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Nov 8, 2013|

Open Book with Charmaine Neville

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She's been called the best set of belongs in New Orleans. But to anyone who really knows her belongings may be great but her heart even greater. Sure remained level is a whole package. Part singer are dancer part comedian 100%. Entertainer. She comes from great musical genes her mother and opera singer her father Charles level of The Neville Brothers. But what has given her soul is the both exhilarating. And painful like she has lived. Shuttled between Foster homes than living with the mother who had problems. And finally meeting her famous father at sixteen. But through all of voice and a passion that came through from a little girl to be accomplished artist she used today. She remained level has survived at all a tough beginning of the destruction of her home like by Katrina. Being raped in the storm's aftermath. And then conquering a devastating brain disease. Indomitable. And control continued blessing to the world of music. And to the people of New Orleans who have been the beneficiary. Of her amazing heart. And I mean that from the heart shall remain level. No I'm not sweet and telling the truth Q are extraordinary. And I I mean and I was reflecting when I was. Reading and we're searching for this. Your life could be a beautiful movie half. And how beautiful but it could be your immune but it is an issue and that's because you know I have. The one thing. Beauty has brought me -- -- I think my feet and I know that it doesn't matter what goes on he's going to bring me. When you walked and I said oh my gosh looks wonderful and she -- well when he wakes me in the morning and on OK and that is. You're here it's funny because I tell people all the time the only thing -- have to complain about after he wakes me up is not have enough jewelry than I know it's going to be for day. What woman ever has enough to really. That we get so many people do love you and they do want an update if they don't have missing recently about. Q did having catastrophic thing happen to you and it's a brain disease even pronounce it it's going to -- But you know that's the shortened word of it I can't pronounce it either. But it is something that's hereditary. And it is something that I. Got from my mother so she. And you know it wasn't until I found out that -- hit it. I realize that that might have in which she died for a because you know if it wasn't for me needing. -- hearts and in being taken to him. I probably wouldn't be sit here talking to you were literally on stage one night and started forgetting the words -- Africa who musicians -- Who played for ever. I forgot who -- a forgot what I was doing there I mean that's a frightening thing to be on stage. And and not know. Where you -- And which you're doing and even the in. Did it happened literally 19 or yes only. It was just like -- onstage and I just couldn't remember. And I felt. You know I'm gonna say this because that -- -- I felt scared. Half crazy. And I felt like you know okay now in those were my exact thoughts in -- Am -- crazy and right here who are these people you know. And it was just scary feeling you know and ended up in the hospital yes -- -- And I actually had I didn't know at the time that hit here at a stroke. And actually acting hand a couple of strokes multiple strokes. And that's with this disease causes is mark two strokes -- -- TDs in anything like that. Because I know they're so mean different things that goes to. But -- You know it was just very frightening but say you know -- And and wonderful doctors yes and abuse doctor and I remembered well -- wonderful stories that meant fares -- fishy. Does the one who for doctor forget if it wasn't for me of -- thing about that. And he is the doctor that diagnosed in week after all of -- in doctors that I went to. And they misdiagnosed. Me so many times. They had me taking medicine for cancer and hit me taking medicine for every -- told me at all kinds of things and all it was was the cavs. And when he did cat scan and brain scan and he told -- sit next to. And he knew what was going to help me and he -- and you went into the hyperbaric chamber and I think one of the things that was impressive because I think a lot of people relate to. He can't -- arrived in and do justice. We're not gonna do this should quit smoking drinking and it was. -- down. And that was huge it. I mean because partners saying. I was gonna quit smoking and cigarettes went up to fifty cents an hour maybe you having me on -- -- and get me hypnotized to quit smoking. And that was with my face in some hands. -- You passed out. It was so crazy. But I tried everything but when he told me that I think that was the awakening. You know and and you never -- Around like gosh I just went Thomas at our prayers. And it took every story. Every it took me four apartments to clean one street and south along -- to me to get all of that stuff strategist. Rich. Through that -- every pack of cigarettes he had hidden for users in other places in two nominees since it. And that's cents. And from being very close to. Going to have you now back on stage thinking and it's just so. For now get me wrong I mean it's over because I still have. Times when I can't remember things. Simple. And you know let. Exit win if I forget the first ward to a song and I am a Mac and David -- -- if I remember the first weren't enough holes. In but it's really hard thing to you know. To give up and do everything every day you know I had to learn to walk again. How to. Cook again. Eat again saying. He just everything but. Again doctor Artest and him and also cons who was the technician who you know. Every do you put me in chambers and -- -- -- And just. That facility. From. Well the bottom line is. You were saved. Your hear your back and will be right back with charming -- Well we are talking to the indomitable. Charming -- You have survived. An incredible. Physical. Mental whatever happened -- And again back onstage back at snug harbor every Monday back and Jazz Fest still doing some traveling. But I thought what was an incredible thing because I think you are as known for all that you have done for various organizations. Over many years. As you are for your great singing so when you hit on hard times when this. Attack happened in your brain. That people rallied because you can lose your