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11-8 10am Don Dubuc in for Garland

Nov 8, 2013|

President Obama is coming to New Orleans. What do you want to hear from him and what would you ask him?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Garland is off again today this is going to be -- every Friday you got me and the think tank -- Friday edition welcome aboard -- Gorgeous day what a beautiful day and it says -- for the best day as a all season so far looks like the rest of the weekend is going to be similar -- Regardless of what your plans are you gonna do some football watching on maybe. I do some fishing in now that the opening weekend of duck season we'll talk more about then fish -- game report on a lot of folks wait patiently every year it's it's kind of a short season it's only sixty days a year and -- opening day is probably the most sought after all opening days of all seasons and who will talk more about that got some other things to -- thanks to Melancon and -- producer. This has been dog week I don't know if you heard about the sixty minutes Vanity Fair. Poll it showed that 85%. Of owners would risk their lives for the dog. They would actually run into a burning house to rescue. Then we got a story came out this week that a loss Canadian camp -- was lost before. Months lost ninety pounds -- survive. While partially because he ate his dog who was with. Would you -- could you do either one of those wanna talk about that and also. I hear about your special patent if we have time because we are going to carry the President Obama speech here in New Orleans live in it may be coming up -- last now and it. On a consensual in the time it would -- we've got a got a special tribute. To man's best friend to a dog -- all like to share that with if we have to report that's coming up enough. Final all of the Friday edition of the think tank coming up in the 11 o'clock hour. Familiar voice although I haven't talked to him yet this year Mike Scarborough the editor and publisher of -- -- dot com. The wheels of the rumor mill or returning when it comes to Nick Saban but we got co steel issue Alabama game coming up tomorrow. That robberies going to be renewed tiger rag reported that Nick Saban told reporters. I think this came from an AP story. The last month. In that in the lead up to his 62 birthday -- Saban was quoted as saying he was too damn old to go anyplace cells. Well he did that months after his agent told University of Texas officials. That UT was only school. He would consider leaving Alabama -- do you think he's gonna leave Alabama Texas. If he would come back to L issue would you taking back would you want him back. We'll discuss all of that with Mike Scarborough also about the solicit -- that story of course again that's strictly in the Roman he'll deny it and you know he denied other leaving -- in the past so will will talk about that a little bit. Also open lines this power on the president is on his way here to the city. He's going to be talking about the economy also about dredging the Mississippi River to improve. Port. In talking about investing in modernizing the ports and infrastructure not just here -- all the ports including. The very important one to us and really to the nation at the Zune portable -- So with his arrival. About this and you know for a chance to talk to him. Argued did what question. One question is all you again. What would you ask of him or maybe you know a comment or suggestion to -- one line to say to the president of the United States. At this stage of the game what would it. Likely to call in and talk about that you can use a text message board remember. The tax board we got some ground rules -- do we we won't accept detective we know you drive in Kuznetsov legal. If you -- Texas -- responsibly. Have a designated -- steroid designated driver either way and that's simply 87870. Is a short code for that. We also have the telephone lines ready and waiting for years to 60187. No. Or toll free 866889087. -- And a few of foreign I don't always get these right away because there's a lot of stuff going on while I'm on air. But emails if you wanna email me at down at WW well dot com which also have operating opinion poll question not. And more asking you which game you most excited about. Saints vs the cowboys or LA issue verses Alabama. And this has been up for a while swimming at the latest results point an option when. -- we go it's imminent right now and looks like it's LSU Alabama 6040. Cast that vote by going to a web site which is WW all of dot com and you'll. While a lot of interesting things and it's also -- way to views on alive stream. I will be back after this break and I've talked to you about our president Barack Obama's visit here to New Orleans. Do you think -- kind of relieved he's not gonna have to talk about. Obamacare for a change. I think he'd be glad to talk about anything else -- here for a specific reason. About the port but imports exports in the he's going to be asked about assistance in dredging the river deeper. To allow more traffic will be right back talk about it here. On the Friday edition of the think tank Good Friday morning from the big 870 WW. I tape already opinion poll question we're asking you which game do you most interested in LSU Alabama saints cowboys it's and now 69%. L issue. Game and 31% on the saints game cast that voted 878. A sign -- WL 87 the AM as WWL dot com is the website. And if you candidate Texas it's simply a 787 is short code we're also get to that -- with Mike Scarborough and on up the latest on the rumor mill about. Whether he thinks he's got any inside information about Nick Saban possibly going to the University of Texas following this season but before get to that. President Obama Barack Obama is on his way here Air Force One if not landing now will