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11-8 8:15am Tommy, traumatic brain injuries from football

Nov 8, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Robert Cantu, the Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephelopathy, about brain injuries

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker we're talking about head injuries in the NFL. Guard John -- quit the Denver Broncos walked away from a million dollar salary he said. He losses love for the game. And he was tired of risking his health but then -- it was. Jokingly in he tweeted football was fun but my head hurts high -- kidding Roger Goodell. I don't know what factors that really played in his leaving team but it is no laughing matters certainly Chris -- wins -- -- co founded the senator for. Study of traumatic encephalopathy. With our next guest doctor Robert Cantu and it was the two got linked up when. Chris Liwienski idea Harvard football player wrestler began and -- head aches and went all around and that's where. I guess the whole thing starting morning doctor orient. Thanks for taking the time it isn't for coming on images. Find it amazing that this. Whole study for the most part start with Chris Chris Liwienski and you and we've seen this document and on ESP and then. Some other news outlets and it's amazing when you think that this was not really paid attention to before you guys started it and now it's led -- some rule changes in the NFL and I guess when you first started this did you think it was going to be as prevalent as it is. Well actually. Chris came on the scene as a patient -- as -- ability to repay and re searching the area for thirty -- like Christians brought to it has been huge he's brought his background. And Debbie Debbie is background and knowing and being in the media and the media can really championed things. And -- And coupled with. Several high profile football players bring their problems are probably. The public awareness has just taken off like a rocket shot and it it's marvelous Susie how much good has enabled come from. Just so people understand I believe your organization is the place to which. Some deceased players have donated their brains. What sports legacy which Chris and -- founded in 2007. Partnered with Boston university in 2008. -- consent -- the said he traumatic encephalopathy and yet. The majority. The -- have NFL players. That'd deceased. And have been steady and have been around and I see key had been found her doctor and he's worked at Boston University are bring back. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of and I hope you have a couple of minutes spent -- To people era thank you for people that are out there's saying. You know what it's football and always has been dangerous. This is no worse and their needs their backs or anything else that better football players are prone to having entered. Explain I guess some on the symptoms that manifest themselves as a player against gets this are and how many head hits it it takes to it. Married to have this kind of disease and can happen at the Peewee level at the high school level. Well first of all the symptoms all in three different categories one. Our cognitive symptoms starting -- with. Short term memory problems but progress and the frank dementia were people need custodial care because they can't be let -- The second -- sent dozens are. Behavioral symptoms and the most prominent there is lack of pimples control line off the handle things used to be able to handle so bit. Physical and verbal abuse comes as a result of that. And then that third category -- symptoms or emotional and then. Anxiety in the practioner the primary ones in that category. And yes and fortunately. We don't know exactly what. -- a trauma to the brain is necessary. For people and it's probably different amounts are different people. We have seen it in six high school players so we now can occur as early years -- While we're talking and doctor Robert Cantu co director of the center for the study of traumatic encephalopathy Tony 2%. Yesterday announcing that he has some of the symptoms of it so we'll continue our conversation. In a matter of minutes they Tony to timely trapping them. Problems. Tommy Tucker talking about concussions and head injuries in the NFL and traumatic encephalopathy. And we're talking to doctor Robert Cantu the co director. Of the center for the study of traumatic encephalopathy yet not be graphic -- understand this is. The organization did to whom former deceased NFL players Dave -- and comes to mind have donated their brains. For study and doctor you know we're talking about some of the symptoms before income and -- manner that is disease manifests itself but I remember reading. That when it comes to sports the most biggest dangerous when it comes a concussion. Is girl's soccer. Is it doesn't matter if it's violent contact door is a bit of violent relative word. Oh I think violence relative. We have people in the brain bank. Didn't have -- recognized contraction throughout their allies played sports. Where they were getting -- it silently shaken frequently. Like football lineman. Like people in -- they are doing a lot of heading over a longer. So what. Is a common Constance. Constant in this is really repetitive brain trauma that have to be at the compression level. So you can be susceptible forward if you never and it recognized concussion. I'm not trying to make this about myself but back in the day you know we would people -- play live at a high school football and had the old type elements with the with the web suspension M. You know in those days -- teaching but block and then head to head contact in league with he had was not a bad things so. Yeah how far along our guest is who would your career have to go be it just a couple of years and high school with a lot of head bang and for you to think well you know what I'm here in some of the things you're saying about short term memory loss about lack of impulse control and about depression for. A tremendous amount of people in this country that that it played high school sports to be worried about does. Well it's not -- score -- political and subjected to repetitive head trauma from