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11-9 6:10AM Don Dubuc, Duck Season

Nov 9, 2013|

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And welcome into our number two of the outdoors -- -- radio network -- -- come to you live from seeing you -- cathedral in August saint Tammany parishes woods. We've been doing the show now this is -- twenty with year. And glad to do welcome born and you know -- tell you Mac announced on this network 24 years ago that I ever imagine. On the technology that would be coming on now with the advent of the Internet Smartphones and iphones and ipads. -- what it's done is that allowed us to create a web site which actually interact very well radio program connects to listen to the radio program. Via the web site. But more than Portman that we can share photographs with few stories are some of the merchandise you hears talk about you can purchase. On television showed you can watch him. So I'm gonna should go that would mean now one would have the device you have with a computer phone and simply aren't the outdoors guy. Dot com now we call that because that's what people refer to me is done now outdoors council we decided to name in the web site that. When you go there are you gonna see a lot of things in rattled a top you can listen to radio show is in. The archive you can go back we keep them up for about two weeks if you miss one and you've slept ladle out of town in. You get the listened to that you can always go back and catch -- we also have my TV shields and some Google's archive. And we keep that the past shows up from a Thursday fishing game report which airs Thursday's -- on the 6 o'clock news. On WW television. And it billion must as someone else and doing and I don't know about is the only fishing program that you see. That it shot that morning in on the 6 o'clock news that afternoon it doesn't come any fresher than that. Well we put him up on the web -- you can see past shows that one and also paradise Louisiana which is one our show. That is all across state Louisiana. And I got to tell you this past feature that we ran on a fishing game report on that it PO I have gotten now surprisingly. Good response people love and in we terribly inefficient trip with three of Louisiana's baseball coach. Coach Roger -- from Southern University pulmonary. And coach Ron mainstream view and well. An update these guys only -- they have -- applaud the pick on each other in you can tell there in competitive athletics is they competed out there. Anyway you can watch it on my website that the -- -- dot com and we keep all those. -- reports in the archive files can go back and get those out we are costly updating it trying to get new stuff for you got to new recipes up this week. One is black guy the battered shrimp from. Among buddy John full -- John -- got a great for that and the other one is called -- simple pot roast duck if you get out there today on this opening morning. Come back -- -- -- -- could be again wall which in entail mallet. This is a great simple recipe to a news call for a lot of and radiance. One key though if you -- pretty much that he's black on news of a -- where but it works out best. And that's something that really brings out the flavor of the dock itself without overpowering it. With a lot of seasoning so we got that up for you. Also our radio photo look at Joan DeMarco launch who has stuck Conning his morning -- will talk to his boss captain Ryan Lambert law. I'll with a lack of its Paris station arm AKA rattle -- he picked up while he was caught some Cain goes duck hunting. Also the story about you running morning and evening. Read that and then right below it we've got our opinion poll. In -- asking do you prefer -- mornings and evenings and right now 60% of you -- the morning. 40% like the evening so cast your vote and compare that to other sportsmen like self and has lots of other fun stuff -- -- new story. It's called more than food friends in football it's my Turkey day message so check all that out and check it out you -- -- -- for the new stuff and he missed the radio and TV shows. You can catch and then of course his radio show Ayers lives in an area where you can't pick it up. On either off flagship station or one of our affiliates. You can always get it right there when -- phone. Point your Internet device -- coming back after this Mike Gallo joins us and and only been bothering him but -- that it caught some fish anyway. In -- probably got some big plans for today it's beautiful day along the great Gulf Coast. Well it's good save daylight now the -- season's been under way in coastal Louisiana at least portions of the in fact all areas now should be open. And the spots and that's lodges located over the on the east and ended back right across to buy from portion of them. By the big branch national wildlife refuge -- some upcoming well actually that's I don't think is open because that's not considered the coastal zone. But I -- you might -- may -- Beers and shots coming from the south side. Late game might tell you doing