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11-09 3:20 pm Tiger Tailgating with Deke and Bobby- Jeff Palermo (LSU)

Nov 9, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belevia and Bobby Hebert discuss LSU football with Jeff Palermo, wwl.com columnist & LN Sports Director.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Column is that Debbie did you go back common that we have -- sports director Jeff Palermo. Jones is now in a champ it's always a big match up but not as much against it say all of allowed -- surface right now. Between LSU and Alabama but maybe more so in this one because when you look at what's happening in college football now. Not it doesn't seem to appear is going to be as big as a pool of one losses of course that contains. In one week in but basically Alabama's -- towards the rest of the way for the SEC you know to withstand. That its seventh straight national championships in May be a situation where the rest of the nation for the second year they have a chance to lock out the SEC that -- to do so a year ago. Yeah I think that there's a lot of people I'll root for LSU and it gave -- you know Ohio state board stayed obviously you know and even a school like Stanford pulled up the big out there Thursday probably. That maybe their national championship -- are still alive. After that win until a lot of teams. A lot of fans probably that are are just little tired and southeast conference. That would like -- the a team from a southerly wind national championship but -- prelate you have well they'll. There are definitely American team at least for this game tonight. Now Jeff thought this could be challenges Ellis who's the fifth house looking at it was a category. You know when I got my Alabama both planning and film and you look Alabama entering LSU's game. Ranks sixth nationally percentage of offensive possessions. Scoring a touchdown. If you look at it it basically at 40%. -- we have they're nine possessions this season they've got a touchdown. And if you look at the teams that are ahead of them it's fourth and it throws the ball they scored at Baylor Florida State. Ohio State are now though that wasn't a case of Thursday night but it Texas -- them. So to be that that would be a big against the big game or so a big accomplishment if -- but it may be dammit don't break him. Towards your goals -- get journalist obviously and not led Alabama to score well. Yeah I agree with that that they have to somehow figure out a way to. Keep the touched down to a minimum from Alabama -- at the goal of every game but they don't make anywhere I think -- you can. Can score themselves and can put some points on the board but he. They're better opportunity I think in this game it is. If the defense it doesn't give up that the big plays that allowed thirty yard touchdown pass for 25 yard touchdown run whatever it may be. On the limit those type of play -- hold Alabama the field -- -- be educated they can't get any turnovers there's if there's a game where they can. You know -- That would be yet but you know -- security just doesn't make any mistake he gets rid of the ball quickly policy doesn't have much of the past -- Especially when it but it is gonna rush or maybe that are bringing in the next person now. And we beat them they had some success with pat. But the front attacked we'll see maybe they can do that but obamacare and he he's seen it all come -- Palace football though it might be a little typical relative or turnovers they'll. But you're gonna have to rely -- Trying to keep -- bottom -- -- the -- pot well. -- that easier than not. -- that -- that being said to me the best defense also against Alabama could be just to possess the ball keep them on the sidelines. I mean do you think it has to be very similar. I guess the style of play what we did last year at Tiger Stadium that this is kind of shocking when you look back in and LSU have played ball control club. You got to -- ran 85 plays Alabama's only 52. -- -- he played I keep away. And I think that that could be a good thing and help analogy -- they would be well rested in. In obvious it is the game to be a way to do it by committee. Or -- Jeremy hill. I mean considering what he did last year against Alabama that he should have maybe 25 to thirty carries if not more. Yeah I don't think it's going to be tough to run the football again now I am very cute you know we've heard countless miles down they've ordered. Have to try to make some plays down the parameters while. Describe -- and that needs no doubt that commitment Jarvis Landry. You know I think the goal and go into the game and it would be great feel you can have a time of possession of 35 minute. The thing -- -- though you laugh is that more explosive than they were a year ago -- while while ago might be that it's not the football. The -- -- past the -- well back and then. Boom before you know at the sixty yard touchdown patch so like that you know that that that probably. Scored a lot of replace big plays offensively what. Point 530 yard passes and that doesn't necessarily correlate to. You know time of possession when you when you're scoring it quickly they'll