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11-9 5:10am Don Dubuc, duck season

Nov 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And live from saint Hubert cathedral in the heart of the woods in saint Tammany parish Louisiana you have found the outdoor show on down to view the outdoors guy that brings to each and every Saturday morning down at 24 year -- Glad to have you on this good look at Saturday morning along the great Gulf Coast I want to -- good -- -- those of you will be participating in the opening day of the Louisiana coastal zone. Duck season. -- -- little bit later on going to be taking you out some of the duck blinds. In front and out album on isn't doing it in case you're wondering what you can expected on your way to the martian by -- Wildlife and fisheries did fly over this week. And they were not impressed they said that the estimate of one point 02 million -- is 30% lower than last year's November estimate that one point 46. And the most recent five year average of one point 44. And they say except the blue winged teal. All species of below last November's estimates in all species below the long term November and a man that does not. Sounds good but the veteran news is the low estimate. Especially not many Mallard at all -- call but no reason they call. -- say that the migration is delayed in the Tijuana as we went through this big numbers -- In the breeding population but it delayed migration there are a lot of -- in the state. And we have an affront that statement -- -- so you could be pleasantly surprised despite wallet and fisheries. Having their reservations about what you might find out -- we got a lot to talk about the duck congress will do that just the second also -- have you coastal marine forecast. These winds -- finally letting up if you try to finished his. Want to -- it was a brutal wind out there have been a lot of fishermen did go along coast despite those wins will get some of the reports from a few reporters. Also -- as we do the program go along on my website on the -- those guys that come on the radio show kind of works hand in hand with that side and got some new recipes up. Particularly fury shrimp -- great recipe for you. And if you're successful enough that yellow -- today gotten the most simple recipes for. Making it dark or roasting -- -- check it out it's on the website of the recipes also got an early Thanksgiving Day message for re. And we'll update you on outdoor opinion poll. And find out whether you prefer to hunt deer in the morning or evening last time I checked it was heavily in favor of the morning -- -- -- that a story there comment. Given the pros and cons of both by the way deer season not quite in full swing and in Louisiana we do have. The archery season areas open up today for muzzle -- and they are some there has already opened for the modern firearms and it's all building up in the next. Couple weeks the -- Bad cause of the outdoors yup -- that for you. This morning it's going to be a follow up to a previous bad -- story this time it will be the sentencing phase of the Wal-Mart the have that for the first couple messages you'd doc Connors -- -- issue issued in terms of that second. But I want to caution you when you go off to launches this morning. That's going to be crops not only is this a good opening day of duck season the weather's really prime person. Fishing so you gonna have a real large number of people chronic -- the boats in the water pretty much the same time would suggest to you fishermen the latest on little bit. Doc -- try to get out there sunrise so they're going to be a ball launches first -- -- that they get out there you can maybe slipped in. And get you fishing also be cautious if you going to be. Fishing and aren't -- aren't doc Connors. And if you dot com -- remember you need some special licenses and permits in Egypt basic license. News date wanna -- Stan. Of federal water wells. The H I. You need if you -- running on one of the state wallet man is like -- salute Salvador. Pointless and maybe it's tough -- dealt them a -- you do need a WMA army. Have you on your wing you don't have any of this stuff -- you -- and one item there is a license hotline. And that number is 888. 7652602. Is giving me credit card and use the license number they each immediately and that. Numbers 88876526. Zero. Heidi just a minute so we're gonna get declines Sanchez for those of you -- going to be fishing and hunting down in the saint Bernard parish area analysts -- going to be headed down that way right now -- this gorgeous weather forecast we've got that. Did wanna give you shooting times easier official one half hour before sunrise acute. -- north or south of the cities these official start arms New Orleans -- 5:50 AM. Baton -- 555 Lafayette 58. Alexandria 601. Monroe 602. Lake Charles is 603 and Shreveport you get started at six -- ninth. Also what if you're going to be in the area arm. If you -- robs them every morning I got a very unique -- rodeo taken place this morning only. And the way it works is you enter for five dollars there's going to be a couple of judges who attacks on us. In their gonna judge the previous bird pretty and it's got to be a dark. It in the -- Eddie print those marina right there at the foot of the parish -- -- you entered