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Tiger Talk with Kristian Garic and T-Bob Hebert

Nov 9, 2013|

3WL Kristian Garic and T-Bob Hebert talk Tiger football with WWL callers. Also discuss tonight's game against Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well here it is. Team owners Gary for tiger football Saturday not necessarily the brawl for at all but close to it tonight Tigers they take down the Alabama Crimson Tide would be real. Their hopes for a third straight national championship -- -- what we've all been waiting for the last what. Two weeks really. They were on a -- we both teams and we've been I've been -- all week it is finally gained eighteen about -- It is one -- and it's a beautiful. Day in day outside it really is I'm all Tampa. It's got to drive set him on our go carts made it out alive now thankfully I'm sport yet it was an excellent start trying to get the blood flowing. On what promises to be -- very exciting. The new world pelicans 9685. Victory over the Lakers last night so the hometown teams off to a -- start off right. Now off target it's our Davis a little off. This figured. I want to second half last night this dude is -- absolute monster if you're watching the pelicans. You are missing the birth of an NBA superstar and I I don't want to exaggerate that I. I want to get on this early because I think there's though there's stop and I mean. He went to be that big and that athletic. The way he runs the court or anything like it and then even beyond that now we can hit jumpers from all over he is ruled the somebody that every team that plays pelicans I mean he changes again. What are you -- further Ellis you've been in the game going out to watch the game go into the game and a big party. Watch in. With friends and family that is -- ready jaguar people on line for it at WWL dot com -- casual right there or call us at 5042601870. 8668890870. And T about -- I've talked quite a bit our show double coverage on three of -- thirteenth -- the always -- -- -- much better than that afternoon show on this station old no rule like -- I've just bath -- he got that you have old great they are big -- Bobby by itself today. Man yeah he's old now gone he's a guy got to -- like. On the young wolf I need to dethrone the alpha male and take my rightful place as leader of the pack but nonetheless Steve as you'd. Try to fend off your -- a but. We are quite gutsy guy I'd be real deal little bit not well not I'm now I'm trying to. Register -- who would put -- mean the wily veteran -- he's a guy there has got old in a hurry up and -- -- -- straight but he played eighteen years professional ball -- stole an easy shot. Siegel writes for the right for these never set -- never -- like there might -- It happened -- -- -- and -- -- healthcare. You know survive you know nonetheless we talk quite a big team -- out the match ups for these two teams in. -- while we both feel like a -- Alabama probably the more talented squad at this point obviously we'd get into the country however. Win these two teams makes up. It's really about the what gets done on the offensive and defensive lines and all -- that front and that's an area that you're very familiar with the battle you're very familiar with and all -- all. Alabama Crimson Tide only given up seven sacks this season -- she hasn't been able to generate much of a pass rush so if there's gonna be a benefactor an X-Factor in his game. X-Factor in this game it would be right there in their ability the Tigers does the pressure on AJ McCarron for. Completely agree with that as we've seen what McCarron can do in big games if he has time I mean look. I don't like Alabama. I don't like AJ McCarron -- mainly for his chest tattoo which is. Incredible you haven't seen Google it but I gotta give props where props are due and this team shows up in big games bottom line. He always seems to play well -- trying to disrupt. His play is gonna be key in this year's game your looking. Kind of an opposite situation. As far as what you're used to win in the past you always you were never worried about the defense you were more worried. And the offense -- go I don't know the deep into getting -- -- able this year. The offense might be your best defense the offense is gonna have to show up control line of scrimmage much like Stanford did. Against or an even -- organ and Alabama are obviously two completely. Different teams anytime you wanna beat a team that. I guess -- said how wise is better than you needed dictate the pace of the gain control flow and that starts a problem with that O line. Eliot Porter. Trade turn those guys. They are gonna have to open holes I really Jeremy hill Jeremy elderly. He's won -- two backs to go over a hundred yards into the red flag here tonight it's good for -- he has a chip on his shoulder he thinks I two guard Lawson misery that he had last year kind of attributed them miss the oval than Alabama driving down a winning so this team's depth we got their bench factor there and usually playing on the road is a bad thing but in this series surprisingly enough against all logic. The home team rarely win since 96 the home team only won six times. And miles let the kids five and two. Play he -- -- he's five to -- and updates -- but he's won I think 56 maybe in Tuscaloosa either way. And I like the fact -- she's played on the road actually -- about it's