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11-09 3:10 pm Tiger Tailgating with Deke and Bobby - Travis Reier (Alabama)

Nov 9, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belevia and Bobby Hebert discuss Alabama football with Travis Reier, senior analyst for BamaOnLine.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Can't get down to LSU and Alabama the big -- -- night in Tuscaloosa that Bryant did -- stadium -- and Ottawa commander Travis trap Alabama. On line dot com and Travis always a big game between LSU and Alabama. And up boy you know I look -- Diaw back into the schedule Alabama -- a bit tougher than people thought especially with that other team in the state Alabama went so well right now. Definitely all Burma was a magical ride and wonder how -- -- gable by your week here and looks like it's going to be a little more formidable while we all year ago. All -- really rock bottom. I feeling good about themselves right now exit. Now -- Travis don't ask you about a couple of players Alabama won on the all the since I won the -- -- aside. -- first on the offensive side you look -- accomplished last year a Mari Cooper. -- and Alabama freshman record with 59 catches. A thousand yards he scored eleven touchdowns. He had what 500 yard receiving seasons almost look in only two touchdowns so far and then. 304 yards is that maybe cause injury are what and then on the deep into the side. You look at Adrian Hubbard right now only two tackles for loss no sacks in. Last year is kind of considered against the pass rushing specialist had ten tackles for loss. Six sacks. Forceful for Ariza and had three fumbles. I -- -- why has those two individuals not live up to meet with the accomplished last year. Yeah Bobby with trooper it was an injury. Early artist beat a sprained toe injury in fall camp. There's really. You're -- -- do that to happen that it carried over and beat and it really affected spoke. You know he regained been trending up for what eleven catches -- -- -- -- And a couple touch -- he kept it after the game yours though. Anglican and make its course yet you get bill and his career UA. Until that point via focal point of the offense tonight as well Kevin Norwood Christian Jones and -- of those guys that operate in -- It's been or year security you mentioned the production in -- -- -- L in sacks as a bit which ought. Alec made that would be different but they actually like him more coverage and you get more like the man that. Maybe a pure pass rusher. -- -- that suspected and so -- but that's an injury and being doubled or I think people realize do with. This year you Lockett that night you might -- a really. And but it for things it. -- haven't gotten much production that they would like now under. It's mostly been their inside guys that they really don't spoke or. One by on Robinson the true freshman be at the there. Not Travis Whitney tell the fans though when you look at it few positions. Obviously you look -- Giles -- a punt returner. I average you know twelve yards upon returning any time you about the end. You know that that's considered the highest level than you look at him as a kick returner basically 33 yard average he's. Assume he's had -- of the kick and punt returner but but that could have an influence knocked over the game. In a special -- in general bodies here in the back. Alabama and -- Iraq into doubt certain about it read past that is definitely solid. The very it out Cody Mandell other they really impacted game that night the -- honor. It has I had that opportunity on her shape injury you make -- it really into that field position -- in Israel and -- the only spot I'm in the marked. October edged out here about how will be offered -- all the competition that they all that why let. I think tonight he may -- on as many times perhaps to be here in our on. October. Now Travis. To me this is gonna come into play also when you look at. I talked about the hidden yards field position. With some think has the have been -- the actually have to convert on third down when you look at a time of possession sometimes. That could be the best defense LSU is number one and SEC. On third down conversion with Alabama's number one on third down defense only allowed 29 and a half percent LSU -- 50% so just watch. What occurs when Ellis that's the ball on third down. And have an impact on the game with fours and time of possession and -- controlling -- well. And it would you -- Year ago LSU convert at a forty on our held the ball for what caused the 4040. Or at eight all that he's in the game. You look at those -- alone. Get bigger like that the -- in the game like. They were going to be just that the bottom line got -- more scoring opportunity at thirteen and Kirk -- huge by. Right now it's going to be huge tonight do you think it's vote these people can keep forget about the big Ortiz in the passing game and make the other. All -- -- it in the red zone and that's where you could -- Ultimately I'm dale through the target enter. It's appeared in articulate and well your. What what Alabama's juggling right now secondary. I still think you have -- like LSU on there now -- -- -- -- conversely you probably like Alabama that are now they have the ball -- Chavis -- analysts of them on line that come Travis how can everybody get the latest on -- into. -- speak to your -- Alabama dot org or seven sports dot com. Are able lined -- either way out. Travis big night who's who among recruits a little -- future and the constant who Alabama trying to close on May -- they have a few. Off balance for tonight. Well I think everybody knows the big -- impacted that -- guys -- water Ornette. Expected the circle that night. But I think the DL you're in good -- there but you know Alabama trying to do everything making and they get this one out there that pop Napoli in the recent collapses. Overall -- particular -- -- it becomes. In other there are pretty deep when you look at. You're trying to get in the -- you know in and get some other like they've already got a commitment for -- Robinson but. District eldest aids is not any hall I don't think -- will be in the -- the latter either. -- Travis you know you look at the numbers and stuff. And in the across the board defense rushing passing ability that scoring Alabama number one and SEC. The only thing and maybe you can explain to me. That maybe not out now blitz -- but now also all the tackles while laws that's all about penetration. But if you look in the league you know ranked thirteenth out of Austin and twelve in sacks eight explain that maybe why haven't been more productive in that -- Yeah -- better you know I it's been slow economy and you get mostly relatively modest. Yet felt numbers and we talked about the backs before they do have that really think it does in terms of their guys. So it's open -- got to be night airline last year -- Eric Mack Matt mercker. Three times -- Yeah 388 theory that that that. I think that the big thing is I mean you don't hear better news that quarterback it's in you get pressure early. India one of these gas comparable you know -- -- back in in the chair watching that game last year I thought they did not. -- kind of -- with a little bit but he really comfortable until that I'll drop and he he might pull it out there and I think early in the game for you guys pocket -- you need to try to you know all the spot in in get a little bit on comparable. How able able to out upper last year he got into an early group really think it. Throughout the game so I don't know what I'll I'll be fortunate to boring number that. Because you're a little bit weak in the -- and you know -- -- nickel and that other corner opposite be humble and explode it it brings number and so it it's going to be around it now snapper because -- haven't been able to generate as much pressure I like with their -- four. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had a strap them on line that found Travis thank you so much into the game to the -- he does.

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