to a channel -- going down south. And they -- take entries. Until 11:30 this morning first place gets the winning duck mounted by Greg crying of national -- studios and I have seen a lot of work. He's an excellent accidents and even make you pretty bird pretty second place gets a gift certificate to a sporting goods store. So check it all out -- going to be roasted whole hog space walk for the kids it's at any name is marina. And again it's five dollar entry fee if you would like to -- to your -- all right did you calls the marine forecast -- today. On the lake's interior marsh is eight to fifteen light chop on down offshore on the coast 815. In a three foot seas clears guys no rain in the forecast about this afternoon it will be a few clouds coming around that wind will switch around north east. And -- ten -- fifteen but along the coast it's. Going to be suited for the collection be smooth sailing so winds -- probably gonna let up a little bit -- tomorrow mixed clouds and sun only 10% chance of rain. And eight to fifteen along the coast that winnable beyond the north east in the beginning tomorrow. It's gonna start building back up again and that's gonna -- you stronger in the middle of the week so I would say weekend today tomorrow. Two best days and that coincides a lot of people's schedules I must go -- a summary and talk to captain -- Sanchez a glamour you don't -- That's on. You know a lot of people are really launch in the did not give them. Where that data it. Our everyday and we saw quite cute ducks -- -- Jeremy and it a lot of ducks. Remarks so -- thought about the limelight. Actually in -- Has that report that. Yeah. I think their flyover was done a little bit ahead on this front and some reason you know that the reports I'm getting from the people who did a scouting. In some fisherman and have been out there they seem quite a few large -- especially. Teal -- is going to be the dominant bird in the bag no doubt about that the there's plenty good submerged vegetation -- -- didn't take any evidence looks and looking good for the -- Connors and you're right there at the foot of the Biloxi marsh and and that's one of my WMA public Gary is that you really need a lot of people out there keep those birds movement. Yeah -- it just so much carrier yeah. That more people and that are popular capable. You know spinal I didn't. It. This final win week in week. But he did this. It was that made him a priest or -- At Callaway pro at a post L sports -- Thursday. I mean it which is in critical water so what people went out with the wind -- back and so -- Yeah and they kitchen and a nice mix of just about every. -- saltwater fish there is on -- everything's in the same bodies and arms right now. Everything so close but -- activity. Missile and you know it -- all -- so -- -- which -- so I disagree enemy. Yeah that's a hard trip out but it's an easy trip back. Glad as they like -- -- with you on the date situation a lot of people wanna fears that liability. So I have paint that that a small side and about. Biggest injection to anybody who's who at -- -- debate a little bit smokes -- we're a little small treble hook. Just people look out your back pocket figured it out. And you look at a lot more -- Yeah right now and it's no doubt about that. Well water levels. You know you get more east wind today it volumes which around you and northeast now think it's been fairly -- The war stale there were awarded that I -- a week -- Ticket seller at the other day and it felt -- all it -- and it didn't follow that in normal. And that's how Iowa -- -- in the moment it was on top of the Jewish clean and. Now I I guess was still on several weeks away -- a few more fronts away from that time of the year -- That water temperature drops and you put plastic on and really -- -- -- flow at all right now with a cop and court with Clinton and stolen the ticket. Our public -- emotion his plane ticket broker in the pre K eight K and as they sent in Atlantis on the way. Thanks given the we now have to do. That they built that due out you know expect out do -- everyday. You know every day and make this one life. All right well. The -- knock on the locked in though a check you again next week and -- full report on things. -- Yes so be careful -- -- about it launches as it is going to be able fisherman who -- this week. And ego thanks Len appreciated it. I'm glad Sanchez he's statement on national emblem launched a -- there's a lot of folks going to be running. -- grow in Norman Reggio. The WMA there in March in India. Pretty busy morning and in -- he says not a good morning and if you had a captain Tokyo bourgeois somewhere down around Barrett -- area. Beat you this morning Monday with -- little Italy duck on him and human body -- you know about 2 o'clock in the more regular. So let's get gone on this one. And yeah people openness to beat mania. Mike the local and it check them out it was gone into that you we you know -- they get is that there and that. Mean you -- -- about -- right now at the it -- that kind of pullout -- -- both bring -- -- now like and that's pretty mixed ethnic products net and then. I take quote that aren't going to be beaten and the mom and you know if you vote on current got a player and a these people argue about negated it might be tailored