whatever. Could be at risk for this I think. Certainly most people probably aren't gonna come down with this. Because there are genetic and other factors that we don't fully understand -- and protect some people more than others some are more prone to. Yes I mean it's very fair to say not everybody courts that place at the NFL level it took. The same problem is -- do person who won't necessarily wind up like they'd. I would take a break for news -- come back on talking about. Maybe that behavior manifesting itself and some current players and as you were gone through those symptoms especially lack of impulse control and physical and verbal abuse at Italian and they anti NATO came up from Miami and and I don't know if if there's any way of telling if anybody has this entity actually look at. The brain it can it be treated and also when it comes -- parents with children would you advise and be -- football for boys or soccer for girls. Even let him play and I appreciate the time doctor Robert Cantu co director of the center for the study of traumatic encephalopathy. Will rejoin us right now that time for debit WL first news and for that we go to -- I continuing our conversation and lucky to have this gentleman that is saying renowned neurosurgeon doctor Robert king and two co-founder. With Chris no win ski of the sports legacy institute and also a partner with -- yeah. Boston university school of medicine in the center of the study of traumatic encephalopathy. Tony doors that. Joseph the -- Laura longtime guard with the Buffalo Bills in New York giant Leonard Marshall all been diagnosed with the symptoms of that. Disorder Tony -- quoted as saying let me tell you some dude I can't remember the names of people. Every time I've got to go some where almost every other day I -- ask my wife I'd like get there it's embarrassing. But Danny goes on assailant and a nine year old daughter and I'm trying to cut this blank off at the pants that they can be cut off -- in the round. So doctor king and to win when it comes it Tony -- sets I guess aggressive approach toward this. Once once the diseases there and the symptoms are there indeed the manager with medication or is there anything you can do. Well Tommy right now others note therapy and no -- and that will rest. This disease itself or stop the seat but aren't medication and help this and there're there are standard medications. And help the content is sent them there obviously medication. Now. The pressure and anxiety. And even impulse control issue so you can improve the quality of life and are searching area art. Many people are buying up archer the key key right now that's not there but certainly equality by -- that there he met. So are you just treat the symptoms and and disease continues to progress. Where are actually most people most people -- as progressive down you know -- process much like. -- -- more alzheimer's disease that sent some people. May not progress though and -- call will be aren't medication. And I'll shut off in the action in the near future. And not to get too technical because you're neurosurgeon and we're not but. Can you kind of in layman's terms explain what it is exactly that happens to the brain and how it happens. Well it happened because they're stretching. And straining partner tissue and hair fibers. It's set up of the record candidate in the -- in which an abnormal art are loaded formal vote team all out yeah. Is that -- did in their content. Costs related partners and fortunately fox. By themselves die. And so unfortunately once it starts to build -- and substantial now it's Cadillac fired its. Raging out of control. So when it comes to. Current players and -- wanna bring any personalities in this spent. If you see aggressive. Violent. Acting out behavior do you everything as a doctor and a scientists that this guy is either. Good maybe just badly behaved or he could be examining the early symptoms of us. Well you -- who worry about it and and certainly one brain trust my mind more than once -- -- cents. There at the bottom line is when you're talking about current players except apparently. Slippery slope and let you know what their entire history has spent. Because the violent aggressive. Behaviors that they and the senate. Are also behaviors that don't hurt them in the sport itself yet they get under control. So you have to understand that give it our but it does recently developed -- their -- well. It is they that -- like law and I'm not so high. Is there any way to diagnose it positively without looking at the brain. Now on outlook -- 10% certainty -- can probably be enough high eighties. What 90%. Likelihood. At the -- a proper -- -- -- earned our. Old long Triad. Of cognitive emotional behavioral sentence. The problem is that there are gathered here at. Expert there's the -- and all the key to what the best the the temple mentioned the content that matches. And reduce the saints and. I got nasty on and off your father or not but. Our grandfather buddies but when it comes to date concussions and and did -- factoring in polian and -- some people not others some people. They even are affected -- effect affected more severely than others. Would you advise that parents let their daughters play soccer let their boys play footballer you know maybe some like boxing hockey. Boy and a grandfather not that that necessarily. Matters one way or the other I feel that written a book all impressions that are kids out Bible -- -- They chipped under the age fourteen shouldn't play tackle football should be playing -- football and learning techniques attack when not dummies that don't -- back. Also -- youngsters playing soccer should be. Not carrying the ball until age fourteen should be taking the ball off their chest and kicking it and in -- not -- Well body check -- should -- to the age of fourteen. Tonight psyche and so start not exactly static product they've already gone up to the age of thirteen in the last couple years. I really appreciate your time doctor Robert -- co director of the center for the study of traumatic encephalopathy also the sports legacy institute doctor have a great weekend. Taking into --

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