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11-8 1:10pm Open Mic roundtable

Nov 8, 2013|

Angela talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier, WWL's Chris Miller and WWL TV's Dennis Woltering

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to a beautiful Friday first of all it's. Flawless blues guys. We have the president of the United States here and football is in the -- We love to start our Friday though with open Mike where three great people come in our studio and we get to know the better. In May well be my favorite hour of the whole week. And what trio we have today. The man Sports Illustrated voted the best unknown voice in America. Mike -- in college and pro football analyst are excellent. And I learned today an engineer a day job. The man whose voice you may have heard for the last thirteen years on -- and you -- radio news Chris Miller. But along with his gifted news delivery this is a man who. Actually started at WWL television and has gone on to win the AP reporter of the year multiple times. And last but not least the man who shadow I walked in the last almost twenty years. Channel four -- and -- -- superb reporter tremendous father and grandfather. And a guy who loves to dress as a cheerleader I don't know if I. Only because you ask notice and -- he's -- all the time Angelo one more time -- cannot Wear those things yes it's okay. And you do it beautifully. And this link from -- -- they all were -- that was cute it was let's sort of start on like known as this is an opportunity for people to get to know you'll that are. Not Dennis has many wonderful costumes but I want to know from everyone. What is the most bizarre thing you have ever dressed. Not all one through. Everybody was Simon. Is on think about that. I know this probably teenager. And as those all that was before Superman comic -- The dress up as Superman -- Clark can't and then have the you know Superman stuff money's probably. I noticed -- was all like today. You awhile ago it was that they want you to leap over tall building. Half -- that light up probably -- don't grow fuel you but it -- -- -- well you know what enough and a frees -- up and open up. Let's use some of that. Okay. -- you know what I've worn a lot of bizarre costumes and cheerleaders a couple of them but the -- who won the one supplies. Was at mom's ball Halloween party one year. -- -- different wars went as. Read beings. And -- I was and rise and they were red beings. And we won the prize a and I remember my sister says you look like an ugly me. I -- him -- a second. Only in creativity -- is his wife Carol and let me tell you she is truly creative genius and so they make all these great things. All right the heat is on well in the early eighties when the -- culture club was first hitting the top forty chart -- rest on Halloween as Boy George. Because I thought what better to scare away evil spirits. And idea it was a a lot of them probably the most make up I've ever worn. It is is that when you that your wife and she became devoted to -- -- -- -- has actually before that I think it must have been in junior high drugs. But it's a fund them. I'd certainly the weirdest thing I've ever dressed up as everything else has just been pretty standard monsters are superheroes. In the year. Ago. We'll sort of along that line we are a community that will definitely take variations. On the theme of of everybody's life. I'm just wondering about now living -- second chapter in my life. What do you see yourself doing in the next chapter. Oh OK well now it's of that 11. Because -- -- in two different fields probably. More in the broadcasting port of you guys are coming in at full time. I guess full time port time so to speak doing it but though probably more -- in the and I enjoy that part of it and it's. It's crazy now because you you'd have to have sort of a niche. And know what you do best -- and I was talking about that. Common knowing which you do and perfecting had the best you can do. A lot of people in this business do one thing and they say well something else came up I can do that just as well. And you find out that's really not the case some people can't small majority can't find the niche you do best. And do with the best you can be. And now in sports. In what I do which is more in the personnel part. It's twelve months of the year if it's not high school it's college professional of the layer expert who beat Connecticut and so now. I was telling you. LSU will have more fans pulling for them in this game than ever before I'm done I didn't realize they had seven different radio stations in Columbus, Ohio. But I'll probably have done seven there. And Rihanna gene are again. In the panhandle in Tallahassee because they saying this analogy if you gonna do would beat Alabama because we're gonna get shot of the national championship. Now Stanford -- helped. Out -- a little bit last night because they beat Oregon but I think finding new niche in what you do best. And I think just trying to make. Just trying to make that turn and get it right because we're in a society where. If it's for foreign affairs or if it's four where you all are to report its all about -- reporting. Right on that lovely note we're going to take a break but any -- gonna find out. From two reporters. What their next niches stay with -- I'm Angela WW. Well not only is an open mind it's an open Mike today and we have. Dennis sweltering Mike to chilly day and Chris Miller's our special guest and we left talking about. What sort of the next chapter of your life and I think people have to think about that today in -- you have so many creative things you can. The other a lot of things I wanna do that sometimes seems like my job cuts in the way you know -- things that you wondered do these just don't have time to do want his photography elect has been a lot more time doing photography. And I'd like to shoot some videos like small films documentaries that sort of thing. The the the story that I think -- so under covered is this sequel something I