and criminality you'd better bring about a bucket of water -- Because that would include it. Come on ballot going to be some measly -- today -- you know bring him back appears. Yeah it would happen its orbit is super super low right now and it's just you know it happened and it went something like it did you know definitely -- -- -- here it really draw operated on true though. So you know the going to be considerate you eat when politicians they want to vote. You began apple you know this. So -- agreed that sums ranging navigate the book and -- and yesterday yet that would put. That and other than symbolize in the the USC last doubts and gotten them out stay committed to agree -- movement. Yet. Don't Google actually goes -- nature or because it is -- bush and -- early on today. That the -- politicians and you know. -- -- curry Hebert you know yesterday it was a year analysts note in inaction would begin again. Entering yet or not then -- and -- quick. A lot of residential cat finished -- -- look at -- that the ruling is yet they. I mean that just. Now -- -- and now little Danica came middle of Britain's banks that are not really give it. -- -- local. Good cajun gumbo right now because it is Israeli -- It ought to go so it ever need bring -- Napoleon estrogen. Turn them listed -- good grief right now and it's going to be following governor. Yeah and you know that looking for a slowing down a little bit you know 8:15 in the morning it's gonna pick up again by this afternoon north east maybe. Six to twelve. An order tomorrow. Who had eight to fifteen and in from Iran -- Monday to win. I don't want -- not gotten the book -- I could have been deployed around the we next week in. Out of shall limit to determine patient settle down you know -- -- and it's been really good is that to get some big trial and bring it out. During -- interest aspects saying that it is cool night and buying things does that really kind of Lebanon you know -- we talked actually -- -- couldn't get a good decent round and actually kick in human. Now it and you know small little bubble game work really well the problem is can get him. It is clear that much ridiculous yeah yeah. Mandated big for you know movies. And landscape artists not to on how is it difficult finished. You in the boat like -- would -- political. -- -- He is seriously challenge in -- -- Urgently try in advance and Abbott and this is being. There's a lot along total -- a lot of them actually. Change people. -- -- war buried near shallow water in it seemed to. And could not. He ordered -- -- catching his term and -- no -- I can't Yemen and made they -- on camera. I'm not completely. Well and it. Oh I had so -- in changes. There yet he has what made it to -- and to bring light. All yeah yeah absolutely and or you have. Yeah its signature -- and pants on -- -- -- spear and go get a. How much about it until a man with a wealthy -- aggregate that could put down -- about birds around political candidate did a good day in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About five feet ten minutes to six is the U shall start. You know you always hear if you. Some of the most today. Richard. You know he's not a you know like he's going to be getting people -- Start opening day you know and have missed opening day last only use them in -- -- An emblem on the market on opening day if you left about sent there. You know you might miss that. First sunrise flight but you know you'll deal and all -- -- traffic to market people lost -- on the -- Yeah let's call let's hope -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And arising in birds that -- That is. You know magnate -- workers -- ultimately it's going to be here are there you stripped it -- the -- look like yeah I'll tell. Me now in that if he in the key thing. Late game. That's well. Should be a lot of pull up to hook pull. Yes it actually said in a few days about that it -- at temple Bayer like about our staff that has black and he had an error that it. On. As well go to bit. They come and bring it it aggregates and bigotry and now by Eric -- Suddenly everything that commitment and -- -- put -- pretty get -- gets a few best. I mean. Let things have been distributed the -- load content Gartner. People out of here in the boat as bad news for the treatment agreed don't know -- you don't know those slow. That he got to admit got to keep up with -- -- the erosion at the order from air. Among the blunt object and well Blondie was helping -- she was assistant with the report last week she was not released yup those rural and chain and give us a phone number in the best time the call. Yeah and go to the rival for reform passed excellent political -- I'm glad that prediction website -- Go to assignment politician dot com I'm has an update feature put the -- -- which -- -- an element everything today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Check it out FaceBook to go to to a patient on the Facebook's -- We are bit -- -- let me just get this. -- -- And that is -- -- great on the line. Yet. It is. -- -- indexed them are not as human body you know. And this afternoon. The -- -- -- them Olsen owns and -- to. -- -- Sophia bush. -- Louisiana man by the have you with us on this Saturday morning visiting -- -- thing you -- -- the distract him. My brother Bob he's gone now back in the release enough. That is full Leland all pumped up and excited he's got a brand new primitive weapon he's going -- -- opium guns -- -- you know Clinton on what a forecast we got. No rain in the forecast when's -- gonna finally give us a break for. At least today maybe this afternoon and tomorrow morning and it's gonna start again with intensity out of the north east. And blow pretty hard do on the week course duck congress. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's a much but -- -- Good conditions get up in the fission has been phenomenal -- -- efficient -- good press one of mission and that will be fresh report and yeah rule right now though got a quick station identification break. And I'll be right back to you about what's going on -- cat island national wallet for its importance mostly true -- duck island. National wildlife refuge a beautiful places the home of the you know world record cypress tree. Some real bottom and hardwood marina along the Mississippi River of Baton Rouge. One of the activities that senators this morning and go on the public is invited to make some comments. About what activity you would like to see continue. Or be implemented on this national wildlife refuge. And I'm gonna tell used to be on the safe side if you like to run a lot squirrel on your promises would -- coming up there. Even rabbit running. If you wanna continue that. Either send them now lateral or better yet appear in person is going to be a public hearing the refuge staff is going to be there on November 18. From five to seven. It's going to be held at the Saint Francis -- town hall it's on pertinent street in Saint Francis feel they gonna have maps inflammation of the passing out. I'm gonna say there's going to be people there who show up and they want to. Do birding activities in hiking in photography and fishing. But I'm owners need to speak out because if you don't and they don't get a lot of requests or sufficient amount to continue -- that one of the things they could. Look at taken office so that's going to be a team that is -- Monday. And again time is five to seven. At the Saint Francis bill town hall. I those of you are going up to participate in the opening day of duck season not thing I was noticing. On department of wildlife and fisheries. Off fly over estimate they equal the coastal zone earlier this week. Last year we had a big big imbalance of the balance of the docks where they will locate spores. The south east of the southwest on Tuesday. And the reason for that was we have a storm that came in in late. In took a lot of vegetation submerged aquatic vegetation called SAT out. Of the south east martians which left poor -- conditions this year. Didn't happen marshes are an excellent condition in the balance of docs is always going to be more in the southwest that's right steel country. It's much more suitable for war fall in the south east of the balances more equalized this year -- -- the east southeast -- even though. The counts will lower than last year. You may have as many more ducks. In your particular hunting area the -- you've got such good vegetation so anyway. I try to find some good news -- the -- honest and will final -- but later on and actually go out and visit some of the -- on ultimately on. Once that got a chance to give out there get set up -- and Colin -- and shoot new and some observations -- -- that aren't we come back after this temporal joins us he's gonna talk about some fresh one efficient. Jeff goes that was America's a lot of ducks oblique he fished out and they'll grow get. -- report from him as well as the -- scouting report Jeff rule out big bass boss guy and that challenge from the big loss -- brings in general news reports each week brought to you and point by basking in the date says basking in the with a K. Locals southwest Louisiana company. You can find them at retail locations all around town and also online at WWW ask candy. Dot com. And they're always looking for new dealers and you can give them call it 337725. Finished it's 337. 725. Fish or visit him at customer service at asking -- that it's best candy with the -- Jeff but it is not like the win gave you some problems this week. Yeah did -- -- teacher in the auto body over the rule two that went to Redmond you -- you compete in the fifteen not. Change the ones and in the fifteenth two in Atlanta Falcons would be an excellent did it. -- couldn't compete in the fifteen but it was probably twenty by the thirty and Democrats this week. Yeah I was real surprised and why did you do -- in a bill. But surprisingly we did pretty well we -- -- that with the conditions than I had been -- and a couple of months and we would sit around gramley took river have been open -- in law played a widget McAleese the gate crowd and I think get a McAleese. To the advocate. Sports reported an appeal it but we we you know we kind of struggle we -- -- as a traveler trying to do it. Grand Slam Purdue and -- around with that mix but -- -- -- planners but. Swim -- the round of grant and Spinner bait. Will pretty good -- -- get a progress on the river there was a few bad experience. Those could see the best that poured down again he's he's been found limited the leader the we -- them around on the he backed