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11-7 11:10pm Scoot, Pledge of Allegiance.

Nov 7, 2013|

Should students be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? A 4th grade teacher was suspended after she made a Jehovah’s witness recite the pledge. He said he couldn’t because of his religion. Did the school do the right or wrong thing?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have got some reports through some text messages and some phone calls about some accidents one. Eastbound New Orleans east and passed -- issue before Irish by you in and also an accident eastbound on the Titanic clear view. If you wanna give us any more updates are numbers 2601870. And a text number is 87870. Here's an update on our -- give you a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it's against their religious beliefs. -- of the -- talking about tonight and here's an update on the poll 38% say no and 62%. Say yes they should be forced to sing it. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites every WL dot com -- remind you that it's more -- sure Angelo which is a fun show on Fridays. What choices functional but it's Friday says there's a special tone to the shows on Friday she has open Mike on Fridays. With three guys that you welcome into your home. -- TV and radio. Did a sweltering. Chris Miller and Mike chilly day. That they'll talk about what's going on they'll talk about their thoughts in your thoughts and it's real it's a fun show -- open Mike with -- with -- bolstering. Chris Miller. And my -- And then let's have fun Friday talk about the big events are celebrating Veteran's Day all weekend long and -- state on Monday and all the happenings around the world once and it should be a very very nice weekend what's hot and what's not. With movies and on demand. And then it's an open book with a one and only charming -- so don't miss Angela tomorrow. An open mind but the legendary Angela -- tomorrow and we days. Went for. On -- WL. -- from district and Jason your on the -- show good evening. And don't and good. What you know I don't know how are actually in the political -- and schools are injured at school I don't know the tradition goes. Our own low -- until uses at the time that that was and. You know that pledge allegiance. On I lose quite angry with god because that unit gone home. You know them I don't know your number one -- not too long ago. About people. Who you know palm OK so I don't quite upset with guys at that point in my life Beecher I didn't understand what. Like you would like that that those things happen to me. But it didn't stop me from reciting the porch it didn't stop -- from -- -- I'm not saying something I don't believe in or a human being indoctrinated to -- that's more than -- they'll talk niche title they're being indoctrinated. Or brainwashed as opposed to the child actually believing it themselves. And I think that's a very dangerous line to cross. On. You know I certainly don't look back and say all they were trying to brainwash me there were trying to. But indoctrinate me into being a Christian or police or being an American Stewart is something that we. It every day before class I enjoyed it I like to. -- You know I never I never had any problem with that at all on. And -- in April forcing kids to do no I'm not because that's not an American thing that's not the American way. You know we're not of course you can argue that Obama -- trying to force that the -- ultimately don't want to. Our -- you know in 90% of the time you know that country. You know and it's stolen the street in liberate them and you shouldn't force kids to do anything. -- -- -- You know well. Yeah when you when you say that you really open up a very wide all right has he -- -- he be forced to pick up their room and they need to encourage our. But I I I I do agree with you I think we can respect. Fourth graders. Religious beliefs if they're belief is not to pledge to a flag -- country but only pledged to god I. I can respect that. What I'm saying you know I. I don't think that. You know -- which it's fully understand that they are saying I don't know -- talked every single individual child to see if they understand what they're saying. On. Do I think it's a bad thing no I don't because it didn't negatively affect anyone that I know I never hurt anyone. Tell me you know and I keep track in and out it -- FaceBook and social media and -- on -- retractable attitude that you at school and. You know not once that I ever -- wanna do it's that you know. That political -- man I am so much and it -- There are you saying Jason -- hey if if -- if someone has been taught not to pledge anything other than guide. Then it would mess with them well see. I don't know. I don't know I just I don't think so I don't think it's. I don't think he goes as far as parents want to think that it -- You know you're pledging allegiance to the flag of the country that you live. You know early you know one nation under god and saying why and wondered I'm. We don't exist tonight I'd -- I understand that but there'll always be idiosyncrasies with every religion -- it's hard for you and myself to understand because we're not part of that religion buddy if if they have their religion is taught not to place to anything other than god -- you are asking them to take a pledge to the flag and into the United States. Well I don't necessarily think that Tibetans because I exceeded dissent. In patriotism. Well it's not a it's not a bad thing to pledge to America but if you were out of that religious. Faith it's a bad thing to pledge to anything other than god. -- -- I agree with you it's not bad to pledge to America I had no problem saying the pledge of allegiance and it we probably should say