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11-09 2:20 pm Tiger Tailgating with Deke and Bobby - Mike Scarborough (LSU)

Nov 9, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss Tiger football with Mike Scarborough of TigerBait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's opera yet I debate -- hound dog does now -- -- -- that was a big stories we national media wise that this. Resurfaced again about those sexton in the Texas border -- Yeah you know I'd like the last hour remembered and you know what they've been that whole Christmas been that we can land and if you remember right before kick off the word got out and smiles and these new coach last. And that was you know anybody who was in the stands were looking at themselves and in the word got out and like that would that it doesn't -- people's focus in the actual game that they were watching but. Yeah you know that to me that was involved in the sexton the the AP story and it leaked this week in. You know that being the only school that he would leave Alabama -- I did I and he just does not make a lick of sense. -- he's already had the you know the -- Larry Brown football moniker. Already. And I think he's obviously got rid of that because of the continued Alabama colonies and there and you leave Alabama. With the legacy that he it is age. A statue outside the lines in the you know he is gifted Hayward is -- if you go in there -- -- taxes which. You know what this guy go -- The thing in the midfield when he's eighty years old ball with who who have him back. Well we go to Texas to win this thing in my attempt is Alabama the villains back there and he can always be welcome in Austin you know whatever department lately. Yeah eight and as the definite gap guy who wins 80 and I'll look at -- and -- look at he could become the first coach to win national titles at three different schools. I mean how could not be in the greatest coach ever -- you need him or not. By the accomplishments now I don't know what he's been doing taxes but I look at Texas beat wherever there's people there's players. Aren't Oregon Ducks go to Texas to get their skill players I mean that -- she always has a handful of Texans. And then all of -- -- they would go to Texas. I mean the resource that there with Alabama you gotta recruit gotta Alabama and you'd think -- get players everywhere -- -- the players within the state. And that's why to -- where there's smoke there's far. Well and not think it through -- and you can jump on at the end of the day. A lot of people what Nick Saban -- and LA shoot the ball. Did everybody think Galaxy was gorgeous fall on the -- -- maintain LSU is still one of the best programs in college football. It's -- work to leave Alabama coming at that this seemed to be some feel oldest -- yet Alabama golf ball -- sent I would look at look look at what he deviated that it happened and better yet -- if you are -- -- -- Yeah -- -- the next car how could he you know he built some laid the foundation -- the threat and you know it is he with the perception. That come on no matter how many national champs if he wins now this is the over sixty crowd. Going to get better and an affair it you know that that that blasphemy to say that statement is better than Bear Bryant that you look at when Deborah I could -- that time. The six national tighter -- that you look at how long it took them. You know prepare to save him now when you look with Saban what he's done he's coached. For national titles in eight seasons you've got to go nothing about this that's only been done about frank Leahy. Who won four national championships in seven years at Notre Dame in the forties. You ever heard of the and a four horsemen via -- Johnny -- Jack I mean. That that that's why I mean Bear Bryant was awesome but -- to stardom on a time nobody's done which statement. Has done you've got to go back in 1940 if frank frank Leahy and aren't being. My little guys. Didn't I did -- do with it. The challenges and if you. If you buying into the that the that the motivation and challenge. The you know it is the job -- could argue. -- -- from here you know. Job in the country. But certainly -- would poll and ultimately that gave -- the premier job. You know just the location of the these the the dollars. What. More of a challenge winning in the taxes in playing that well I think twelve skid and connected. No matter how you Howard did hit it real well we're embarking for people who really follow -- embark on new system with somewhat censored in now because now all the out SEC. Full game play out Kamal on the it would competed in economic in 98 -- fall ball. It's it's going to be completely different move -- -- lately everybody's got an opinion about it. The adjustment the demands track record in basically these hold alcoholic he can do whatever you want to do my -- I don't read anything the active and what he was the Dolphins. And I -- read -- Alabama excitement talked Republicans over -- on line that was Alabama Tom. And I would just lap and like to get what you get out you know it was is he leaving Miami. And you know sure enough we saw what happened but. -- -- -- state that it is I think it -- -- it didn't. You know a lot similar to line things up for another million or two added to the deal. If you don't you don't need to do it. And he -- you -- he can it go right now in my office those acumen of the it is it's not about that coming visit and what that's population at that was about that but nobody not consulted well. When it was historic come from Arkansas insane thing of of that -- -- anything about -- out on often thought that was made up this stuff now they'll statement on the. And I'll be surprised if Jimmy sexton a couple of is not even contacting UNC. We can't beat Villanova -- I would aged doesn't tell you when agent doesn't need to call him all over it trying to use -- I just don't think have morning statement or game six in the count guys need to be patient from the that is basically don't know what sex that does does his job and his goes out and -- -- this -- -- yeah. Mike what's all opponents. Right now -- a lot of three games conversation going about -- announcements to board Guthrie pregame -- the link to the front page tiger. -- as ours. I appreciate notebook -- that we're loaded with stuff leading into tonight's kickoff. Nice feature story on time -- neighbors Jeremy he'll. Lots of things not only tiger -- I come right now and course we own -- bit and have a huge. Number of recruits on the sideline. Many of them involved. You know -- well that are born there. Tony Brown from Belmont those names visiting officially. Who beat Jones. In me anymore so we will be watching those guys the next 24 hours. But to get their thoughts on on what they -- in. And certainly you know -- Jones is one in the world to visit to officially into week received the safety linebacker. Rivals 100 guys up from nimble. There will be making decisions soon. But the data in there and it was about recruiting visitors it is staggering. Mike LA shoot about a twelve point underdog IEC has since taken out tonight. Mean I think multiples scenario that -- just think it's. About it and there's been a lot of points quarterback I can see thirty when he made but I've also. Thought that maybe this is finally be that the regular season game that gets away. But from LSU and it's it's not a typical that was QB in the game you can. You know have a 4221. Type of thing but. I I just think you know does that much maligned defense of line I think it definitely. Inspired they can they do for four quarters. But the key is is is is keep in the -- and under wraps even if he can't get to him because of the quick throws. You still you know. You gotta deal -- -- decent for the disrupt those god knows whose car owners. Two -- you play close and and started trying to disrupt things for -- is the place starts. Mike if folks -- on whether I go to. That's corporal Mike on Twitter and cruised to a FaceBook about 8000 users of FaceBook and type in tiger -- I can't. Mike's got broke -- debate that's how Mike would talk after the game tonight but I think about it the economic.

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