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11-10 12:10am Purple and Gold Point After

Nov 10, 2013|

Deke talks to WWL listeners about LSU's loss to Alabama

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Sunday morning and feel welcome rear -- The world famous -- corner traveled we've heard repeated by you sort of come on out and enjoy the rest of the action sports on the big screen TVs ineffective Rockets -- the Clippers. Another big X and they can police it -- sports you can take it sounds delicious food. As well 2601878668890. Rates in the on the numbers game -- email is a big -- -- WW dot com you can text me. Also. 87870. And -- Twitter -- out and beat Pete at DP BT. Final score LSU falls to Alabama 38 to seventeen. Would you expect it. The team that has won three of the last four national titles was at home tonight they were twelve point favorite. Trying to jump another hurdle in their quest for a third straight national -- Eighteen trying to knock off the chance I was seven and two and hoping to play their best game of the season. Not only -- the visitors need their best game of the season to be champs they would need near flawless effort in which they did not produce. The home team has proven over the course of events several years that they do not beat themselves and they are now an incredible 46 and no. When they win the battle of turnovers. The visiting team with a team that commits more penalties and makes more mistakes as they finished minus two in this very same turnover battle. With 1201 left to play in the third quarter of the game the visitors and then following. And to feel pretty good about their position and they were tied up with a chance at the school board rated Bryant Denny stadium seventeen to seventeen. In just over three minutes later after a timeout. -- -- -- It's I came out of that timeout and more successful on a fake punt attempt converting on fourth and two. And from that one on the big crimson machine Orlando. Revved up and beyond that would be -- defense. Gives Alabama went on three straight scoring drive fourteen plays of 79 yards. Touchdown. Employees 71 yard touchdown. Eight plays 78 yards touchdown. It's who became open up 38 to seventeen and improved to a massive 681. Under Nick Saban when Alabama as a fourteen point lead. Over an opponent. In the second half of last night's game -- I had 179. Yards in 21 points and 151 down it's. LSU ranked a 52 yards. 51 downs and three points. Since the biggest game ever which happened to be the BCS national championship game back in January 2012. These two teams have gone in different directions. Alabama has posted a 231 record won two national titles and they are the odds on favorite to win the title in his season. On the other side the flip side since they buried him night in the Big Easy the value being those who posted a seventeen and seven record. Close to bowl games and right now -- fifth in fifth place in their own division not conference in their own division. He could be bowling somewhere in the likes of Mansfield. Methods. Or even 34. And the final score tonight's game Hawks -- -- you can -- following his 38 to seventy. I'm Matt ending up in my math that's the only one point margin of victory for Alabama. Only one point. The very same moment of victory on January 9 2012. I'm going when he won his. Now it's time move along with all their season goes and tank. While the Tigers have another week -- to ponder what little they have met. So what with a phone numbers being put LSU and Alabama. We'd be another national championship for the time and can someone be real them -- have their rivals in this series same state. Will it be the possible record for the Tigers beat team three which it could be events all the worse which could be 76. With the answer probably lies somewhere in between. -- -- my hands Q what were you expecting. Good evening and welcome back and -- -- -- -- we will hear from you you're good you think you'll agree. Tonight's game Phillies who has three games left this season. In the regular season against Texas Stadium and against Arkansas. In the end they will have a full field. With the Tigers -- what would they do is 601876. Meaning 78 since. And your thoughts on tonight's game -- -- you play the game you thought they were playing. Was it -- ovation. If you might be -- -- -- go wrong. And of course looking at the numbers it was total domination in the second half of the game. But Alabama had just -- over a three on third down Alabama finished my ability. The rest of the way five routine. Shanahan for a second -- -- the -- when you kind of wiped out but that was him called on the football. Fourteenth place and an annual post and plays 71 yard touchdown eight plays 78 yards for a touchdown. -- shoot for a drive six plays video if you go one turnover on downs I don't know we'll -- down minus Jones on both of those. So given shooting through six so what he's sending to the phone to go to brands on my warm Brandt thank you only. If you did you will. So bring -- the right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- IPS I can hear you. Gave a little while I. Alcohol or I don't. I think you know I got engine and it didn't look so -- You know homered and -- Big nickel Jay it appears