as. Yours shots. Yeah -- have yet I don't know water already. Are not on. About our -- -- -- -- when you -- shot I cannot be mistaken for. -- -- You pretty safe well go to deal. How did you deal with this week's win and we had some horrible -- -- -- I don't know when it came from the only come in with a front that they died that day -- -- -- and it -- -- -- on -- shift direction and ease up a little bit. We did very well there while it looked finished Monday Tuesday Wednesday. And I canceled Thursday. Today -- be back after tomorrow will be out there I. Our courts and it is on Bob's round just like we talked about cheer from the pearl river all the way down to the wall and shell met. It's seemed that nothing produced a tremendous amount of -- But lots of places would produce. Or maybe eight. And that came -- with this forty to sixty fish per vote at several -- still -- During the week so that they're still intact at the situation. I didn't think this coal plants can put some -- And -- it appears to be more confined in some of the more years -- Yeah that's what we call slugging it out you know decide hit -- move and -- -- and stick and move stick and move and and by the end of the day you're looking nice as they we got a pretty and I sketch. Like there was some -- A few areas along articles to walk away. Known that at some birds and by Utah had some birds that like park train had some birds. So just arguably the law goes in you know some diplomats expect or Trout. The birds like -- training table read it this time a year goes on the -- and total we try to release of that we want -- But it small connection here. And Mike do you think you still use a live baby bring that with -- kind of leaning more now to what you artificial. It's a medics are I had one trip where three people -- which started out with a lot of state. And we got into a pretty steady -- by Utah about switched wanna apply that. And he did just as well I do like to keep at least. Just heard democracy and efficient lot -- try to keep the school close by. If I happen to be passing through we wanna keep them close by it's we can't live -- Right how about Biloxi marsh probably ten minute will make a trip over the Alicia went to save back went along way but it didn't sound like you need to go that ought to fund Troutman. -- shooter Rick Fisher all over the place and. -- I haven't been to the Biloxi marsh. You know it decision's been good locally. I haven't had anybody requests were finished I don't think captain Jim has -- out that way this morning. I'll have a report tomorrow that -- help you uncertain at any rate fissionable looks bars. When it started and yet they probably around the clock. So. It has been shy sort. Water I would -- that there are unsure of clean waters it's. I would officially action cheerio Marshall on the perimeter. -- -- stay out of the dot cutters away let them do their thing and be done by our clock would be nice and won't need to move into the -- should be able slight chance. With that angle so arguably have seen him better and I'm sure that people -- fiscal inside the ball. A marine forecasts I got in your area showing that the in the lakes are gonna become smooth by late afternoon. So in -- that's pretty good look and forecast is considering what we've had in what's coming next week. Expect that has co part -- Religious. Corporate patiently for. Well we've been -- that there's a lot of other fish up and keep you -- as long aging get out of the bought to you like yesterday morning Natalie was no place to be. Yeah it was pretty sloppy the last couple days and that of the things -- mostly it was north or north northerly direction. So the North Shore. Two draw as fairly clean and am concentrate some attrition in the area. All along that northern side of the -- good number four rounder if so could debate about as always. The occasional huge. Future -- like epic its. The better concentrate those racial bridges mower -- consist -- -- -- well Mike don't have a great day out there on the water and be careful much for the -- on that's going to be part of it sounds like he got them all figured out so. Sounds like gonna be a good thing that you folks back in in join as some kind of game on tonight I think it would is minimized and talk and. Yeah matchup or taught I just hope we can play in the extreme it was a good opportunity when it. All right Michael thank you -- report is always somebody wants to get a hold he gives an office numbers and also you website address. Army at. LA dot com form office numbers Arctic. 