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11-9 8:10AM Don Dubuc, Duck Season

Nov 9, 2013|

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I didn't know we are waiting to get in touch with the head -- Louisiana department -- and fisheries Robert arm we've got to -- number to call him. And as soon as we get him on will be finding out the Louisiana department Wallace and fisheries commission meeting. A win earlier this week that's what they discuss. Things of interest of Louisiana sportsman -- keep you updated on commission business and what the law license issues is doing in terms of research and data collection and we did have a real nice award that was presented to one of study leaves the -- -- study leader Larry Reynolds accepted an award for some outstanding work that he did recently. In wood -- recent action part of what was done on behalf of wildlife and fisheries really help. Give us an extra third error you know limit -- ducks now -- a lot of the many many years of being limited to. We allowed to get threes and wanna congratulate Larry Reynolds. On that well deserved award. On us -- we have Robert on the secretary Louisiana wildlife and fisheries Jonas now and Robert thanks for being with us this morning we keep you out of the -- stand on channel opening up. Primitive weapons season this morning and now. Well well on given the choice -- out there with you action. Football bowl one and not I'm definitely honored to have -- -- deer season look at opinion neck of the woods. Well it it's going good the you know in north Louisiana -- a little later all wrong but so long it will be in December report rocks start but we're actually in -- movement right now on. It seems to be a little cooler than it was this time last year so that's that supports artwork controller. How about the -- coming have been getting reports so foreign in fact when we hang up -- -- I'm going to be getting a lot more in the blind reports that. I had a report from Monica and often they'll -- area three man limit in nineteen minutes. Plaque commenced Paris there were very early limits -- a mix of all kinds of dark blue winged teal green winged -- model looks great ducks. Put call on Ireland that got a text picture in with a guy with a handful of blue and green winged -- Sounds like the reports this morning along the coastal and that opened up -- a very good and you guys up there a little bit later on what's the prospects of that for the ducks. Well we are obligated to -- some built in north to deal Susan was sort of spotty around the study mixed of mixed results. But we are actually in on the influx of Billups -- now works in my appeared to obviously. And and that's applause now I don't know the farmer's almanac is right that the farmer's almanac predicts were gonna have you know. A very -- Yeah winner and that's always applause broke up the coast food and in and weather is what moves these stokes -- And they don't wake up in Saskatchewan. And fail my business to the area need to be in losing now. They've moved that far south as -- indeed good food and it's not Covert so. That applause that we get a good -- wonder applicable of this month. Very good or Robin let's get down to what -- happened at the wallet and fisheries commission meeting this past Thursday want took place that. Bush may be interested to hear. Well we established. They commission established and new -- today. Ian more out there action. -- -- They gave some figures and the public should be very -- -- in -- on the public alliance now that PH system it's nearly a million. Bikers. And that's why it's one. All walks around being studied you know. Even taxes is about seven and 50000 so would double -- and Alabama and Mississippi -- and so. So we have global a lot of old label of the client proposal and we continue to look for opportunities. To provide quality on them if anyone -- interest it and take in there grant. There so long or brand -- Gold away applied and take a look and look where they are all of the study -- urged people goal line and while bomb while mom Mike can upload Avaya. I have this that anybody who's considering the holidays come -- and won't yield to deal. Don't miss the change. -- behavior major grants oh lifetime on the fishing license it's the cheapest them here you'll never give -- a better deal. And if they grow up even if -- college students. And fixing to go in the war world. Give Obama liked him on education on since -- comeback spent some time -- -- goes they may hand up like mine in chemistry and our rob. So. You'll you'll never get a better bargain them. I know what you mean I've got one in Texas one in Tennessee in one and Alabama specific kind of spread it. You're right in the thing about it is if you wanna give the gift that they will remember you by. I just think about it every time everybody else has to go out and renew -- annual license once a year they gonna say well not me I got my lifetime license thanks -- All Graham -- got -- forming you know. Tried and if you get it that brand new program that it's on their own. Four years ago. Ago don't give them -- -- company ago. Played with about six hours and -- -- -- something -- -- -- life span -- -- it's the cheapest in the country. And that has to be purchased through the main office in Baton -- missed it. We want actually we will have come visit some regular pitcher. Department wallet and pictures that's what the legislators say is that week so only in the -- now. What is the name of that new WM anymore -- It's the book he. Wildlife management area and -- bright who wants late legendary. Fishing spot. And -- and it was a it was a sort of war for pipe from -- And it's -- All the sporting Niagara Sony's back in the six seasons. Wrote about -- for a PP years ago wrote about I'd go to war well we're going to rehabilitate that grow as a whole week about it. And now we're gonna rebuild in my -- to a special. Fishing spot. We also read name Don my patio. A -- Monday -- would be old Three Rivers Debian we read reigniting it is now on the -- -- in Richard Nancy. Wasn't assistant secretary for our department and -- don't debate this director in the state of Mississippi. And -- little water well guru. We have a long extra -- talking about -- Reynolds well we've had Richard Nancy and Robert ailment. Just legend and and don't mind so we're reluctantly. And we've had some awful good folks. Yeah unfamiliar with the missed a Yancy in the work if he did here. I'm getting back to that bossy braking area when will the regulations. Enough people be admitted to go on is it open now and I don't know found out about seasons or second takes and. It's gonna types of -- because we have to redo it it got riled. More oil car and other home. And undesirable. Species of fish it got in total gonna do now Brian completely. We're gonna there's -- more than it. To make it better for fishing and then we're gonna. Restock it in retail and if we do statement. -- it'll be it'll be special but he practiced a little time to do. And does that hold any water follow expected to after the renovation. Well if it does Don we have not it traditionally is not a war -- spot -- just down the road we also got 1 am sorry. We choose one -- -- group. All historic special spot in the it's been good on its open email so folks can 1 am all right. And it's -- walks don't fair. So goal line to check out when you break the period it is not so more violent nor lose again. I'm very good. We are very fortunate to have that moment -- you missed it Louisiana. What else was discussed -- the commission. We added a little. Home a deer track. Am in serious one which is down happier and -- Mir repair actually we added some extra days now Meyer. And we also added some extra -- time and there's actually forest. Home during the period. All around banks gave him. So we're we're up in our study as we go home. We have some. Discussion going -- announced the public comment period about. Restricting the use of -- scenic rivers actually -- running vehicles in now. In the bottoms of our rivers so it's folks have a feeling one way or the other -- they do away you know you can do that by our own -- That folks are very -- -- -- about that issue how is that one on the meetings when and it was a standing room only crowd and people got up to speak Campbell's -- sides and I mean certainly the landowners. Have their rights and their concerns but then again those bottoms -- public property and I think the solution to that whole thing. Is just good common sense and decent agent cleaning up after -- so often and with that I don't think that Danica. I think you're right it's. We're we're doing some advanced video. The lower part gathering studies on the impact zone. Well vehicles in river bottom so we're gonna look -- about the folks that information -- it usually most signs that people would give us. They considered while others we we can get along and it doesn't pale looks. You know we we. We have our discussion yesterday about we have will be shooting -- on the down though in the pearl river area. And the public and shoot. Home. Home three days awaken him right to officers do more running the range you to shoot from the other and they are asking midday. Curtail the hour hearing bombing sorties and it's another example it -- -- -- got to get all. We've got a lot of folks that are after that all sports. And if we start fighting among our sales it's not a plus for. Absolutely I guess this morning is a chemical department Wallace and fisheries secretary Robert parliament. Robin Tom remaining we have thought he wanted to wrap up anything else that that took place at this week's commission meaning. Or maybe update us on the latest on the BP settlement where we stand with. Getting some money for coastal restoration and continued to and inspect and test that seafood to make sure it's safe. And also if there's been any changes in that effort to shift management of red snapper from the federal government Tuesday. Where -- own two of the subject to let the study it and beat the cases still involved in the court and there negotiations. That we're. Involved Mahan and we are going forward with the man enough. But this is long. Long grown up profits on -- not going to be settled. Kamal. There is one thing I would like to mention that we had a meeting a week two weeks ago now. Quarter of the state of Mississippi hosted the commissioners from wheezing now. Mississippi Arkansas Tennessee and Alabama. In the commissioner's gathered together. And really are our issues and challenges. Are really the line in the crops the style. And one of the most interest in signs that we talked about there'll hole. I'm no problem with your lives there or wire that they're becoming play -- -- week. And I would tell -- that they need to stay in touch with the department. We they're considered nuisance animals and -- again now and they are devastating to have the tea. Whether it's turkeys beer. Even alligators now and so if they have no problem moment here know where they -- Get into it was mentioned we're certainly you know what we'll. Go out so well good player there and not a plus -- And what's department should they contact. They can contact the wildlife division in Baton Rouge and the war we will lit -- on those holes. Really seven days a week. 360. The year or not