difficult to beat a team three consecutive time that is that -- of the weirder stats. That just kind of from first I've seen it firsthand five years and LSU. I never saw we never. Exit wall with a good team we never beaten anybody three times in a row. But we also never lost three times -- I don't know what it is it's just some kind of weird mathematics and that's how it happens to work out so. Less than seven hours until kick off this short time tiger fan you can be delusional only yes have missed -- right now he -- to allow you can be optimistic about the chances of winning for the -- doesn't know by the way negative and oh by the way up. What I mean listen. To about a mile will lay out our case all of a further on why. Honestly we were picking LSU and it's not because were were. Being homers I would bet you -- really does -- not from me I let him legitimately believe. When you called it I mean you you've been steadfast in your I just I don't believe in a few things that benefit Allen shoot I'll lay those out local. Your phone calls 504. 260187. It's -- -- 866889. 087 the Ellis should Saints fans follow the games and the teams on Twitter with our sports team at -- to -- well and FMR handles I'm Kristian -- one. Steve gala at Steve -- WWL Deke Bellavia is at Deke big chief. T Bob Hebert at tee about 53 and at. Jordan for our Jordan Eagles at GG Feagles. It's tiger tailgate and Saturn tiger talks Saturday must remember Barbara on WW. Welcome back to tiger football Saturday T Bob Hebert Kristian garic here. 504260187. It's all 3866889087. He can also Texas at 8787 who you pick in a you know. L issue. He -- with Alabama. To -- our pagan the LSU Tigers. Of course in T Bob went to LSU and maybe some people would say -- being a bit of a home or you might have a case. I readily admit that though I've told everybody take my pink with a grain it's all I'm not a bolt of -- -- shoes. Alabama it's valid though is why -- that that anger is validity to this argument is not cut and dry like Alabama's just automatically -- in the first. -- to twelve and half point spread out and I think that between sir I would certainly take that yet I was certainly last -- that it was twelve and a half. Largest in -- less miles Nick Saban era yet today. But I would certainly take Ellis -- cover -- not to win -- outlet easily cover appealing at the money right however. My reasoning it's for my logic for why LSU win is. Simply because. What what what do -- what's at stake for them really not much in terms of if they lose they were supposed to lose. Yeah if they wind and -- an outcome borrowing from you. It kind of proves my point if they win bill would be remembered for their fan base in those in those players will remember this as a unit of the guys. That knocked off the number one team in the country prevented on the road and yet well and prevented -- Alabama for winning their third straight national title. More so Alabama has all the pressure. And the number one team in the country. They're hosting a team a bitter rival they're supposed to win by twelve and matzo. Hellish you can get it could go out there let it all hang out yet when you when it went that's don't that's a dangerous. Opportunity. For a team which teams can play that loose that's dangerous for four. You know a team like Alabama yet and as of player I've gain. On both sides of play situation like I can -- When there is that pressure there when your happiness success he's. Every single game as -- year it is -- -- act on you know little more weight. On your shoulders you can start -- you can practice the -- -- a little momentum going -- -- thing we can keep it humble. She doesn't have that pressure this week and they aids day. Opportunity awaits you just have to go -- Eva -- not having Lucille. Today's the day when the common people across the country. Whether you're taking down the -- the big in the big twelve what ever. We did take down the tyrannical. Crimson Tide in. Unseat the ruling class I don't care of this he -- natural -- to -- it's now because to me. Four out of five for Alabama. Sounds and ultimately out of you guys seen him in the rest of the country talked a little they got Texas seeing him down the road but this makes your season you win as a nation exactly what has its historical win if you win this game. Being a -- number one. Road team is something that. I mean the opportunity doesn't come along very real as you played number one team in the sport back in those six. So it's it's it's who do you is going to be team can kind of go away the only team -- five now. Just kind of forgotten just a down year or a good team that. In a few years were still talking about. When the Tigers twelve point dogs and they win in Tuscaloosa. And came out with a huge win and I think. The -- possible and it goes along with the team yesterday spot -- beat people. Everybody's seen here being so doom and gloom. Why it at that point. Venus and and before the game that you can you give me joy. Whatever I mean you can you can talk much trash as you want. You can you can believe what ever you wanted to make it does or you wanna believe the score albeit fifteen to six in favor relishing. You have that right today and I agree you start I don't think that'll happen. But nonetheless if you all believe LS UQ -- yeah I guess you have that right but you shouldn't think that they can because they