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Nov 8, 2013|

Don Dubuc in for Garland talks with Mike Scarborough about the LSU/Alabama game and the Saban to Texas rumors.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's Friday and the Friday addition to the think tank gets me down to -- thank you for tuning us in in making -- part of Europe. Friday lead into the big weekend in as soon as we hear from president Barack Obama speaking. About the importance of increasing exports from the port of new loans to create jobs improve the economy will join them alive but until then. Talk a little bit about. Nick Saban Alabama LSU and I tell you wanted and get bigger than this weekend's game no less miles in the fighting tigers vs Nick Saban and Alabama Crimson Tide tomorrow you can join us right here on -- TWO for twelve hours of nonstop. Tiger radio countdown starts early at noon noon o'clock tiger Saturday that's with T Bob and Christian. At 2 o'clock it'll be Bobby a band as senior -- cajun cannon and anyone calling in Deke Bellavia the big chief. They'll be for the floor Billings tiger tailgating show in the will be live at raising -- highway 22 in man -- -- Then pre game with Jim -- on that's at five kick off is at seven. Then after the game it's purple and gold point after with a big chief at the by U bar ago on Bourbon Street. When your home for LSU sports tiger radio. WW well. Well this the rumor mill has been churning in the it has done so in the pan Aston is some talk about the future of coach nick statement. I'm Nick Saban in my estimation is is one of the premier coaches have not the top coaching collegiate football today. And maybe of all time. Guys very special he motivates his players his teams are well coached and disciplined. They make few mistakes he's good at giving talent. The two things and I seen Nick Saban before he goes into a new. Program is really three things one I think he wants to go to a program where he sees a lot of room for improvement. Number two he wants total control absolute control of everything. And three. The money he it's got to be well paid but I don't think that's the that would be of the three the least important to him he's a money guy no doubt about it it's deserved. But I don't think you really cares if he -- the highest paid coach in collegiate football just don't see that as a motivation. That's the order -- amenable one he wanted it he loves the challenge. -- he's lived up to accept his brief stay in the NFL where in doing thing in Miami but I think that was brought about his departure -- number two. Total and absolute domination and control over the players the resources of the university and then third and final thing. Would be the page what do you think the rumor mill is turning that maybe University of Texas may be on Nick's next -- They say that. They would like him. Tiger tiger -- dot com has a story in this week. That some time. Last month. In as he was approaching his 62 birthday he was quoted as saying he was to -- to go someplace else obviously when asked about future. Coaching jobs -- opportunities. But he did that just months after his agent. Reportedly told the University of Texas officials that Texas was the only school. That he would consider leaving Alabama more. Question for you do you think he would leave Alabama port Texas. And then throw this in one of the the one of those -- where he wanted to be what he wanted to come back to LA issue and for some reason. The relationship with models ended would you welcome him back to Ellie she. -- wanna call in -- 2601 a seventy total free it's 8668890. Point 78. And -- infamous text message board you can choose attacks of late seventy gates. I'm joining us in this discussion Mike Scarborough very familiar voice on the station easy editor and publisher of time debate dot com the web site where. That story was was broken -- Mike thanks for joining us. Here. Mike if you look at. Bring us up to date on what the latest is -- rumor -- and where this information came out who he was quoted who he was speaking to in who reported. -- it was an AP source and you know I think. And I know there's a lot of people obviously in the state taxes that are that are very excited about it. And it you know -- follow issue in the east so that it came up when segment you know if you every piece member of the rumors and you know I remember like it was yesterday we would have and the Michigan. Mike I'm gonna need to ask you to be patient although we got -- An update on the traffic situation with the president arriving in the long we'll be right back with Mike Scarborough but first as traffic update from the big -- -- Well after a whole week off -- -- -- -- off feisty when he comes back Monday more -- a think tank on down to duke in on Fridays and we're talking about -- save on the possibility of him leaving Alabama or Texas will -- Mike Scarborough the editor and publisher. A tiger -- dot com source that the eruption might but if we could go back. At least some conflicting comments from his agent and from Nick Saban himself can you explain. Where those comments were made in what context and one of the crime credibility on. Guys don't. I think we couldn't -- at all it would have boils down to was Jimmy sexton is agent. Is who's -- and he's doing his job he's trying to get more money for hours -- I don't think with what Nick Saban has accomplished in Alabama. Is in with his age. That he would leave. Alabama to go to -- to coach the Texas program. Won it in -- sub -- conference did. It really is struggling. On the national scene. It's. It one point -- they thought that maybe -- the second best league in the in the country and in their nowhere