78171. More. OK Micah -- uptown to get after -- -- -- will see you next week. -- All right captain Mike Gallo angling advances of Louisiana's reports of brought to you in part by Zito. They're AAA on the water peace of mind few drops toe in -- -- so dot com 804 seat so. And also by -- -- bait and tackle the bolt want with live shrimp right at the mouth of the Niles. They all the home of the matrix shed in the goldeneye Jacobs -- tries matrix yet dot com. And dioxide is available at 9857072105. Fishing from panel -- like kayaks and canoes become so popular we institute a few years ago the analyst report has brought you by the backpackers two locations. One on Jefferson highway and that -- the other is on main street in river ranch in Lafayette. They specialize in all the top brands of fishing kayaks and have the largest selection of -- kayaks in the anywhere in the state. Plus lots and lots of accessories on the guys that reports for us on paneling situations. Is -- catch Cormier and catch up before we get into the -- and part of it. -- -- -- explain listeners your theory on what you think it's gonna happen in the LSU Alabama game tonight and why. -- Chasing rich tradition I had not so if you share -- on the -- -- -- -- -- it Eric Christian. And I didn't beat down -- so I think that's what could happen again tonight on -- -- sure -- the. I'm one of those red -- when you brought him in was he going help uncle nick. Uncle. Well we don't know what's gonna happen and it yeah. It's interesting because. But -- some damn it he said that that we got a great -- that we used to have. Don't have. -- I think it's 5050 guy might go and new ministers meet other people think city's name and where is -- think he's the kind of guy that likes to keep. Anyway enough football talk let's talk some vision kind of the wind mess with you guys that analysts had to be really -- -- -- Yeah you know -- really. So like crazy but like crazy. And we've blown 20/20 five document in fact it's got. -- -- Cold front like this it -- often writes it's almost impossible. So that it directly from things that make now it's great -- -- look -- -- right now on the -- -- -- -- Triple. And more in control -- -- -- they control it is that there. Just an aerial we have. Designated as the highway 23 court on talking about. You know them up port sulphur empire myrtle -- even all the way down -- of them as pointless as. What's been going on there that area there probably from the direction of the wind we had offers you some shelter if you get two side you can actually fish. Quite quickly followed sides so people have been. -- too many reports of what I gather. Where they kept it close it I mean they're not even going and -- Deficient right -- you know you live area. And that does include doing pretty good because that war it's unclear. Protect it from the weekend and also that guilt actual. About the fourth that tied the embryo that -- -- back it. That would be a good shot now the point issue and while -- managed -- to look at them all a part of highway one. Down to its money you in that area -- and there's going to be a lot of -- Connors in their kayaks and probably going to be fission on the way out and two and a combination can ask -- blast what can you suggest to them. What are contained within a target for the more the majority it would it there -- You know right now definitions. And the war. The reflection seems like you know the -- moving -- -- start to move about that term debt clock there. And the fish get more if it comes into the flat areas. And so -- the jet to take -- and wait awhile. In the house decision down by another very popular area highway one lower end. A solution on down to grand isle palmas island. What right now -- shouldn't block right next IE. And could see them titles. But who got out here. Something that respects here in the absence of good reports along its op a -- It will also between social brain on the Internet and try and what is not in that context engine and out. Today along this stretch Connecticut can pitch. It's just -- of the said the forty. Kept and he likes that you -- -- in effect a little bit. Fine and wish the towards not -- bad. Deal I want to get a -- wouldn't take a break we'll come back on which to pick up on what's going on about it those southwest's on top in everything from some more point to the Texas dateline for panelists and also gonna talk about those will be fishing world championships. And also more about that big event that's going to be next Saturday fallen tide of the panels then in the Venice area but talking with -- Cormier it's our panel's report brought to you in part by the by -- -- kayak fishing club -- back witnesses sketch column yet reporting on the analyst report by -- -- kayak fishing club and if you would catch for all listeners may be on K okay our affiliate station out of Lake Charles what's going on out west. Well I'd you know that the cold front cut that trapped them and by -- good like chills certainly -- and mostly. Either have to. Carol we should point. -- -- -- You know just wait -- you know probably goes back a little bit more stable. I think could have great spec ops machine near what reactions in different story altogether care. And about it it's good report in in the black quake marched. Crackberry and also round trip one object there but -- -- -- producing real well. But I also get to try to all the bodies were like pretty well we'll get really when or whether it's cold like that. I'm very good -- fishing world championships were held last week in Australia. And we had a local guy