guess that you know. -- a -- and a little has been there once I think you know I mean there no cameras are so. The big time politicians don't go there and those people just forgotten you know we. We've done some stories of the station but it's far away I think it's the kind of thing that really needs. Need someone -- spend weeks there with those people and with the company and put them like in the Cameron in the faces of the the companies that you know it's just unbelievable unbelievable. If this were hanging out of my Baton Rouge or new world right it would be fair is that were in Connecticut or New York City yes you wouldn't be happening -- happen now it would not happen. Next chapter next chapter you're enjoying this -- -- I that is exactly and that's that's. Kind of why I really to be honest haven't put a whole lot of thought into that next chapter yet and it. Thought exit -- realize -- You constantly thinking about that you know from. College to okay what would do targeted job okay this broadcasting looks good let's do that broadcast journalism love it. All right now going from Internet channel -- how to get my break in that business hello -- you get to that first in a small market work my way up and it. Finally started doing that and and so each you know next chapter -- -- on to the next city the next story and then finally making it back to New Orleans yes. And from here and now it's well now what next in. For awhile what next was starting a family. Family is going now and so problem. Next chapter we are out there yet living in a world of I called an evolution. Of every type of thought work but let's essentially in broadcasting. Because and not all bad I don't mean them but different and so I ask you Chris if you work. President of the news of the world what would you do in our industry to make it better. -- oh boy here's record myself a lot of trouble. All boy it's. It's just -- is the nature of the business but sometimes justice you know a lot of -- put into law. Broadcasting it really doesn't belong there were doing it -- are trying to get. You know eyeballs on our on our screens or -- on our radios are in so. There's a tendency in the industry to oversell. Or trying to make stories some bigger than they are and maybe it's not that big -- deal. And certainly you wouldn't be doing the story wasn't a big deal of all there's a reason do the story but it. It's you know sometimes it. -- clear case dialed down the promotional little bit just tells what's going on. It's a hard fall what we think the viewers or readers molesters -- want as opposed to what we think should be the big story. I think I think many years ago we used to try to think what's the big store where people need to know about -- -- we do that as much as we should now. What else do you think we should and should change with in the industry. I'm asking the dean of a -- -- Oh -- I mean that that's one of the main things just think that I think that we are we've become followers to march I think that's the word and not leaders and not leaders and we have fortunately lives era. Of being leaders. And so much of -- I think is now. The celebrity news and it -- -- -- has pushed and frankly some sports things as well and you watch shows you -- like Good Morning America. As noted that there is no there's no there's an agreed that it and that's kind of where things are going unfortunately. -- it's entertaining but it's not news so. It's that they were missing out on the learning a lot about what's going on you know in our communities by adding that correction. The other thing too is I think that because TV is some short and would -- be here. You have a short time to get a story out. One of the things with all the channels out there wouldn't it be Smart to do something that would almost be radio on television like you've seen some glitches today I know. ESPN does it with certain shows that. Gives you a lot more time to call or an important subject. Have an opinion and get the opinion of somebody who really knows that Celtic extremely well. And the people that have lived it. It's funny though -- sports has become mainstream today you put on national news. The bullying incident that happened with the dolphins absolutely -- that has become mainstream. The bounty gate thing last year that he has exploded across the board. Like you -- just figured out that you know in years past that hadn't been the case in other places. Come one be real about it but I do think. Educating an entertainment. Has not met yet. It's either you're in attaining. Are you are educating and I think that that should be a comic high into that that you don't -- in a lot of shows today to be honest with. No well I think there has to be more -- education. I think we're we're trying to be we're trying to entertain too often too much. I think we know we we laugh about everything we're doing today but in reality. News is or isn't national responsibility. And if people start starts eroding too much and we don't have it I don't think we have the America. That we want. That the freedoms that we want we have this responsibility. That is separate matter to. Not that we can't do some fun things went OK I'm pontificating and cherish. This hour -- no it doesn't decision or Clinton. Quickly digress here because that's wonderful thing about -- that. That you think you could have been a good football general manager. What do you think it takes to be a great general. I think one good eye for talent. Because now now now which you see today. In the NFL this is common split you have more people that are involved that a general managers that are in the financial -- Which is huge I mean you've got to understand it. Making things work financially to bring in the players from a personnel standpoint. I think they'll always had a pretty good for now but what I want is someone to tell me that type player you want. And then I can find that clear for you. And I think that was the one thing that people don't give Sean -- enough credit for when he came in here. He had an idea