that day is it to ourselves. Every day he had only is -- any wrong with that. But I I do respect another religion if it is they are believed to not place to anything other than what's been god and I. I don't think that automatically makes them a bad person or unpatriotic person it just means that they're following their own religious beliefs and and I can knicks except that and it's still assume that somebody might be good American. You know I mean I guess. Make a point there but they ugly to calling your conversation. That they approach it -- -- Jason thanks soliciting. Here's a -- recess that I was driving into town and my son was with me. He's sixteen years old. As we drove to the city we saw people with small signs begging. He asked me if we can't help and give them a few dollars. I explained to him that they were probably able to work and for scamming people. He said what if they're not. I said well. You better get a hundred dollars because there everywhere. He said if if he had the money he would my -- a great kid and I'm very proud of his passionate feelings. When he gets older. He will be with this country needs more up. And you know when you when you are younger you do have. You have more innocence. -- adults. View. You look at the world differently. And my generation the baby boomer generation. Look at the world differently and more idealistic glee when we were young. And then we came to realize some realities about the world and we didn't look at the world so. So idealistic. That's a great quality -- somebody who wants to share who sees somebody in need. And since I highly -- -- I I see homeless people. All the time. Every day. Throughout the day. -- tugs at my heart sometimes. To not give money. But we're told that it's best not to encourage that affected the city has there a campaign now. Not not giving to panhandlers. What I really don't like are the people in the in the quarter and it's time I'm walking down the street and I see somebody stop some audience they have been I can tell you where you got the shoes I'll bet I can tell you the city and state. I -- those up if I can't if I see anybody sort to submit to that I go over and break it up and tell to tell people to scan. -- mean -- and major way to try to get some money. So. There are people on the street and you you you never really know if they needed or nine and you know there have been some times when my I've given money in their other times where and most of the time I don't because issued -- Will you be handing out money all the time. And I guess if I had it and I knew somebody needed it I would be willing to do that. If you wanna join our show with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Told -- numbers 866889087. And -- text numbers 87070. -- another text about the pledge of allegiance agree and disagree it's like give you the right to disagree with people. All of the flight gives you the right to disagree with people good topic thanks for having the courage to discuss tougher -- dot C you are now on the -- show good evening. Hate it. I think it's an eight yeah I'd -- pledge and and there was no big deal -- that part of our life act and I can't say that these states because religious things are so there are. And religious you know. You know what a religious issues. Are so important that we -- respect them but all of them after -- we respect. And isn't that the great thing about the constitution and and a great thing about America is that. If if there are things that are considered extreme again as long as it's not hurting somebody else and we can't we cannot we can accept those ports. It's not support in -- across the board that's the problem these debt -- I think people being sport that Catholics do you know perform abortions -- they lose their job. Where we are you know we are at this time. But a funny story about way back when you said the orders were idealistic. I was so scrupulous about stuff like. You know my dad thought that was the biggest radical right now we're gonna car he can't miss that we pull -- he's driving. And that bumper sticker what is. It done like please wrap yourself in that person a -- I'm screaming lapping at not running amok. And keep -- and you think that's funny as that -- why and the gap. And our relationship changed completely app and a. Does -- going to Colin thanks for -- thanks for sharing that story I met just earlier in the show and when I was a kid. I kept looking in the history book for somebody named Richard stands. Because you know how you sometimes mistake song lyrics you think they're singing something in their releasing something else. Pulled me closer Tony Danza and you know that you know excuse me while I kiss this guy -- that it has so there -- the lyrics that didn't as I kept looking as a kid I kept wondering who Richard stands Wallace. And in my mind but I recited the pledge of allegiance. Instead of saying for which it stands I thought they were saying for Richard -- -- -- so I thought there was this dude Richard stands who is this important figure in American history united. Never could figure out. Who he was. A young generation has embraced eighties music as their -- Talked about this earlier in the week goes on noted during the day four for Garland. So an interesting theory about why younger generations that it -- twentysomething early twenty something. People who were not even born when these songs -- why have they so embraced. Eighties music. And then some of the music that is. Current to them today. Reflects the sound of the eighties. And I thought about this when I was at the defense stated couple things happened over this past week ended may need. Realize I've I've known this for awhile but it really -- guerrillas -- one of them was on the