if but I will go through the process. Of being cleared and giving no -- -- from mullah. And so like in Poland. Augusta he -- I just eight earlier this week some green onion -- -- that was made from a -- hog. In there's an added bonus to take an amount in the name of conservation. That. You cannot go in there really are booted him so that at some configure holiday -- -- -- apparel oh. It anything else we go around. No exit is that -- and a year pardon is available goal line check out the places we haven't don't forget that -- your grandchildren -- it Kerkorian a lifetime on law. The gift that keeps on in -- the -- and a pleasure thanks as always vote in the civil appointees visit next. Secretary Robert -- and Louisiana. Department wildlife and -- all right coming up later we will take up some that -- -- course. According to some of the early reports I got in the may be out of the blind but now it's -- pretty good for some folks. The only report on the limits yet was coming from Riggio will find out who's going to be taking you. All around the state -- talking some of the -- comes when it's well it is opening day you know the coastal zone in Louisiana dot com wanna file -- And despite you know less than than stellar report from the -- you know moment wallet and some excellent report. People running this morning some very early limits. Yield dominating most of the bags but some mixed -- in the -- -- -- Taking the back at them plaque and its ownership in Norman it was in nineteen minutes on eighteen birds hit the deck. -- all fewer birds animals -- also some reports on violent. We got three doc -- on the line right now and wanna tell -- attribute Uga birds common in. The phone down and picked -- You need new talking about Ron kitrey Ron is no delusion and Abigail wheezing and also call on an Astro. Because buddies bombing and also call buyer. Who's running the late definitely born march -- run its arsenal and though she and Ron -- is -- in this opening. Want to -- -- this morning that was quite a bit of activities like should be going on in the area and a lot of pucks flying. Can acquire a -- -- we've got. More than our share -- but we also feels great and personalities in the shouldn't quite a few days in jail in the year. We're I -- was saying you know you -- this zone above average. OK let's -- -- -- barrel Lauren that we got what we got a big clock coming in out of school right now wondered -- it keeps -- -- It's people I hang up but actually get to block buying -- you know what's going on. Tell you lot run such a phone down so we can use the shooting and I'll go to one of the other callers and you come back it was just seconds and were those. A let's go to Carlo on an Astro Carlo where. -- -- Well you're gonna okay where are important and now they have a guy and a handful -- one element in the lab with a big smile on his -- And -- which in the field. We -- Italy and we. You know an important. We got about 88. -- -- -- so it was working on it -- still in the blah blah. -- or. The cashier's but they're they got some hard work. Well on the on that opening day shooting can be some time you know again. Knock some of that rust off and get -- where are all wanted to talk to you to about your product he -- body tell at this this is an outstanding product in its citizens solution for a lot of people. Who have problems would get the tangles and not in the technical. Right here everything's working through we gotta we gotta. Ownership the hour right now in the war. And it just -- just adjusted to whatever -- if he's gonna he's September it was in the war aren't eager to go to pick them up your real mop it -- pro back in your bag tangle free. Under way you ladies actually you know lying contains right. Right at all and one strike you're really not -- already written everything to China warned products there. Well I know you are you got your website and give that -- the second -- -- somebody else wants to to look at him at a retail store where magnesium. It would go down right partner are ago as well. I should Arlo is that Ranariddh. And a lot I would beat. Yeah. And I'll probably Allen and it oh. You're so I don't. Hello I was. I was asking -- is somebody want to go check out the because bodies at retail location where -- -- see them. -- we got to mentally outfitter in Baton Rouge still sportsman and I talked this sign -- -- home they should be getting him this week. It's in that area. And in court so hold on which -- was oh. I have no idea birds come -- and we talked of the current -- The birds start coming into the shot you know go -- -- -- assume more are going to be limited now before we get off -- -- good. Orwell you know banquet are -- and -- has -- Our pretty well -- you can make you at least eleven men who -- us civilians and it has one more to go and sit. Yeah you wanna go vote online you go to WW cut the corporate art com. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our goal worked on that last burden of friends -- -- -- soon and banks that are important great product in the senate but he Erica. Less go back to -- and find out how that turned out he had a flock Cabrera worked in only meet -- phone down. Rhonda don't get anything out of that group. We have blocked until certain and I'm about ready comments about it art shop with the turnaround. I think seconds later and they come -- block it -- so well. We put a couple down that law. Well good Providence that's. I hate when that happens when you were -- are especially in -- and somebody shoots and let them off you know. But that's stuck done. That is not and that is that kind of a beautiful morning here in the islands and -- -- a lot of fun over there and I'm available on skilled skilled. Quite a few birds as well so what would open dealer. And expecting. It's stuff that sounds good sounds like you've got a good mix of -- where other. Lines that are mostly TO which had a delayed migration is on the album in the southern wrong with the -- Sounds like you got a little bit more variety. Are wrong we're looking forward to -- -- -- gonna become an update of a second week of the season and bowl we got one Powell forefront headed in -- this week and hopefully that'll bring another wave of birds in to us. We are open at the same thing happens as well actually this platform -- on one hand. You better not do these particular -- you. The way that we've we've killed more than our share bringing this morning and so that tells me that you do that votes fresh fruit coming into the truck. That is a good son Ron you have a commercial operation there -- people wanna make one of the easiest Hans they've never done like about a maybe -- fifty yard walk down a Levy and to a great pit blind. Tell them how they can find out more involved ocean -- We'll go to our website at WWW. Do you -- bash substantiate the Ask.com. Are you did you -- call an area code between seven. 6437618. All right and someone is driving I -- runs numbers inflammation and you certainly welcome the contact me by phone email. And I'll -- you touch with Ron they got some really. Nice signing over the as a good accommodations in the wonderful area south. Guess that would be called southwest Louisiana technically it's more centralized as the in Abigail. Run very good go back to yelling I'm sure you can live without -- best of luck to you for the rest of the season and we'll see you in a couple of weeks. -- -- Very good very goes Ron kitrey OK now let's go to call buyer. Karl we we saved the best the last so what you don't know live in the you know right on lake Katherine should Shasta area. How quick did you -- out are you there yet. No no country toward docs. About my body drew -- -- -- in development of -- problems. And -- absolute you know try to get some birds you know as a tight so he can shoot him by a dialogue that it probably one of the slowest. Opener without being for a -- work in a minute docs don't and other areas -- all the water and everything out here at an atomic Kuznetsova want to land there what and their their time and aren't important for the bit already -- very weird. All throughout the dribble or senator Byrd's. And you don't you don't currently -- -- too and they're just not want to cooperate. But it. But it did not a lot of boxer a lot to. Really earlier breakdown on on the species that Uga. Would regard him well. We what's given at six graves. One. One model that. -- until. YouTube will build up a well I've got a mixture right here well. And Gil are only adorable little linger into the -- yet. Both we both agree doctor or Syria and I wouldn't do it entail. And -- -- diverse -- saw maybe tomorrow ring Nexus One which struck out. Straight for the period but they've been modern -- -- -- Out here you know beautiful weather camped at -- working great shooting guard so get off but I don't want to -- good. -- And I'm sure you've pitched two more birds which means the only here and come back quickly you know sometimes. One is real quickie feel cheated you know you've been on Arnold six and seven men and -- like hey what happened. -- Oh -- -- -- there out there and that it the I think. But the bird with a -- award of the -- -- -- -- outside where there are -- -- right now and pushed out ultimate way to come back here and I. I don't know -- -- but it just wasn't like that opened more that he slowed -- your birds everywhere. Aren't going and you are you you will putting your time and you will figure them out. We're -- wherever they are they're going to be in trouble for the week. There'll be some other rebel war for sure -- you heard a lot of issues in the round. Now. Don't want one. Or Google offline and all via -- which I think there forever. A bit of a putrid and beat Julia opening brought boxes on the issues that are in the field -- that -- -- -- pretty slow. David deity they expect via email worse it not for -- mayor thought they were the primary there have been ago. Analysts said the birds just there have been very -- children Pakistan which is very open -- they're really look -- -- consular often all the water. And it would do to stop so you know just a little different for a particular -- oh great another great -- now so. I'm paying an act Colin -- -- talk conceded only exit -- earlier there -- your repair -- idea Danny kissel. There aren't. What -- applaud for Lance -- would -- that his record held to maturity. But. Thursday afternoon when -- -- strike them out but it who have agreed on a particular tell you what. Edit web -- problem that so -- fun doing that also -- Or start in about crane creek shooting preserve over the top of the Mississippi and got something new. All the pheasant towel on -- I wanna check it out and it shows gang of folks the Gallup. When you're not villain while docked in the union president Quayle he's got -- got everything you need out there and it's really really good entering -- Carl how did you shoot. It is also one that sand. This morning you know it's not -- the only bird they're a bit like out tobacco blog trying to -- around here at one shot one dot board itself. Big dog years. Ago here. That's it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right so that's the picture everybody's hanging in -- it looks like that in the some of them had to stay a little bit later but managing it limits and surprised that you