member -- club did real well. We do not reflect that Eric Spanish fort Alabama. And Tommy you're banks' bad relations -- -- past president. -- -- -- -- -- Here towards its perch in the -- should shall. And so what he called me Laurie. Fish -- Duplicate that success during -- yeah actually turn itself conditions -- a lot tougher. For the Americans. Wind -- fifty often. Who will. Is there are only efficient kayak in -- you've got to finish it up on them. I feel it's obvious that -- -- that you will never complain about point one -- -- I guess not oh congratulations to Tommy in Benton on that. Tell me about the annual kayak -- the choice awards. Yeah it was dot com. Conduct annual sort voting where there choice award. And big news for three weeks and the third week is the final. And this is the third week right now and the -- -- club forum has made the final form of the year but actually the vote. -- weekend I think by -- -- that -- with dot com and vote. And depth to my coat for the year and yet -- that we will -- -- at all. That's in vote as long as you're alive or if he did yet England outcome YA KA angler dot com and you guys certainly divert deserving of it. On the buy you coast kayak fishing club website as super. I last thing when you talk about all the time tournament coming up next Saturday outside it was cold marine in Venice was he entered the and how to use sign up. It's a fifteen dollar and there are certain category. And of course that there is kept in the front nine stagnant which fly. A bag of goodies and shot through with 200 raffle prizes. And the registration open route to -- Should tactic -- go to our web site. ABC KFC war. Sounds good a catch a detention in those groups and read his today negotiate with -- -- We're to get some bad. Okay nobody was picked up with it two weeks thanks for that report. I -- goes he's headed in the volume of solution to sky yet these panels often his son's neck and seen from the radio. Tell you. Many grown for the ladies. Get this information in that may have mentioned this earlier but I think it. Was mentioning again. A south was quick associate Sunday do. A number of polls and surveys -- with regard to the outdoors. On their latest poll shows that more than 25%. Of all angles -- limit. Clearly won four. And they on the fast -- fastest growing segment with in the hunting and shooting communities now there are as much as 11%. Of the owners out there. So congratulations ladies you know I'm -- you've come a long way maybe the and welcome and yell out there and a great outdoors in the I guess that's because. I don't know women doing more things and -- never did before and certainly hunting and fishing is no reason why they can't get involved in in interest in the and talking to people who. Bring first time ladies out there on the water -- in a much better than the men they pay attention they take instruction well. And that they're passionate I'm honored with some ladies and nationalism and there every business areas as any man and he. -- -- cunning is in full swing right now and out they wouldn't do gonna take a break Kia will early. So we'll have more time we come back the captain Ryan Lambert wanna give what's going on out in his duck blind. And all the wins been blown he's probably been catching fish but on the way is hard is this morning it's in the duck line. Well earlier stud duck -- opened in the coastal zone this morning was 550 unit discovered text in from a nephew on Mike says game set match. Eighteen at six or not. So it took them nineteen minutes to kill eighteen birds in the audience they would species -- don't think that's TO lease on in the Reggio Della -- area. And sounds like the -- -- well ethic -- and despite what the bad report welcome wallet and fisheries. And those that you irregular listeners know cam -- and I've been talking about his days before teal season will talk in time is done it's time to get out there and shoot -- found out what's. Happened in mind what's going on down with the actual law. I have to texting that went back. That the -- I don't want to come to regret that now. While men and it's oh boy you almost feel she got out and it happens that quick I got from a balanced type who would think I'd do it and go mode and make sure about that -- to slide opinion. This little well a lot of you -- Gimme a break down on the species. Mostly feel blue green and -- you are around now. Well that's toward you know it's more -- -- -- remarkable gains so you know but the grain model. About as -- would come and so much you -- that we -- -- of these big because -- because square off you know. Now open and on the with him in the lot -- -- -- around for weeks and all the sudden and home again form. Well had a big beautiful morning not. Actually we had no witnesses because this is absolutely gorgeous and gets it and look at it now -- and Michigan -- do. But it that was really good -- They they -- to the one point 04 million in the contain an and it's the same thing that he'll -- you know we have all the birds in the -- is gonna continue that. And