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11-9 7:10AM Don Dubuc, Speaking of specks

Nov 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And joining me some 7:8 every Saturday morning Thomas on its more outdoors in speaking Hispanics in Morin that I gotta tell you mr. Murphy must be around the corner of wind blew hard all week -- open and -- galaxies and the it drops off what the heck is going well. Yea -- right on the mood this morning and -- their will but not coast so all this gotten into. A few ducked that issue but you know -- saw untreated with Larry Reynolds is it is November flight survey information nearly eat -- -- -- and from an airplane in some kind of wait out the -- while flying but it doesn't look too good it is not a whole lot of and south Louisiana. It seems like everything just we talked about it last week on the show that you know courses at the -- -- -- It could push back debate ended October would have done really well you know it was -- it's well into September -- a whole lot of fuel down. Talk about maybe the debate -- in -- -- and and that's probably what Larry centers comments. But he sent out and the reporters that. Think to just just back up you know we get when -- -- down here that docs but the the bird just not the year eat a little air I would see big influx of ducks. This week so hopefully that just there's no I'm not quite -- yet but they are coming. I would definitely at the at a table set for amended our -- should you well you were told by -- our next week and even lately. We get that speak front on the night this week I think on Wednesday it's really gonna get chilly. Maybe that'll be with -- -- we need that the puts a lot of birds down here as it is right now that the count report looked really really bad or not. My desk and that's going to be people who are gonna do real well I've got text in. My nephew was limited -- around -- area in the three man limit of eighteen last six on nine so that took nineteen minutes. Ryan Lambert wasn't even shooting wanna talk in the city got out there -- was taken pictures and run and video. They hit their limit -- and all his guys so I guess if you got groceries if you're in good spot. Even though they might be less birds on the -- you could have a good comic got another text coming in from Reggio says DelHomme on the -- but a fair amount of shooting. So you know there you go from less clear at Reggio is not very far that is going to be one of those feast and famine things in the thing. I have to question Wallace and fisheries and accuracy of accounts because. The way they did this and I have flown with them in the plane when they've done those counts and it's phenomenal how they can identify those birds but those distances but they can't. But they fly the same -- of six that they've been -- -- I don't know thirty -- forty years. Well I habitat here coastline is so dynamic it's constantly change in. That the pattern of where the birds are going to be located is gonna change from year to year to year and you can compare to the last few years and get a pretty accurate count but I think that they may have some skew the results if you gonna go back long term. In trying to count birds in the same errors that they were performing. Know a lot of rice fields that have been compromised over in the southwest and lord knows the changing face of a southeast Morse is that birds are no longer in -- when there weren't there in places where they want a full. Note on that that -- at -- point at the exact right I think it is prepared you like to maybe -- or yours goes in pretty. But. Yet compared to thirty years ago but that that apple nor is there as those who -- -- -- what you did thirty years ago so -- That's you know somewhere like making good story of the call up all Larry in big Internet -- what is opinions on -- But. You know -- and I think with -- -- it like it is every year you know it is it is always product -- -- and you know some people that not even ten years -- of people dispelled. But you know this year that -- you have a tremendous amount option because habitat is -- such -- -- -- across the entire -- and those who really -- our southeastern coast Iraq yet about what it is. In the southwest although it talking Larry has to be good but certainly everywhere out there and in my travel southeast Louisiana is just granted one place that is an act and the -- I have plenty of players who you know you mentioned -- that's -- Lambert he's probably. One of the guy that that you'll see it he did really well. Everybody needs. Are brought marte who who wants -- Ryan worst ordinary at the Ethier got service -- he -- again he said look it's going to be actually opening that we've got deeper here so. Or certainly there's no question about it not I'm really glad that you're here. Importantly we're here I got a body on ordinary days so we're doing well at that. Lot of that ruling -- yeah scouting around yesterday -- Plate when he links not a lot of big dot com you know summer certainly but it -- This brought this week it it it should be making your -- your annual art sale. -- know I'll be on tomorrow be it your idea probably in Della -- shipments Dylan's wanna get all reports -- -- make that decision. -- content with a muzzle this afternoon and I'll be down that would -- limit for the Wednesday Thursday fish game reports. And that's right behind -- next month so match and that's -- mean that the integrity and is enemy birds -- Kind of excited about it. Yes but -- -- that you that this -- a year a lot of guys who's so level we you know apple will wind blow it you'll ever really get on bespoke Bryant set the date and valued at much but the problem -- -- Sure yeah but you know