up by the spider really they were urged and went all the way and we thought that will be -- and has admitted to school's commitment of this where we talked. Put -- well but only meant to keep about twelve detained. I've seen it ducks up and. Openly. Not -- -- expert only if it's said he would hand you need to keep about third minute that this is that. Especially if they assume that that steel shot yeah yeah now. Well I'll speckled Trout fish in in some of the fresh water rivers and -- can kind of do little Mitchell did a mix them in -- know what about the North -- late punch trainer. It's been pretty good last week -- -- the kind of hit -- -- but that stood out that it -- both of -- we talked about last Saturday with a win tonight. -- Johnson passed the west -- mountain west -- Trout in them. So into the Dominican immigrants keep on them again -- beat I'm just see that small -- -- the end. But you like about it that I -- go more toward the east or maybe from the marchers -- somebody would come home in liberty those places and is starting to. You had a war grew and now a little bit so did you black and blue -- would you accept our trailer. You should do so the band pearl. Jeffs and the winds down and -- -- you know it makes accessible south and maybe thirty some water in effect she casting bit. When you talk but there's like the top -- basin north winds have pretty devastating effect there. It's a quarter of the marked as -- in a couple days ago the date was like around three and then when the wind started offered they're so down one point baht was so. You talked about the equipment -- border in those areas and that can change a bit in pocket or. Little barriers occupant get conditions make it where you can parlay it into it but you go up around the basin. Basically from grand -- on -- just won't -- start Tiffany's. -- pocket -- canals that are will be deeper and our hope that Clearwater -- that's going to be where you best by it's going to be. And against our world and debate and put people that -- -- with W and laid down approaches and you should do well they they think because a lot of this in -- area. Jeff would definitely in a changing time of the year with these fronts not to come through on a regular basis air and water temperatures dropping. What tips can you give a sufficient is Tommy here. But then you the big pattern seen as the debate is thrilled and crop this year when you get down. In some of these rivers and access to the go for -- -- you know he's trampled lower and that they just speed on what's available so cute talking ambassador mark to what they don't crow crow river. Maybe get it -- propeller -- and these you know light opaque they were little bit of pain Karbala. McConnell like brain that kind of in the trap it and you move up into the rivers and you get around the trees and run out and -- -- more crop is oriented. So -- to -- -- red and orange and blue zone you they the government to -- But it's been abatement but he couldn't dig -- she can actually changes around that. He met different for crop -- and just change and have both they're ready and then marking changing tourniquet mode for a pattern not protect themselves when the crop is up in the woods. And I know a lot of people don't do it that sure would make sense of someone want to finish -- -- shrimp the mass of mean there's nothing on whether it was certainly work. And I don't know anybody who doesn't but certainly crawfish would get past. That's true mystery about lap that we felt that a program. -- -- -- I would -- to court and it came post somewhat true of this around the document. I just been released a lot of bad pivot that you seem catch him with those slots and -- -- has -- and doesn't. Nothing passes. -- Jeff how about upcoming events and know with the holidays coming up -- -- slow down on the tournaments again anything on the count. Right now -- this is December 7 the -- they have individual. -- abilities prone -- Nadia that information on March that dot com under the terms of the page in. You gotta think for next year -- posted January it would all start to get up against the semi determined to not give up on the web site for you. And be happy to talk about on the radio. And you can link to jets site from a scientist so look for then Jeff rule on the few reporters. Jeff thanks so much the report. Hopefully this little laid down the men is going to be good for a couple days that I see it come again next week in the middle week so. People need to plan according. -- -- And quarter packages and they're. Ed you got that you've got to deal thank you Jeff. -- -- rule of bass fishing reporters puts brought in part by Berkeley division pure finishing you know. Got everything from line to rods to reels and of course that old Berkeley -- power rates go dates. And that happen. Check it all out -- division of fuel efficient. And we were talking about how the -- wins really effective decision is nowhere are more affected in grand -- when you get those wins won't like it did this week let's see how they dealt with that -- -- the -- talk the Dow carpenter. Well real scream -- that count -- paralyzed and you wind blown sufficiently enough now. -- and god applicants would drop left what was that one either we will under some kind of small craft -- it's. It's