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11-8 2pm Fun Friday-what's going on in the city

Nov 8, 2013|

Angela talks with WWL's Ian Hoch, WW II Museum's Clem Goldberger, Movie Lover Jude Bourque and photographer Steven Forester and Actor Brian Batt.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Such a happy day because it's Friday and Friday is funding on the show. For the next hour -- and talk about all that is going on in our area for the weekend and beyond. And with me is our fund Friday expert Ian Hoch. The man in the know I have so many titles for here they also agree that's very I would like to see if we can run them altogether. Deceive the unique indeed get six or seven job descriptions out there put them business card. It could happen next -- happening guy. Plugged in line you know plugged in the now yes -- Esquire know when you're gonna have a wonderful weekend I'm gonna have a great -- excited because it's ball. And I get where my scarf. And you can lightly and you looked. I wished this radio heads of visions of the people so when you walked and how impressed good note mr. fashion this is another time. -- who are you gonna go to the game. I'm not go to the game. I'm gonna go a couple weeks ago we talked about -- going -- cry you won the debate wetlands and super I'm gonna go to Seattle on Sunday. Okay and Sunday night you know on I'm helping out the saints coverage on FaceBook and on Twitter and and put some content others like pretty much have to just be changed my computer runs and nine. And -- the saints game and helped get stuff around on WWL -- so that's that's -- fun thing to do you discipline it's a great way to experience the game has kind of from from inside like -- good for you I'll be watching the -- and Saturn on good tweets. I'm actually going to the game and all of them -- going to go to this -- I'm looking forward to it yesterday got one. We have all kinds of things going on on Friday Saturday and Sunday but we're gonna actually start with Monday. Which is a veteran today and something very special that is happening. And our beloved World War II museum and who better to tell us about this than Clinton Goldberger. -- call her vice president of the world but I believe vice president there and this is such an exciting thing happening. And a regional. Orchestration. From our beautiful LPO. And John Goodman I mean doesn't get better than that. Alex it's so wonderful partnership and apparently -- -- stand. You know we began commemorating. Veterans day in the morning. With a terrific mayor Manny and the grand opening minute train car experience and we and come back and talk about that but our evening of veterans stay right that is truly effort had been museum. And as it are beautiful LPO. We. I have the pleasure of working with him to present the world premiere. To do -- of the fallen and magnificent new works for orchestra and chorus. And it was inspired by the poetry -- in Iraq War veteran. Brian turner who wrote about his experiences. In going to war. And also coming home more and more like two to reenter society. And an award winning composer. Jake -- Was so -- -- white -- Brian turner has written that he composed this piece for orchestra. And core that the intensity courses now so. A part of it certainly has the great honor and archer. A prison in the world world premiere of this case and that's going to be in the each Monday evening that tickets are available on the LPO went by each and we're also in addition to this world premiere we're presenting some great people -- music. Aaron Copeland and -- the Lincoln portrait which John Goodman is canary in New Orleans favorite. Adopted son. Will be there ratings that. Absolutely magnificent the combination and I got the press release -- so this is not perfect. Other all kinds of patriotism and I think you've pulled everything together. Thank you know and I tell us about this -- rail car and a one year old but the train cars it. Really tiny it's -- her original building which -- has. Green made to accommodate. A recreate it to the iconic. Pullman sleeper car in 1940s. You know that place. Greater than any -- may realize. Such a part of America going to mobile to war and Americans. Going off to war but because. Everywhere in this country. Servicemen and women -- trying somewhere whether they were going to. Basic training. Going off to their -- in our case you know may be coming home on leave. -- 44 million train ride and were taken during the war years and only sixteen million. Service men and women wearing uniforms and that means that terror. About three train rides for everyone's. Individuals. And win when our visitors get a board did this recreated. Pullman car. They will through the magic of contemporary -- and and computer generation. They've seen 1940s America losing guys in the wind as they will -- Electronic scrap books of factual World War II participants. It will recreate the the new Israel of the 1940s. His sights and sounds and special effects. And you'll be transported as we try to do -- in every way here at the -- and we looked -- back to that moment in Japan. LP -- experience. What are our forefathers experienced and in going off to war. Is it accurate to say Clinton did is it kind of is similar incidents beyond all boundaries installation -- brokers with Tom Hanks in you know others this sort of moving parts and released this immersive experience with sound and video in my right. It's that they beepers Schwarzenegger -- beyond all boundaries of course is that 47 minutes -- And to thank our experience is just area. Short it's sort experienced -- if you replace static. It will become even more hampered -- and dynamic a year from now when we open our campaigns have courage that area. Protested that planned we will be premiering. At the electronic dog tactics which are. In debt is with the person that actual World War II experiences and the train car. Will link in with the campaign discouraged civilian a little. Too little too complicated -- 92 day but as wonderful it is it will be good news you that Wednesday. There's still more to come. And I'll tell you -- you'll do it right and I can't thank you enough for calling in. And we will stay in -- as things evolved but have a great veterans today. We do it and courage they're going to go to the Al PO web site helps you music dot com and an in. Economic two guys check out tickets for the concert and many nights we still have room and leave the lockdown on your list of -- Thank you so very much -- Goldberger with the World War II museum. Just want to make a quick note that also on Monday in applause there's going to be a parade there. Other veterans day parade it's going to be at 10 o'clock it's going to honor all of saint John's local veterans. And it will start at The Home Depot and blossoms and travel down airline. And I always love this because I love John bash who was a marine of course and it's. The 238 birthday of the United States Marine Corps Sunday. Eleven to eleven. Free drinks for veteran marine to an -- all right stay with -- we get much more movies. Coming back. Little things that happen in this community. Very excited about what they're doing at the World War II museum. Such a source of pride from the very. Beginning when Stephen Ambrose thought of it. And then to see that first building to go out and now the complex that it has and truly has become a destination. Absolutely I -- from all over the world. Absolutely I anytime somebody comes to town on the recommendation on what the -- always -- the world were to museum and I go there myself to. You know because they keep having these wings and civilians and exhibits and so. Over that old twelve years I've lived here I've been able to go about half a dozen different times and haven't viewing experience each time. So when we're talking about an incredible Tom Hanks move on my gosh I'm not -- out of this stuff and I mean. We're waiting for our movie -- call and I know he's going to him and he's going to be talking about all the ones that are happening this weekend but before then. Why don't we talk a little bit about. Some things that are happening in theater -- great out here period as Jude I Jude. Hey how the -- today I'll. It is good and we are where. On our hands and knees begging you please tell us what the best movies are. What you know and they're the battle of -- going on people box office this weekend. They're two movies for the dark world. Which. Is of course this blonde from Australia Chris pins were very good. You know it's -- and I mean you know he's sort of snuck up on the world I have a cousin who lives. In probably did in Los Angeles she's about fifty. And I Toyota knew it was coming out she was so excited to -- Jude and well after the can't repeal the radio just yeah both -- mean. Mean that's something similar like that warranty. That or something I didn't know which met. Him the she doesn't like -- but she's excited about this movie. The dark world that is equal to the original four -- injures. It's only need a 109 million dollars around the world. And it's opening appear so that I think it can be huge movie. Being popcorn movie out of action. But if you want to open a little more quiet of the rule that action. Robert Redford in the movie. Well I saw the preview for this looks fascinating. Tell -- that as you know he is. Stranded out -- -- the movie's called all is flawed. The critics are raving I've been rotten tomatoes gave tonight for the top critic -- in 98%. And what they're saying that he may get. An Oscar for acting so if you -- one of the people who like to see all of the Oscar movies that or before they get even nominated. But -- a regular. He won for directing ordinary people but never one for acting. -- you know he directed ordinary people yes he did he. He fascinating. So so you know that battle to -- to the box office all that lost before. There is another good coming out that being released called about time. The same director who did. Love actually and nodding you know it's and other quirky -- story. Com the quirky like we do run and that's when it is time traveler. I'd now like only few can match. This young man turns 21 in this book it says oh by the way. -- you could time travel to. It's so -- take -- as an opportunity to go back and media's love over and over like Groundhog Day. Can make it right can't change history. And it's one of those and so like. And it's. Wait on this put in just -- love actually get but the -- what did you think of nodding. I liked it it has some really nice parts senate. I -- huge Julia Roberts and those. It it didn't hit it out of the park for me but it's one of those guilty pleasure MarketWatch on. The guy and I don't know his name but the guy who played the roommate. Who would always -- -- a -- He was like a man freak with -- adorable. But there. And that's why did the you know British director's movies from Britain you know that that come from and originate and have actors from across the pond. Bring a little something different and he did it you know I think that. About time in its step and let them and put on red. Netflix lists. -- May want to see one of these others on the big screen purse. Okay. The battle of the blondes I like them and I expect it or not and then some Netflix. Jams. Well there's you know there's some fun stuff and Netflix that it's coming out there this week White House down. A lot of people did not seeded did not get a lot of action at the box office is -- Jimmie Foxx and Channing Tatum. Think. Diehard but in DC. And the actors don't take themselves too serious it's an action movie popcorn movie. A Good Friday night's split. Lot of action. But that is that is something to look for that the red box in if you one -- something there. Also paying men I mean it meant to -- over -- to read. How many numbers -- -- Is that true and -- that as. Well as some people have to be all you don't have to closure. So this is for those -- today is like the return it to. Exactly. Remote