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11-8 9:10am Tommy, NFL bullying?

Nov 8, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dave Hyde, a columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, about the latest with the Jonathan Martin saga

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now let's talk about bullying get a text that says. Martin the bully player backed out of a trip that the -- paid for it was decided that he still. -- he share from backing out last minute -- in just take the money for no reason. There has been so much information that has come out about this story we thought we'd go to Florida elected -- a -- columnist for the South Florida sun sentinel. To find out the latest in and when it comes -- a heated this -- that what's true in morning Dave. Good morning and target. Well exactly what story Italian we had the trouble last year and that's -- referred to as the trouble. But it's over now tummy -- the latest on this and what might really be going on in well. Well -- don't really uses. Jonathan Martin's larger. Came out with Casey's statement last night saying. And there are more issues -- collapse and in the workplace. Jonathan was maliciously attack that we as a phrase. I'm assuming that's -- practice. Football practice. And some anonymous letter also. Made record remarks about his sister. And snarled. We're in as a pattern. -- That the borders are building up so when lawyers involved you're talking patterns out corruption Arctic eventually. This goes into court I think that's in -- here in. I won't be a case. Jonathan -- and it will be a landmark case the NFL culture here in what accepted in the American workplace. Can you make -- an equal comparison between. The American workplace in the NFL. We are certainly football people will camp. This is being played football field this will be played in the courtroom and the question will be what goes. American legal law say about any workplace and does that make an exception for the football field in the football locker room. Can that will be fascinating to play assuming. It gets that organisms double. What are the people of South Florida thinking about this is there a consensus of opinion. Well I think it's only words the same opinion as everywhere. On the confusion a lot of report. And actually since they all came from. That he has and report some everything came from. Jonathan Martin's side. Didn't have a full story of what's going conference since you mentioned in the lead in the 151000 powers that I'm an -- -- -- report -- set. Jonathan mark feared. The consequences that he didn't pay 151000 -- doesn't. -- could be retaliation against the direction company's development. I thought yesterday the three players who went on the trip and they said look it was an offensive line group has one job and -- At the last minute backed out we ever paid for a private plane travel weeks. Showed that it does that -- And he was just pain -- -- committed the. Now -- -- say that's what the players told you. The players and today and we wrote a story -- more so. Long story. You know -- -- about that it included law story it was so players who who who. Wednesday in the last couple years have been. Played with these guys in the locker rooms training camps. Couple 13 seasons with. About their feelings on the -- -- partner you know -- general confusion. Over what's going on here because. From their point of view Richie and I didn't do anything. That that principle. That is that that angle and every. Com you know here's one thing I can't get pass and and I appreciate your opinions are one -- moronic ideas seem to think. On I can understand in a bullying situation you know we've all been there in school as an eighth graders take it on a second -- well there's a big size differential there's so. You know you got to step the end but in this case both -- 6263300. What fifteen of 330 pounds in that range and that there's not really a bigger guy pick and on. A little guys so in have been given listeners this example they've if I tell you might. A homeowner's insurance is due which it is and and premiums about five grand SA did give me a money for that. What are you gonna tell me. Well market in America and function as well but but immediately if he continues on eventually -- tell me no wouldn't. Well actually if you keep correct mail all lawyer we call you in match where -- Larry that it. Almost an issue. How do you deal with. What you perceive as. Do you as the law always has been do you stand up and so again the -- Alapont should get played. Or do you. It's almost ingenious. What got the Martinsville and he's standing out. In a different way. Agree -- disagree with -- but it's almost ingenious what he's doing because he is. Standing up and his own way. And the -- that. Law and and typical American workplace comes in the play. This is gonna -- theory. An expensive for the dolphins and and in tackles well. Which brings me to my next question which is this -- phrase that comedic lead but if you head. -- an -- needle. Both his contestants on jeopardy who would you bet on. Well you know there there -- In you know -- gone with the yen and one has a lot. It has been made into this cartoon figure now. It's funny insightful. He's Smart he's using readily personable Celine some Neanderthal that -- he hasn't yet. -- In. -- portraying. All he's -- -- of -- complicated person. And you know one of the question will be should the ball when I look at it in a leadership position. Well. There's no way you want -- -- I'd blow them for the past few years. One of the guys who looked as ordered to lock him because he's so friendly open and it's funny. You look at someone's background. Picked out in the. Dirty player in the NFL it properly and for behavior issue and and while he has turned a new week that he's trying to do. The chain -- since he came to the ball four years ago. He hasn't changed things completely just yesterday in mentality that he misdemeanors sexual. I get the legal phrase wrong that basically -- -- golf tournament he was accused of who put in a golf club up and now they want. The -- Will be you want this Nate. After the game and be in the leadership position on the team as coaching staff. On the leadership council and we can. All side. And well that's the environment. Etc. I don't think I think and errors what. World uses I think he cares what the American workplace. In general music and and in your workplace if you -- someone calling you the word. If you had someone beat you up if you had somebody. Caressing your family. Were threatening them. What would happen in in in the work. On quickly before relate to go you've -- corrected with your interview the confusion over the 151000 dollars being. Did not extorted but almost as opposed to nine he committed to the trip beneath. Backed out of it any other misinformation out there that perhaps we haven't heard about things -- initially reported and now changed. You know it's. But what it is there's another. In. My mind chrome like initially planned. Should somebody reported so. I can bring but. There. It is said that there are not true yeah mark did the 151000 though he didn't take. You know active in the for -- be -- Mayo. Okay now. The wild or not appear at all. You explain it and -- use the N word the use -- language and -- -- you know ridiculously respectable -- Evidently according. -- -- -- Jonathan one plane that would smell in the locker room to. Teammates haven't passed around -- and now does that change your view of Idaho. But it. Put in a little more -- somebody. In the locker room like -- accurate number one of the players should at the end of the boards now. Now remember you heard it mentally. To where we're actually there but heard the patrol the facts. Voicemail. And -- at the end in the mail that was the inscription Richie served a -- back. You know like -- normal morning form and if you talk later again and -- use of words or language network now. If you. Teammates. And not thought that dozens if you talk and they say -- Who likes to -- proclaimed I think he's funny and and and the individual as it and so -- 80s80s. And other examples where she's being rich you know again these things are gonna be sorted out. There's a broader context -- -- -- and perhaps it's been initially report. Quickly Miami two and a half point favorite over buffalo I think they play on Monday night right. -- -- Tampa -- around enough buffalo. Do you think this affects of dolphins and their game this week wasn't terrible distraction. I would take the ball -- certain. Either do -- of the two when I would hear about but they're gonna watch Tampa Bay I've never seen a lot from -- and eventually. Losing to story -- -- and and and and other issues Munich is -- -- affect their season but it won't biscuit my complex. Very interesting day of appreciate your time and hopefully we'll talk to you again. -- --

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