booze -- looking at. That looking at the people going up to the front of the stage. -- for the cure Sunday and they were too young to know the cure was that they couldn't wait to get to the front of the state and I'm looking around I mean each and people are singing every word to this song. Just like haven't. This is definitely one of those songs today it's. -- embodies the music -- captive that 1980s out. I'll never forget it I guess it was about 1980 to 1983 the sun came out. And I was on the dance floor and -- 4141. And on saint Charles. And it was dancing to this song and I've I realize that that that music was making a stance again. At that that was the Disco earlier in the seventies. And then there was a period where people overly dancing and then that that there were then that we're songs from from this new British invasion and from America. They were making people dance again. And I just I I look back now and I realize that the eighties. Were -- were happy time in terms of music and and I think that's why a young generation has so. It'd become enamored with the the sound of the eighties and there's an an eighty's I in the French Quarter every weekend. And and you'll see young people there obviously they have to be Tony -- to getting and so they're in their early twenties so -- -- -- -- -- but they weren't even born when the -- were popular. And -- they know the words to every song and they've really embraced this music. I -- I wrote a blog this week called again generations are embracing eighties music as their own. And I think you'll still find that on to -- page at WWL dot com go to shows and schedules at the topic. -- click on the -- patient you'll you'll find it there but it I'd noticing something that happened over the weekend it voodoo fest and also at this eighties night in the quarter. A sort of thing about why has this why is this happened. For those of us who experienced the eighties music. You you can't he can't help but think back on on those memories. Anyways for the most part it was a it was a good time it was fun music it does it mean that everything in your life which was perfect at the time. But as they listen to the general sound of the -- I hear music it's upbeat funded dance to music that carried a positive energy. Music is the product of the social and political climate. At the time it's created. And for baby boomer generation and the generation that went through its preteen teen years with with eighties music. The eighties music reflected a good time -- the economy was generally strong. Ronald Reagan was a popular president. The world was generally at peace. One of the top TV shows in the eighties was the Cosby Show. Which was. A good. Wholesome show. And was not is politically driven as the shows that had been capturing the attention in the seventies the Norman earlier shows like all in the family and -- They had dominated the TV ratings with heavy social and political messages. So overall the eighties was a -- era. And it seems to me that for younger generations that are so stressed out -- and concerned about the world they live in today. From terrorism. To the economy -- to paying back student loans are trying to find a decent job to pay back the loans to the many controversial issues that. That -- society every day perhaps eighties music was a great escape from from their reality. As I caught the cure Sunday at that voodoo fest. The music brought me back to good memories of the playing the songs on the air and dancing to the songs -- clubs. But for younger generation to cure in the music of the eighties. Transports them. Not to the past. But to a momentary safe place that's -- -- of the problems in the tensions in the world. And that's why last night when I saw this band and house of blues. A two door cinema club. And I I heard this new sound. That sounded very much like. Bands that I remember from the eighties and again I'm really impressed with -- that have been around for a while is for -- I've I've seen him last night. Edited it in it occurred to me that here we have a new young generation that is just looking for foreign up happy music as an escape. And for those of you who think that all the music today is trash. But I suggest that you you listen to a band like two door cinema club. Listen to a bands like sick puppies. I know it's gonna -- nickname but and I think there -- good there. Listen to a band into the band that I sought to voodoo fest without usually good -- -- seeing them. Was the gas slight anthem. There are really some some some good bands -- a ninth I think you'll agree with me that there are some similarities between these bands and the music. From the eighties if you wanna join Russia with a comet tonight our number is 260187. Told 38668890. Point seven it. And it takes over is 877. Also tonight we're talking about random acts of kindness and the positive things about humanity if you haven't seen this picture it's on our FaceBook page WWL radio on FaceBook. Down the left column. It's a picture of a young black male. He's wearing a -- And he's fallen asleep on the subway. And his head is is leaning on the shoulder of the Jewish man sitting next to -- And the guy who took the picture asked the Jewish rent the do you want to do with this guy up. And he said no no he he must've had a long day. -- -- And to me this picture just captured such a positive side if humanity it if it touched me when I saw this this morning. And it made me think about some of the little things we do or don't do. That really. Make this world a better place or would make this world a better place. And in -- quite often we talk about how rude people can be and wait and sometimes it you know we need to talk about that. A surprise -- did just remind people