they have the ability. To pull this off and look. Sure Monday morning I'm sure I'll get a calls it Q there's no wrong Christian and I don't really well. Because we're gonna at delusional a lot of the right I -- I am if we are wrong you were so well but it's somewhat. -- -- that doctor nick looked doctor nick you're on WWL tiger football Saturday. And Jack Nicklaus. You know on the biggest titles in the world and everything. Reality tells me Alabama win this game in a close but I McKay. -- -- You know everybody's -- and that would only have a priority and have a player like he's 66 -- voted on the play and how maybe a little off the walls but it. The talent level -- doesn't -- top talent level is that he is the that smile that personal -- after the over. Your life you know how -- can Alabama. Keep Killen who. He played as good as sale or you Paterno is now I'm no good but nobody yet. Alabama's simple it now I just think that -- well you know give died that -- it does the pressure is. -- -- It hit it. We take them sit here and I made you know because -- won't want to. But on the tag you can't play that do that week I think not said that before I was wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't it's an every down -- and that makes it pretty good coach and he could get quarterback with people right. I think I don't let it all out. I think you let Mathieu beat children trick play that a lot of this is that they LSU game this football thing because they got nothing to lose. -- -- -- -- -- Outlook for the Tigers to pull them. Wait he said Alabama was gonna win at the beginning. Don't know pocket reality you know reality and he. Got I got to the New York years ago. That's why they play the game yeah and I just think it is not a talent thing. You know but -- -- line here is Kelly -- secondary. Got it might -- count them I think -- and landed on him big game but you know. That part epic -- you if they're determined to put the secondary people -- field -- and Landry is to go out Lotto. And that -- has to spread the field on these people opting political play of the game and realize I think they pull that. Well thanks -- and make excellent caught will see this team met burgers a gamer he tends to show up. For the really big ones Ole miss week having that whole team went an overconfident. They were coming up big Florida win -- -- lost three in a row. Look what he did Georgia week which was a lot of night. And it on his story lines go it to look when it well in the last year's Alabama game that was where he had his first as a coming out you are -- coming out party. So I like -- to show being in his game and let's get ourselves. About Alabama can they do you get a little bit of a free pass they've lost back to back years in November. And got voted back in the national championship as an albeit in. Just roses in domination on the way odd there's not many teams and they got a bit of an obvious not many teams that lose in November that the voters still put back in -- -- -- some we haven't really talked about either here's Cam Cameron in his first year as the offensive coordinator I think that's a huge advantage for LSU because of tendencies because. Maybe Alabama doesn't have as much familiar RD with with how -- Every team attacks an opponent differently and so in other words you know what. They might look at say -- -- here's here's how they -- Ole miss we can study film from Cam Cameron and his tendencies there but. When it comes Alabama. Every game week is is you have -- -- -- playbook you have your general kind of fundamentals rules. What you wanna do your identity but. Every week is completely. Customizable every week is its alone. Use the game plan as far as what you wanna try and be successful on. So yes I'd get up at it in reality in depth we have and this is still -- Cameron's first year. So they don't really know when he's got a really. Reaching in and try to get creative they don't necessarily know. What he's gonna do who he's gonna try to get the ball to. Where that -- -- so forth battle for the for the two they go for the last trick and I will for. We did it. Back in 2010. With fourth in short the little option being to -- about it -- she's down to the three yard lines that proved. They're willing to. Ladle out there in this game and that's that. It's gonna have I don't get. Did the twelve point spread when you look at outside of the national championship. The last five regular season games there's only. Point difference. Six. I believe. And all of those games combined so. It's. Is it's gonna be about it always this and it's gonna come down to the end it's just going to be do. Responds. To adversity the best. More of tiger football Saturday with the -- their crushing -- come up at the domain to lose the news headlines did you set. Dallas the -- hockey bothers me is its ability and it's -- Rossbash -- is set for LSU and Alabama tonight just after 7 o'clock right here on WWL IMF and handed dot com. Team Bobby Hebert Kristian garic here on tiger football Saturday. Then in what do you do -- for the game. Going out. Go into the game you have a big party if you're out there it just goes right now I know you tailgate and you got 8781053. On. To paint the picture forced tell us what the atmosphere is like in Tuscaloosa. Also tells what you're doing for the game -- and what's on the menu team out and highlights