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Nov 8, 2013|

Dave talks about LSU/Alabama, Saints/Cowboys, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this. Eighth of November 20103. It. 00. Yeah. Okay okay okay wow. We got this thing. Kitchen yeah. Their own yeah. -- and now -- Weekend where LSU fans and things man. Hate the opponent -- with a passion we got bones to pick up. With Alice do I am hoping. That they can play this -- I'm hoping they can. Put it all together and play their best game of the you know I'm not expected. Away. And at that that the good position to be and yeah it's a -- exactly if LSU wins now be needed if the tigers -- -- time. Very pleasantly surprised. But the rise. I think it's definitely possible but I think they put it pretty clear this great news they definitely can do. They can beat Alabama and Bob -- -- Garrett called me. They're a great position they really have nothing to. If they don't land the last time so they can really just grow everything now they can take risks they can take chances make it. -- Really just to kind of counseling to -- never worry about now you know now that's -- not to lose and maybe be loser than the only time. Yet does that tides -- a lot on the line again everything you lose this game they're out of that presumably out of the fight the national champion and prevent things. -- we now see. But hopefully it doesn't make him and I mean -- a -- expected to win it. They don't expect -- this game and I'd be really happy if they goods and I think it's possible. But just making. It I don't think so. Definitely expect to be out all very I mean there's seven point favorite Vegas at a better. Better record there at home but weird in this series ever since John Payton -- agreed to come here. Except for one time now we've got a team always -- -- Dallas comes to the dome it when we go to Dallas we way. We're. Ascent up. Or that's going to be your garden. Do you agree. Yet did we get the -- Iraq. At night Saturday night and then -- -- pick a winner in the jealousy of him again. Absolutely. And alone I'm gonna. IC. News wait. Wait field goal. Tigers went tigers went you actually expect that up. I don't expect you expect your predicting he'd been tigers weren't tigers went -- please jealousy thing -- there and -- Forty minutes we get to backing up Morgan amiga developers into your statement fictional. Why else Dave -- You're texting me at age 7870. Predicted music you're gonna winning games. And the man always expect their team that way. Question or thought about it we'll get your forecast next mandated by told -- this morning I was out there last night. And that win. Great kilometers about. That more that this morning take a look at your forecast right after this thing -- Steve Geller and you was boards in his prediction at all. -- BL SU manly game. Saturday in tells him. 518 panties. I it and -- -- -- thank you thank you thank you for some critics. You're Friday witnessed here and here it is WWL offers he got home yesterday. Went inside and have been -- instance that you're in for a rude awakening when you do step out the door the temperature plummeted. After sundown last night the winds picked up and it is rural Lee. Cold outside for a lot of folks now I'm not complaining I'm just talent that if you're not ready for it will. New EPA in the blood Vincent put in words second day on the radio here is this meteorologist Laura booked out with more wars -- in salary. Lots of sunshine on the way to the breeze still kicking this morning that's gonna make those forties and fifties feel that much colder make sure to have that jacket early on. Mean I needed all day highs later around 66. You'll definitely want because it's so again tonight forties and fifties overnight. Before warming back into the mid seventies for Saturday and Sunday we -- trial on Saturday but there's a 10% chance for shower on Sunday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- blocked out. We have clear skies. And northeast winds at the airport sustained. At 25 miles an hour gusting to 31 making that 52. Feel like the upper thirties with the windshield we actually have upper thirties on parts of the North Shore it's forty wanting clearance Slidell. The good news north of -- the winds are dying down just north of three miles an hour right now. At the National Weather Service office in slide now. Steve Geller this is -- we really enjoyed talking about it. Football and sports -- Baghdad the Q most about two of the most hated rivals. Of both the tigers and the saints on this yet. I've been asking folks. If I don't expect allies but still hope that they beat them. That's okay right then doesn't have to always expected. -- event. I think. It's good to be realistic and not have you know delusions of Granger but -- As you wouldn't say that -- issue obviously doesn't have a chance but yet I'm I think they can't -- I can see several scenarios where they would win right