despite all the swing and got some really good position reports showing it to the -- -- -- I don't know whether. The wins just didn't bother the people where they with additional people and learn to deal with -- betterment. Catches this week and. I would you know it would help this is even after this striking -- did not -- any -- at all and it was it was in north I shouldn't and what these and and it didn't blow our whole Lotta water and technical every -- we didn't you know one. It's all a little bit but many northeast wind it is so much better and -- what we ended it just it just doesn't. Entered the water elect and what west wind doesn't blow it all out. To people that have better success -- you know -- the market is so bullet speckled -- right now. That it is just that is at least it that it overcomes you mentioned some some -- -- and -- it -- report. That's what you -- and people -- just kept at it despite the conditions do you think. A wind blowing. 3030 pop out as the you'd -- -- the way it is today are still the report he kept it in those conditions so. Think it is you know. Kind of a corporate bond by area but -- proud that this so many available that. Our that -- -- state that despite the conditions now I wouldn't that I would think it begins this week are up front construe what. Think that's a deterrent pretty quickly it looked like -- they going to be really really chilly day. It but then. But we look at -- in the seventies and eighties. -- look ahead to next week it goes that the -- copyright. Up but the good -- in the short run -- that things look like they've really improved this weekend you know is called down today. And install all again tomorrow but it does look at the most recent or cats -- -- mart as a local it's back -- a pretty decent mark now. That's good news. It's not as good news -- -- but but if you are instant Internet I would like to do meant to marketing mark should be really good days act the I'm -- -- to -- the Mississippi that they aren't you thought you the year on this weekend -- -- -- show what side. If we work we would that would be sufficient today because I think the Japanese scholar going to be pretty good and and that water level is coming back up with this look at each with that pretty or -- today. So water level recovered popular but he went around don't yesterday's department at the near area that day. The -- still the February where at least in the one -- -- -- -- and so. Clean water on the back into the gulf and and Earl whipped open happening coast slot in the you on the ticket to get a lot better in the end he'll have a good weekend out of awards this week yet. We'll Tug -- we got coming up the rest of program. Yellow Aqua star kept reports haven't spent. Better part of this week's edition there's in the event there and had a really really good trip. Despite these you know pretty support this -- -- and then he says you know -- trousers apps we everywhere at them then it's. Beat them up real specific patterns that that you -- all water -- We're talking and it find out you know that -- necessary it is obvious -- the EU have got a good job coming in the river but it stopped -- are urged. Thursday night he said look -- soccer cause any problems you said that the pitcher. Mostly oriented -- that people -- didn't get all up it's all right back now there's a decline and so so the worry about it but. What topic ever get the scoop on where it -- bit so people go to other people hated band they've been has been a great option. You'd think about that not -- in -- top bar. Also got that respects with the coming up Chris is speaking currently spent last -- until -- but I think in his final run over toward the the great wall. Shelled out matters is now -- you know -- and the and -- over there that there's been just smoked pot has you regional. We'll get -- on the water report from him but -- do it also talks a -- red snapper you're occupation issues. Don't got Scott Walker's outlook has been pitching you know the cut -- RTW well at east lake park train. He's one of -- -- who had great success as we can all that we can -- kind of discovered -- knew pretty. And I don't even know the name of it and talked about it. He was very excited about it when what part of this week in. He caught up he says it caught lots current literally. Possible poppy and filed with that date is and how bit -- this is what the patented open that back with. I tell we have Kevin -- only just now I think they finally Friday modest tennis anti cavity you changed your address lately -- -- a lot of time down. Tony what Don it was a it was a heck of a three days down there you know of course but it in the win. It is -- program speckled Trout were incredible oil and now which on down there right now which means investors should share. Bill -- I know water. Terribly optimistic about but -- you -- Bennett and because for. For we held true certainly -- a tremendous amount and but despite that -- that you Easley announced that route and you know -- -- and it seemed like. Pretty much everywhere. Berkeley who were. Yeah our foundation. Founded in -- spot you know the west beta version is now by. Are called Betsy sell because it's. You know and so when he -- to their better you know that are congregated in addition there one general area that that's sponsors. Didn't really really do. You know just about any past that we wouldn't -- Especially you know. This is where you were over efficient scale struck -- -- and it was me I mean. It really was. Civil war or. Pardon -- states -- pardon queen now there are I was very surprised. -- -- -- -- Sunday Monday and Tuesday it even on Tuesday. Well when we -- sustained at around 2829. Miles per hour or more emotional