on. Jumps on the media what's that golf is on the media now for the -- it's not forced them well actually obviously does China. -- -- force down there but for the time being derogatory to deal him him his -- and acumen it is getting you for that mr. Garrett. Yesterday we caught up on double coverage on three WL thirteen fifty in three of you -- -- -- dot com you out and I sat down with. Saint color analyst I was guys is that -- -- -- -- that -- just you have nights like Tuesday butter and here it's a big deal it's cool it's cool but we caught up with good looking guys -- Saints killer and also you guys and inform more. LSU running back into his brain about what's at one. Nobody. The -- guys' job that they elicit. Played color analyst hope you guys don't homer by you being all running back doing it here. -- got a Christian and hope you meant a great weekend that for sports period the ball and that's how we beginning LSU Saturday Ellis you've been on Saturday and Cowboys and Saints on Sunday and then get -- a better than this weekend. You know I hated it about a big weekend for football that they've had some guys championship. On the lines that you find. Maybe got bragging rights champion here good some can you good looking more forward to two football games. Pokey. Talk -- Alabama real quick. I just what are your general thoughts on the game Saturday where you expected. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thing is you know the that this might sound great to figure -- -- -- -- play one time this year and that was the second half against Texas Stadium. And kind of what I see from him they have more of an offense like Georgia it's more traditional offense like -- if you run just not that bridge stuff so. I'd be in my opinion. Bad that that would be defense is that they get back it up a little bit better -- this thing made. To me blocking him trying to defend the spread offense the -- here I -- I used to being. Just -- the option for the young kids and they just let people run three which quarterback running back he would be different receivers. Going down the field so. I've got still think it will be -- -- and I think both teams don't score a lot of points but they did. It's gonna fall into the hands they LSU defense a little bit better. Then just spread offense this -- and then. Well if you got bad yeah I mean you gotta run that big factor graphical back there. Your ID be here and he'll be the key to this whole thing I mean I'm not certain Edberg Becker -- -- this Landry and and Beckham got me in good. Do Holyfield signed -- acquired receiver. Out there but you've still got to get that big men involved in the game and hopefully go 123. Yards but individually -- golf book that big win. Very much like Chris Ivory did -- Saints last week so don't abandon their running game keep him involved and I think the passing game lol look. It well it's been good all year but I think immediately that he just can't get rid of the running game. Early on so I got me I look forward to be a real -- post game just like everybody else didn't. I personally don't think it was he's gonna win but. I think it's going to be one heck of a game that you know you get the right turn over the right great. I think it really you've got a good chance that anybody is -- the ball. New L for LSU running back who you guys down in saint color analyst and shifting gears to Sunday. The weekend of football conference -- goes right there in the superdome between the Saints and Cowboys in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that this ain't gonna go back to the running game even if it's not working form early on. Stay with them -- abandon the run away too quickly last week that they -- the part of the reason they -- those negative. Yeah. You know I can kind of just taken a step backwards for me -- me that the kind of like back to back we -- rob Bryant. You don't want to -- he apparently did. Little -- if you will and brother we never beaten him now. Field shouldn't have been on the all boys school but then let him go out and I -- you remember back -- during camp he had a voice is. Displeasure in his leg you know what he did you know they got rid of the wrong -- but I don't look I don't care. Enjoy being here. And you know but Christian -- That's the thing that we -- whistled for what eight years. We -- debut -- a particular game whether it. Duke went -- do whether it's Mike Bell that it's flat out Hamels and whether it appeared on the whether it's Chris Ivory and they have faith. Good game in. Terms of the standard early that are thank running game anyway you know gave -- -- gonna commit to run and they -- you turn around and actually did you have. There are sleeping very well Theres nothing like dad did which Sean Payton he's shown to do. From that at times so we could sit here saying that maybe last week it was a wake up call that the you've got to run the football more. He might go out this week it runs very does he might go out and rented land back so have you ever been able to figure out I don't know how they do the run game. Not you close and they threw only -- you we get explanations about. Or anything of playing with this building here I guess you have to let me know relatives -- -- yeah I mean the minute and again anything incentive good being. You know if you're trying to get -- not get into rather know right do you have