or it's not there but you know just in case you need to get the ring up to the mountain you can the governor up there. And and getting that now Netflix but that the red button Netflix. There's a little movie that came it's. Called undefeated. You know there is some big football -- in this weekend's vote in the middle of the day you want to get ready. Undefeated is about any Memphis. High school football team. It won best to our documentary in 2011. And it's one of these little candy store. This little football team -- to 2009 season. And they finally win a playoff game. They finally make it to the playoffs. They always were the whipping boy you're always Wear down -- -- but gave volunteers. High school coach came and. And this is it just changed in -- all around. And have a happy ending and it's it's it's fun it's fun to look for a -- on Netflix and I think. It'll be in -- little. Surprise undefeated and in the that it won the Oscar for best documentary been -- one mile. But let me pick your brain about this real quick -- -- -- got to go to news in the second but did you see a story that kind of went viral this week about -- Netflix movie Europe and a program -- example true. I can see that. I I saw a little bit about it tell what. Apparently Netflix and as they're trying out new formats a new technology though occasionally produce these short little TV shows. That don't make any sense at all and honestly like they just get to office intern to go out into the street just film fifteen minutes whatever. But then they put it on Netflix. And it's it's not it's not in the recommendations -- -- not listed but you can get on Netflix and streaming -- go look for example show. And see this just super odd ball seven minute as a guide juggling. These moon walking and he's just yelling -- on the job experience and our stuff so if you got five minutes to kill on Netflix I think that's a pretty fund -- candidate Jude I wanna say thank you again you are mr. -- to us and we look forward to next Friday as well. Don't have a great evening in a wonderful weekend those same. Argued at a singles. And now let's go to the newsroom and on names. We are so lucky to have so much talent in our area and I mean that at all times singing dancing music art. And one special kind of art is photography. For decades you have seen this man's work in the times Picayune and now in the advocate newspaper Stephen forced. Has been the man on the party scene for ever capturing people places and fun in our area. But now he has a one man show in titled celebrity. Soon to open at the -- satellite gallery. And at the top of his list of celebrities. Is our very own TV Broadway sensation Brian back also moving. Both of them joining us now thank you Stephen thank you -- so much for for joining us and Stephen congratulations on minutia. I think it's so much for the spectators -- -- -- out thank yeah. Stephen of people you know and you truly. Are iconic in the sense that without Julian -- Nolan Nolan would know anybody in this community. How -- you have done such a phenomenal job and now you're over the advocate. And still doing a phenomenal job I just don't know when you had time to do these incredible celebrities. Well along the way. You know it's -- -- expect from the count and all of these everyday that occur in new world. It's a celebration of New Orleans and it's a celebration as eleven. Tell us about some of the some of the people I mean the list does not gonna believe it. -- -- it's incredible lack -- ratio. Probably about ten years ago it wasn't until I did issue with Brian. That it sort of started to make sense again. In had to bring it back -- Brian has done. Everything and television and movies he's spent Rob -- Not -- He's he's done everything so that it acted then broke it then and bring it. Other people but there you know -- You know Brad Pitt injury usually instead of -- in your birdies and Barbara Walters couldn't. It's good that there is betrayed the Jerrold. You know of course in the -- Clark then and right. Told the crowd got behind. Anderson to -- England photography is gorgeous -- people most people to know him from the great pictures. And I'm picking -- now advocate but he. She really captured a deep and inclusion. And feeling in it photography it's not just you know a snapshot of a party it is really great portraits. Existing studies on different. Corporate -- and and and public figure I'm really impressed with the war. And Brian what did he capture in the photo view. -- -- -- The doctor Stephen -- into with Google want you to be impatient. It's kind of interesting it it was although current stage. Looked like to the Lebanese and actually the same. They lead you into their subtle way we are. You still or is it that the I. Mean many times -- so much on on the other shoot -- a whole day go around the city. And you want we have a couple places cocktail and total real photographed. I was about to say none other -- I'm sure not real quick aren't. I did not realize that you were in twelve days a slight. We're fortunate to be part of that term. Fortunately fortunately one of my exchange remained in the channel sometimes everything a couple of people all got caught. The one team after it was -- -- and -- -- -- it like -- would -- LAPD and the podium. Competent. Such cultural scale and correct manner and he'll be part. Stephen one more time. Where can people see this beautiful and win. The opening which should be a big one party to celebrate thirty its ear and purge everything. Berkshire in 1978 as the -- senator when Villa where. I'm back in the same neighborhood. Pretty regular later that the -- satellite gallery. Which is both forty Julia street -- -- -- -- capitalist. Saturday December 7 expedite. Will you have that very special line and then very special heart. And that is what comes out in your work and I cannot wait to see them all thank you both so much for joining us Bryant can access. Thank you and you do it. Stephen Forster wanted doll I'm telling you