I just know that right now. On paper Alabama's a better team -- Mecca for myself into believing that a victory is certain by any means but sure would be nice. And then at the fact damaged home twos -- -- -- -- That they've made him can do it this year -- you can they've got the best record against spam on the -- they've beaten him more and anybody else so hey why not hope for a victory. And if it happens I'll be that much happier happy Friday to Yuba. Happy Friday and six ranked Stanford held off a fourth quarter rally by -- winning 26 which -- me. And once again ruin the ducks' national championship hopes. Both teams are now 81 on the year. The mall Baylor erupted in the second half were 41 to twelve victory over twelfth ranked Oklahoma. The fifth ranked bears are now eight no MP a ranked team for the first time this season. Over in the NFL on Thursday night football the vikings rallied to beat the Redskins 3427. Seconds thirteen -- But then it's what school did you know. That's now in Minnesota -- game. AP Adrian Peterson ran for 75 yards and two touchdowns as Minnesota improved to two at seven Washington dropped to three and six. -- -- Jordan David Hawthorne and Malcolm Jenkins. All -- -- their second straight day of practice for the saints with more on the blocking gold here's sideline reporter Kristian garic. Saints defensive -- In Iraq Ryan will get his first shot of the team that fired him up this Sunday when the saints host the Dallas Cowboys in prime time. Outside linebacker junior US says Ryan has been pretty much even -- this week about the match up -- his former employer. We're all humans is any time you got let go west somewhere or somebody that you were working for info like your success. On the Nazis for sure he's still you know I think -- good -- Biggest -- -- on loses a winning message. I'm Christie -- now let's check in -- Deke Bellavia for a preview. Of LSU and Alabama tomorrow night in Tuscaloosa the LSU defensive front is going to -- put some pressure on one of the most -- quarterbacks in college football in Alabama AG in the care at this LSU defensive -- eagle Ferguson. Really really bad please -- -- -- -- the -- on the money. Like when you watch -- we -- Check out over two hours. Sure Alabama covered Saturday starting at noon office at seven. And I'll put that in the French Quarter. Are all here at WW LT going to be at WWL sports and two -- is on the road to take on Texas San Antonio tomorrow the waiver six and three. And looking to rebound after a tough loss last week to Florida Atlantic. Therefore it's the fans in the profile by the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup. At 7 o'clock you have a choice prep football on the big 87 the AM. Or here's the pelicans take on LA lakers -- 1053 WWL left them I'm Steve Geller and that's early morning look at sports on. Three minutes after Friday and it's the early edition of WW golfers news -- radioactive contaminants Steve -- all right it's predicts all the time for you mr. -- let's start -- -- -- Alabama -- you see this game playing out tomorrow night and Iran time on CBS and right here on WW. If I was a betting man I would put my money on the LSU tigers getting that many points but straight up market do you think they -- that you think they beat the spread they don't lose violate all that it absolutely not I have this as a field goal game may -- even in the last second but I have Alabama no taking it. 27242724. High scoring affair Alabama by just three points as Steve Geller. And just as you're predicting and -- who lost assuming and nine and LSU thing it just right you did you look at the game and that's it you'd expect to happen saints. Cowboys Sunday night. Am in the super. I see a bolo out in this one I like I was -- to big time 3117. I just think the last week was a big. Slap in the face of the team may be they needed it. The running game IC get going against this. Dallas defense that really can't stop anyone Pierre Thomas having a big night and also Drew Brees connected with drew -- more for a few touchdowns. Right how much of a factor we have talked about this much is the fact. That Rob Ryan explain the team kicked him to prepare how motivated. He's always emotional but how much more motivated with EB. You really unleash that sounds I think we're really seeing that every week in the NFL's an emotional game is always mean something for somebody last week it was Rob Ryan again playing against his brother Rex hum but I think. I think the has great knowledge of their personnel which will help them a lot more in this game thing going up against his brother that's why -- the the -- getting to Tony Romo and and just the defense dominating this one the cowboys won't be able to score that much. LSU losing by history. The saints winning by two touchdowns. Easily says these guys think is that we'll talk about -- -- what's what's on document that the lakers team common man. To play the -- that's not the same lakers that we've been used to seeing. Here in the New Orleans Arena we'll get your prediction for that definitely -- yeah WWL IMF and the fact that it's cold. -- crazy cold outside. Take a look at your forecast right after this thing here Friday morning. 