be landing shortly. And he will be a meeting with the Port of New Orleans to discuss. Some very important issues as Boras dredging the Mississippi River also on modernizing and investing in all America's ports and infrastructures. Find out what that's all about -- that on for you -- way. But big that we have been here if you did have an opportunity to meeting and speak with a menu had one question. Or comment for him what would be. You can call us with that it 260187. -- 66889087. Ian fortunately a lot of these texts that are coming in and knocked it -- to repeat what those comments would pavement. Some of -- market too -- -- -- get the -- he's listening to -- and Colin in a cellphone AJ good morning thanks for call. -- -- -- -- -- Like all -- each workday it. -- a gorgeous and beautiful little frost across a lake. A little too windy tomorrow like him but that's gonna change one more year. And it should care about our are couple -- over question at all currently -- -- Warner how much turn. He gets -- studying the constitution. And that you understand and they believe -- in the separation of powers between the legislation. Legislature. To judicial and executive branch is there's a lot of action that collapse especially. Problem march -- broad partnership at all. It seemed like he did you know he just does what he wore were brought so you know what -- all go vote. The framers. There aren't for our government here. Well you know it's in May be -- he is studying or at least his advisors have studied the constitution. I'm very closely because it doesn't seem that he's been. You know called any of these decisions have been reversed is being unconstitutional least not to this point. So importantly he's walking a fine line there and in I agree with he's doing a lot of things that. You would think would fly in the face of of the constitution but yet they happen they gaunt and has no repercussions. Well I don't think it. Got caught Iguchi to big game that they're in there and it. Dot org urged your wives especially. Knowing that the Treasury Department is obligated to. To date that it urged all the national yet no matter what -- you can either pull that over there it -- -- -- you know. Well. I'm that I'm that you -- yeah it's you know that there's a lot of people questioned the constitutionality of a lot of things he's doing but as far as Osce. Not -- been taken out on his prevented from happen. But that's is not over till it's over in a lot of times of the government moves very slowly and things like that so what is the wings that. Okay thank you for the collagen appreciated 260187866889. 0870. You know get to the text as we got an awful lot of income -- questions and some I can repeat summer camp and do wanna remind you if you. If you listen to me when you on any of -- host it uses text board. When you tune in in you here is speaking. Bear in mind that we may be if she catches in mid sentence you don't really know if it's something we're saying. -- -- if it's something we repeating. From one of our listeners on the -- -- so take that into consideration when I'm reading these -- it may or may not be in my opinion it's likely that of you listeners. I -- one talking about another topic we may talk about the guy had to eat his dog. Yes he did have to Canadian story and you'll get to that. Back to asking mr. President Obama a question here is one. Would you resign. Is one question another one would say where exactly were you -- Really you know you think that would be them if you got one question -- get an answer from that that would be the most important. Here's another one. Nazis. One line forming. Socialists from Kenya. Today. Netherlands. Is. Well no cancer it. Well read and of all you good for here is to screw up. And -- says Jindal is going to use Obama as a verbal punching bag today to make a name for himself. At this speech. I don't know it's going to be interesting to see. Who was in the the shot with him he has been described on. By national media as analysis obamacare. Is becoming toxic I think was toward the use. Don't know how many people wanna get real close to him and be seen in Johnson and in support him now that have supported him in the past that it may be the rats are gonna jump off the ship on this one. In the interest Tennessee who stands by him and next. Another one is my comment to the president would be to stop being soft on the Republicans. They're trying to destroy you treat them as they treat Q. And here's another the president always talks about there shares should be paid by high income taxpayers. What percentage of their income does he consider it to be and taxpayer is fair share. I've prepared tax returns of wealthy people and they do pay a lot in income tax so what percentage does the president think they should be. And of courses. Is famous line about redistribution of wealth and now where winners of stuff what percentage because they do. Pale large share of course it is always the debate about you know capital gains not being taxed the same -- is an area. All right here's another one when asking why he messed up my insurance. And elements that's going to be a problem. Right now I think the latest poll was there were like 93000. People in this state that will be losing their current health insurance policies it will be canceled. And according to the status of the website I don't know how much success they're having in finding a new when. Say that's bad enough in as they've been saying it musings musings Houston it's a very small. Percent of the population is people like me who pay their own insurance on the on the open market does not people who have there. Insurance -- paid for subsidized by the employers. And it is in the overall picture of a small percentage but still it's it's some -- you know. Significant numbers of people are going to be