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WWL>Topics>>11-8 7:15am Tommy, LSU vs. Alabama

11-8 7:15am Tommy, LSU vs. Alabama

Nov 8, 2013|

Tommy talks to Doug Mouton, WWL-TV's Sports Director, about the Tigers game against the Tide and some unfair SEC scheduling

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- on joins us right now the ever smiling forts sports director did anybody. Channel -- -- -- is a big smile on your face when -- here now that's a compliment. It does make me wonder what you drink and before eagle on. I -- comment and a tell me about your story is and I was pretty interesting when it comes scheduling with LHU and Alabama. Well it was it was a pretty simple story the FCC and it. Two teams two years ago that the -- and -- Missouri today at the broad appeal scheduling. Them. And in developing and -- sketch released it before they to a new permanent system at what they call Reid scheduled that sort of needed as they go. And for the years until they get to a new permanent sit well the only part of the schedule yet he's he controls orbit two games. Don't you play against the other division meaning. LSU plays every opponent in the SEC west that what. That's six that you're at UT games the Arctic to the one against the east of the ones that are sort of arbitrary that your data. And in these storage -- all the rules or that he secretive than anything with the first two games well in those two games. They decided to keep the permanent opponent. LSU permanent opponent in the east this war and then tell you got Florida and South Carolina last year Florida and Georgia this year it at the. At the same time Alabama's permanent part -- the senate -- and then there's that tendency was much better 1520 years ago they. Couple aren't that that very good right now -- neatly tennesseans schedule. Twenty years ago. Yeah. That in Alabama permanent political and it's okay -- that even given that beat the other. Arbitrary opponent that they gave what was the story last year and then Kentucky this year. And the numbers what really happened like LSU got war opponents in those two years at all right. They work number 23 in the and the other three all in the top ten. -- -- -- right opponent in Alabama got -- ranked opponent well and -- the numbers call the FTC pain in the current LSU is the only team in the SEC in this war games. Get more right. Opponents. Alabama was the only team -- -- it's easy to get you were ranked opponent Alabama. And -- dramatically and you can argue about it. It's a conspiracy here about it. But mathematically. Alabama got the easiest path of the fourteen greens yet -- -- -- -- -- back in the final act is that. The FBP to lead scheduling guy is -- -- mark Womack gets into the graduate school his high school and the University of Alabama and trainer Teddy Kollek. Spiritually error. Object and. Goes to the tracks. I'm via these does scheduling by himself. And yet at BC and radically what it. He's -- -- is -- into the Atlantic directors. He's the guy that sort of in charge of the process and yet the all the. There are others in the process and all be voted on athletic director in the -- The athletic directors and make the schedule. Athletic directors voted at the time. My guess is -- -- you know. Because they were. Just rude and yet these CP. But if you're different piece CP that you're not -- that Israeli -- elected but yet how that played out. You know -- -- -- we don't know but those at the support backed to Alabama EE Ella she got the most typical now the bridge schedules. Will go away and a couple of years they haven't been permanent. It'll happen permanent and yet LSU. It's by eating at the one flight -- want to date the the permanent opponent -- according to -- -- not -- you get Florida every year somebody in Kentucky a year. Over the next thirty years I can guarantee. Port that can be a lot better than Kentucky or -- is arguing that they look. What that we played eight -- EC games and nine at -- began which is what everybody in the rotation. So we'll play. That all the people from the east and permanent you know random rotation when you're gonna get Tennessee and what you gonna get when it put it would be. -- And it's going to be fair about that Paula she waited then I'll tell she's a Florida. And by definition -- a terrific program. LSU. Is gonna get screwed in -- -- and -- for sports and again a very good LA she's been every year and is. Tell -- -- and prepare that was the story that the story was based on that the two teams from out of the division. And these reviews whether it mr. moats and even a very helpful witness things await will -- the SEC office is located. -- at least the opposite of Indian army in Iraq -- you've been very up with -- stunt at a great time. Because of the net balance sheet and have been ruining ball in the for the last couple years it is because of them and it's not sit well with LSU and goal line and it and it made sense just just -- -- -- is here is that fact. And that's why we didn't let it. Surely that. Nice not entity had a great weekend in Tuscaloosa -- prediction -- quick. -- You know I wouldn't I wouldn't bet on -- -- -- just went to Alabama and Alabama but anybody can be closer than people -- And LSU as a tailback a Little League is the single most dynamic player on the field -- can keep it close. He's gotten most likely they could play like LSU to keep it close with the people pick. But again at this point how would bet on Alabama college football game. Any kind in the near future thank you Doug have a great weekend our doctor Greg yeah.

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