house. So wonderful how many people stepped forward to help me and you know. I wasn't even thinking about -- things I had done. When I saw all of the people that stepped up all of the not just the musicians that stepped up but all of the people that came just to help us you know to help me out to help -- -- hospital bills and you know all kinds -- it was from an. And I just feel. So blessed you know that so many people care about me you know the -- about stuff like -- You know when you see people because you're on stage in DC stuff to -- -- hug you and everything that's one thing. But to see people come like that act to help me save my home you know. My goodness cause muscle lost you know 'cause I've been able to work I couldn't pay bills I couldn't do anything how long from the time that you work. Hit on stage with this to the time you -- about was -- the year yeah yeah. I had been able to pay my house not like eight months so they were rated to snatch my house from you know their rhetoric we don't care house -- you are now. Action on that ha -- That is the heartbreaker because this is a house because I remember reading when Katrina hit you stayed and this is how shall I had almost paid off. And then it hits me and you ended up helping other people. In boat to get of your neighbors trying to save them and you wall ended up in a place where you were on the roof. And to compound the the devastation. That you're watching. But it in the loss of your home and loss of neighbors etc. then you're raped again this is so unbelievable. That this could happen at such a vulnerable on. I'm gonna say. Person. He really had some issues and he didn't take anything for me in. He really didn't take anything for me because I'm still here in now had he killed me that would have been a different story but. You know I know that. They'd do things like that because if elected to power. Thing you know -- -- -- for me. He -- have they ever caught -- now. I mean so many. Unfortunately a lot of women were raped during. Good start in the aftermath of the storm and they'll probably never catch most of the guys who unless they caught him in the -- So. It's unfortunate but you know if you didn't get caught for that you can't set in caused -- -- -- So you. Survived that you are finally. Off the roof. And you end up driving the bus yeah -- Charlemagne. Had you ever driven the bus tomorrow. Now and again here we go again saying who was with me in and so many people. There on the bus and it's funny because one of my neighbors -- saw him the other day and he came -- brought me some fruit from his backyard. And he -- do you remember sewing up my hand. He in his hand was almost cut off from. You know. And I stood there would be neither in Madrid and soda to keep him from beaten to death he said do you remember that I have forgotten. But you know so many things happen in our neighborhood alligators would eat people you know. People were drowning you know people just being left behind. And it was just horrible you know but. I think the worst part of all of it was aftermath. You know the. The crooked insurance companies -- People who drove down here to make sure that they would be in the mix you know to pretend like they were here to help us like what's going on right now -- and you know hurricane Cindy you know I mean I'm still wait on that FEMA wrote to move money. But it is related but you are -- and -- and my house and to have it fixed yes I think it's still needs some stuffed -- -- that's all secondary. No it really it is. Because I'm in -- You know you ended up in Baton Rouge and then he ended up in Austin Austin and actually I -- did I actually ended up in Washington DC. I ended up and. So and so many places but ended up in the playoffs I lived in the plaster like three years. And now with my son. And you know it was just too many places I mean it was like from pillar to post you know because he had nothing. You know -- definitely feel for the people in now. Hurricanes sent out absolutely you know and the people who just this storm has even finish it and yet in -- US only a -- -- Now we can all we can all sympathize thank you but I just bring those things out because everybody has a Katrina story -- please. Unbelievable to me and the other thing about is just what you said so many people -- stories and you know. The thing that happened to me and too many other women that were molested and raped you know. There was so many people who did great stuff -- to help. You know home. Oh my goodness. Her son actually wrote a song about the young man who helped saved so many people's lives and people can go on YouTube and see. The video -- hear that song it's -- Jim Keller. And it's -- and when you see the video and see with this young man did in which he went through and hear his story you know and he's just one. Of the many people. But see that's that I'm listening to you -- and that's it all the negative bad things and what he's thinking about the heroes they cute and you were so many. Stay with us were gonna continue our talk with char main apple. But now let's go to Don names in the newsroom. Are very very special guest today -- -- arming now home. Just an extraordinary woman on so many levels and we have a caller let's go to Jeff. A friend of charming. And I'm here in 1985. And are you hearing. Where. He. Just. News and -- you know because local artwork. We'll do. All I know exactly who you are yes. I think it -- you know what I. -- I am in my life. I've made quite true I regretted it because -- regret. And that -- got such beautiful and bought the ranch and never been one or more. And not been really fortunate to know about you lady. And when they ignore it like in. Can any one. Now -- you are very sweet but you have really really nailed it with charming if there isn't energy. I'm sure just like ruby bridges but there is an energy. And I think that's what I'm trying to say. Looking -- over your life the difficult. Moments that really would have. Made some fall you do it and if that was your fate that that was what ever. You are extraordinary. And -- appreciate it went in from trees and that's OK -- healthy. Look at it you know it you know people come to see you. You and I think the consummate entertainer that's an understatement. But it is Jolie people feel the happiness. Coming from that stage and that makes people happy and you know. The thing about that is that that's exactly what I want people whenever