when they migrate down. I got to produce some -- my feet. Yeah Daniel's best places with a -- to move and a lot you don't it'll -- thought it would and the issue though Belichick I mean -- the freshwater aquatic between -- -- you know. And that's what my situation that doesn't. The French Quarter quad X which you have to you know the agenda with their response was close call yet so there's not that solvable and title like that no greater metro area. And you really get me to me -- -- -- that area so you know they're gonna miss out on. And you know it's all about the threshold according to get those thunderbird chip. You know the -- to they've walked around and think right now he's he's he's you know impede we'll talk about. What would come out setup and literally walking around on the bank -- An incredible. -- -- To bring this up to wildlife and fisheries and you know probably need dimension -- the -- of maybe he's aware of these geese fly -- -- -- they do it in the way they do -- -- -- -- not change using -- and that's part of science you have to things constant. It true. We are dealing with that dynamic more it changes so rapidly as it is in Louisiana. Ohio accurate readings can be comparing one -- aware. -- look at that the concentrations. Change. Only in its throwing that figure is -- -- and so what if he disputed this -- a lot of people lot of people don't have it yet despite appeals. They could be concentrated. Where defeatist you know just like the issue we you know I think Obama treated. And it was pretty bad you know -- battle -- 200 virtual. You -- out there but that's what gets into the body of science and check from the same place. But a lot of place in the what we cannot let those rights sealant then aboard the limited and Arctic national with the hurricanes. And that still is back to normal also -- -- -- -- -- -- -- these -- -- -- -- some -- -- -- Yeah with the habitat change and it's very difficult process but -- -- wanting unnoticed. And you believe that in the southeast on state they reported that there were five times as many entail its own bill. They're only. I know -- real at this -- yet he loves its own. -- You know that this both of them it does come down with the also. The sport is on going to be used to only you know list uses a cane in January what we saw. Used in east come -- Right should know -- there and pertinent because it could. House -- -- should -- early hits. It -- and muscle slept and then go away and has -- Children. Which you could -- it like. That in little. Leave it on pressure and what we shrugged. And as in one. They should get eighteen bird out opted in and look at more right now you know that they -- you don't actually -- work -- -- work it is so important. I mean (%expletive) about it that's was just comment on the cattlemen's started. Another round -- -- way to stop so all of that -- does. -- That you see them again on week. And on them not seen it yet I don't seem to be good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a great deal about it was such but he gave him alive. They would probably continue. I would be able paradise Louisiana tomorrow morning at seven in the community in the dock and as you can go on my website on the -- to god that common. It's the replay of -- -- -- on. His place. Well you gonna have a great season obviously you know our -- of -- mean these are our. I can't put another person in January do has gone in December collapse. In the chairmanship well -- right. I got a few Lipton and Obama and right before -- -- some there's a couple of places like put some folks and then December -- some strides but that that is don't. And the best is yet to come because all you early -- late arrivals Nike campus acts in new bridges tunnels personality and anyway. Ultimately in the order that migration and then cranked up unit Opel might check it out of -- -- they just act in you know. They really that -- break that it went toward him out communal a cold front that the united had been much but it. It's Colombia on believable scenes and -- you know. You know what you're doing right now is -- it is time well spent because you can -- when you don't have the pressure of having to shoot them in and disrupt what they do. You can study those watched him movements in you know call the practice should call in union practice. Announcing that you are. Remote part of a well. Ryan since the hunt is over an eagle on -- west -- the -- like humans. What a sufficient going to be like. It's critical to come down and topple or would you deduction. Well technically the the best that he'll let you know. It is so that it's. Real event for what isn't really critical -- the Tibetan cultural anymore and so will survive it but it that we don't know on on on the just sit on the peninsula that -- a -- cohesion and rhythm not. So hopefully it'll it'll calm down can be a dollar -- in the should be -- -- in the middle of the big -- and so that would over the so we'll keep a -- would be kept on the trial a lot of bull. Reds pitcher. It's medium and not as good as its network