wouldn't call a couple of -- golf but go green bills that are called because Wallace and this report says that -- actually none of the State's struggles that some coast guards -- I was gonna come back after this break and when election gift from models ponds models as an eleven year old from on the today at a Mars -- birthday. And he will be representing us the state of Louisiana in Arkansas Stuttgart Arkansas with a world championships. On being Kelso will let you hear some of his state championship calling well -- some excellent weather this weekend along the great Gulf Coast and -- we've talked about a lot of fish being caught despite all that wind and by the way the wind is laying down. The this afternoon and gradually come back up tomorrow and ball by the middle of next week some really stiff point -- yet another front comes in. Hopefully that won't help that drops more ducks down yourself. Although despite the wildlife and fisheries report that there were much less ducks in the state in the -- this time last year. We had some pretty good reports some excellent reports of I'm just nineteen minutes and so -- agreement limits and then mixed bags a lot of -- ending up in the tactically. -- the and often -- a -- area. Up on island that we talked to -- Ukrainian -- bill he's got a mixed bag were concerned entails. A lot of deals -- in the the late -- lake -- area also some great ducks called Baez pretty good run on -- Eventually it'll even out just taken some folks a little bit longer than others but I would say it's been. A little bit of maybe an above average opening not the best certainly because the ducks have been scattered. In their equally divided between now west Louisiana. And east Louisiana morsels in years past because we do have. Some excellent conditions as far as grants and -- in the ponds in the south east. Which lets the south eastern part of state compete with southwest rice feels. Anyway we'll get keep you up to date throughout the season is just the very first day. This is the first split of the coastal zone. And it's also the youth on in some of the other zone with the the west zone and is that opens up on. 23. On sixteen which is next week in the west zone. And by the time on the 23 comes around the whole state will be open no matter where you on youth -- taken place. Today in the west zone in the following week in the east. I know we've been telling you that we we've got a young man who is going to be representing Louisiana the world championships. Coming up on the weekend of Thanksgiving. Stock -- Arkansas that's which traditionally held. I don't know why the world championship is always in the same place like this call themselves. The -- capital of the world but his name is says miles on these from Folsom Louisiana. Didn't really stuck. Doing -- duck calling solo by a year ago. This month that around Thanksgiving. Started honing in -- was his dog and became an accomplished little caller and then he decided to end to Louisiana duck calling competition that was held in August every year that held and -- on. He finished third in his age category but he has also been. And being coached now by only in T. Don't call company who is going to be sponsoring miles and sending him to the world championship coming up -- later this month in Stuttgart Arkansas. And we're gonna let you here's some of his Colin just seconds Pacific we gotta get -- on continuous. -- Yelled don't wanna do it. All pretty good except in on stuck here in the studio -- -- demolished people talking about always pays attention only -- issue in the and deer hunt going on to which I'm going to be out there almost a little bit later on this afternoon as we open up the tremendous season and beyond the march tomorrow and back in the march again Thursday so you know I'll get my chance out there you guys again. Hopefully get a chance to do some -- to and and we can let miles do his little rendition of calling out there and bring some ducks in and hopefully can bring -- Title back cute to Louisiana tell us about how things have been going -- caller. Technical and great she's improved dramatically. Every every day we keep gets better -- last week. Last Monday we had good or consult to start archery and it works work with books written about. That she's been coaching arrangement in which is a -- last week pop world champion and founder Berry is under warranty. On. So that the closest -- -- he has echo -- world champions so there's going to be just consider between artsy and into anybody else. Which probably at in his in his mid seventies in down. He's quite a coach. You know I'll say here if you kids don't have big short -- -- -- and it was Nicosia. He's not gonna hold some -- -- ritual or not in the truck hit it it'll do says a lot. The squad and testing and down while it is taking to it he talks and as well every Wednesday to do proper call. About -- every Wednesday afternoon. -- and in models -- -- researching several times and he critiques so. On he's getting ready -- though were where excited about the opportunity. What you were there. And how Long Will he be able to compete in his age category being that he's just make an eleven this weekend. Directing -- eleven years old tomorrow so -- actually more years. -- get to PA twelve Turkey. England thought he goes out and -- groups so you know butch. Which. The senator king and he Buehrle are -- this year we -- where in just aren't sheer physics. Current and you know thirteen year old so much bigger than eleven girls -- capacity. He's feel that he might placed but he really. Crime and while you're eating sent a good shot at one minute twelve and in ultimate alternate Turkey