120 feet in the early editions that got you well. First news it's called out their votes you're gonna wanna bundle up and had matter early per share. As we climbed with the sunshine into the sixties this afternoon is -- a warm up a little bit and that -- should die down by later today. And tonight we're back into the forties and fifties that clear skies overnight and chilly again. Now to -- ahead looks a bit milder or at 74 on Saturday and partly cloudy skies 76 on Sunday at 10% chance for a shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Are right at 518 though folks it feels like thirties on both sides of the light winds gusting over thirty miles an hour on the south -- it's 52 at the airport actually 41. In slide down your comments coming up you're on WW ally on Friday morning. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's November it's the eighth its 2003. Team you're darn right it is and it's TGI. Apps like yes I better say. Welcome. To -- guy. It is. My job you know OK okay if -- Well if you do that part if he did OK okay okay I because. -- News question. Here we don't. Pitchers Tony Romo. Well yeah. -- and -- -- dumped back I was ready for the next episode again I don't know them. I don't know anybody else I just know what's going wrong. Now he's. -- great talent you. Alabama yeah just that little game that little thing they do up there in Tuscaloosa rivalry -- to hold on. And -- I've been asked him if he. And I really not a lot of people like there in new ones we're. Name it I don't necessarily. Back analysts beautifully well but I will be elated if they I'm supporting them Wear my purple gold right now. So it's not that I I think they're losers it's not that I don't like them like -- -- realistically. The -- typical. And a couple of people who oppose them are things. If one person. It's okay you're expected team to win here that's being realistic announces that it can be realistic. They hope their team wins but that one as the Jews vote team lead this agreement winner of the game. -- I'm like going into this thing. Kind of calm you know rather than that uptight oversees the national championships it's -- oh geez you know and your your pace in the room. I think you've got kind of a calm things going there. So I feel better because. It was a little. On easy about the fact and I expect Alabama win but I hope -- let's -- -- with us. You have already told us you expect LSU to win by a field goal feel like you expect the saints to view of against the hated hated cowboys that is my stated I think it's about -- -- pretty darn it. Yeah -- darn hated I think our defense is hard to come up. Real bears. Which will inspire the offense and since we've had the confusion on this bad game this sluggish weird stuff last week. We put it all together and we take the boys by ten. Are ranked. Steve as an every down fourteen point victory for the -- -- predicting eight and yes it is and we'll find out what's it -- -- reporter -- -- thanks and T Bob -- of the former house yeah you -- Molly -- began just a few minutes quickly -- I need you to weigh in also on what's gonna happen at the box office this weekend when the easiest of the year I think these guys -- -- -- so why are our world opens sequel it's the first storm Soviet another marvel superhero movie all tied in the avengers Chris Hemsworth one of the hottest male actors Natalie Portman. One -- -- -- -- -- female actors out there the only other new movie that opens as the book of the awaits. And while subjected to though -- of World War II Germany young. Completely -- Finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others that the -- thank you or run don't parent is not a time Enders game. -- a lot of attack here in New Orleans at the issues -- facility at the current number one. Jackass presents Bagram -- last Vegas free birds and gravity your current top. Floor yes Thor that and more Thor Thor Thor and more Thorman hit me -- -- -- after all latch follow. Thank you David -- -- IQ of about twenty minutes more vs Chris Miller's not -- in this saints fans and tiger fans it's in how they feel on this very cold. I game -- We are gonna suck up the sun and we could use it because it is downright cold out there this. Meteorologist -- about felt happy Friday. He our math class I love my old age yeah that. But it doesn't feel good -- no other. -- -- -- It all out but. I mean you look at tents and now like 52 which you think. Rest that's cool. But the manufactured at 25 mile an hour wind and it -- -- eat and it's just -- I was out of high school football game a home watching east Jefferson warriors go to -- undefeated on the season. Hi it was hard to stand in the stands out