coach was paralyzed right now. No doubt about it looks a must bottle -- that there is yeah I think. Camera guy Jerry -- has come in Wednesday night folks can CEO's -- we're talking about on a fishing game report does come and terms it has any ducks left it is going to be a rep. And -- about it. I arrive enjoy your day my friend and now ketchup with you next week our current board and -- captain Ryan -- -- finishing it I got a growth of bodily. Oh you still greater fantastic. Barkley is common and young women -- -- aren't. And as can be agreed not truck. You made my day thanks again -- -- We're gonna have some women in the outdoors you can catch Thursday night on the fishing game report in the following week on paradise Louisiana. Well several weeks ago I told you that -- -- Bianco junior would be headed for the courtroom music -- go on opening day of last season's Pennsylvania. Buck season. It was in the parking lot of the Indiana Pennsylvania Wal-Mart. When he spotted -- Drove his pick up that high speed in reverse to get close to it. Then opened fire with a handgun. Continued shooting at that -- across the highway and finally fell into someone's backyard. Beyond gold -- of the -- into his truck controllable way. But there was no alibi as eyewitnesses in the crowded parking lot security cameras captured footage of the incident. Well beyond go ahead -- day in court where I think he really got a huge break from the judge he was accepted into an ERT which is an accelerated rehabilitative. Disposition program. For first time nonviolent offenders. He was sentenced to probation but by getting an art he was able to avoid trial. Of charges for reckless endangerment killing -- taking big game unlawfully failing to have a hunting license discharging a weapon across. Highway discharging a weapon in his safety zone. In using a motor vehicle to -- illegally. Well they didn't get out of it Scot free agency a total of 1080. Dollars in fines six months probation. In twenty hours of community service. Oh wait part Angelo Mozilo beyond go to junior -- Wal-Mart deer hunter. Bad boy the outdoors. I don't know some serious charges. I guess he was fortunate that it was a first time offense -- -- in the of that program don't think we have that program -- -- and -- Anyway all right those of you who. Going to be staying with us for our our next two hours on more outdoors. We don't broadcasts that across the network which you can pick it up -- web -- down the -- there was guide com or if you can pick up three WL thirteen fifty on -- -- talent warlords. We're gonna start off with autonomous saw it will be talking about speak in the specs and more. But 78 and an 8 o'clock the first as -- moments the first senator remote puts us to wildlife and fisheries. Commission meeting was held this past Thursday. Secretary Robert Ball and the wildlife and fisheries. Joins us to talk about any news of the interest of sportsman of Louisiana what was covered in that meeting. That'll be coming up at 8 o'clock and then between 830 in the and I guess we're going to be talking a lot of these guys in their trucks aren't there homes camps. Because we have scheduled to talk to the doc Connors run do you agree. He is that notion that club and Abigail. Our call out an Astro gonna be talking in the sun and some went down near the delta a call buyer is running out by the -- and now also we're gonna hear from. Miles cards who's just turning eleven this weekend. He is going to be going to Stuttgart Arkansas Thanksgiving week. He will be representing Louisiana in the world duck calling championship -- -- not. Let him give his rendition of his so far state championship. I'm calling expertise and wishing some -- is Eagles that we have not had a champion of any age group in Louisiana in the world duck calling championship. Since the 1950s. When -- Cornell. Was the last win. And people very accomplished callers on Mike Smith though these five times state Colin champion he had gone out there. And for some reason I just don't like wheezing and calling up anyway we got all that coming up for you over the next two hours it's called -- outdoors. And it's sort again on three WL thirteen fifty and also live streams on my website down the outdoors guy dot -- Check out the website a lot of interest and stuff got a great -- recipe sounds like from what Ryan Lambert tunnels is going to be some people need that. Also some interesting stories and always an outdoor opinion poll tonight. Now compare your thoughts about the great outdoors with other listeners like you said I would say goodbye to our affiliate stations will see you again next week. Five to 7 AM for a two hour journey into the great outdoors and haven't got any plans to this weekend. They come quick it sounds like we got some great vision great weather and also some great dear doctor and small gain money taken place. All across the Gulf Coast will sing it actually can have a good went in to listen again right here on the outdoors with Donald W radio network.

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