our blueprint of the type player he wanted. And wasn't as talent though was a talent it was -- integrity or intangibles the intent original thought of everything. And and I do think that once you work for someone and have a team comic -- one of structure under what I do with my scrapbook or evaluations. Is in general. It isn't for specific team. So I think packets. Specifically go for the tight players that a coach would want in that spot it's an eye for talent but it is split today that you better have some. Degree in finances. My -- with the money because you've got to be able to balance the scales in this and those guys on in business. Just to entertain you it is a business knowledge the only big business and a and you people say oh college football is you know it's amateur athletics are you kidding me -- the money -- -- there. That's another whole matter right there and -- all right stay with this three terrific guys as we have our Mike open. Right after this. Yes we have an open Mike with Dennis sweltering -- -- and Chris Miller and we've kind of gone from. What the next chapters of their life maybe. We've gone to football and now we're gonna get to the series. We're gonna talk about when the couple and. Real serious about it you might be asking. You. -- -- asking the wrong. All of you are married all of you have daughters and I'm lucky enough to have precious granddaughter but let's start -- Women in general public to learn from -- so I'm you'd tell me what you think makes women special. One. Makes -- special. Boy patients. Lots and lots of patients -- more than men. We came via a fifth. And and I can't because I don't have enough -- -- certainly it. Figured from my wife to my own mother if they didn't have a whole lot of patience with me I don't know if automate it. Well that's a beautiful compliment. I think sensitivity noses sensitivity goes a long way understanding O of the deal with us. And I think that's that's important and that the mix will be there for -- but I've worked with you -- I know you have other thoughts on what may well. I think beauty is important. In the eye of the beholder the builder. I think I think intelligence I mean Smart women are you know it's -- beautiful sexy you know so that's that's really important. I like the intelligence points to the other thing too is. Being able to make the bad moments. Much better would you sense of humor what I think. We knew fines on the viewers that I I think if you find somebody who has a really good sense of humor as a woman -- You know they can clout with some really difficult spots 'cause we all hit him. You know certain times and -- lives so. I think we all kind of agree on certain things on there but I think people that came economy goes bad moments good if it's patience. If it sensitivity. And if it's the sense of humor. I think that's what we all -- four. I'm very impressed with all three -- -- -- now again I'm learning from -- so the question is what do you wish women knew. That you don't think thing. Come on women know everything. That is -- they are now like they have all your voice mail and everything. I'm a further you know more than likely yeah. And maybe what shouldn't thing cookbook I -- I'm I'm one of the wonderful parts of working with Dennis Walters for long did it. I got to see first of all his his children grow knew them before they were born so I think two beautiful daughters. And then -- two spectacular granddaughters and so. Vicariously. And which was a very generous kind thing to do I have watched him grow but I've also seen. Dennis essentially truly surrounded by women yet even the dog is a girl now it is located. At. So I just think he she handles it beautiful and he has a real respect from. Which is very very nice. That's why I was thrilled because we had two daughters so I was surrounded by all women I was just so glad when will my kids got married has finally. You know it's somebody I can actually talk sports -- -- the hot that that. I actually invited over you know because they had a just a little interest in it wasn't a great interest in it but. Now I have two that really know it pretty well so. -- charming that -- is that -- -- the -- -- over the constantly you know doing things funny little things that huge tests you know you're one over that's right end Chris you have a new baby car. I've got a baby girl she's going to be turning two and a few months. And then I've got. Four year old boy and a seven year old boy I Harry -- -- I clear -- yes that was a very very important to get out of -- but and there are all listening today that it is it's different little girl's. Dad. But it is different little boys two little girls are certainly. You know men did their stories here reminding my father in law because he had nothing but girls here at three daughters and so when his daughter's got married quietly he had violin in the house. Kind of balanced -- out after you know twenty to thirty years of all women. And tonight -- boys are different kind of an eye opening experience for my wife too but she grew up with sisters and the only relief man Ehrlich was bad. And so little -- is a new experience for her she had no idea we could be sung. -- so -- with a look what you survived. Oh of course of course it is and again as part of that patients on her part I mean I know what's going on my bike that I have Brothers and other. Get into it. -- patients is help. Why I think another great open Michael beat the wives of the three if you stay with this will be right back. Talk and a big guys three wonderful man. Dennis will offering Mike utility and Chris Miller. All right we're gonna get a little bit serious here we know all of the phenomenal good things that have happened to this area post-Katrina. What are areas you think are still concerned. -- Well the infrastructure is still in the a lot of repair streets and things like. I think the courts are clogged up. I think that actually. The prison system this this is something that the actually do a forum on this recently worked there. Liberal