point. -- -- That's surprising you know they have it in the -- Baptist -- -- -- in the -- and that's certainly true and let's remember that it is a lot of Aries you kind of talk aren't as keen to get at least a little bit protection. The catalyst talk specifically about the west they divert that an area. It's really relatively easy in -- at south and and river it's first because right. And -- of the job -- you know it's very popular -- at least it should mention you know it's kind of Seabrook out because that stack of votes. Optically that -- a year but what what's the specific pattern in that area so my -- and -- finish the let me convertible would you recommend -- -- Well. Oakland's number one because of boats and there in the proximity to the closeness edict when there wouldn't -- He walked anchor -- culture to be anchored your bird you look when you go diversion for getting it it's going to be about sixty -- beat the fitted with a comma and the way that we were Richard was between twenty and sixteen pizza you'd needle why are you going there. -- because you're going to be close to all hold on to -- unity problem. So those of the root thing or must achieve. In the end you wanna just trying to make her your you -- -- will -- -- art if you go where the boats are you wanna make or don't want beat war. You know and there's Orix in you wanna make double break through -- house streak to create cells that you want to get who bought. They -- and what we were doing and use rules were throwing in the aren't there near that would merit pay go to the bottom and -- doing nothing but just. Holding the -- our hand in and watching our reports in all the leadership. Here and -- which just about every time that you. But finished with it and get Coke on there you -- the ball now almost upon the -- all but it was disparities I mean it's it's pretty simple. Public finished a place. But it's you know you gotta make sure that you got wall in a row and you've got to make sure you've -- a -- -- Margaret. Bright note note to create accounts that required to get out of that Dick -- occur there in the current and it really swear that the work they urgent. -- you got to that those people on the bottom but down the Kevin what might not at all. Although apple BOO. Extra pitcher and -- were in there were never quite trust. You know. They were also could not hurting on the also the example that. Hotter quicker but. There's the ball too little Jack efficient -- and they were waiting on the large room which idol -- to burn Mark Dayton air watch for if you -- Schwab -- Remark Cochran her dark pitcher walked rockers. Wasn't such an attraction action especially pretty good proper. It will act finished you and poor people popular pompano and I considered one pompano and a tropical shore and -- Or artwork before ending the week -- At a party yet. A big dividend date is it Jack there's -- -- and on the court about it but. Was evident that that's at the greater is great option but which also counts -- and others including. Kind of down denying -- at an area that maybe not what he. It's a whole lot what was the pattern down there. One walked off. -- don't it was a then it basically looking for a church. And we just stop the cut air and worked -- for a mentioned over which -- Robert gap between now and then. You know I a couple of guys you know when I went down there. Because -- Didn't Israel regard there where. It's regards to -- at -- banked it in the nutrition and an hour ago this is what you have to really just. -- -- -- -- -- -- There and you're more from the outside trillions -- It and what route -- you take ago from the outside to the end the end that we need. -- -- spot. Where will you think that you're sure going to be moving in transition. There were talking about pollution in the past. Well that's where they're going to be -- -- in transition. Court form doubt about the end so that's what we did the yet does that mean we you know we talk about touching the tension. You know 1820 feet of water where they divert we McCutcheon commissioned -- Peter water grim -- grip -- -- The other trial and error and has also hold on chip. Small red -- as well connected to its Europe crossed a river and into the river. If you have a windy condition. What about it you know -- -- captain Ross walker. Thursday night. That guy is incredible. One back at least see each day. The match you're not earned it or -- it which -- which -- mind boggling. That any -- that honored a lot of the tankers. And speak with him about it and then it than. And you know it right now one of these no real pattern is at Chicago's little pat between upon each he worked excellent but at some water in them about 68 feet water. He said that there are awful stuck out that another option -- for people who had down there. What about on on the east side of the revenue L page you -- gap lower unit down perhaps the looters out and those barriers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. And you're advice from your trip -- we work in and work. Work -- -- call you know you're threatened as well past that embankment -- or tomorrow. It is common group -- McCain's and work our people more work that should try out there also some tropic -- shall pass. Where -- have had a problem as well. Our did not finish main task because the way. Not just he's glad I don't know while folks you know whether tropic army yet right in the gap. Our workers -- law beer market valued yeah there which is impossible -- there are so he'll tell you. What was there. Also. The big question is that people who like the quick -- There was one vote -- -- -- there that we breaker in the general view that they were such a child and what they were