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11-8 6:15am Tommy, Saints/Cowboys

Nov 8, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against the Cowboys

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike retaliate joins us right now our friend who is with -- every Friday and Monday morning talk about the saints and there next opponent -- Mike Kelly Dylan. Good morning thanks for. Taken. Time witnesses say -- hosts in the cowboys Sunday night in the dome. I guess we can start with how the saints match up -- the cowboys are offense for their defense. -- defense vs their offense. Well planned to open vs cowboys defense public pretty beat up along the defense of Juan. But still they have one signature player and that's the markets where. Call now -- deal this the markets in this game we are on the way and Obama. We're in the baucus was supposedly hurt that economy entries have been heard that we were more. Came back and had a monster game against the saints so. Grow back its controlling the markets where because they -- can control animal fraud. Do we can do some business on that cowboy defense it's been a defense that's on. In my opinion -- rated in many areas -- have really good player an ambulance shortly. Called. Solid play at the cornerback position but this is a team that I think you can. Maybe gave -- game we -- the couple com. Then and that they have a lot but this football team because they some balance. I mean I think that's the one thing you go back. -- last week. An idea -- statistics run on this we -- -- football less than fifteen times and hopeful fit the times. The last hundred games you've only won eight and Lana and I need to those gains. And I need to -- 92% loss rate. 982% last true hypocrite -- Last week. The cowboys ran the ball nine times in -- you want and want. So it would actually albeit seven but the cowboys beat the vikings. That way and students that. What I give you statistics and but I think again it goes to show you. Both teams -- difficult to run in the ball both teams have built around throwing the football now VO. You know certainly were the sites. And their -- because of the football now popular different receivers been Jimmy Graham has been all of this season in the cowboys with Tony Romo. And it got too big time players in India line at wide receiver. And Jason Witten a tight -- Which team can get at some semblance of rushing game -- And so that's why I went public in -- -- scoring game between the two homes because. Ball well. And along game because we go to football and it's gonna extend that. I think it. Does have a gut and bowl teams which is all year. It would went to an all time gain in these games have been equals between the late in the cowboys the last reality. You you got to and that turnovers certainly a huge but also which team can -- be probably balanced attack. And both problem. At times. Has shown that they can get away from that real quick the running game. On the only concern I have from what Ijaz mentioned as we've had trouble. Protecting -- saints had trouble protecting Drew Brees this year and how likely is it that the markets where just comes up with a career game. Well it would it would be on -- -- against them so. Again -- get them help. When you blocking him because he's one of those guys that can actually kind of control football game with this layup brought. So you can you've got -- game but the try to take. -- big play potential. The thing that scares me is with the cowboys have on the opposite side the -- ball. Because we are actually boy it just went all -- in this football team. Nine characters -- 224. Yours and two scores. The last time Jason Witten has played the -- he's -- 11. Point 821. Patents against this thing. And -- -- important efficient. Because the last couple times -- -- well it brought on an inception but that's down zero interceptions. And completed over almost 70% of this past as well. You can just see that matchup scores in his game. It all pavement the alt fan but I agree with you get apt to get some help. Out on the heads through the block the markets where because she is the guy thinking change. Mike when we come back to wanna get your thoughts on this bully gates story come out of Miami. Okay you've been around NFL players for a long time six when he three -- Traficant for that we get a Terrell Robinson. WL talking a lot LSU football and also the saints right now 627 Mike's already told us that. As they got to get the running game going could be a high scoring game -- and they better. Do some then stop DeMarcus -- is we've had trouble protecting drew as it is -- is bully gate thing out of com. Miami with. You know we're to talk about that later because there's some very emotional feelings about this I think some people that have been bullied -- had a child bullied. Think that in -- -- was absolutely wrong. People have dealt successfully with bullies before -- -- in -- -- noses sand and up to and say it will will what is going on with Maarten and dad that was supposedly bully. You tell me you've been around NFL players and locker rooms a long time. You know Tommy it's a situation where. You know you talked -- -- a lot of people have been in this league and some -- it's it's been a rare occasion that they've had something go wrong. And yet you've got others that I've seen in similar situations. Most people. Have got to the point where it became a breaking point form where they challenged the -- They got that point where they couldn't take it no more and it was in the you know quite are almost like between the two. It has all of peel the onion so to speak on things that have happened in this league a long time. And now all of a sudden have this test case issue. And you know you -- it the workplace he would. Playground everywhere out that -- all week that particular incident. Now all of a sudden it's involved with sports and its mainstream. I'm not seeing it both ways. And in this particular spot here. Why would the dolphins organization. That does go you can't tell you know that was happening. Behind the -- -- helped me get rich content Eagles rap sheet albeit a bad guy has been the wall in college. Threatening player threatening coaches this same way Indiana well that's why he's bounced around this legal work. That's why you recorded as the 31 in the thirties is now all the that you put you in a position. That you do in all of football team. And I think you don't know anything about it. Organization is just as much fault for this as anything else because you can't tell me they know. On the part what mark that is not his demeanor to do. You might they have that thing preemptive that would have been the challenger Richie tried you don't tell white and gotten -- know where. It's never been is that needed to do that sort of thing but boy has it on peel the onion. And ultimately. Ultimately. -- team is going to be held responsible for this. Not being -- -- you know Korea it is with. Jonathan Moore may play again in the NFL but you don't -- with the -- It's going to be except and that sort of thing to it it's really thought about Craig yes you. Although. I think a lot of people have been on Martin's side. So this big before. And hopefully you know. And say well you know the king and team leadership. Should of stood up and seven that was enough. Does -- -- -- -- -- -- felt a little bit about this kind of macho image. And macho deal where he and other players on that shouldn't. Would not stand up what Jonathan Moore and you -- intimate interviews they're -- -- don't want to bully. And getting that this is available on law ongoing issue. Mike before we went to go quickly as a very good news of the saints are six and a half point favorite do they win and do they copper. Yeah I think they win and I think it covered this game I think said that he couldn't come up with a big politely. In the opens come to form but I do think it's a high scoring game like 35. When he seven slump and then that rain. Got you Mike appreciate your time we'll talk to you Monday. Thank brought down.

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