolism. And I agree with that I'm not a jehovah's witness but I come to understand that Jehovah witnesses don't pledge to anything other than their god. Well why can't we respect that. In defense of religious belief that doesn't mean the person is not a good citizen. It doesn't mean the person is unpatriotic or doesn't respect America. It's simply means that -- steer religious belief. And reciting the pledge doesn't make somebody patriotic -- good American. Saying prayers every week -- church doesn't make you good Christian good Catholic or a religion or hated it does even make you a good person. Lot of people probably say prayers and I'm I'm guilty of this sometimes reciting the same person. Thinking about something else one reciting the prayers and we should all challenge ourselves to pay attention to the things that we say. And -- kids say the pledge of allegiance every day they might be taking for granted and not even really understanding what they're saying on a daily basis. The tendency to dictate beliefs. Continues to be dangerous trend in this country and and what I mean by that is some of the most controversial debates we have in this country. Battles over things like legalization of marijuana and same sex marriage and saying the pledge of allegiance. Many of these police and these controversies. Are based on some people. Trying to tell other people how to lead their lives. And that's something that is innately. Un American. If you're not breaking the law are hurting somebody else. You should be free in this country to express your religion and your individualism. The way you want to. Reciting the pledge of allegiance every day is no assurance it would initiate young students in a model citizens -- and I'm curious if they think about all the think about all the people who said the pledge of allegiance every day and they're in prison today. Or they became very anti American. And committed acts against the country hateful acts against America. Respect for the individual rights and beliefs of of others. Shouldn't be mistaken as political correctness gone wild. It's really appreciation for diversity in America that it's it's not a weakness. It really is our strength. The -- blog tonight is should all students be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it goes against their religion. And that's on our website under our opinions at WW go to account if you wanna join us for the -- tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. In a text of -- 77 here's another text about the accident into world -- accident did in new world sees these bad. Ambulance. It just arriving three fire trucks twelve police cars. Destroyed smashed in roof. Looks relieved and hope there are no fatalities. -- this be pretty you would think that that's just an open speedway. With the way people speed and oral disease if there's going to be an accident unfortunately it's going to be a serious accident. So. Drive carefully out there and you know. You really don't have a right to endanger the lives of others and you're not gonna get to your destination that much faster. If you drive a little faster. And if -- zip in and out of lanes again it did just don't be reckless and our thoughts and prayers are with everybody in that accident. Here is attacks -- really I'm 39 if we didn't say the pledge we were suspended. I had Jehovah's Witnesses in my class. They said it. OK but once that right. And and is it right today if you don't we change this this country does change. And it's OK to change its its okay to recognize but wait a minute this this this we used to do this but he didn't used -- -- it didn't used to be fair. We might -- done it that that did mean that it was fair. Just because we did something doesn't mean it's -- and if we have come to realize that something that we did in the past. Isn't fair. Then maybe we should reassess it. And I I just don't think we should get so hung up on oh my god somebody's not saying the pledge of allegiance and let's also remember that Jehovah's Witnesses. I would assume that most of these are American citizens. And they were born in this country. And they were born with the same rights that that you and Diana if it's not that they came here and they're not they're trying not to assimilate. I would disagree with somebody who comes to this country. And defies America that doesn't wanna say the pledge of allegiance is because they don't want a pledge allegiance to America. But if it's something based on religious beliefs I just have a slightly different opinion that. If you wanna join our -- are right our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. In a text Amber's late 77. The -- of -- talking about random acts of kindness and -- have you noticed even the slightest thing recently that somebody did nice for you or somebody was it was. Was committing an act of kindness against you and I I used these words to to really. -- sarcastically mocked the random acts of violence and committed an active. Violence against somebody committed an act of kindness against you. Or have you made somebody else the victim. Have a random act of kindness. They were a number of Marines. On the way back from serving in Afghanistan. And they were upgraded. To first class on a flight from Chicago to San Diego. This was American Airlines and American Airlines -- as a policy I don't know maybe every airline does an American Airlines apparently