about how -- they can be but I don't think there's anything wrong with spending a little time. Starting to focus on the things that we do right. -- the little things that make life better. And there are there are people who. Look to the government to make things better. They're people who look to the media. Look to entertainment looked holly well look what's coming out of Hollywood look what's coming at the but the government does look what you forget about all those things. What about you. What about me. What about what we do on a daily basis. If if we did it look. Somewhere else to improve the world and we just started doing it. Little by little ourselves within our daily lives. Within our families. In our workplace. There would be a ripple effect. That doesn't start from the top down it starts from the bottom up and it starts with us in our individual lives. As so often I hear so many people say well it's you know they took prayer -- a public schools and he can't do this indicate. What about you. Nobody has taken -- or faith nobody is taking your. Right to pursue opportunities away from me. So focus on what goes owning your life and doping so focused on. -- let's talk about everything else and yes let's worry about things that aren't writing in in our society but. I can't help but think that if if we spent a little more time. Focusing on the little things with and our lives. That we can make the world a better place and not wait for Hollywood. Washington DC or anything or anybody else to make this a better place. From Gulfport Wayne your under BW a duty to. Trade me and even view might -- -- and people who -- -- Though the debate -- would go to court -- Yes I do. Outlaw it sort of prior to withdraw at 2 o'clock rapidly and go pick him up. Up at 9 o'clock go out people who worked -- and more strictly that we go to protect. Godless killing there were times when I was doing morning radio there or there were a few times not often I'm not proud of this but there are a few times that I went from being out. You're going on here. Aria aria. Bit about what you built not annoys me but you know what he's right. Strike and then you know -- -- my grandmother told all our current and you know when you're up in the -- and you remember that there. -- -- Number increased to three people frank god. But you'll have a pretty good at bats researching -- people you don't know are all my bank. And it's just that the rule. To -- all right. Straight to. I'm always -- I'm I'm I'm glad Carl. But yeah I act -- -- yeah well we don't truck and cup and we ended up all night all right. Although it to a dealership on night. People on the ground epic blow up the kind of like. So confidently -- -- -- to do it ought to ought not take a wallet to hide it. To Asia currently don't call that should not -- because all we don't know -- argued that. What do you mean I'm in China because well I despair well -- -- and Turkey because. Yeah now we all want the ball. Walk out and blow the whole pot with -- order look at all I -- outlook on the economy because it. It was great you know cut it -- and now payroll. Audit and tax Orton -- a bit of it. It is our partner. And Tim. -- -- people out that well not -- rule. Return it our current audio. Soft -- at what point. Nine ideal. I think it's great way to -- and -- To -- that. I weighed on I'm glad you called nationalistic. And I mentioned this earlier -- walking to the station the other day. Discuss is in the morning I'm just doing Garland show this week. It -- guys working. In a concrete hole on the sidewalk in the CB DNE as a walk by he took a moment to look up and to say good morning. He know me. Because a guy's got a tough job -- century I hope he loves his job and and who reminded judge and say he doesn't want his job read my love this job. But I and it was I was approaching this it was really kind of interesting because is like -- I approach this guy and and I think it. And you know I'm the -- -- -- to do I talked a talk show it. And here's a guy working at a concrete hole on the sidewalk in the CBD at 7 o'clock in the morning. And exists. Is this the first hole -- he's gonna work on today. Does he have a certain time limited to finish the hole. Is this one of many holes -- -- it so. I thought I had the -- I put it and I looked up he just said good morning and -- apparently some guys that you know it's not a glamorous job. But he took time -- doing this to just say good morning. Now we tend to be skeptical and this is something else that we should challenge ourselves -- it. We tend to be skeptical of people who were too nice. You know -- I've talked about this for white I -- actually noticed that. They are are. There are attractive women and if you say anything to them. They think you trying to pick them up. And and sometimes they're actually rude didn't and I guess to some degree can't blame women because guys are the way they are named shouldn't be that way bit. You know some guys are very Neanderthal and. Primal when it comes to trying to pick up chicks if you will and its original a lot of straight girls like to go to gay bars. Because they can go to a bar and not get hit -- So guys if you're straight understand that. That's. That's something that you might do to get somebody's attention not -- you have to hover over him so much or not try to be a typical guy like. You know -- on and on friends are you don't. You don't see a lot of see a lot of that around. But if if we. It's just it's it's. It's interesting that they're people who really attractive to you you can't even talk to and I if I find myself not wanting to say anything because I don't wanna be rejected and I tend to be reclusive by nature so a lot of times I don't say. I don't say as much as I -- I could say to people but I'm gonna work on trying to be a little bit nicer myself and again if you haven't seen this picture. It is -- Leo heartwarming picture. And it's just it's so simple but it just captures something so positive about humanity. Go to our our FaceBook page -- annual radio it's down the right column. And a click on to give us your comments if you wanna become part of the conversation but but click on a sixty the whole picture because when you just don't go to -- FaceBook to concede the entire picture. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight should all students be required to recite the pledge of allegiance even if it's against their religious beliefs. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com we'll give you another update on -- command appeared. In just a few minutes. Here is attacks that reads you wanna talk about an act of kindness. My uncle bought my sister a 40000 dollar mobile home. And put it on a piece of land free and clear. -- Here's a text I guess may be the guy in the whole recognize you. And -- that's the -- hole. That's a whole lot of thinking about all. The so I had no reason to believe the guy recognized -- thought ate it up I assumed that it was just tonight I still do -- I assume that he was just. Saying hi debate. Here's a text about to forcing students to or recite the start of the the pledge of allegiance. Anyone who thinks. There we should force children to two chance to a flag doesn't understand what that flag represents. Religious or not doesn't matter. We have a choice. If you wanna join our show tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. In a text number is 87070. Are we could put some money in -- pockets in time for the holidays WWL. On weekdays. Give you four chances to win a thousand dollars every weekday in our 1000 dollar holiday cash contest. So listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM. Noon 3 PM and 6 PM for the code -- And enter the code word at WWL dot com slash cache or click on the contest -- WWL dot com. And it's just as easy to enter on your Smartphone your tablet -- your computer at the office or surfing and hope you can win anywhere. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each. So good luck and remember the times to listen right before the top of the hour news and 8 AM noon 3 PM. And 6 PM. Also our -- to -- the show for Garland this week one day I was talking about. This. Interesting an interesting situation in Missouri before the Missouri State Supreme Court. And and I it's the saints' games coming up this weekend I -- what you know about the estate the blog that Cairo was titled fans and responsibility read the back of your saints ticket. There's a case before the Missouri State Supreme Court. And they're gonna decide whether a legal standard. That protects sports teams from being sued by fans injured in the stands during a gamer during game activities. Applies to a fan. Who was hit in the -- with a hot dog. You know mascot through pop out a foil wrapped hot dog in the stands. Says he has has had a couple of I surgeries. And suffers permanent damage to his vision. Hit in the -- with a hot dog. From the -- up tonight we've been talking about whether or not all student should be required to recite the pledge of allegiance because there's a a case in a Florida school district where a teacher in the fourth grade. Was suspended for five days without pay because she was trying to force a jehovah's witness student in -- class. To recite the pledge of allegiance. Should students be required to do that even if it's if it's against their religious beliefs. Here's an update on our poll 37%. Say no and 63%. Say yes to give us. Your comment on the -- WL pretty general opinion poll go to our website WW real dot com -- -- update on the coming up. In just a few minutes -- what it comes to random acts of kindness here's a -- reads. I was so loss prevention agent. At a drugstore when I noticed a person shoplifting food from the store so -- apprehended that person. And asked him why he was stealing food from here. He replied he was homeless and jobless and didn't have the money to buy food so I went in my pocket pulled out money. And all the items he tried to steal I paid for them and handed him money to get something later. And that's from Donald. I told the story and here before. When I was in in Denver I was. Downtown I was going to my apartment building did downtown it was late. And it was cold. And I've probably -- in 12 o'clock at night. And this homeless guy I want buyers that was about to walk into my building and he said. -- -- -- can you give me some money to get mcdonalds. You know when you when you live in downtown areas sometimes you become so jaded you tend to just blow off everybody who ask you for money. They used they don't know I don't have an -- and it's a lie. But this -- -- innocent you know -- I don't have -- -- walked in my building on the elevator went up too much for actually got out. Walked in my apartment. Something that made me turn around and go back downstairs. Something told me to go back and find that guy. And I did he was around the corner. And I walked up Tim and I said he really just want money for McDonald's. When he said yeah. He said I've been looking for job all day and I just won a McDonald's burger. And -- one of those Vanilla Sunday's. Andy said in my shoes are worn out I am really tired. Any issues literally were were worn out. I had seventeen dollars in my wallet. I took up the seventeen dollars and gave him to seventeen dollars. He's sort of decry. He was so happy that at this moment. At that made him a rich man. And I truly believe that he was gonna go to McDonald's which was right down the street. And he was gonna buy. A McDonald's