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11-09 1:10 pm Tiger Talk with Kristian and T-Bob

Nov 9, 2013|

3WL's Kristian Garic and T-Bob Hebert discuss LSU football with WWL callers and talk about tonight's game against Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A fight and Tigers. Fighting Tigers win the game today. Use that to be listening you argue and fight. And on the balls he hit the Wallace restaurant to the line you got the grew. Run out the schooler. Gears there right up or. He's to anybody there at the full Mark Ellis you have to everybody and I wouldn't. I'm Kristian -- it's tiger football Saturday having some fun to be ready for. Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up for the Florida lanes tiger tailgate and show live from raising canes on highway 22 mean they'll. That pregame coverage with Jim Hawthorne had five kick off. At 7 PM and after the in the -- one's goal point after sound off with the chief Deke Bellavia -- by you burger on urban street. -- -- -- Yeah tiger radio WW well in excess might might get -- that is I may bunt -- your bunt and I love -- of all go to the editing right months. End of the human variety. Yeah I prefer I prefer big. -- I do -- I've played I've equates quite nice but some DC some myself. 5042601878. -- -- for 8668890878. He -- Texas and 877 what are you doing for the Ellis you've been a game. Going out to watch it go to the game. -- away from folks in Tuscaloosa I know. On his big flame thrower. -- listen they've got a two and in. So the -- big party can watch -- with friends and family in cashew vote right now I'd WWL dot com or call us again final four to 601870. Told 3866889087. The new world pelicans got things go on. In -- right direction for the local teams last night at 96 to 85 victory over the LA Lakers. And hey look -- you maybe go over two. In the local category and in any Saints have been August yet Nomar gets the Cowboys then it was -- great triumvirate in two lane they can get it done today and him. Before it opened the games for two linemen now obviously it's hard to talk to anybody else and -- -- -- match now but Tulane is still tied for first. In the western side of the conference USA in this is a western matchup against they've vary good and Larry Coker led Texas San Antonio team. T -- hokey now we're talking and yes -- fans in the pro. About the scheduling and making in the SEC Doug moved on from WB OTB you know really good article written that the article -- feature on television. And online at WWL dot com about. The scheduling process any pointed out in his. Report that is SEC's lead schedule maker. Is an Alabama graduate then born and raised in Alabama with a -- as a high school so it's a little fishy. And then I started again a couple of technical one Texas generally. That said well maybe there's not enough Smart LSU fans. Our people to make the SEC schedule. And that's where I cannot win over it and go fired yet because. Again. It's Ellis and -- -- you're not talking about Yale Harvard and Stanford. One of the Ivy League schools yet and rob brown university and I talked about an apple Lewis. Put this in your pipe and smoke at Alabama fans. Or LSU. Graduate more than a student athletes. And Alabama. Did any and EC school except for Vander. -- is the only one wall unit actually done it's right have academic. Prowess over credit really -- -- yes and oh by the way doctor James Andrews the world renowned. Orthopedic where you go to school Allen -- -- In all my best friends from high school. All the way they actually went to Alabama so personal that's a lot fun deal with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a reason. What you -- for Georgia high school kids go to Alabama. They could get in Dallas you that you hide it could negated at Georgia they tried. Negated Auburn the only school they could call it did -- was Alabama so. Every detail and I just don't want they'll listen yeah yeah you're right you're Alabama ads out Alabama and LSU these schools nobody should -- -- the illusions. That these are academic. First institutions. Not tier one school and -- here one schools but. Q1 football. Durocher tier one plots and an Annika and it's anyways perfectly. In two just when you look at the history. Of this game is the fourth consecutive time. That wanted these two teams has been -- right line but I come in his game and that this time in the lack of seven. It's a six time when both teams are ranked in the top in. And it is the -- time they -- -- -- in the top twenty putts you're looking at. This game is has been. A model of consistency. As far as the two teams in -- the winner of this game is played in six of eight. Of the last eight SEC championships mean. The numbers go on and on as far as the national in this the cream of the crop -- US EC has -- -- -- dot -- they the last the F I think he has a last 516 years whatever. This game has been more on a national scale than any other rivalry hands down Barnett had one of our college yesterday who raise good points any. Try