to get better and just we can't get this bidding and hopefully if we don't. -- -- -- -- Then it goes back I was there -- to actually. -- I looked up and it well you go to close because. Well I don't will you begin to -- too close together. New -- Right post. Well. LSU if you look at the numbers speaking TD -- talented player. IQ points to a coach -- got a -- two and a half a million dollar buyout with so much smaller than their niche here and Phillies if coaches got to remain the same. So the way it goes to two point toys away do you derive from there. He just got a new author of the quote you on the point he ducked out I don't know mean it does seem like. Who began his why there is -- -- took an -- cities whose team played the greatest game of let's suppose we became this entry. Fourteen it's going to want no one -- seventeen incentive. So they can't -- is different. LSU both -- for -- beat Alabama want to say Nancy championship. Everybody measures himself against the best in this division which is Alabama defense that come from the Alabama and the defense in the nation. And now I mean. I don't know if you necessarily say that Vegas is victim you put on as the weeks and Auburn as a fraud I don't know I'm but the thrown everybody's in his -- home. Auburn is good we averaged fifteen and have you -- to rush him play from the quarterback position. You good. And the last team to derail Alabama. From apostle John the national championship. Was Auburn in November 2000 team and it did happen to be an issue at -- could very well be in position if you get someone losses look there. To keep the national title. In his playing Alabama for five straight years as -- connect and Alabama and -- eleven Alabama twelve Alabama. And what an effort to be. Back to the -- we go let's go to I think deviancy down me it summed it up is -- thank you for calling -- did you will. Pete -- Eagles blog -- gone -- those Alabama there at night it would just that are -- conflict. I'll beat your children want to -- a comment saying nowhere skeen didn't derail Alabama from a national championship with Auburn. You know we picked it -- -- it at that will be at all reveal where in 2000 and we beautiful there and he's still got complete mess it just. The fact that. Be able patterns of the night there would about it being thoughtful at Alabama but what I hope is -- with a win another game. Cameron Kinney if you go back if you go back in Indy if you go back in the Nick Saban at LSU won over in 07 they want an -- championship. You know he became one in overtime and then threw fifty LSU played Georgia Tech can repeat both Alabama went on got pummeled by Florida and they don't think you tell him Sugar Bowl. Old man Alabama NCAA win played Texas in the national championship. Team and -- you've beaten him bad route eleven LSU beats them. In in Alabama and then him and ask any illusion that it championship temperature. Where he had an -- which is you trying to say when I say it was from when if and when I say it was not wrong. That's your opinion do you think they should have been and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gets paid the BCS took out there one into. I agree with to get beat but for me -- -- limit is point is that you can bet there -- same system now that very same system that you didn't like it produced an LSU Alabama game. If you don't have that same system -- don't play Oklahoma -- -- championship and -- -- Ellis you don't play. Ohio State and ask him to chip in only enhance the fan -- own thing under the -- or aren't regularly. But go back go back and look you had to have several factors including Notre Dame had to beat Syracuse by a certain amount of points just go back just go back and -- really -- She would have to happen down the street and you all have been in 07 you went from seven to two and a man of five out. -- put that what -- read enough I'll I'll cook political leader -- problem until our athletic great. I think it was great that -- did Saturday if you take I hope they want and as you get there real -- it would national championship what I think it better than most well. I'm powerful and capable protective so that we don't have that plate again -- the puppy he's about coaching college football and I don't know what will repeat it again. Our guys who can anyway I could say it is regardless of what happened -- and if he were designed to leave. You know -- -- program hadn't hadn't done too bad -- that would keep you here I would I would think -- it'll fall by the wayside. I don't know if you know they -- LSU hadn't followed by the -- thank you need to learn you're you're right there. -- in geology on land three Tony thanks for calling that he did you have. Yeah -- like the okay so how -- you. -- I'm yes look back and back and think about sports books. Everything fifteen game could not have time in well after the third quarter wound up -- And we got them three plays and how -- isn't Naples. Unless. A lot of mile. Where they want it seemed like everything on the that they are. -- quarter but the owls beat them may not know where young -- all of you we saw them -- I thought we thought we had a better beat him here and and that I can -- work in Alabama. Golf course you know I have to build that network