got to see his work. And we love that Brian he's -- kind. He is very much Erica okay let's take a quick break we'll be right back and -- gonna talk about some theater. Well we are talking about all that's going on this weekend and there's planning. Whether it's. Movies whether it's. Theatre let's talk about this -- yeah that's a big fear weekend there's a lot of stuff going on you know for those who were really into the big musicals. This is a pretty hot week in 1964 that Beatles tribute you know you're talking about asking to meet the -- this week and also here. It's going to open at Le Petit theatre yeah which is and for -- when -- -- I heard that on channel four yeah I heard that as well and a -- -- well I know some people that are in the cast and maybe that's just for the and little shop of horrors is opening this weekend and I never really a strong connection to play it's probably it's one of my favorite. I was I played the dentist and high school my -- I got to sing this little dentists on the rise on a motorcycle stuff so I'll definitely be out there for now and -- is only he can challenge your hand. Well you know dentistry. Is one of them one of my heart it's -- you know we also have our phones but McConnell who's starring in. Alone together. And the -- tumbling country club. And it just running through the sixteenth so you still have time to go on Fridays and Saturday yeah I've heard that that's pretty salty and does great -- Andy -- is directing them as well you know it's in very Capel. And not to forget. Truly one of my favorite people on this earth is Ricky Graham and what does Ricky do and Ricky is doing Harvey not as we all know that is any play from way back. But it's sort of has stood the test of time and it's about the invisible rabbit. I think in our life we can have that absolute. Good and who better to deliver that message well Ricky Graham can do anything absolutely do from the serious to the absurd idea and has done the serious to -- in all over the place and I also wanted to mention some other things beyond. Theater. And that is tonight's not too late from five to eight the firefighters in New Orleans or going to on. Released their calendar. Now these are superstar firefight only ever seen and I only am alone might not it's a beautiful thing. And of course is raising funds for all the right things it's the hottest here -- ha ha ha ha ha this is going to be -- -- at eight tonight at the neurons fire department headquarters. Ugly that's on Decatur street could be wrong but I'm gonna look that up. Anyway they do a wonderful job but it's an actually it's a great Christmas present oh yeah and it's our local guys. I. I think calendar -- you know that's a great gift we have office calendars and -- calendars. I'm -- one yeah at all. So dozer. My guess -- just what it's just you're right it's a great gift it's a one matter what the context or the environment if it's at the office or -- or social club or something and I think that especially these stud muffin firefighters which they are. This is a good one for grandmother. You can have a wonderful grandmother she would love a fireman scandal and a calendar and doing -- tonight -- supply attitudes. It is at 317 Decatur street Leo yes -- fire department so stay with this we're not done. And once you get read me because coming up shortly will announce. The code word in the 1000 dollar nationwide holiday cash contest under the WL. It's absolutely something for everyone football movies theater you've got it and would you believe -- Also begin -- cook off. Kid now yes there's going to be that big and gumbo cook off is this Saturday at Armstrong park. Well again that's because that's at the -- -- festival court that is correct -- good so that will be a wonderful thing for those who did not meet this is a great thing now yeah that's the term that's also. Not too early to get two tickets to the Odyssey ball. On the ball with such a beautiful event and it's all the new -- museum of art. But also next Tuesday I have to -- self serving. I also read -- -- BH radio for the -- imprint handicap and we're having one of our first fund -- it's gonna be -- to grocery which as the restaurant on hunting street. And it's called dining at dark and it's we're gonna be blindfolded it's a five course had a meal it's going to be blindfolded. And in you're going to get the sensation of what it's like. To not have -- but enjoy fabulous meal now and we're really looking at what's been done around the country but we're gonna do it and -- I think. They're such a terrific organization WR -- yeah we're doing it Cripple Creek theater companies in collaboration with them in December -- doing -- radio play that they're gonna have broadcast. Yes yeah it certainly equal kind of thing. Again and you were so much more plugged in most. Seattle well I think there's a lot going on one thing I definitely want to make sure we talk about and in the last minute is there's a big comedy festival really the biggest comedy festival that we have in the city is called hell yes fest. We're gonna have performers from over 100 performers from all over the country some really big name's Todd Perry. Sarah -- Eric Andre he has a show on adult swim on the cart generically NIH on patent. He's a local guy I used to comedy with him back in the day and then he's moved to new York and since he's been on. Jimmy Kimmel and -- and Comedy Central all kind of stuff so he's a big gap and that's all going to be. Starting Tuesday November 12 and running for the next six days. To the following Monday so if you're under different opinions behind moves around a little bit such hell yes fast giant comedy festival come down the pike if you're comedy lover you're gonna wanna pay attention to act. My tape comedy has really come back here and really it was here a long time the bill now it is back yeah. People -- no accident we'll talk more about that next week -- all by design we will absolutely do that. Thank you Ian for being with this conference.