to talk about how Ohio State Michigan. It's a bigger run I'm like man I don't -- the trash that you northerners talk to each other whatever that's cool. You have your reload Riley to guess what nobody went whoever won or lost that game nobody else noticed because it didn't matter at this game. Has significant and today is no different. When you look at the wed been going on behind the scenes this is something that we might not potentially see -- again as much. Once the playoffs come to play but everybody is a lot of people watching this game. Which ties to neither LSU or Alabama. Because it affects the national championship race extremely heavily. Opening up. Four organs out. But Florida State's. You know did they are still up there dealers trying to crack in the -- Stanford's possibly looking to weasel back in there. Outside looking in there's a lot of his -- different sides and of course Ohio State in the east kids of all time. There's a lot of different. Sides cheer and you not -- Under the purple and gold Eva Eva. -- -- -- -- Can't have enough land Munich as letdown it's hard people yet but -- happy that you you know history audio. And that's what we'll do have some fun for the next 45 minutes LSU fans give us your best skiing call at your best big at an Alabama fan I. Give it to us now it's family radio so let's not go over the top here. But keep it PG tiger football Saturday right here on WB well I am a -- dot com welcome back. US news and world reports the top. Academic institutions Princeton and number one Harvard to Yale three Colombia for Stanford. By now you know -- if Chicago Duke MIT. And then cal tech. And this goes back to the conversation and that is Smart -- Alabama fan and about. -- -- -- -- Graduates to for -- and he had blood on -- the other thing. Don't bring an academic discussion. Into a football discussion and I -- that's -- anybody that. Is what he said this makes it since you don't. I mean the person it's made -- schedule has that job. Not necessarily because -- like intelligence level just. The career -- that Jews in the league right gotten promoted at various times and that's where they're at now I had a lot of politics a ball. It just you know it's kind of funny. How old as -- as Alabama didn't just have an easy schedule. They literally the past years -- had the easiest out of anybody like it would be much less I think of an issue or even a talking point. If they were in the middle the pack -- know they are at the bottom. As far as straight to schedule goes. And today. I I don't know SEC office in Birmingham. Schedule maker graduate from Alabama but I'm not but he it's. And I'll have video game great text here on 87870. From 1268 says you realize offering an LSU dig session means we will have to listen to ban -- fans wanting their turn bad enough. We have to tolerate sharing the same airspace to bring heat. I agree -- now that's scientific that comes take up more oxygen in your average football and Stephen -- didn't. You on WW all right Steve. Are you about you play college you our -- -- LSU player interviewed. -- and Rondo two losses I mean -- my concern is that psychological aspect this game and pass play Alabama. Basically bid for the national championship yeah at least we had a shot -- And I don't think we do it now it's out there and but but if you lose it's Steve it's an easier today you'll talk. Can't just say that seeing him for it all of a tough game. Well I don't statement diminish it okay and they also thought that it plays out. The airplane but. Now if you could just pull one off -- if Alabama we think about it we went out. Alabama. I have to go to Auburn Auburn went into it. If we went out to say it was two losses we could jump ball -- -- it's sacred JP does that stoke. I think got. Yeah it. Still. We're talking about word or -- down at thirteen. Six minutes of the planet have you. They would mention. I mean you don't get that -- to think that there are. No no no not at all actually and they call I think if anything. It helps their play because like it's like we said they have nothing to lose and everything to gain they can go play loose there's no. While there's pressure to win it's not like -- -- -- is up over if you lose you -- kind of gone through that I mean you had that. Ole miss you had a little bit of that feeling so. I don't I've been in part these locker -- I've never seen the team go in scared coach mafia gets these guys fired up ready play. These guys are competitors and they believe themselves I don't care what they're seeing in the media ice dancing all the same stuff about. I'll Alabama's total carnage copying their defense is suited. You got to prepare extra it's just a joy to play these guys blah blah -- did out here I needed them. And I did it at -- respect I don't like about wanted to be -- or out of them and that's what this. Tiger team I believe is ready and it. He about their role and -- text line and 877 that digs in Alabama is one day Alabama may. Having universities the football team can be proud of -- come from 1800 another -- says. From 79 a and a read these before actually read on there that'll Ottawa -- the -- -- but I agree from Alabama. Will get you into. A prison guard job or ditch -- the oil industry -- AM grad as your engineer boss. As they fall back. I am not going there. Stop -- it did and I go there dump but it could help button Bryant and battery you know on W have you of that. -- -- know that now and it got a true brush that. Voters and -- anywhere else should be called keep brush. In Tampa -- Like what are -- going to -- When that happened -- it happened it. It. Isn't. What you deal for the game -- people are. Making it mean -- come. I nights ago when it's over definitely. You know -- -- You know we labels don't appreciate -- What's on what's on the -- my -- -- I think Brian thinks I'm gone and got my mouth watering bill does -- beat I played two weeks I've committed talk about -- ribs Bryant coming to. It. Is this this team. -- -- -- -- Eagle man okay. -- argument about eight Alabama who. Would that scheduling. For the creeping -- and -- -- -- you know this year and the year Alabama would approach the play Georgia. Yeah when there -- definitely. They'd put that away and inadequate. -- you have to go to all the way. Yeah and how it an and that's like god that's what he didn't just makes it all crazier and more suspicious. Is when you look that they were supposed to play these better teams. And thinks -- AM in the Missouri joining they've managed it and Agilent where -- Gonna play I mean they played -- That's -- but I can't get over it's not like they did their plane a mailing schedule they played the worst schedule in the SEC the terrorist. At the bottom and they're supposed to be the best team that. A lot of there's a disconnect a lot of things highlighted in Doug moved on report the SEC offices -- In the SEC he's an Alabama grad born and raised in Alabama with the Tuscaloosa high school wears a baseball tournament. In the SEC. Hoover Alabama exactly so. If you look at it on a surface. It just doesn't look right I'm not saying there are some improprieties if there's maybe it's totally. Above board in legit but when you look at it he read that ego and he can't help Rajon Browns they need him. And an info -- that are as far as the scheduling goes tee about one also you've got an Alabama team getting a ton of respect. For playing a weaker schedule two years in a row they've lost November games and got it got booted back in has -- including 2011. Which city to win their half of the conference. So there's definitely disconnect there as well. He's -- about Rivera Kristian -- it's. -- -- Tiger football Saturday here on WW Olsen of the Donnie for the news welcome back to about -- their -- -- here in. Gearing up for LSU and Alabama and Bryant Denny stadium. A five and a half hours away at 2 o'clock in these off to Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Live from raising -- on highway twenty to a -- Hilton pregame coverage starts at five kick off at 7 PM. Then the purple and gold point after following the game sound off with a BTD they'll be at by you were by. On suburban tiger radio WW LT about. Yeah last time LSU visit Bryant any -- in the teams combined for fifteen points and zero touchdowns even with the overtime. And not an -- to have not gonna happen. Tonight now -- are now I think tonight you can definitely expect more points scored I'm not gonna go back and forth as far as where they're gonna fall. I could see something along lines of 3127. Maybe 3430. One's about over and under 55 OK but he either way it's it's it's it's definitely different than 2011 year. In which you knew was gonna be it into stroke he had two top defense in the country and and have been. A nine. 26. A ball game everything's kind that's got to be in the story of the year for the Tigers though. Is that it's been a topsy turvy. What's up is down kind a year as issues but on the other foot with the offense here in the day in the deep and kind of being your weak spot. LSU again and Alabama the over and under 55 points and that's totally over and under and got two great quarterbacks in this one -- he's playing well the collegiate level member McCarron there to the SEC's most efficient dangerous Asher passers Alabama. Has the big game reputation but. I mean AJ McCarron a member poised become. The first LSU quarterback to pass for 2500 yards in back to back seasons so we're gonna -- really good quarterback play in this match open McCareins been a guy that when when the lights. On the stage is bigger. He plays even -- Well and that's what's kind of cool about -- these guys is even though we have more of a limited sample size with member I think that he shown. Then he also is a game -- likes playing under the brightest of lights this is. The bright -- is a third year in a row. That L issues -- that CBS has chosen the LSU Alabama game to be there -- lone. Prime time game of the entire season and Barrett -- kind of put into perspective how much impact -- games had and you watched