has a policy. To upgrade servicemen and women in uniform. Whenever they can't. So on this particular flight they were six empty seats. In first class. But there were fourteen Marines. So. 71 class passengers. Got out of their seats. And gave them to the the other Marines. And you know there are a lot of people in first class who were very snubbing. And there are people -- first class to type the first class and sit back. So mention these people getting up and giving up their first class seated -- businesses pay for sometimes but sometimes people pay for their first class seats. But I that this was a really great act of kindness and and showing a lot of respect. To the returning servicemen and women. Seven people gave up their seats in first class. To. To let the Marines. -- up front. And that's that's the least it that we can do it one of the things that is she has changed so much but over the years. Is. We have learned as a nation to respect our troops. Even if we don't always agree with the war. And that's something that we didn't see during Vietnam. Americans blamed the troops. As much as they blame this country which was truly sad because many people who went to Vietnam were drafted. And they were they were forced to go whether country it was in their choice. And and people who went there did the best job they could and they should've been more respected. Then they work. And we've we've always C news this trend recently support the troops and -- doesn't mean you have to agree with the war but you do support the troops. Here is attacks that says the Department of Transportation needs to install lights in that area. There are areas a new world east that are dark. So what I don't think that's an excuse I think that's a cop out. There are a lot of areas in this country that are dark. Did not every highway in America has lights -- You have lights on your car. And I don't think it's the lack of lights I think it's too reckless driving its stated the behavior of the drivers as opposed to the lack of like but again see this is. This is a way of of of blaming something like oh well -- there's no lights out there as opposed to accepting responsibility as a driver no you know what. I'm -- I was a reckless driver ball nobody's gonna admit that. But sometimes that's the case and I don't want to I don't agree. Is that. I don't I don't agree that it's the lack of lighting out there I think it's the lack of respect. For drivers. Here's a text by new listener and Corpus Christi, Texas. And keep up the good broadcasting work I'm glad to listing Corpus Christi that is a beautiful. Beautiful area and I remember. Religion -- Antonio. And it was on the there I would their go to corpus what's awhile and also go to deport or interest. Here's our WW -- pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it goes against their religious beliefs. It is your opinion by going to WWL dot com there's always something new on our website also the big chief has his college football top ten. And a must read for tiger and Crimson Tide fans -- chief. LA issue drama big plays vs big mistakes also Steve -- weekly look at the food -- -- keep an eye on with the saints take on the cowboys. Sunday night all of that and more on our website WW -- dot com. I don't know where. Going zoo that's. Ahead tonight. -- own comment. -- team to act talked about how. A young generation actually several young generations have really adopted it is the sound of the eighties music of the eighties as their own. And I saw this band last night is sold out concert at house of blues to a door cinema club but the Childress -- club I I thought really. Captures the sound of the eighties but it's really. Current new stuff. They're they've been around for a few years they've got a couple of CDs out this is that saw him next year from the the beacon city. Which went out bought today after seeing him in concert last night. I just I thought it was great to see. A young generation just. Having fun to music that sounded very much like the eighties music that you and I remember music that I was playing on and on the 97 is stewed in the morning. Years ago. And I see young people today and eighties died in the quarter and saw a young twenty something year old and an even younger than that. Going up to the front of the stage for the cure last Sunday at voodoo fest. And the eighties music was was fun and it reflected a fun time there's a blog on the -- page here about this. How younger generation has adopted the eighties music as their own but that I hear this bandit to door cinema club and it impressed me that. Here's a band that really does capture with the new with new sounds that it knew you. Think they captured the sounds of the eighties and the place was packed and filled with mostly young people. Who were just having fun. And with all the stress and trouble in the world today. There are people who were gonna be just seeking an escape. And that is a lot of pressure in the world today and is a lot of tension in the world. A lot of debate. -- served it in some ways things are easier today in some ways things are tougher than the Stevie. And so -- I can see why. Younger generations have adopted the sound of the eighties the -- it was a foreign sound it was. It was danceable people were dancing and just. Having fun and think about the hair styles in the collars and just the the ambiance of the music of the eighties