near and with -- and the success they're having in the SEC so. The power of the SEC. You know he's the guy that wants to play on the biggest stage. I understand you know texas'. Arguably -- -- the premier programs is not the premier athletic department in the country. But it's also -- -- she's cry out and I don't know that giving up. But I update from the likes of beltway issue. And all -- in Georgia and Florida and address the SEC. Is appealing to go play TCU and they work. You know in those teams pitches. If you wouldn't do anything to finish out his career. -- I'd developing markets he would be maybe giving the NFL's second shot. But the way he left Miami idol panel that ever come in the past I think the other thing is is. If you leave Alabama. For taxes. What he's accomplished in Alabama which is absolutely staggering. His legacy would absolutely biggest flushed down a totally get that you know -- ago right now is our big statue outside applied in the stadium. You -- -- when these and you'll be retired. We're we're busy. An anniversary team -- your anniversary of the national championship game a twenty year anniversary. Is he invited back to go away to the crowd if you open leaves for another program. I know -- there right now is not I mean I. Well you know welcome back to that question to. And -- and if you leave out of the good things he would be welcome back so. To leave religious. He would be things where -- is is image -- -- you know help. Somewhat. He's no longer considered the Larry Brown of football coaching because he's been an Alabama now in the extended period time. Dispensing would happen in the tech has come and operas and later two more years our battles in match. All. You know Michael this a lot of the text is who would disagree with you about not wanting him back you know issue there's a lot of people would certainly welcome him back -- awesome a lot of Saban haters and and get some text in the same look under no circumstances one says he'd rather have while President Obama Coachella issues in Nick's statement. But you know the guy does like the challenge and I agree with you -- I think he's very happy in the SEC because with the new SEC network coming on SEC football certainly has sent a stages among -- collegiate football. But that's not to say he couldn't take Texas to a national championship acted very well happen. In I think that's exactly the kind of challenge that the guy who likes him as far as his legacy. Don't think he gives a right attitude about his legacy he is all about winning coaching in controlling football that's -- -- -- -- Well he he had an issue. And I think he he's the kind of guy that the day he start someplace he's got a goal in mind when he reaches of the credit to move on and it beat Texas might be his next spot. And according to a you know that the comments he made just before he left no issue. And then you know went before he left Miami -- that show was then you'll you'll say things like. On to gamble -- someplace else in the next thing you know he's on goes back. Yeah. -- I understand. You know the goal oriented part of it in the challenge. But how much of the challenges is to continue to -- national championships in the best league in America. What everybody and four and then you also have an additional challenges starts next year it was a playoff system. So that changes things it won't make things interesting if he's actually. -- need to challenge so. Just like when you see when you see those things it's reminiscent of what we see it and so when he was no issues and initiatives state before that. Did you know. But big job opens -- and sections gonna get more money but it's a -- -- a school like Texas. To make an instinct and actually you know deep plausible. Where does Texas rank as far as. Of the amount of money they could come up with -- to lure him and anyone else. Well I think this is what the market players and you know when you're you'll be -- he's making now. You know they come in and break the bank in totally. Blow up the salary structure of college football monopoly dubbed her. Or you know -- 50% more than he's -- now. You know I don't I don't know they do that. But it did. And -- this folks in Alabama did did it would certainly match differently I think he would go abuses. Like you said he he's wanting a different challenge others don't know that he did that challenged. It is the University of Texas I just don't I don't think that he would like he's like the league title. The quality of play each week I don't know that it did. Rises to the level of giving him the challenge. These are in the that -- that they're the superior league in America in that the draw that there. You know you look at taxes and other than inside that the United States. Dick did that participate based on their schedule -- -- just not a draw for anybody national. You know they played Oklahoma. And that hit it and you know from any particular year you have a good -- -- Oklahoma's not what pleased to be. I don't know that it. I think I I think what would you do liberals yeah -- is sexton. Trying to get more money first -- I agree with that I think the money part is all about agent not so much about statement. We'll talk with -- Mike Scarborough the editor and publisher of -- debate that common talking about the possibilities of Nick Saban. Leaving Alabama may be heading towards Texas. Micah got a message is that someone said that he knows he'll never get out of Bear Bryant channel what do you think his relationship with the Bear Bryant thing is do you think that he's confident enough that he will surpass Bear Bryant and his -- and even care. I mean look Cubans and national championship