I go somewhere to play and now reporter asked me what what can we expect a -- fun. -- line you know and you know just know that I want you to enjoy what I mean join in now. Because I'm gonna have a good time on the -- can -- hope that what I'm doing can. Passed that on -- use so you can feel the chilling to hear from just being up here and making use. You know you have traveled. All over the world have songs all over the world I would love to know. A story or two about you on a stage and some foreign country and they all have the say -- charming couple of New Orleans. And then if you and they probably our -- my gosh he's. Where you know I thought I. It's funny because when you go to foreign countries and people never pronounce your name right you know. I think the funniest thing was I was in Italy and they were saying. And millions in general and speaking in Italian you know and two of the main -- A challenging their commitments. Sit on a nice job -- a -- little -- -- men. -- -- But it's always great when you get to go to a foreign country and meet you know. People and learn about their cultures and so look to you know and I hope that and it goes somewhere else I mean you know we -- media thing. Not too long ago. The place where -- In Florida no not oversee foreign countries that belt now. -- remember but we're just -- are doing a breast cancer fund raiser for a Lucy. She's -- Jimmy Buffett's sister. And she's so for now. And she's at a great place and that's what I'm saying there you are helping somebody else we have another caller Bruce. -- A tremendous amount you. And I've met -- -- -- situation pretty a eighteen. Years ago opera. Were forced into rhetorical walk into a and you you you took him to a -- that -- Because the greens and well I don't know where you got not only go up old suburban district. -- me is that all witnessing a memory I don't -- I can't remember right now is mine. Password for pig face right in don't worry I can't remember that you can remember this danger. That I am a Hillary. Just follow the story. Or two ago and then they were flabbergasted. At the historic and great. That's the thing that's just who we are here in balance you know. We don't have to know you to be nice to you to Fiji to give you arrive to make -- to get somewhere safely to make sure that you know. Where you're going and where not to go. You know because we want to become vacancies -- Thank you very very much for calling Bruce JQ Bruce we're gonna continue our talk with charming -- apple right after this. Were talking with charming novel and I -- in the commercial we're talking about. Over 25 years between 25 and thirty years with your man that to me is such a statement. It really does have news -- army farm all the time but it keeps China. So I guess that must say -- to hit and they hadn't been very upset when you were. -- but there I mean there. And now here. As one is right sitting right here and -- -- I think yet embassy you know. Don't you remember when we first. Met each other I think some piano player that was supposed to do something with -- didn't show up. And embassy just happen to be. In the area and he came and he started playing in I think it was something a park you know if I remember correctly. And he Toby said well. I played in -- Gillibrand and I've played this in a place that I've played fiddle and accordion and everything and I was like OK do you play. -- and we just been together for such. Long when I worked it worked is that it lets talk about is this I remember well. Doing -- one of the talk shows. 1000 years ago you were always so kind to come on for everything but I remember talking to you and your father. And his comment TU. Was. You must be disciplined. In music and in learning and in the business. And I could tell but that was a tremendous lesson. And youth. So. You know. Many people gave me good. Advice that my father gave me the best advice and his advice was if you are not going to be serious and want to really learn everything that is to learn about music he said. And don't get in the business you just don't. You know and he was right because it's a doggy dog world. Now. And it's a hardware and I mean you know you'd learn every single day every day you learn something new about this music. In -- about the business you know but it's something that I wouldn't trade for anything to him. How are you looking at the music scene in New Orleans now are we better than we were. Ten years ago better than we were five years ago are we struggling. Well we -- better but we're also still struggling. And that they are struggling with is that. In our -- when it was a at least five or six clubs in every neighborhood that head. Great live music -- Of musicians that people never even had heard their names before but when you walked in and heard him play -- why isn't this person at Carnegie Hall. In. But most of them have gone on to be Greek banks you know -- But I think we're also struggling with the fact that so many people have moved to New Orleans that. -- under pricing. Local musicians you know. And just taking our jobs in so we can't work because they're taking -- just saying that they don't. Deserve to be in here and try to get work in because I don't care -- you if you play music -- -- conflict in play. -- again Monday night it's not car stay with us we're not finished with charming level. Really got. I just marvel at that eleven grandsons and now two granddaughters. See this is a beautiful thing. I have a granddaughter that's in the navy she's 25 she told -- I have to step telling people my age because she's 25. Yes yeah. And -- the granddaughter she just made it happen and she's beautiful she's so beautiful. And my youngest son is about to retire -- chief petty officer from the -- you know I am so proud of him. And he just renewed his two Indian wedding anniversary the -- twenty years. You know so I -- for your pride of that my other son. Damien he's. Such a fabulous musician too and -- is my youngest son used to play in the navy base. In but. He he plays music too but you know his life is the navy that's that's how he -- He'll be coming home yes who becoming. And seeing all good things as they wanna be -- -- yeah he's coming here because it wants me to cook for. That's SA. And let me tell you charming now I cannot thank you enough about him and you Harry very special. Andrew and continued good health to -- -- again okay. And now let's -- in the newsroom.