hamburger. And he was gonna treat yourself to a Sunday of -- Sunday at McDonald's. It wasn't much. It made me feel good now. I don't suggest that you give money to everybody on the street. But sometimes there's something inside of us that tells us. Maybe you should do with this time. I had a guide. The other night. Who he asked for money and -- I said. No. Any he said something really ball over to me. And I turned around and looked at him. And he stared at me and I'm staring at him. And I said. What do I duty. Because they really didn't do anything to him except god give him money and there's no. Requirement that you give somebody money they're standing on the streets. Since what I do radio. He said not that I'm I'm sorry. I gave him five dollars after that. So they're there are times that I don't know maybe I do it to make me feel better. Maybe it's selfish on my part because I want make somebody else governing council has but it actually makes me feel better. But there are times when -- actually -- break down and -- -- give somebody something but generally you're not supposed to give money to people on the street but if if somebody tells you to do it I don't think there's anything wrong with doing it. Are you bothered that a 500000. Dollar grant has been provided to influence TV writers and producers to start including positive messages about Obama care in the TV shows they write. And the TV shows you watch. This one that comes from a private foundation the California endowment they're spending millions to try to promote obamacare. Which that's not an easy thing to do right now and if you and obamacare into a lot of scripts today it's it's going to be part of a comedy I would think. But the sad truth is that many Americans actually learn about social and political issues from watching TV shows. The survey was that a few years ago by the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation. And they discovered that many people had actually change their opinions. And become more positive about gays and lesbians and they set a contributing factor was seeing more gay and lesbian characters in TV shows any movies. And vice president Joseph Biden said that the sitcom. Will and grace did more to educate people than almost anybody else has done so far. The University of Southern California Norman -- centers -- center that has given these grants to inspired TV writers to take on subjects like cancer and aids and climate control. But it's interesting that now they wanna try to focus on obamacare and again right now obamacare would be a serious joking any TV show that it would. Would be part out there's no guarantee there's no. There's no guarantee that they were gonna give you this money so you have to do this -- the money spent to try to influence TV writers and producers. To start creating positive messages about obamacare. A positive message about obamacare that might actually come under the category of fiction. At this point. I remind you that there is high school football on Demi WL tomorrow night in this Monday Night Football on Monday night the -- -- returns make an appointment to join us Tuesday nights and every other night next week here on every WL. Have you read the -- your saints ticket. Before I get to what you're saints tickets as in the back there's -- case before the Missouri State Supreme Court evolving in Kansas City Royals fan. John -- And he suing the Kansas City Royals because he was hit in the -- -- a foil wrapped hot dog it was thrown into the crowd -- The team's mascot for years ago is now -- the State Supreme Court he says he's had to eye surgery suffers from permanent damage to his vision. The royals argue that the team should be protected by the legal standard that fans assumed risk. Like being hit by a foul ball and that should extend to something being thrown into -- the crowd by. The mascot or. You know cheerleader or. Team personnel you know most of the time if the mascot cheerleaders or someplace or something in the crowd the crowds on its feet standing and trying to get the stuff thrown toward him. You accept a certain risk when you go to events. Now on the back of your saints tickets. It says. That ticket holder assumes all risks incident to the game or related events. Including the risk of lost stolen or damaged property or personal injury. And I know there have been people who have sued they did hit the head with foul balls but on the back of a baseball ticket I believe it says that you accept responsibility for for going to the game. And united. You're not gonna hold the team accountable if you get hit in the head with a a baseball. The same thing has happened in hockey games where the hockey puck is flown into the stands and that's that's a vicious little creature when it flies in the stance like that. And I think some people actually tragically been killed. But it it's it it it's really that the lack of common sense that we have in this country that everybody wants to sue everybody. And yet may be more should be said about what's on the back of your ticket if you didn't know then it. You are accepting risk. Of personal injury when you go to a saints game for example or when you go to a sporting event read the -- your ticket. Now if that -- falls in or something out of the ordinary happened that's different but it if something happens as a result of the game fourteen related activities. You actually except risk. By a fan uses the ticket. Go saints go tigers -- thank Shelden Williams our studio producer. Thank you for being with us tonight thank you for all of your calls -- thank you for all of your -- by email address is -- at WWL and you can join me on Twitter this weekend. Act -- WWL. Have a great evening and a great weekend. -- New Orleans.