this year. And the modern era of college football it's it's. It would -- Is going to be revered him -- when he did did accounts to -- it -- to Alabama football games. And -- -- alive when when the man was alive and still play highlights in his voice talking over the loudspeaker in pre game. But if you. I think we cut to the chase -- this segment -- -- -- and a couple of more. He would surpass their broad. You know it's kind of like it all up in Kentucky in college basketball. And what John Wooden duties in basketball. It's a much it would cut that in the sport it was a much different animal back in because it was as many -- were focused. Including the resource and those sports -- it was possible. You know a couple of schools to dominate the sitting back and now you can do that anymore. What do you think in any comparison between Bear Bryant and and makes it and I got Tex is that a saying that you know with -- all the regulations today the social media. -- the microscope that these guys come and and Bear Bryant they saying maybe might not as it was -- it. Although I remember a Bear Bryant and I tell you what he was one now -- of -- motivated no doubt about that. Yeah I mean it's just it's totally different impacting you could sign as many scholarship players is wanted in the year you do that in five scholarship limit. You didn't have all the schools it's focused. It in and it's been putting the resources and at the TV contracts but like you said the agents. Twitter and FaceBook in in the recruiting pressure. You know our focus and with what we do a lot of its recruiting. And where it would write stories on the ninth graders get offered scholarships -- biology. It's it's it's very different but but there -- fantastic coach he would have adapted in he would have been justice special. This thing you know 2030 years from now. When you look back at the record books in -- haven't argument in the barber -- opened the greatest college football coach of the problems. That he Nick Saban is going to be on the list to me anyway he's he's gonna have a lot of -- and he's. Yeah men you know what else is different -- now coaches data in one -- and it was a lot of loyalty then I think. A lot of Alabama fans probably -- you do because I daresay that if if he walks out after this year and go in does go to Texas by some hook or crook. The people and Alabama's going to be a lot of metal aiding in city was disloyal does that happen here in Atlanta no issues. People want someone who is loyal to this school into the Tuesday. We and then if you -- to do real and the bulk of the national churches and Alabama but wanted to issue. And let's say hypothetically were to go to -- Finland won there. The other day that was certainly even argue that to me he would. We have in the public opinion he would just be looked that is just. You know the military and you know. For higher. You know if you win a national championship the third school that would just -- actually incredible. My stay when they wouldn't take a break we'll come back go to determine what do you think it is that makes makes they've been so much different heads and shoulders above other coaches. I keeps his team's up and also will talk a bit low bit about the game tomorrow -- talk with Mike Scarborough. He's the editor and publisher of tiger -- dot com we'll be right back after the news. Oh what a difference in Nick Saban speeches of the first comment you heard was in New Year's Eve in the second one where accepted the job and Alabama and was all all of bubbly over it was the fourth of January so. What a difference less than a week and make and also that show a little bit inside the Nick Saban about not showing his hand. He made a comment he's too damn -- goes someplace else but his agent Jimmy sexton. At a different story before that he said that the University of Texas in fact he said that to the University of Texas officials. UT was the only school. He would consider leaving Alabama for why would he say that. Am in Tennessee was trying to get some interest there and a covering that story is that tag debate that -- editor and publisher Mike Scarborough is with this. I'm like you watch this guy when he was here in Dallas Houston in agreement the Miami news dump out of there and went to Alabama. Is it about this guy that makes him such a great coach. Detainees on his way you look obviously looking like and of the national championship. The team hasn't had a let down and almost every other major. Contender in in the NCAA has from time to time bad weeks off weeks even when they're off they seem to be able to pull -- -- win. What is it about an exit. I think it's intelligent -- in and just that driven individuals. Get a singular focus you know it didn't obviously. You know we and you. Lot of people -- success success -- and there's that is of them like with a successful. You know but you know that's part of being. Going into the coaching profession. You know your family life is gonna happen in he's that's something that he -- to talk about she's -- number of hours. He will on the police announcing stepped on network. You know back when he was a coordinator with the browns and in but I work with the -- checked in in new England and so forth and you know I think. You know days. The recruiting game with hand I think is really the difference though. There's nobody did it works as hard and it is him. There that are actually on top of every new NCAA regulations and exploit every poll. If you can't recruit you're not welcome to be part of the staff. And to me that's a big deal he can be as great. Cockroaches you wanna be. But if you don't -- the players you're you're not going to be successful and you