because it was the wind was sobering. He's bill is an -- ever kept saying. It was going to be this COLT I asked the guys that are still all Abbas it was gonna get down into the forties and fifties and it is going to be Everett went out now I added I was gonna be this call. I well you know that's what this temperature and then you know -- like a big difference -- 52 in the sunshine. And it can fill nice 52 at night with a 25 mile an hour winds and -- likely -- thirty yes. Absolutely yeah and low 42 north of the lakes like L 41 -- and 41 -- -- 18%. Area wide it's whether this. And we've still got like 50% relative humidity Watson and the way I see -- -- right now I've done a lot of winters and a lot of crazy cold places. I would rather freezing. Way up north where the humidity is like where it -- -- let it dry -- yet then here. Where it's 52. And the humidity -- protect system it chills you to the flip -- in and out what you put on you can't do. Although you can't figure down to 37 which is actually pretty to -- for us -- gap but I notre Spain you know people say that you know that. Do the cold out west and then and then you know the cold down here it is. It's that wind kinda damp chill but it it to older coal. I'm talent that -- -- -- like you are absolutely true but we couldn't get warm up a little bit today and it does come out of the night doesn't come out and the winds to begin to die down hike later today about 66. OK so that's better and -- -- wins that we won't -- -- -- alert liters of folks feel -- if you -- this morning where your skirt as we enjoy this morning yeah but by later it won't beat them and we had seven before tomorrow or 76 on -- day -- -- -- just a few clouds mixing with the like it I love -- I want some -- -- right now we know you're not now has -- rights. My do you think -- you can beat out. Really think it's going to be connecting with his -- you can they always play up top they always you know everybody's stats for this game. And sell it. I'm out of fort Watson at the ticket -- outrage and your prediction on in the superdome Sunday night saying well yeah we gotta be cowgirls how your -- -- -- did you excuse me avid cowboys on the -- activate. I do expect it I think our our boys in black and gold -- -- rally that you know last week was tough loss but we're gonna we're gonna rally back are you willing to make await. 00 what kind of waiter well. What would you say if I were offered a bet you Greg that -- your -- the saints to win. That you'll let me he's view if they lose no activity taste yeah well some moron up in Wisconsin made that bad and it's right here in the wrong with people -- -- a man and his wife. Who. 18 Packers -- and 18 there and a man who bet on Monday night's game yet. And the agreement was the loser got Hayes -- the winner pretty rough idea. They had a stun gun and they made this event -- Aaron Rodgers gets injured on the first series of the game Packers lose and SY. It's made no he she was betting on the Packers don't need to turn -- her. She calls the cops. He goes to jail yet. Then they signed up the whole story Alabama that read that you agree to this issue. Well yeah now -- it and now it's going to be testing of the DA brings charges against him ultimately the court. I mean it's rough getting taste we actually had an an anchor Angela at a station our two previously this one that. Agreed to -- taste on -- I guess to kind of demonstrate what. And he fell straight to the ground I -- he was in the Bay Area pain it was so see that firsthand and I don't I never bet on the. Get to -- my daughter's boyfriend is a police officer and he was in the academy yet to get two days before he they'd be extra security Kaczur cool and yet don't trust. You're never gonna tase me any reason I will never be two days and I I will do everything I candor of went against you just kind of learned the hard way not to make bets that you can't make that on it goes in the what are people like -- got him that they bail out but at all thank you Laura advocate we like to alive and direct Eyewitness News forecast -- -- -- that one reporter Kristin -- predicts what will happen. In the saints and cowgirls is Laura put it right after this. Since the reporter Christian scared she Bobby -- Former LSU tiger in studio with me now they're double trouble like -- double coverage on thirteen 53 WL I call them double trouble and -- like on Friday morning to get their prediction all. Saints -- the reporter Christian -- we begin with you. Let's start with Sunday's saints. How girls as Laura but don't just call them in the superdome Sunday night. And it's going to be awhile looked like it was last year 3431 overtime win for the saints last Yani and look at. Similar kind of game a three point spread. I think the saints and a win and game and by about a few double the clothes and the thirty's so much as rob Bryant hatred for the team and occurred back. I think it heat it's a motivating fact