today. But how that we don't read your period you could tell me -- -- -- beat them. -- Tony if you are you talking about going into this season because the defense that was there tonight let's face it that was the defense it's. Then the SEC all season home. Laps would have done what we -- beyond that -- and all the players. Is that we -- we got a lot of young here. All you young back there but on the news do you suppose have an all conference player going into the season. In game in hand me downs and -- mean. They took him out of the ballgame I won't -- third in the third and fourth quarter because he was on his back cents a month. -- I mean now I think everybody missed on net and look it happens I think everybody mr. and a young man what to say you wanted to Bears. In the conference and you know that's is that -- the only SEC -- he won't even make honorable mention all SEC this year. And I had a lot of great warmup than in twelve and -- love Lippman yeah -- -- every chance I get. I'll pitch and definitely not geared toward the end it's definitely not enough. Keep up to workbook -- I don't think so much because we appreciate to sixth so when he took the Alabama 38 to seventeen over -- entertaining game. But in the first half but to go back and look -- -- system. Big numbers there filling shoes. JC Copeland fumbled. -- -- Once I look at it -- he was about the school the other side go back and look at his film Alabama is how to do exactly what happened on -- play. Tackle football especially in desperation situations they tackle the football any Compton out. You don't score people -- like a movie American pie McKenzie field goal at the school stadiums goal. Beating -- then what happens you got to drive. Successful Kraft -- -- my driver down the field. On the first opens fumble. And then of course coach -- took the hill approached India home his team put them on ice and you some neighbors and generous to -- I don't know if you don't maybe was shaken up mentally. But that was his decision not political progress the way. Then on the second drive. -- -- But no legs and that misses a block there's a thing. The next play a delay of the game and you go from first in team in the second point one opponent there played a miscommunication. And it's a fumble so you talk about two drives in your mind as to. To a team that's already five and know when they won internal battle and hard to do a minimum was a stick figure from other people. Being leave him. You -- seven to three gave us about that we're Sean Robinson comes over time. Interferes with a Maricopa. Eight yard Hanson fans first down when Hamlin and explain -- 52 yard touchdown OJ how. That's what good teams do that's a great team do they make you pay for your mistakes and Alabama big greatest friends you could talk about the coach in his coaching. You can talk about. Run the football -- only players but probably the best part about coaching in Alabama and their new preparedness they don't beat themselves. They don't make mistakes. They don't -- Bears Odom -- -- a ball team and you find out you go back to that that South Carolina game when he lost a couple of seasons ago. We lost to Auburn. They'll point 40 me a lot of mistakes in the game they just don't beat themselves then maybe they greatest strength. And with the kind of talent big guy you've got he has his good town disappear attempt which -- don't have. Any -- to play a flawless game they wanna make you drive the length of the field. They wanna make you go eight Nancy employees about jumping offside. Well -- the the football. That's what they do that's why they win as many games as they do they don't beat themselves Tuscaloosa for shown only I want Sean. Thank you for calling -- did you have. -- just got a fairly early enjoy -- arrivals and they do a lot of fun not just one person for your coach left filed that is the most laps that I thought we had against your quarterback. Is really dangerous situation and I just don't think he should of let Matt Murton play a game that long really see him get that you know. The court. So you think get into you pulling Joan. Come here and use you're saying you support him at that time. I think you should have pulled -- in my understanding is that murder one of the shuttle on through film down for a lot of smiles. Like take me out. I'm not in C yeah I mean if I'm sure they may come up somebody -- -- I doubt they did show on television. I'll after the long kickoff return when they didn't convert me getting to post it. He threw him out of frustration but as far as him sing take me out I didn't I didn't know I don't know anything about that. Well and we just you know America that was brutal and not really fair in your offensive line was -- -- and it's just -- -- -- I pray out I'm with the -- is not bad but I mean it. Was Alabama's those -- do I heating. And he's not he won't we Alabama I know I mean he's he's out days you've got to keep the beginning I mean the name of the game if they came down on channel called. Alabama thing. Well created would like to operate with people who want. Our guys just don't take him a man thank you to call thank you all right looking at -- rest -- the number tonight on the stat lines sheets. And this one. Just it was it was a hand the dominant