effected -- these people on treatment right now on an -- in really neat. But the one thing that really has me concerned. Is we get down into it when it kicks in. When the employer's insurance policies come under scrutiny. Will it be the same situation where the government will decide well. That policy is banned it's it's it's it's your quarter it is it doesn't meet our. Aren't our criteria so you can no longer offer that. Then they gonna have to drop people who Warren who are insured by their employers in they'll have to shop they employ it will shop on an open market. And what will be available -- be able to afford it will Costco on. What about co pays. What about deductibles. And then you're talking about the vast majority. Of the 85%. Of the American public who is insured. That has me really war let's go to Mike in Morgan City on. And 1 night he morning thanks to good morning you hear you but. -- questioned it it. Get on -- and -- -- to play well what -- political June. Mean as far as us what he would want this country to become. Yeah that's what I thought I would ask schema which is asking them Mr. President when he used the Asian. For the vast majority of Americans in the middle class hardworking taxpaying people. I'm not talking about the -- Jensen talking about those who would have reasons live in poverty and I'm not talking about the very wealthy and talking about the vast majority of us. Five years or ten years down the road how do you see life in America what -- how -- life the as far as jobs in as far as. Health care and then how what do you envision it to create. And I think that would be extremely interest in the -- is kind of the same thing you'd get that was news political agenda what are we want this country debate. What will mud. Do you believe you. I entered this point well. Well they like being -- -- For him. Passengers. -- novice or what to believe him anymore. Well after the you can keep your policy if you like -- and you can keep your doctor if you liked him. And now they're coming back and trying to do damage control civil what I really meant was this loan you know yes they would mean mean to say yes. His credibility is definitely -- you know it's it's taken and it is no question. It's reflected in his poll numbers which are now approaching the thirties. As far as as favorable and that's a big big drop recent. -- hey thank you for the call Mike. Preach it to colony tonight will be right back and takes more -- calls and also got a whole bunch a text messages. To share -- if you wanna do that it's 87870. And don't forget cast your vote on a pretty opinion poll question which game do you most excited about LSU Alabama. Saints and cowboys it's made a -- saints have taken the lead 57%. 43 -- you what say you will be right back right after the news. Now welcome back into the Friday addition of the think tank as president Barack Obama plans to meet here in -- lives and deliver a speech and discuss. The modernizing in the investments today in America's ports and infrastructures. We aren't talking about what you might ask you if you had the opportunity to ask one question. Or comment though what would it be a couple ways for you don't relay that to receive the by telephone 2601878203866. 889087. In if you wanna text which a lot of them come and and it's 87870. Please remember the text responsibly. And let's if we can get some of them here. -- his one that would ask the president who ordered the bin Ghazi stand at one point that eventually may come out -- Some hearings go on on Madden has some dodging and ducking in. Trying to walk past that -- it just seems like disease issues -- open has been a lot of them under this president's administration. You're talking about men Ghazi one and then of course the IRS targeting groups and -- talking about the fast and furious and you know all these different issues that come -- and all of a suddenly Obama care debacle with this has turned into was just incredible. -- like one thing trumps another. And I got to believe that probably. Once the person who has welcomed. Kathleen Sebelius the most is lowest learn. You know she's kind of him he got out of the spotlight that's the one that took the fifth. She didn't want to testify because of Suton chipped admits she was guilty. Well she's gone on and off the radar right now on Stabile is is really taken the heat with people wanting him to resign it. Come up with finances which she clearly doesn't. All right more -- coming in once and he would I want houses he she I would choose to snub my nose at him and walk away for a OK here's a -- all you have on our races it would go out to got a call somebody a racist and seen anything it's any indication races but you know they'll only come out of the woodwork. You don't know much yourself when you afraid to speak out Obama taught constitutional law and -- So I think he knows about it then you'd call -- -- does and bullies them a great job of I'm staying I guess with in the line soulful lament that nature. It is another one that would ask President Obama why is government in health insurance businesses what's next. Government telling us what court to -- And that has been a pretty common criticism government overstepping its bounds as far as what it is. Becoming. Responsible for in this country is another one would you point me to czar of drivers sort -- clear the road of idiots. And today -- stars out there and I his own poll numbers in the thirties. For the president would still be three times higher than the poll numbers of the GOP I don't know what poll you quoting them so. Sure that -- -- -- go to frank in Metairie X on -- one they frank thanks for call. Good morning. Enjoy your show thank you I don't think -- earned him when he answered question one -- scheme anyway so this is my question. Why didn't Mary Landrieu going