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WWL>Topics>>11-09 4:10 pm Tiger Tailgating with Deke and Bobby - Bryan Lazare (LSU)

11-09 4:10 pm Tiger Tailgating with Deke and Bobby - Bryan Lazare (LSU)

Nov 9, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss LSU football with Bryan Lazare, Senior writer at

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior right at tiger -- dot com Brian bizarre. Don't just now I'm Brian -- -- -- this don't have a media media think LSU got a chance in his game. Well I -- that all the and the one on a quarterback like that Pittsburgh. You know. Yet. Our are -- you know the Colts. Now Brian would you look at this in he got to count the whole season and you look at Alabama's defense. Since they got -- 620 yards and recording nine according to shoot out with Texas seen him. And you look at even since then they've allowed like with two touchdowns in the past six games and then if you look at our nets -- You know were shut -- against Arkansas they shut out Ole miss. And I think is discarded to me as well look at there's a lot of good film is -- Ole -- put up five to 24 yards against LSU's defense. Bubba what is your take on that would Alabama defense you think will we see one that's invincible -- one that Ellis you can have success. I think you'll see it and hit the ball in the it'd be like late but. I'll tell you -- the problem that you. You know it one way. Failed it would really make your -- -- pretty well out here at the back that. You know your opener and -- -- right on. Not that I want to get -- for a while not a lot. I think you'll like it at that was a lot I'll be out there who know how well. -- you've been now. Now of Friday's about defending Alabama when you look at it. When you look at third down conversions. You look at rent the home. If Belichick -- it's almost could get to the point. Where today if they can bend but don't break I mean just. You know forced a field goal -- get a turnover and Alabama. I guess that they have plus five and we're minus two -- -- turnover ratio but you need those kind of things at typical in your favor especially when you trying to. Pull off an upset he would double digit on the. Right we'll open up good what exactly we are now so. LA. Or a couple Arnold after all it dealt it you know. See. It as well. The -- and to. -- like how well. I don't know -- it via. Now -- the one negative thing that I see and I don't know. You know maybe you don't commit doubt now blitz him. When you look Alabama how awesome they look at a number of categories but only. Number twelve in sacks and in the thirteenth at tackle four losses. So you know that should be a case in point where if you give that man made by the time. And you know you look at the team we have last year right at 300 yards and you look at the weapons. Is that if he takes -- the defense gives them and if he could be outstanding like relax it would Heyward hit that one on third down. Then you controlling the tempo of the game and and now you've given you -- got a chance the rest on the sideline but that also could be key we -- third down and obviously -- time with this. Right you know. You know like -- -- you know met burger. Eat and it is I mean the year they Heatley in Georgia. Yet but it is -- about that. -- like that tell -- that. Now Brian what do you think you'd think you'd be when they are running the football by heavy builds them. Jeremy you know when he has navy. At least forty plus carries 25 carries maybe even thirty and he could exploit that mammoth secondary. But that is you know do you think it's Jeremy L -- by committee. Couldn't that was one thing. When Alabama has -- one -- is an achievement they give up a hundred yard rusher not know wasn't a high average but still. Being committed to run Jeremy Delgado 100 yards against them. Flashes of what he ID think you know attacked him as followers but given -- the carries or will it be by committee. Now they'll be any committees if they make you. Feel it. You know about the gallery and I know it yet -- -- -- -- -- -- very very well what else. Warden about I've heard that yet at -- not -- well. Ryan how -- folks you want would have. And BL ELP or. -- policy you're right I can beat Beckham Brad thank you so much that it's not okay.

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