provided earlier this week it doesn't give you -- -- -- I told general happiest if all else fails Alabama can just line up. Enron to football LSU because of a -- of the makeup of the team they haven't stopped anybody. We can't -- South Florida with Florida having the worst season they've had babies who history. Vanderbilt beat Vanderbilt beat Florida. For the first time since 1940 find. Today sunny Florida is a bad ball so that's the one team you sit down in Southeastern Conference play. You show them the city's famous before hand police uniform bushel full. You can't see if beyond the second half and 51 downs and three -- few months to work. The numbers disappointed that we could all pick this and they -- sort of -- the owners -- They don't really she would be -- this was anything but close tonight especially that second half. That's 102 point 13 tremendous person and if LSU maybe if they convert and make your pitches down and saw where they keep Ellis Alabama people hole. And don't give up but you know -- flip side. Alabama had to make them play so one might hold just don't have that it -- happen again McCain fumbled and we've got to look at one team from the state. But also who forced that mistake and calls guys that. 2601878668890. Rates and they. Operated jaguar opinion poll is online at did you have real downtown feel as you've missed three games left this season. Tour and regular season that will be against me and him two weeks. They're off this week and they played even two weeks and then they have all consult a Friday after Thanksgiving and in the opening. How many of those freak games with LSU when it will be one. Twos threes on Nolan can't -- both online at WWL. Dot com and a good tomorrow won't won't prove its beginning right around lunchtime and look at film to the Saints. And the Dallas Cowboys -- thirty kickoff and a point after tomorrow night ABC thing. In the front corner of Texas at 87870. It's go to Vincent diamond hit on my want to dance city to good morning thank you for -- because you have. Yes -- go right here. And I'm. Okay what. I'm mark this season ticket holder. I'm so disgusted. I don't know where art. What is being just wants -- -- to keep them. Anyway but. I don't -- the way we're recruiting the way the state things the way we are right now. I don't feel recruit. Competing when Alabama. Into futures. We'd like it to me it looks like the days have come out come on old I'm 58 years old. OK look I love the old Kate gaze of they -- Brian and Charlie -- Now we've got we got cute guy committed Dolphins become -- not recruiting. -- -- shooters you've got to be an offensive line right now but this year Alabama is that I'm six times. And of course including -- Robinson. I'm just this country. I guess I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't even know what to say and I'm just discuss. Well -- you know it. LSU's -- against some good recruit me what what happens down the stretch I was to a -- -- in all. I'm Alex I do agree Ed Dunn who don't don't don't go to going to be big we'll put this so much talent. In the state of Louisiana this year they got a close call it now everybody seems to think that this you know it's LSU and Alabama for a forehand and then I mean I don't know I -- -- no I know a lot of homework. There with a who's who -- can't stay at Alabama Louisiana recruits but they'll beat you 82 weeks where LSU plays they give him so it and allow these kids and they come when they go to. They gonna wait till the first of January 2 all American game to go -- on my game to to play it's a commitment a way to go to -- that's that's a big part of and down I can understand it. But you know LSU got it close court I mean you cannot lose the best player and his faith which happens to be the best player in the country. Three times on the unity he just came -- I mean they got a -- -- -- -- that they gonna had beginning you know they lost Mac night then heard. They then also motivate the loss columns -- -- -- -- -- -- look at the impact he made tonight. And he was all over the field. Don't think you can you know you just you've got to keep -- big dogs it is is this is a rare he had many people call and estate experts have so called experts say it is one of the biggest years they've -- ahead. In recruiting in Louisiana so you've got to feel good to keep -- keep those -- and then I think offensively. They should be able to do well event because if this was the same offense is a year ago if Palmer received from thinking like no no but now. We talk about William equipped Beckham mainlanders don't want him on his -- Not I think -- do well offensively now when they need help his own defense and on the defense line that's what you need a lot of help. Well. I agree beat him. Out when I'm when I'm when I'm afraid -- that we seem to -- you lose and recruiting battle. Across the board. I think Jack we got to FitzGerald will of course -- I'm helpful sumo. Upstart. No you're right yeah I mean it -- -- and -- physical play I mean he's. I mean I looked in and out I don't -- I don't think when I see players on the field on the game like this they at this Thornton because they've been in somebody else. But if if DJ work and I don't mean to pick -- if he's the best lap back -- -- you