for him but as far didn't it didn't. Create x.s and those that doesn't that make the players play any better or worse close games thing by a small margins -- -- -- -- going to be a -- for the thing it's a lot of people like it is Christian. Yeah I gotta side with Christian on this one acts. No no that's not true because he I mean I just. I chose a close in the bills' game and I was wrong there I just think if you look at the cowboys run a play this year. They every game they've been and is being close really no matter what the opponent whether it was a seven no Broncos had a time or. You know I've been terrible teams so -- like saints by fuel I think they -- mountain again. I will stick with you mr. tiger LSU Alabama and the tigers win this game in us. Yet the him -- that mean they definitely can't you look at the series history. Though -- team has won eleven of the last seventeen times in this Tuscaloosa as you matchup. And really those job in -- two point flip almost every time there and -- will what is your project. Take -- a -- -- -- never choose Doby and now you are not uphold our I kept a pilot's blood. And that ugly sweater on the glass kind of make me angry I'll kill him and I think it can be -- come down the -- and -- -- Get to -- Jeremy hill and then all offensive line are going to be the EU's gay -- wing Christian -- your production. The tigers went by a five out of the -- LSU wins are against continue your discussion on thirteen 53 W well. There on from 6 to 9 this morning sports time with these guys. Friday Stanford stunned organ for the second straight year handing the second ranked ducks their first goals of the season 26 which one week. The cardinal controlled the ball for 42 and a half minutes with running back Tyler Gaffney carrying the rock 45 times for a 157. Yards and one touchdown. Also -- penny threw for three touchdowns and ran for two more scores and fifth ranked Baylor. Dominated with a 41 to twelve victory over number twelve Oklahoma. -- eight no one a year including a five and -- mark in the big twelve. Over in the NFL on Thursday night football Adrian Peterson helped the vikings earn their second win of the season. Back set up for the god -- you go. Warm handoff Peterson run into the right. No touchdown Minnesota. Adrian Peterson. His second of the night. AP ran for 75 yards and two scores in Minnesota held on for 83427. Victory over the Washington Redskins. Malcolm Jenkins came Jordan David Hawthorne missed their second straight day of practice for the saints. For more on the -- gold let's check you would sideline reporter Christian -- the saints Steve. This is a big challenge Sunday when they face the Dallas Cowboys in prime time. Tony Romo quarterback Jason -- that tight end. And don't forget about Dez Bryant a wide receiver outside linebacker junior -- says stopping the run is a top priority against the cowboys. I'm not -- -- me go to reduce. -- awful lost a tough loss at home away we disorder you know get this she going mcginnis sole focus -- I'm Kristian garic. We'll hand things off to Deke Bellavia for a preview of LSU and Alabama tomorrow night LSU coach less miles talks about a key matchup between LA should Alabama. The tackle wide receivers and the Alabama secondary. We'd like to match up we think that we give them some challenges on the perimeter. We had a quarterback first why would make patrol and several receivers that can get open station we understand who were playing -- they're very good team that would think that there's a match up there that benefits -- Our coverage starts Saturday here on WWL. Deke Bellavia WWL sports and too late invades the Alamo dome tomorrow looking to take down Texas. San Antonio. I Steve Geller and that your early morning look at stats -- 54 we've already got your predictions for LSU and Alabama you predicted. Big saints win. Thirty wanted to set a team yet -- -- saints went to -- -- relative Alabama 2724. For a chance to get to varying picks going on here the lakers come into the New Orleans Arena not the same lakers -- -- -- -- -- Kobe -- -- he's -- -- and there -- definitely -- -- played last -- in Houston -- -- -- republicans' chances tonight. I see them earning their third victory of your -- to 515. Massive -- Ports -- WWL. Economic Tucker's and for the next four. You've got that right to get talked a lot of -- -- LHU we'll talk about his bullying episode and I think there are a lot of passions on both sides I don't think there's any right or wrong here we'll just hear your opinion and I think he needs toughen up butter cup that's what I think but that's just me. We're part about Nixon -- -- tough enough butter cup. We're gonna talk about Nick Saban you know the last miles and even his record head to head with nick Satan ban on people realize the snow there for equally is one that is one a much better a coach and by the way stay up -- Eleven and one today.

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