know you've used that it is an assistant coaches football staff. And a lot of schools and you know multiple. It. Just are not very good recruiters. And that's easy to keep. God on his staff he. People at their coordinators it. If you'd like coaching staff your receivers and running backs coaches except will be your main recruiters. But under coordinators and often supportive recruit quarterbacks. But. He maintains his coaches. Have to recruit a lot more than that than ever everyone else and I'm -- attention to detail and and make sure that those coaches sent out personal letters and probably doesn't mean recruits just as part. But that's so. It is it's it's notable that. You know that -- the propaganda that you using your program pointed that the players you put in the NFL. And you know people can choose to put more defense to back. In the NFL and then and Saban has in Alabama and -- tactics. But you know he is got pegged for that. And it's something that. Whether rightly or wrongly he's had success and -- huge turn in the players become. Alabama. This some years it's not a total is is. Louisiana and other places but it would across the country and put the best players sitting in the -- Alabama. And you know particularly the defense line that's why they keep getting those guys in and that's you know the difference between what is especially and again only plays elegy. Mikey has been termed a control freak when we come back from the break and wants to talk about. Do you think that might have been a reason for his lack of success in the NFL was and he could not yet complete control of some players who. Make more money than he does and also will get to some of the nuts and bolts of the game LSU I believe as of twelve and a half point underdog at this point. We'll see if that's changed and get Mike's comment to you welcome the call in 26018788668890878. And we take those responsible text messages and 8787. Will be right. I tomorrow LSU Alabama in less miles pull off one of the biggest victories in recent times -- issue by. Upsetting then number one ranked Alabama's Nick -- Mike's car -- been with the C editor and publisher. A tiger bait that come out about this total control in the autumn Nick -- is that one of that it did the requirements would that be a deal breaker. Is someone did not give him total control of the whole program. Yeah I don't know that that's. Ever camera and the issue with the collegiate level. He hit an absolute total control. It did the Miami Dolphins probably keep control. In Miami is it to you -- professional football players. You're hamstrung by the that the the draft and who slots where your pick he has been free agency and salary cap. And I think that that stuff that. You know. You -- -- -- Good football coach. You know that step prevent you from being -- successful you would like to be in a quicker step at a time. At the collegiate level you can go outside to the top players currently here. And you can pick the best the best we want to -- in this in the coming your school year underway. So I think that you know that was why he. Left Miami and went back sounded too good to the collegiate level. And but he had the absolute control you know you got it in Alabama he's -- Ago. I gotta agree would -- Big game tomorrow how do you see it. I think look -- -- was you offensively kid can do with -- do get a lot of schools -- if if members on his game I think they're going to be successful offensively. The keeper was she does that deepen the -- is going to be to get some pressure on Beijing in the candidate got to stop the run game Alabama's gonna wanna eat up the clock. Have both significant time of possession. And in just like we -- -- -- and other than him in the name and jumped up by a couple of stores sell them to keep doing what they do. -- notion that Israel would come out quick and get oh lead on Alabama. You cannot afford to do conservative. In a timely hit the ball and really need to go out on the field and try to get points. You can't take the and indeed conservative in and that's that's always the worry with less now that. You know you'd think that this one is the one certainly -- -- in did twelve and happened towards the teens. Popular think this could be there's no question of them rate of these -- -- the finally gets away from achieve. But -- -- an open date to get some healthy. And it certainly would be typical for about smiles. To pull out of a big game my opinion like that she was -- they've had success and in Tuscaloosa. Three and one over there since less -- been achieved. So will receive the -- that they I just think it's going to be very tough just because of all the the question marks defensively. You all right and it will be covered in recap on -- debate dot com also don't keep abreast of the Nick Saban situation. Following the close of this season Mike thanks for joining us -- we appreciate is I would have a great -- it is that's Mike Scarborough editor and publisher. Tiger -- dot com. One remind you we wanna put money in your pockets just in time for the holidays weekdays on WW -- -- got four chances to win a thousand dollars every weekday. You know 1000 dollar holiday cash contest listen WW go weekdays. Right before the top our news at eight. Noon 3 PM and 6 PM for the cold ward then enter that code word at WW dot com slash cash. Click on the contest Linkedin WW dot com. And this just as easy to -- -- Smartphone or tablet Norwich office computer. Or surfing at home you can win anywhere every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide. When a thousand dollars each good luck and remember the times -- listen right before the top our news. At 8 AM noon three and 6 PM on WW.