guys didn't think they got to -- -- and there they got to get some of the players they have because he's not. Look he he may be service of what they got right now. God bless him and shoot a good young man does a great job he's a milestone within. But we look -- we look at the linebackers and look at the don't headaches every minute they don't have that pair rather than had to show skillet Kelvin Sheppard they need dead he's he's not big gap. I agree with you I think what the heck out of our mom I'm really disparaged. I can't remember if you can look -- fair answer Florian but I'll go for the person I'm loving -- is a great guy. As a coach. And I'll say what I think we're I think illustrate recruits himself a hole I don't care who did LSU I think -- got to recruit himself. Ellis who's gonna bring great players and but you know when you work if you -- occurred against the bad. If you recruit against. Saban. Did you gotta do better than what we're doing week you know. Two guys admitted that -- a lot of right hill and battle I don't think it's looking better even he knows. We just we just when we lose in a battle. I'm really. Really championship is -- -- if you had Alabama's roster do you think you'd be better than Alabama. Hell yeah. So if you think you're at Alabama's rounds that you think QB Ben Alabama absolutely without a doubt it but I -- I got you this. This thank you so much for the call I appreciate that big. Okay is simply say thank goodness kudos shocking Indiana for -- thank you for calling Debbie that you're. I don't know and I put. Season doesn't hit well -- -- yeah yeah I just don't really know what the play but I -- all of those groups of people come and knock them more vulnerable. -- -- We we did -- a lot you can certainly a lot of players that didn't really people feel a lot more expected miracle problem and it's obvious they make mistakes at the -- at the experience. It's obvious that over the -- together and I am. We didn't fumble. But I'm not what he people who there was a little bit ahead with it we just got to work through it and not think who. Now I thought it would have been a struggle against Mississippi State today that he had in the outfield I think -- you can beat them I think we have got athletes. And I think we can both look so. I'm not sure I have to say about them. And I think what Alabama -- not people Mississippi State and all of whom actually I'm make it couldn't be unbelievable fight and I don't know what. I thought I thought all along I thought all along -- -- every team in this conference would lose one game this year I really thought that he has still maintain that. I don't always going to be it's extremely home and you hear coaches say all the time to go undefeated but in the SEC it's even more forward. To go undefeated. The -- feet. He's still got Auburn you got an SEC championship. And I I I think it's it's a lot of football left to people needed it. -- this thing get this year though. We're off -- you may not believe anyone want -- so. And sticky and it is somewhat -- is out there had been. Any plays out there when Alabama does lose then they won't be the best one loss team in this conference in more than likely be arbor. What ideology don't be okay I'm I'm nowhere with a little bit right now and I'm always down a little bit on defense. I'm -- if you look at the future looks -- offensively. It would -- to get a couple more -- players on the defense and you'll be more accurate I think the future looks bright and I'm not a fair weather and not jump on the bandwagon. I think we get a picture of them up it will take irrelevant -- -- simple hold up here pretty good. I'm -- thank you so much we appreciate can make teaching in the NCAA poll in Houston and -- your college final score Alabama 38. LSU seventeen is the opponent did buy you for being here in the world famous quote on the home for the Tigers WW. And welcome back final score you lose. Alabama 3217 over LA shoot the tank now pregame live from the regular season including a -- we -- -- -- And then -- the Iron Bowl against Auburn Auburn was victorious today 55 point three. All the Tennessee would stick cornerback nick Marshall rushed for fifteen point three yards per carry. And -- announces the winner weight in the deep south older probably next week at home against Georgia Pacific health which could be the biggest a bowling if creek. Of that great rivalry between Alabama. And Paul -- After the phone do we go whereby you burba 503 verve and in the world famous transporter -- city for the teacher on -- wanting to thank you for calling Debbie -- well. Lone trip on the don't know not not promote Bobby this -- to the principle of -- go to the game. Called the night this particular daughter. Talking about recruiting. And that you didn't expect the recruiting you could be the top 50 yeah when you -- make it sound like this I mean you look at the rosters and may make some terrible. Off the -- but I think. He didn't think that you can list five or six years. Health issues will probably found that Alabama did the other schools that maybe other political game that I don't know that play very comparable. I agree and I just. If -- tried before Alabama coach three seasons on offense could -- defense. And if you do that