coaching. But that -- approach strikers there. But they were anchored in there were born and maybe respect maybe are I don't know yet east side. You know. Basically a year negated the patent. It workers caught between the -- like capital talk about -- -- we do well and if you look for people read. They're real weak category a lot of small -- -- true -- you'd probably shouldn't down there the red machine and a little bit. Like -- touting all the red is something that it's it got a preview -- we go to bed rest it topic come by and you know we had for our show last week in hysteria that. -- conditions are so good so far north and a lot of those in other fitness have more area to spread out there. And and I thought Iraq that the other night he -- -- that theory on just to let it happen. It's at right now -- that for the read it Shula. Yet he had down you don't wanna focus on trial -- but hey you ordered. BJ I get swallowed proper read keep fighting to get stronger anyway like you do -- is the Japanese drought down that. At the -- in the city -- Kevin thanks so much we get up -- witnessed today you know obviously you got that the if somebody wants to -- you more information about stuff we do not gonna I'm not out. About and they can do it is. Check our FaceBook page or Louisiana outdoor adventures -- but also. Checkered on TV. This morning we're will be Ornette 8 o'clock quarter with a television show 30 on Sunday morning and then in the Thursday's -- weapon either him or actually -- he. Sure you enlarge Arlington area and watched her charm or which one more ponder. Did you -- it's no more interest. -- applaud. -- -- you can check it all. I am. I love having all these all cultures that we -- here in -- review regard they're naturally. Good thing that we were all doing the same thing which is promote what we want to do which restriction on there himself revered as -- -- talk directly. Into Gaza that. -- got a little work tonight. All the talk in about. Walking -- -- I was at a there's a big games albeit and to be studio about 4 o'clock here and hoping that they'll shoot you and pull off a -- to tighten you know -- typically cultural -- organ. What happened on Thursday. Old preacher -- that being. This should be yes the regulatory and BC that's the former. An uncle nick my. SEC. Probably Julia which are getting out of try to get him out via the recruiters well he says he's too old to to change jobs but every target support. Into what. He ends up -- and who said he had to do it -- -- it's all right to have good stuff man we'll see you next time. Art art art art art and Todd went out John seem actress -- -- -- -- -- you ought to finish somewhere but did you happen to bring -- shotgun with you. As -- just that we mentioned his name was only in the instance name is Greg got a text shown a picture of Iowa handful -- and put on -- and they have a great. About you you're short. A I wasn't Gary was taken to -- -- an unidentified honor with a yellow lab with a big smile on his base in his guys battle in -- green and blue in the. And English and today about -- -- Over my left shoulder they're -- -- need to keep. They've -- -- -- been here. Paul -- should we care about the mr. Shelby each sport and a couple -- he'll look like great it. -- is that -- probably and in the that's. Triggered their their league from the large stake is about recovered on the way. Yeah you know it. Almost killed it's our former opening day -- -- -- where you know you're right you. TO. So. Yet another. Great law are somewhat. It should. You know conditions seem pretty. These. Still in the there to pressure -- that. You know where and so it's probably blow -- -- well right now. A kind of straight in. -- a couple votes should and you choose. That support. This -- in the year should appear at some really nice trial. But I. And again it was. Good interview room. At the march -- -- Biloxi marsh. Should we get pictures and their people needed -- Yet had a the area around there. And it's it's gritty area so would be protected. By Robert rock. You know it's always water here would slide. We came appeared as you know all the way that we had last week. This is something that's -- we could sign that -- your doors and see what happens it would did you know it'll finished. Yet. What they -- wise by an award at the that rocked him argue erect a global call bullet you know at one spot on the and that that you lock -- -- -- and -- -- So obviously. Those are options for yet predated today. You know BP is in the bottom -- need heavyweight like three -- that they get now. Wouldn't have been a lot of -- over there what else here in Britain you know -- talked a lot of people. -- -- -- -- around the coast all you bodies kept -- -- proud. Yeah. There really targeting the child right now in the and so windy. You know trial yet -- the all real tight -- yet but it. Arson that report that was do lack earlier in the week -- involve some votes there. It was or did you passionately decayed -- you get in the way. Are also catch some fish. Just been you know that in the days instead of -- so lean -- Ear day in some of those areas around du -- Talk about but he kept our Cuevas and he's been running pretty much steady flawed mission trips -- red fish Batman -- that. Really good all red fish around the Blackberry right. -- and you know between but doesn't have been 25 patient on. Some -- -- even in the windy conditions as you know. Or called bag -- in you know put powerful down it -- -- And they've been able to -- it about reports that. You know from the -- our area over to where we are right now. Right you know what about them bowlers -- you know he also -- that you -- you know was no word will be to the west of the attitude