it was a fun time and and I am seeing that evolving today with with a young generation. And I'm I'm convinced that the music that defines every decade doesn't really. Doesn't really come into play until the third and fourth the year of the decade. And this is 2013. And the music that you here now and next year is the music that will define. This decade. And I think that trend goes back to The Beatles who paid to American 64. It was in what happened in the early sixties it was what happened after The Beatles hit in 64 that really defined in music of the sixties. And I think the same can be said of the seventies. The eighties and nineties grunge hit 9394. And a defining music of the nineties are from New Orleans run here on WWL. Yet I wanted to do. A compliment to the statements you made. About sometimes. Are bad people let that go into -- war situations whatever. I'm not treated. That well when -- come back and I don't politics with the war. And I was when I came back from Campbell from Vietnam outs and we -- the group obviously the stunned when we landed. It's Fort Lewis Washington put on regular. -- To be technical term but we came out to society. And it American citizens. Just rocket has hit his back and forth. On a bush should not be shaken up late in the birds not preparedness battle preparedness situations. But the point was it affected a lot of guys will not many years not to say -- talented wanna get I don't wanna talk about these. Where you don't going to war would be tough enough -- and then not being appreciated for what you did for the country had did make that even more difficult. Well it it was that way but the unexpected. Oh wait it was panels I think was -- big shock so to all. You know also brought that and appreciate you making a comment on it if that is true for the future. Lessons learned let's go forward and can never let that happen. Enron I appreciate what you do for our country. Our thank you -- answer. You know you do think about. How things have have have changed and and again there are things that are changed if for the better in many ways. I have another text about this bad accident and I attendees this disease downed I -- were seized. Has passed me shoot about a mile before Irish by U. Wreck on I ten eastbound. And oh no wait this is this is another accident on I ten eastbound it clear view SUV hit a construction vehicle four lanes closed. Severity of the accident in New Orleans east east bound and now the I ten eastbound. And clear view so. Drive carefully. Here's a text I think you should pledge allegiance to the flag that is giving you the freedom and allows you to say you are jehovah's witness without fear of punishment. If that's true. Then would you not. Say that. The flag and the freedom in this country gives you the right to disagree with this country. I don't believe in desecrating the flag. But it has been determined in court. That you can desecrate the flag if that's your way of expressing your opinion. That is one of just in the incredible thinks about this country. You can totally disagree with America. It it doesn't mean that you should at an issue that's your your true beliefs and I -- like I -- issue will. But the beautiful thing about America is that we. As sick as a nation we allow people to totally. Disregard our government. And there are going to be those extremists. Who take it to the limit of desecrating the flag. But if you don't allow of that. -- where's it stop. Because that freedom that allows people to go to that extreme also allows the rest of us to. Disagree with the government when it comes to obamacare. When it comes to. It's an election. When it comes to policy. We have that right. Some people will take that to extremes but that's something that we should always celebrate. And when a kid. Because of his religious beliefs cannot pledged to a flag or -- country. I think that should be respected in the class and we shouldn't become hysterical because somebody's being unpatriotic because if it's based on their religious beliefs. That doesn't mean they're not patriotic it means they're abiding by their religious beliefs. This was part of the eighties music it was -- ways it was happy they were colorful people like seeing. The walker. Here's a -- Regis -- I remember you from the scooter in the morning show -- the 97 FM and it was great music and great memories the eighties were golden an America seemed happier and much more at peace. Coming up after the news at 11 o'clock I'll I'll I'll share with you some thoughts at. That bit that I've I realized when I'm injured thinking about this from over the weekend it being included festival and being an eighty's night Saturday night it when I -- the quarter. And just seeing young generation of early twenty somethings and older twenty somethings. Embracing eighties music that the stuff that I was pulling of the year years ago the stuff that many of his still -- today but boy as a young generation. I've become so enamored with eighties music. And as -- I thought about why did maybe. -- figured out so now I'll share my theory is coming up after the news at 11 o'clock in just a few minutes. If your -- stay with us we'll get back to a more of your calls here's a quick update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it's against their religious beliefs. 42% say no and 50% say yes this is the script shield and we'll be right back under VW well.