I've lost -- not likely to lose a bet that turned over you probably. Imagine that -- Sort of maybe the about Alabama put good at playing Kentucky -- that they play they'll issue. It is shameful really this negative that you found you would get a ground about Iraq. I'll let you know he does said earlier this week you know regardless of what you've got a quarterback you don't make mistakes. Right at the end of the -- if Alabama just wanted to land up in game two tights and split bags of power -- or whatever. I mean they could tell us who were they were gone against Georgia. Against Ole miss hits Mississippi State I mean why would they Ellis who didn't stop those scenes than -- would listen really well -- out and look for the first caught. For the first part of the game. You -- nasty defense to do better I mean it was Alabama will open three on third down once before it hands -- -- mean they got off the field and he just Aminu. Dolphins did put enough pressure on Alabama the first. -- -- I figure out how to put more pressure that -- this year than last year my correct. Yeah I I would agree -- -- football couldn't keep it -- now goes. I don't see Alabama going. Defeated the rest of the way about publicly that could cheer you being no I agree nonsense that I seuss' -- is competent do that. In fact a couple of really you don't -- 51 out of -- -- lose Belichick golf. I thought -- was punctuated it. He -- -- but it really that would. You can. Can't come home in Vegas and Vegas they think they miss they just completely missed on on on the Auburn has good man I think who has. It's very hawk -- against Alabama so methodical so welcome. From the -- -- don't you agree. Yeah they're on mean it just didn't think where you'd be hard to beat your Tigers and I think big greatest and they don't beat himself the front that you right. And it meticulously coach Bob -- for the mom he coach me. We -- on -- the local everything it could feel everything and killed at vehicle left everything on. You get out there that these guys they think he's guilty it's funny because on the the quick Q did you get to this point I think I got the impression he gives the people would approach -- -- this game on everybody on their Little League. I think that. I don't think their -- lives in the spirit that they can. He played so it goes a certain point it goes a certain distance but ultimately if you don't win you win games like this it is it don't go to -- you know. Feel pretty good. If I teach it to thank you so much as they -- precinct. LSU -- 38. 38 to seventeen go back to the phone to go Texas cook home online pool hall thank you for calling WW well. If all the little bloodied. -- she could say overlooked. Pollen and many people agree with you now I would agree with -- -- pool and then you know playing it is it. That would coach the Auburn got marathon should be the coach of the year and fifty -- in the most improved. Came in the country. Well. Missouri goes the SEC championship game is going to be hard because people today and I mean he lost his quarterback too so. But those -- those who lead the way. The problem in his. And so -- consortium of them. The more controlled studies. So what the deficit was Arkansas. -- good -- more. When some people look at it like -- with it was a bit of fear. Thought Auburn coming up those kids he knew he recruited almost hit there would there when he was there routine. I mean he obviously didn't burn any bridges. With the Jay Jacobs in the -- and a director and Auburn because if he did he would look running back there so. -- would -- be Apollo he would talk with Allstate four year got some head coaching experience. He came back and and like you said nannies and he's not a national go to these are the keys and -- list I could take that. It and it can elevate it. Look when you can eat when you can run the football like they can run the football you're exactly right they are very welcome. Form a lot of people involved a little bit better you -- -- the -- fruitful. He's been good enough they have been really helped -- That was in the first half. According to the he had been out they would no team I don't think any team in the country as it has improved more from weeklong until we can't go into week eleven. Then I'll come back we'll in Atlanta will be a solid match and -- and Alabama 380 shoot seventy disappointed after here -- does -- get through. How I LSU -- 38 to seventeen Alabama let's hear from you back to the -- go to Atlanta. For a will online too we'll thank you to call Debbie did you have. You can email or we're really morning people who won 3:0 yes at the morning. Or is he decade an outlet to make game tonight really shouldn't know him and of course not I think it's -- -- Heard the kind of the night of finishing -- one mystical ride in camp and most particularly in the hope because it's. As being fit. When it comes to -- I think there is the condition that it's happening on the high school level. And I am hoping that football fans home. And that's just think it's. Hello hello how do you. Also full -- -- winning championships. -- -- -- concerns with this occasion plain gone. Nothing at all -- bamboo. Really. Seeing so many recruits because they've really -- -- for him if he can't blame them