so that's that's kind of what what is it working towards. Pumps don't get a work side of the good spirits -- -- and he's a great -- Fargo. Well he's got a good philosophy -- bring them along it's just like the equivalent of athletes you -- a sophomore looking forward to his past year. Being his junior and senior years so let's get miles in here and as the selling tell us what he's going to be doing here what folks are gonna -- It models and a and I tell us what you're going to be doing as you go through your routine and in the go ahead and give missile test. Our opinion you are wrong. And -- That which is lying. And am now back to the scene. And you. Back and we don't see it. Am now trying to step up within one Q and people are going to vote I'd say later -- Am -- -- triple is Gary -- on two panel that has seen there and I don't. Need to change. And they lack lack lack. Hopefully we'll have a dog sit down -- somewhere or go ahead let's go ahead and give us a list. And. Well it's time to take them now. Think I got ducks all Obama studio over here -- tell you something miles since we -- talked and I heard you call. You demo that she did at the Ducks Unlimited banquet you have improved duke beat called drastically you got great feet. Well again it's going to be off to must not garden between now and then how often do you practice how many how long -- you prize nominee now was. Minutes a date you practice. It. Out at me. Mean I'm not only in our. New I can't call I had. And -- that it ain't got that. Out there like in January -- can't. -- -- I'd audits to take some time looks like music lessons almost. Well congratulations miles long and you finish in the state competition in bestseller -- -- world championship. Please the issue and it was a columnist no argument out. And happy birthday Tuesday. Okay Gavin topic here and regulatory thanks it. All right there you know that's you do it on its feet echo is closed as. It. All right this account recap and now what went on this morning we started darkened early not right we start -- and it o'clock. Got some -- reports in the and everybody was complain all week about wins. Well they have changed direction. East ultimately in Downey and go out flat. And so. It and to work at some -- going on this morning and you -- it'll trip in -- would be you know if you Alabama games that can do it. All the -- on the should become unions and be -- some of them on that. Conflict of giving them once upon on the got some good reports. From the marsh areas. Over there in saint Bernard parish on the Biloxi marsh areas it finished spec Trout. Flounders is on the sheet -- all gang up some Eagles -- Water's going to be probably come and back up Tokyo would want to -- the head down to feed the very careful. They experienced some. Very little time it's from the strong winds in the and cause some damage to you vote as a lot of exposed. Debris. And all soul laws and stumps and stuff that normally you -- accountable when Apple's low water conditions almost like it's time. I'm tied -- need to be careful. I'll also talk gift rule. Some good efficient as well as owning gold on oh million dollar -- he made the trip and all that we in and still managed to get him mixed bag of some respects it hasn't. Also some ground was also don't pass up those nor shall rivers. World to -- -- -- -- close to the models with European Tripoli equally to the legalese. There's some speckled crop and not the big mule route. But some nice aspects that you keep that twelfth the that are Cheney's bring along pop in court maybe some soft plastics and if you want -- lives for a woman -- -- still available. Grand doll you going to be pretty much reduced and confined -- with those Rocco and his allies of the bill let the arena's. But it in the interior marches from. Randolph pollution on north wood to lead bill that's going to be your best that there might gallows intention. -- catch Trout if you work. Only areas of the ship by union avenue by Thomas -- dozen calls the waterways. Some of those typical Cole went to spot when he's been giving out the win. Company with some pretty mixed bag he also says -- into the Biloxi marsh and and a lot of -- May be planning dual -- coming over the next few days there make sure you bring the nation poll -- glance at the reports come -- there. Also if you -- I'll wind has been a problem for the guys in the -- but. All of that area off highway one down to a grand that's been aligned with mixed bag it finished. The drama Trout a little bit often and you winds laid down you. Pickups and speckled Trout silent witnesses some really good patient but that's you know which -- haven't then in the lack of -- with. All the great upcoming desk on on so he got a lot of choices side deer hunters -- route two weeks ago archery season open although the state. Some areas with the primitive weapons that's but I'll be on this afternoon. And then next week though most of us it will be open for the regular foreign currencies and so. Everything's coming to a a peak as we head to a Thanksgiving week is good -- nation. -- coming in and we got that view on in course small gains. No shortage of things to do in the great outdoors. That's about got a rapid populace in two. A song called coconut tree one and I wrote in -- Alleman reforms and let me take you out -- song and we'll see you again next week. Five to seven non WWL 870 for the network edition and then more outdoors right here each week seven and nine and thirteen fifty. Three W. A great weekend thanks Michelle Williams great job on the board. And Alison ransom ethnic will be back with us.

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