accused school. Scored the lead and not you know so it -- Jeremy you know not a game with the running at the opposite like givens tomorrow maybe they go to the ground a little more stupid that it. You know obviously in the outback met -- will react in this game I mean. The only game he tried too many times the force the issue will he accept the under you know that the route underneath the hospitable China at the whole month well -- was. In Oxford which result and in the rough night for him Soviets is it the the response to what you -- -- that. Typical of law. Not W academy nobody's played Alabama. Better than LSU so obviously they're not -- on the road if you look. Not that this only once since the last eight meetings in Tuscaloosa and in. Five of the last six. So mean it has not been advantage but the home team in this series but. To me I didn't realize this. Ellis -- more wins vs the Crimson Tide in any team in the nation. In over a decade as -- 2000. -- with nine wins this is that I it's pretty impressive the throw but head to head that you can't say well Alabama's had LSU's number. Not really -- -- -- that dog fight with him and been able to hold their home. Yeah there's no doubt you go into this game went. Nothing really to -- and that's -- you know it and they make auto now I think another agency thing is. You know some of the critical play you know -- QB situation where. Maybe you can have a fake field goal word there could be -- third down you can tell the world fourth down. You know last year you know miles. In game decisions or you know Greg -- -- decisions -- -- offensive coordinator it'd -- you know I had a fake field goal at the war the chance there at the end of the bargain -- On third down the Russian parliament to get there haven't so much that at bat burger that they're not on it. You know Matt and mark miles -- to debate it make the game is -- and pay off. You know we have -- that was the big story line remember a lot of depth in net then Alabama. Because there were some things that really Ellis did it. Make you scratch your head and it ended that war doubted and pay off. Whether the risk gambles this decision today and so he you've got to make good decisions here. Because if they don't you know it's you might have -- rebel. It -- it and last year's game where I'll play it up there or what -- that's our touchdown of weight but they couldn't do it because. The aunts and kind of controversial caller -- did company you're supposed to do so I'll put my outlook not. It in Canadian and ride the -- that well. And I Jeff -- mother is always emphasizing especially teams. And when you look at Alabama and you know coach made even whether it's college NFL those hidden yardage are aware are you starting drives. Is to be a big challenge for the LSU a coverage units. You know kick return -- return Alabama's. One and now Christian jolt to a he's got a 33 yard kick return. And also an outstanding punt returner where he's had that a couple of big touchdown that the that's what the UK -- three -- and on special teams. You know are one of the things is that in this in this series does that tell -- it's. You are going into the game -- have the advantage it's special in Puerto Bradway. You know whether you're a -- field -- -- there was returner where it. Got it may be better -- you know analysts -- as well being -- There has not been all that great. Christian Jones is an outstanding returner coded and dealt partners wanted that. In the southeastern -- -- kids from Acadia. Though. Ellis view once I think you had that -- that it paid off a couple of years ago not pollute the one palace -- it all the way because. They were -- out of an established field goal kicker Garrett could put it pretty upright than Alabama was struggling with that. Ellis you know that would necessarily have that and me and any out a lot of work LB knows that he is now why they say helped -- -- You know that that doesn't really mean muscle -- -- an injury that Ochoa also. I think that's obviously not a -- -- to be nice to get a big return called -- more you know. You know that is one of those games you where you want to try to. The steel production. You know win whether it's an onside kick that. Alabama not expecting or maybe go more and -- now that keep possession where. You know and other games you might not so that there's going to be all those kinds of situations in the game and LB interest in the the other coaches that Randall. Jeff Blair mode you have give -- your prediction LSU and Alabama. Well I think -- -- you can really give him a good game I don't I don't beat it beat double digit games that's rivalry going on in college football. Rivalry games like this you don't beat blow up so I don't -- you -- that we can match up with them by. I'd give Alabama he had there at all 31 Tony and I understand the whole team that not really matter much what. I like Alabama when -- at this point 3128. But I think it's going to be another classic game between peacekeeping. -- I could folks Bobby -- would. And it just -- aren't all right yes thank you so much to do it again I guess that.

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