to the meeting. Any other Tom all of Democrats the top wheels would be -- themselves to Meet the Press. I'm not what you the candidate. -- I'm neutral. But if what to vote that would be -- BC would not decide to do. Because it's like -- why that you. And I have been seen in a commercial -- -- know -- know what he'd and Lebanese noticed the politic getting. So. Why didn't you just go. Then -- Thank god knows he's not going to be you know insemination she won't let me hit that mark. Enough boxes now so once. I missed that and expect she would be. Clinton you know. Scrambling engagement. So you gonna go and not surprised I mean out what you and -- Well I think a lot of people are going to be distancing himself from him that Warren supported him in fact if you heard Mary Landrieu is introduced legislation now. And mrs. damage control. That if you had a policy and whose grandfather and you get to keep that he's basically introducing legislation out of nowhere toward going if it -- ago. But to kind of revert back to what his promise was for him to grow our -- Among combat veterans from Vietnam model of this country and obviously and it's all over the past few months when we start discussing politics with people. It seems to me it's 62 years ago wanted to most important things we all have forgotten. Definitely an American first. -- at a Republican not a Democrat. People thought we Americans. And you know my country is being definitely pieces -- time. And I'm so comfortable politics like we need Java and watch in my country go to Germany and it's you know. I mean I enjoy your show and -- was -- I would call for a long time. But you know when people columns it would human existence stupid question to ask you something that counts. You know replicate vehicle bought an eskimo good -- glance -- Well you know frank I don't think he'd be able antsy you quite a gay issue question would be better directed at Maryland if I'm. Understand that understand what somebody that's neutral. Until I -- from my end. I got -- -- -- don't is strange to call more often appreciate it. Right here's some the current polls and this is from the Rasmussen poll -- if you agree with that. -- presidential approval rating is now at 41%. Maps and as -- -- 39 yesterday maybe it bounced back up. Are Republicans in congress. 17%. And it's not a Republican candidate for president -- of people and not happy with the Republicans in congress either. 17%. Maybe the text that was pretty close there almost three times. All right will be right back after this time often takes more -- calls -- -- -- text messages. This is the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. You could go lake shore drive and now some of the traffic -- problems it it may cause you're trying to get you. To and from the destination without any problems all right let's say let's go back here enough finds some of these text. Is one that says in response to one about text as his city taught constitutional law Harvard. Asking this question if he taught constitutional law and then why is he overstepping his boundaries in going against the constitution. He's acting like -- Communists with that is health care. Is another one says I know -- biased against him last melting on the radio you could smell to radio. And think you -- and he's got a special cents marshy. -- -- another one Mary and speaking of Mary Landrieu she had a chance to do the right thing the first time. And that's in response to you know that you've seen the commercials they're going to be -- those commercials about she says that she had to doodle again. She'd vote for Obama care again tomorrow. Then she came out and says that she is introducing legislation. That if you had your policy. Was enforced before it became -- you should be allowed to keep that as he said. Period with no disclaimer is no cap. All right we'll be back in that takes more -- calls and text in enough coming up after the top of the hour before. We don't go live to President Obama speaking at the Port of New Orleans Mike Scarborough editor and publisher of -- debate Jones talk about the Nick Saban rumor mill. Be back right after this -- you listen to the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. And who this is along -- us if we get an. Most politicians I think going to office to represent people. Once there aren't there they're forced to go along with the majority presidents -- given a secret book when they get elected -- borders they must comply with and have people under them. And at the compromise with a hard job I would one not many of us could do it. He doesn't make all business to unions -- says that sounds like the department yes secret book the president and I knew if it's a secret how does he now. I'm here we go have you ever worked I guess this to me have you -- worked for Fox Network prove me wrong say one good thing about the present. Got a minute and a half to think this -- MC MC. Odd. He's very good at using drones and I agree with him on that a lot of the drones. Nobody gets hurt now costs -- few bucks and issued and down but they tend to get the job done. I'd -- it's time to take a break -- when we come back after the news. Mike Scarborough we gonna talk some football actually we're gonna talk rumors about Nick Saban. -- also ask you this question. You would by some chance -- Like Baton Rouge ethnic and gone back to jail issue. Which lay out the welcome manner would you say we're happy with -- move on low for the west Texas. As some rumors that say pretty strong wind it's a yeah maybe he will -- them talking about his agent talking with the University -- Texas officials. Will explore all of that and of course will carry -- president Barack Obama's speech live and direct here from new law is all that's coming up. Right here on the Friday edition of the -- tank on the big 87 WW.