large area. I'm thinking good reports from a -- Sicily it's in winners and review. Produce a lot of it particularly under the birds small bit on the bird the big oracle reached two -- -- And then carry that mind you know obviously you need need to win -- -- little bit but like -- be doable but that minute and twelve -- unit -- I'll especially if you got a problem. Now which -- got out. Actually appeared you know occupations of those areas like skated to those areas would -- shot. Just relate you know there are some spots out there where you can pop up -- short allotted just. -- -- just drifted in delegates dropping him in sergeant -- -- yeah I mean I think he out there. Arnold wins soccer so open and you know -- -- put it out on the boat slowly dripped down a little bit. Just get out work those -- and torture shall not be finished. Yet. No question about it that stuff like gigabytes. But I -- we and he golf council meeting down -- now Louisiana and in New Orleans. We can happen now. I would be thought about it. The red snapper. What was ultimately decide about that and in what he's gonna happen -- a lot. Recreational community needed a big popular vote and perhaps more importantly you think that the state will have more sane man and movement. All are. Basically what happens -- they thought it. It took a lot of things under consideration. You know we're gonna wait do we get more. And you know take into consideration the more option. And -- talk about it again in February which is on top of that council. But. Ultimately -- if you know with the stock surveys government that showed increased numbers of fish. I didn't think you're gonna see a ball would quota. Don't go necessarily right now that it's an alternate go to the recreational soccer I would necessarily going to be split -- But I didn't that you didn't see a little bit more. You know a few more bit shall we added to the total allowable catch the -- for next year. It's our regional management question there -- There -- thought we get a digital map. Sometime this year and hopefully be able to implement it by next year. And you -- get a decision thereby. And likes the states want -- more mature than that was originally negotiated. You know that's the problem -- one of the problems you brought it to what -- You try to put this in it in the state and bring it to more regional management is trying to figure out who could detect water in saudis split up that quota. You know -- in Louisiana we like to -- -- split up based on biological availability in lead based on the replenish. We got a lot of this year a lot of red snapper we don't have near the patient for a report that they do in -- and Alabama. But I think the way to tell who was leading. Was that they were gonna -- -- they -- -- split -- that management has split up the percentage. Based on. Coming antlers -- or historical land. Apart also have a problem I mean outbreak that if you are trying to recover stocks of fish. -- you're allowing. You know that area of the gulf as fewer finished in the west ago. And -- out efficient pressure you're allowed in the -- will be spot is never fully recovered. But or at least it for the numbers that no one -- do by. Regional management at this point it's probably inevitable with the basic. That we can do it. Are backed up -- yet. I think you're absolutely right there's no question about it I'll look at Ottawa let get away or or -- little bit out report that you -- -- you like working on -- a few months and and that's it's something time analyzing the impact of record is intelligent well but about that Oakley. Well when -- on the Gulf Coast to talk about. You know how can you know what recreational -- -- -- -- managers. -- -- -- he'll -- You know project a project which ones he built for Gulf Coast recovery efforts that would oil spill recovery money governor. We in the workshop. -- in the -- states we had fishermen are what happens to -- managers sciences. Don't bet it would blow to was. And we want to see. A significant number of projects and Abbott rest Richard Rubin -- though. The group -- water quality. In a better analysis of our fisheries. -- -- about idle iron issue you know what did all of that it albeit late. You know let's start rebuild which read it out walk while back where he's the rebuild marchers. The market we talked a lot about -- out side in the data collection coming up. That the State's and no feel like that they can come on the back end of missiles that everybody. With the outside the data collection that they've never oh when some British and the other aspect is. Open the -- in recovery and help in the recreational anglers get better access -- the water. And building competence back and that's going to be accomplished through better facilities he yours -- watches. Some -- setup to make repairs as soon as well make it damaged. And also education programs getting more people involved this year. On the water so America operates support and it's been very well received thus far. We released -- about three weeks ago it's available on the -- or Roosevelt. Observation partnership's web site -- would encourage anybody out there adjusted -- that the book in certainly. Contact media. No doubt Chris Bury it on the scenes work that that benefit all of -- -- so. You do your -- or equipment together. Firstly let me get back. This -- -- identify locate a winnable thing. Good luck Greg -- will not. Affect its. -- Yeah prison a couple of weeks what have you back all spent more time on that that report that came out from the TO RC the variants on. All right Chris good luck on -- Fisher Utley got captain Scott Walker joining us now and I'm sure he's gonna talk about something and I'd love to talk about