opinions and I mean yeah. So all I -- think he'll give avoid it by what Sean Payton said earlier -- -- -- did they look I didn't call enough running plays and again we get the young kids I would imagine you'll see him. Think -- then I'd like to see -- stick with it if you get Pierre Thomas I mean look -- when they were really successful. That we usually against the bills. They got here in Chicago they got Pierre Thomas involved early and got -- 1215 cuts I think he he's kind of the key ingredient. Well I think united -- -- well obviously you hear everybody out of that policy I could mean. Pierre Thomas is our guy -- if you don't like I you know he's not an Adrian Peterson you know week not a creep back referred. You know heaven knows. Does does the value city -- to that outfit that is ability to hit the ball to run this experience they run hard get every yard city kids. It's pass protection. His knowledge you know we're -- blitzes are coming from the knowledge invaluable. They didn't. You don't -- -- like our favorite but I mean. I wouldn't have one problem at all. Going out there and didn't Soviet. -- -- Tony do Tony streak. I'm talking about straight and all you hear something that normal get every -- that made it being. They got out there and Sproles did did. You know this -- we don't get it wasn't involved in the game in Buffalo -- went out early. Last week it would affect it that was a mile because in. You know you've you've got Farrior Robinson was down last week gig you've got to bark dad taught me you've got. Enough of -- stable. Let those guys do it by committee. You know do running back secure I don't care. You know I've. Have been he'll beat you did or furlong then got run the ball or. On -- that if we need we Mardy is perfect for our problem is back that didn't back foot in it. But I mean not just happened to be look at it like to watch their running game go now what that he implement that in a game plan or not we won't know until. -- Sunday gets here because. We hear it all the and sometimes you have to allow for that mean that you believe that they ran the ball -- -- Today that sort Barrett here or I might go out there and run in eleven after they talk about your room commit to the run game so we don't know -- that he did. There they'll -- -- we'll see certainly. I was importance in that -- -- on Sunday how do you have a great week and I'll see this afternoon grouping in the pro on WW I I wouldn't doubt this idea of oil smoking guys had double covered. Saint color analyst told the guys on their -- down yesterday and certainly agree about. On double covered three WL thirteenth at the in. -- what you -- and for the game today LSU and Alabama. 2601878. Hole 386688908. Sony -- It's a type this thing up the pelicans one last night pelicans started the week in golf right the other local -- -- tonight in prime time. If the Saints in primetime against the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow night. It's a good week in live itself Louisiana -- region and tickets can get even better after the Tigers wind die night until people. Even that. Tiger football Saturday right here on WWL anathema dot com welcome back did tiger football Saturday team out. Are getting -- -- said double coverage owls hired. That. Hey Danny put it on Florida Randy seventeen of story yeah up 173. And a half which is kind of talked me and what's a good must guys. Lest you all doom for yet last year he had very good year but in you and still move well in the Sugar Bowl which is -- I mean that's no good to begin with Brando as they Bridgewater. Did it. Yeah OK but -- down on Teddy Bridgewater right now this year this year but last year he was like in an outing going after the season he started out so I give all bad but Florida still. I didn't look good on the -- he didn't look good for much chance to get there. Had that chance is right you win -- game like that if you get one of those BCS bowl titles turn your name. You're good for a couple years you got in there again -- yes you give yourself a little grace period now. With how badly this season's gone it seems like things are absolutely imploding. Downing -- well I don't know man with the culture in college football nowadays to win now. Fire coach and ask questions later must champs seat is getting warmer by the weekend and it's about the spicy. If they don't beat The Commodores today. -- fans football doesn't get bigger than this less miles in the fight Tigers vs Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide to about. And I will be with you till 2 o'clock we have -- off to Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia for the Florida lanes tiger tailgating show live from raising canes on highway 22 amended bill. Pregame -- Jim Hawthorne had five kick off at 7 PM after the game. Join big chief Deke Bellavia. For the horrible import a purple and gold point after. On tiger radio WWL. -- you take your phone calls your final four to 60187 -- -- 3866889087. He can weigh in on the text line. At 8787. Retaken. And what are you doing. For the game. Idea going out. Watch and at a bar restaurant. Go into the game may be in Tuscaloosa tells what it's like in Tuscaloosa if you listen right now -- in and out there. Had a big party watch -- friends of family cast your vote at Debbie WL dot com tiger football Saturday with team out of there and Christian Derek rules on.