groups and conservative groups are coming together. The ACLU and the pelicans institute for public policy. Which is conservative group of come together on the four on the idea of getting more of the nonviolent offenders out of prison because we're spending a lot of money to prison as big house these people prisons is big business. Mean there are prisons that are making profits and even sheriffs that -- jails. Make profits in essence because they have is that it increases the bush. Meantime a lot of the nonviolent offenders are not getting any kind of rehab or anything like that so they -- with some guys what they learn to do is to be better criminals. So. There's a sense that it may be better to have programs which would be less expensive and have these people you know help in their own homes. And and get some you know get get rid of this huge prison population the -- -- has the largest the biggest rate of incarceration. In the world in the world in the world in the world unbelievable girls claim was here a couple of billions and billions of dollars to house these -- and it's not that we have. More criminals in this community we don't any -- we're slashing education and medical and health care so. Seeing this is the amusement talk to me Chris. Education it is come pretty long way in the last eight years since Hurricane Katrina the reforms in the school systems have been great but they're still seems to be a lot that can be done especially in the area. Children who have special needs. I have a special needs child and my wife has been and you know looking into what kind of services are available and it just doesn't seem to be a whole lot. Out there. As far as what the public system passes. And then she's talking to her sister who lives in Atlanta who's telling her Willis you know you were here. The public school system would actually wanting your child to come here and -- role because they've got all the stuff they can do for them and it is. It seems to be one area that we still got some ground without the ball -- yeah okay. I agree with both of them by the one area. Is coastal erosion we -- one. Building new prisons and and helping educational system and everything else is important. You know what are we don't have any -- and nobody's going to be here. No way outlive that in my part of the country. I mean you lose and football fields at a time. So is it doing basically doing nothing but building levees to try to protect it. Win a couple of they have the technology and understanding. Of divert the Mississippi to rebuild at least part of it maybe not likely it was in the past but at least to have some steady ground. We're losing the battle. That has been really Bobby Jindal should have been. The view reform candidates sort of speak to rebuild south Louisiana New Orleans everything else because of the federal monies being put -- they did a great job in the labor protection in some areas. But we're still losing the -- hundreds and hundreds of the -- grounds each and every day in my thing about it is doing all this other stuff is great and fine. For the press. What happens to the future generations. Of my grandkids my great grandkids what happened and -- gonna get a little. The same way Alia in the same area. Because it may not need that anymore either help the technology right you got we got -- -- now now. It's the will that seems to be lacking we can't seem to get it done for whatever reason funding their money laden and Al -- who have the will but. I guess the will. To get the help we need just music. -- matter -- a lot of people's minds it's so overwhelming they can't get their arms around it they know intellectually that this is what is needs to be done but. -- it's gonna take a tremendous leadership and we have met -- we have people who care passionately about what you're talking about the other thing too is the fact that if -- governor I might not be here when all that settled I might not get credit for. That it's done partially in my time but you know what that's done for somebody else's administration somebody -- to finish it is not going to be a short term fix and it's gonna take a long time to rebuild. But just think about it if you don't have the land here. All the other monies yet yours sinking and it is like a -- it's like what's going on an assumption parish. I agree with you that have been happened right outside a New Orleans -- Baton Rouge have been fixed by now. Because it was this little tiny town in south Louisiana all well you know I'm just gonna go visit one time. You've got to have some real caring about it absolutely stay with -- we'll be right back. Talk into our three wonderful guys and I I just want to end on an up and I wanna know. What. What is the best part of your life. As part of my life well it may sound cliche but it. Great family. I've got three beautiful kids beautiful wonderful wife what -- could be better. -- -- I would tender a group definitely agree with that in my grandkids are just Larry I mean every day of their teaching me or. Making you laugh. You know my latest them my youngest -- dollar payment and my daughter and granddaughter Leah back from letting in my daughters -- -- with a little bag of cookies that he to give me -- cookie. And she said you -- that's something that has chocolate and I think they all have chocolate you don't like chocolate do you. At some point I had this merger reading chocolate she thought I didn't like chocolates which is try to manipulate you got to take. Fallujah they are Smart -- as the market -- Pretty cool I I agree definitely point you that somebody very understanding to put up with a lot of along now as we -- do. Two to -- key is to -- -- two. Son in laws and grand baby coming real soon for unity and hopefully one day my dream is in my draft book. To write about my grandson. It'll happen but I think it will happen. Thank you guys so very very much like you stay with this we're gonna spend the next hour talking about everything that's going on in the area. Thanks for joining us now let's -- -- that --