mission. Yeah. Paid bronco though. I do hate Scott -- This morning -- -- -- important. You know -- figured on a big cup of coffee and Byron. -- political. You know you you think some pretty bad conditions this week with the I would -- -- still outpatient -- some really really -- cents. The pattern as we would get order it's that this -- More on more on multiple. -- -- and the principal -- -- Right who would you are not is that correct correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually. -- via -- or got a -- Wednesday. Apparently been. They wish they were packed them but upon. Not ignored and so on pot bellied man. Pot bellied -- currently a and it ordered their small theater the more right now all of and they did didn't inhale now laid out the boat and we're following a note to -- to one down. Utah and on -- outlawed as -- -- eat like. Yeah it was 10. 23 feet he's a real real high tide and it probably though -- -- and visible -- Wide trip and its new revealed that true under optical. Right that you and that to -- at the that the real for him you felt like really it was a it was quite productive. -- -- just like I would -- realize true. The color and just made. Actually when -- trot my age got shut down Tuesday because -- -- and ignorant it would leave little. Yeah yeah he sent it looks it looks pretty similar to a certain water yet pitcher. I love right right. With you know what -- But easily popped trainers that work and -- all stick it to the -- Didn't get mainly toward dot PW -- -- in the marches. They really showed up on on the train bridge yet there's a bit if you been caught. At a low and found it last week. This for a I'm not sure they haven't left -- and treated and check out that aplenty when creative suite. Right -- gotten it needs these -- and those submitted is that a prank was poor but not today -- listeners that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- mean he served as a yeah you should feel -- that. I treated -- you feed field actually optional and you'll see any trial actually come up that top. Would you want to bird that the -- to bird and that's where the Daytona. Right out of you as a top order well burning up or as we. Good and so -- and and I wanna. -- in -- approach. But I have an entry through right. Will be able to say about conditions that -- -- you think that that are not. Yeah because we don't we do that comfort they don't know what would win. I'm a bit toward toward any -- Good -- range. And -- could never did really all that while would be treated in the more than cotton did driving under formal. Right right into it with what about excellence. -- accurately and you're from PW. You're probably ten PP minute you competed vigorously -- we -- really dapper. Yeah -- -- What would you plan this week you plan on it matters. -- will be back toward Tuesday. And possibly Thursday. Also are a little bit luck this week -- money into it and they'd be on the every. Yeah yeah oh you'd call it. True true true. -- by their own. Or do have a web site -- -- that -- need to be achieved nutrition charter dot com. If you so there's teller cards good luck this week. -- hey guys. I think you -- Scott Walker. Todd decide -- use on up in Mississippi. What part of the state you're going to be hunt would deal. You don't get it. Q queens Borough where at Greensboro in eastern Mississippi south. A meridian and yet. So Brent got some land up there and and we try to on every year and you know -- just done -- you've not put those it's just it's just ridiculous. They don't have many big big -- at all and you know you keep -- -- generally going to be a four point six point. Up at all like to go and capital lead in the freezer and age generally not Q but not vehicle would be that there. Yeah how -- -- up in that area that's a lot of piney woods but the awesome. Mixed in oaks and some of the hard -- -- to -- pretty country. That it it's beautiful country and then you know I think they really hate those apparently rose. One entity in the so many. You know -- it does limit the the growth of the box because the other Alex competition from from that those so. Are yet to go until it got there at all which picket Arctic it noted in another bit of Martin and what level when it -- I know we bet they would you know dole look forward to it but. If you edit druthers he'd be at the velcro let part in the spectrum today no doubt about it. Yeah this some good make sketches coming that to a note Jeff rule law went on the trip and he called a mix of reds advance. Troutman whole deal up and they were trying to do to slam that -- couldn't get that far down. We need to plan yet always the toughest part of what this planet and -- and Canada are you -- there. That you and I got to just run until there's -- and -- are beautiful final last week at the radio show -- yes the decision really get down there right now no question about it. Well -- -- good stuff this morning and good luck to -- bags in a little piece of venison you know can come back to Louisiana with. -- -- our -- error operator -- -- sounds good see you next week. -- -- This time a song coming up the final hour we're going to be joined by the head of the wallet and fisheries Robert -- from monthly report on wildlife and fisheries. And also get a ticket up to some duck blinds go to Oceana out there and Abigail. Ticket now under the wax area of the -- And also hear from all the representative of the Louisiana duck calling champion morals upon is gonna Jonas and give us a rendition of his. State championship calling style he's headed to start out the world championship all that coming up in the final hour right here on more outdoors.

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