Thursday night. Org in Stamford. One of the big games a lot of people watch it I watched it gaining in. The way that -- for one that won the game. He's almost a blueprint for what L issue needs you now grant it. I don't expect him to control the ball 42 minutes. Seventeen. Ford ever that game was but. As far as converting on third down dating to that third and manageable situation is gonna be critical. Could we Europe to get to defense as good as Alabama's and you get in at third and long Saban will dial up some Corey easy blitzes. Looking to confuse you get pressured quarterbacks who get the third manageable and -- convert your best defense. Might be year old and stain on the field and luckily for the Tigers. Being great on third down is one there which they have absolutely. I mean not just excelled. They've completely blow me away when you look at what this team has done the last few years and third -- compared this year 5657. Point 6% conversion rate. For the entire offense on third first in the SEC. Second actually I actually have met a 63. Percent rate I kick gonna be just SEC games and a no this is. Either way a number as the number of firm there retire. Season either way -- either way any they already dominant here you get it done regulators that first SEC's second. In the entire country. Met burger on third down has being an excellent. Jarvis leg injury. Has really become a third down threat. With 340. Of his 800 yards coming on third down along as with leading the country five touchdowns. On third down for Landry this year so. That's going to be key that is stamp every time that's or you could get back into because every time. They got favorite third outlook that there about having -- -- -- just an up and yet that's demoralizing for a defense on a mental level. And the roads you on a physical level -- like water. On the rocks waves of on the rocks to slowly. Break him down to begin the fourth quarter and you're going to be looking at a defense. If you manage to dictate the pace of the game and convert those are damaging to look at a defense that is in much easier to gash. Then they were in the first quarter in those two and three yard pickups this becomes 78 yard -- and maybe a home run. You have to keep on pushing Jeremy -- Has -- it touches I know. That secondary is viewed as the weak point for Alabama. I and that everybody is expecting obviously. O'Dell and Jarvis in met. To have a very good. But it to have very good game but he'll still your belt coming years. One of the best backs in the entire countries on the Todd Gurley level he -- touched the ball at least twenty times. You know going back to the third down percentage talk about the conversion rate for the field to tiger's -- call above 55%. -- book called about an aunt and her. Alabama they're allowing just 29 point 5%. Yeah on -- it conversions so ending on Alabama's you know what -- did that they're deal they're gonna play great third down defense if you can. Win that down and I think you're dead on there if you can get in third and manageable. He's got a better chance of of sustaining drives year. If you get in third and seven are longer there and it didn't -- -- back -- -- coming after you that's in the will be the most effective five before 2601870. Were told 3866889. Zero -- on the Phil. And you two on a full lines WL implement -- Who dat nation not our house and not on Sunday Night Football tomorrow night it's the battle over who's really America's team. The Saints take on the Dallas Cowboys at home in the Mercedes-Benz superdome coverage starts at 1 o'clock. Mean you know guys on live from browse the supermarket on -- in the CB at 3 o'clock firstly it's the court and time minutes is from -- grow -- And -- -- in the French Quarter at 530. All you who that -- Bobby there Deke Bellavia for the Bud Light countdown to -- outside gate C. At the superdome game time 730 with the best player likely team in all football to -- -- old guys on. And not -- that has now right now. And after the game sound off on the point after Bobby bare -- from -- seafood in the French Quarter baby. That's twelve hours of wall to wall Saints football too long night right year. On the flight -- -- be WL fill in Kenner. You're on WW well. -- -- particular constituents I expect. It would be a -- like games at the game is put on you being from Augusta and you beat the odds and record this game it's going to be attacked again. Hello I'm hope abortion -- up and get. Belichick as -- twins seventy it would fall out and spoke to reporters seven point. Like to rival any -- -- at -- probably right. -- the the enthusiasm. -- -- was he there r.s are gone. No one yards what's VCR. What's that we motives of those things yes this these -- dictates with the film I believe yeah. Is -- wants volley -- would you yet that mindedly and I don't know it's actually see that. Where do you read any dvds. Are kind of -- -- -- all -- right yet I'll Blu-ray and it's all downloading. Technology is a title of it might ask what state 3417. I don't I'm not going there I just another spread 1212 and navigate that and -- It's a -- in Alabama yeah I just don't soda you -- the numbers out the window mean and that's nothing go back Thursday night at the perfect example of the game we could do the numbers that a win and it's two games in two years in a row. Organs intraday gains scored at least forty -- -- dominated its in -- put it to them 'cause it all starts up front. Football at the end of the day is still decided at the line of scrimmage. A dead hysterectomies and army just took the lead over western Kentucky seventeen to 144 cooler. Black knights on that big a big win for army guys to not now but. I would I don't know and what I would not know because it's army in western Kentucky. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well play well play the a -- is there's other games. And not commit to. My -- obviously. That's really -- it OK yeah yeah so. -- -- always pulled that army team and I've -- all time you're really wasting your time. Liked in that that's not really football. I I commend those -- If they serve our country -- here Christian it's chirps. They are Narnia where I felt like army football like it day act and it's not. Very good our on our in attaining a lot could you have guys. Because the -- just to be -- over -- but you have. Guys that are out there that because of the military height -- weight standards they can't they have 300 pound offensive lineman. -- offensive linemen are 250. At best and yeah you're up against three point guys that are 3.3 or any of those big nasty. 4440s okay. -- these guys Iran and you know in the 48 range. To -- and. Like the San eternal update coming -- scoreless after the first quarter so. Two links defense has been strong its entire year spent that. It to lanky disputes and increased quarterback productivity is really that's a cost him last week beat up 77. And then during four consecutive. Interceptions are almost unheard of tiger to -- -- All Saturday. He's T -- they've where I'm Kristian garic genius at 2 o'clock. The cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia take over believe it or not there are some other games in the SEC going on over LSU. Celek -- -- LSU and bam of course went on tonight at seven Vanderbilt. Put that all over Florida 31 to ten in the fourth Aaron Missouri. 35. Kentucky seventeen. Auburn all the sudden just fine in points all notably all over -- five to 23 in the fourth quarter over to this Auburn. Is the perfect example of what a team can do when they start to believe in themselves and the coaching change obviously got smells on has. I got that team believing in themselves they brought over Arkansas State's O line coach. Hazard twenty some years coaching experience had a -- Allstate. A near the tops of the country in both rushing and pass protection and Auburn right now leads the SEC in rushing believe. This -- couple we shouldn't of holds up still gave -- -- the least amount of sacks in the league so once again it all starts up front. And Auburn is now believing. Did that not that they can win but that they should win. And you're seeing I guess what difference coach can make and what a difference getting a couple momentum building wins under your belt committee. Brett below mine Arkansas neck opinion -- I. Down 173470s. This thing Davis the same deal they came in talking about it outputs David's -- record against my big -- I'm not here. Like Dallas and around here never beat Alabama. On and he gains in the SEC which I've never. How can you walk in this conference I'll never trash eat can't do it's it's actually you do it which you deserve Georgia point 46. Over apple like Tuesday in the fourth -- torture continues to be an endless source of frustration for bulldogs. You figures will be up app state. More than eighteen points yet. They know their whole year as -- -- -- Alley and -- after they beat LSU it seemed like Jerry goes in their -- Somalia after after Georgia beat tells you they were on top of the world team like you know that was. It was good and they were gonna finally round the corner and they were gonna actually finish for one season but not who once again. Mark rates bulldogs failed to making. Tebow almost time for us to push out here and tomorrow obviously Saints and Cowboys 730 right here on WWL on Monday morning. Took us out thirteenth fifteenth. Three WL thirteenth fifteenth that we will thirteenth at the dot com. Four double coverage to about it there myself will be. On the -- and breaking down the Saints and let me go out there is also wells retires -- -- Crimson -- or give the people parties that we talked about the importance of third down. Met burger in this -- on third and four or remorse he'd be don't get in the mental situation this is a good sign. Met burger is has a 74 completion percentage. 430 yards and six touchdowns on third for more apt analogy -- pull off a huge upset against. Alabama coming up at 7 o'clock right here on WWL Bobby becoming -- next.

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