been treacherous but you know and you had to put up what he's got a -- straight into the season you know. Well the good thing is inside edition which is -- effective as badly. Is been on the last time you and I went back up in Washington pretty cute. Yeah yeah on the -- that's been the only option right now has been on the inside and even that little bit soft. I mean when you when you're fighting which according not plus. You know use you leave uttered those Morse pond and a lot of terms of looks like he's been added decorating Chris Welch and were wearing his green and orange group would -- -- lead in the grass. So look so you gotta turn out. Got to turn off you pattern -- little bit. Just kind of -- -- you know it's sort of arbitrary around grand jobs -- so let's get some vegetation order. You know. -- -- Well as far as the -- situation down at the bridge side marina no there -- no shrimp available has that changed at all still limited to the -- Now it's mostly limited to the moment on that let you know that's kind of been the ticket he didn't. Every in this kitchen stumbles back Trout are mixed in in the read this on so forth. DeVon and you're getting more on that that spit out a little bit trip in his system that would be an easy Bob's you know that particular about it -- mistake they moved into the grassy areas. But but for the most part plavsic's stand all the members have been the ticket. You just used ever like that this week is mandated that so that we can talk about but in the end it's just you got to just the -- right now. And it looks like it's going to be that way held this coming week with the with the portraits of being torn about thirty at least -- most -- -- He just I mean. We -- -- -- war and it hasn't hasn't dumped out yet that we are stored in order Ali. So -- we were playing an up or what should put all week lol well on that we're getting a cut rate well Golota it's really dropping out so. It did not develop a little -- war between warm beach try to answer it with ample ordered mortgage but also opened up our opportunities for you out. Will only vote cuts will start concentrating away from the pollen and that's what unique outside of mental work in the -- options in the you know the little. Feeders that -- out into -- and canals. So you just -- -- in -- and -- without plastics same way -- as a that the Troutman and more toward the incident so appetite rather than natural. So you really don't have to have that true it is going to be patient like to -- like -- modern war. McDowell a lot of people like to do all -- efficient in the cool month so I don't like to get out -- and -- July August -- September. You got less species to pick from naturally but when this wind finally breaks down and if somebody wants to kill a law -- trip what are some of the opportunities to go after -- Jack to Namibian. Miss a man grows. Well that that's going to be the ticket I mean it's it's been so we need nobody's that it could pattern. The man grows more juncture right now just broke below seventy. So human growth and calmly you'd rather still be practical little law. That got -- and in yet -- it a try animal tale of about it we have been told him still here but that the big ticket has been so. I mean we we've had a real legitimate -- -- -- this year between remote in the bogeys operating offshore. The -- that action has just been just tremendously stupid it's a lot of times has been stumbling couple on the view. You -- and you take the -- You know. All of plate culture or the children have been everywhere -- just an Alley expect last week reportedly a portable and I got reports -- that without the there were looking for the -- -- file they were looking for people coming back you know it literally just filled the boat all of them were close a short break to the warehouse social. -- you know the to have an appropriate to meet -- -- involved in the tradition is going to be got to be like placed a right to. And he just really get spent time looking Foreman and not necessarily in all without change. Their target the -- reports out of business. I get reports out of business they were Ketchum and SATA these. So that's where over the body balls are matters as whether it's been bitten as they've been very very well as. On and off and you get an opportunity catch him in a close without somebody wants to. Book a trip either inside or outside does this come in salt -- how to find. Well world your web -- it on the outdoor product oh he's always done our own web -- at rules streamers dot com or via the phone to -- 937. Six to eight. Any but you're a walk captaincy got the -- and -- -- you got a reporters he still in the woods. And gotten any reports Armenia. Not so on cable market and on and a couple of weeks old beast from Politico so we're -- -- -- going today he added that a little bit interesting. Well congratulations. It's a great veterans day give them. It is all right now look at chip which -- next week thanks to report. Thank you appreciated. Time now carpenter all right coming back next hour gonna talk about all the stuff that's on the website gets in new stuff you do you honest. Turkey and is -- on those plus more efficient reports and the bad boy -- outdoors right after this time.

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