success records is there but it's true we think. And his coaches but I really think they're being we've really -- championship holes -- playing time but I want to get -- opinion on. Fortunately there's. -- that you if you look at Alabama they make it one of the top six schools in the nation they play freshmen true freshman players so I don't I don't listen to read today. He'll witness who would you nobody who has filled. This say for example if you recruit and you've behind these -- -- and also improve -- this is so tough. For young hopefully continue to call me. Plays you can. But ultimately what debut living New Year's Eve is a little polarized what I do well at the end of each game each team -- a participation chart. And these kids now and their fans they know you you can't go into a living room and game when he couldn't do more to Taylor Keith call you coming here and play. But if you do then if they don't play they don't go look at C were coming true freshman played last year is all out in the open. It don't matter how many feet to behind -- what those people -- make -- to where they place true freshman has to redshirt freshman. It's all right there if you really can't have anything man. Thank you so much of the and tonight he hit his timeout really appreciated that felt good. OK well thank you very much appreciate the compliment. Let's go to -- handsome man on line with a three man thank you for calling them because you have. It'd be very good. Thank you wouldn't even mind the question of the court and got off -- -- fellow win Copeland. -- that ball why did we knock people -- -- Only thing I could save -- that's that's let's mouth Bono fumble then if you go back to go over his game. He kind of put him on high school while it is it is heard -- because they were running the ball to run the ball well he formally making me if he -- came out. On and I'm -- I'm Novak. I -- is known Mike for the last championship game you know give the -- who have left -- -- good -- years. Good you know I don't get it then quarters playing at home. It is. I think those you -- have a real opportunity. Audit firm. It you know the football game we've played. Until that out of my when he had a sense of urgency needed success they were they were successful on a couple of drivable senate's second scoring drought they were real quick. I'm getting up there now well you know you can -- sometimes they look confused but. I notice that this offense has been rough on the best offensive AF. -- -- -- We have to go back to work a week and he could produce a lot of -- will be here at least appreciate who have -- -- numbers. And it certainly -- seventh season. When he won the national championship totals were both of them out there. -- overall. 601878668890. Today my stomach -- the -- economic. Don't just makes them -- no runs he's got he's amuses me in this case is not a team we don't do. Back in the studio he produces on Friday night -- of the rock and roll here ponies. And it is a -- remained tied until the scoreboard process -- tools solar energy ju KO you really providing facility and any options. For the old folks game. Well we'll take a look at some top 45 active offensively at number one Alabama 38 LSU seventeen. Florida State. Thought they are all smiles now the rest of the way they have Syracuse Idaho. Florida and in the ACC championship game. And then a spot in the masters and it's a Florida State we don't they went out. They will be in the national title game they -- -- -- it and 342 to zero and to have overlooked the demon deacons. Missouri continue to do well now against stuff over there they go on the road the final two games of the season they're gonna need to win. Those games whenever they can't beat I was South Carolina this conference plays as if they all South Carolina has the tiebreaker hits you can't let him. It's 91 at the 4817. Big group took his South Carolina past Florida. Harvard 55 to 23 over Tennessee. On the was only a seven and a half point favorite big crush. The volunteers -- emotional fourteen carries 214 yards his fifteen point three yards 58 free Mason. Truly cares a 117 yards they rushed the ball -- townsfolk 444. Yards this afternoon eight point four yards. For Kerry Auburn now they entertain Georgia next week at the deep south's oldest driver they went now what they would set up -- top six match up. Against Alabama. The final week of the regular season. -- do you think crushes number eleven Miami 42 to 24 Oklahoma State 42 to six they may make a big jump this week because -- -- -- put the pin number nine. And -- they never really beat anyone but they -- Kansas 46. Takes a sane and there was -- and still could be his last home game as an angry if you want a 41 over Mississippi State. Fresno state 48 team over Wyoming. UCLA 31 point six over Arizona. It was Central Florida keeping -- BCS game hopes alive at BCS bowl game hopes alive. Nineteen to fourteen over. Houston it was Arizona State coming from behind to beat you so it was a nineteen hit. Notre Dame called the Pittsburgh 28 to 21. Wisconsin 4717 over BYU. Kansas -- morning and it's 46 -- Texas Tech. And of course all the games Minnesota 52 down. Well out there as a program for the -- all they do what they coach you were here -- was -- no problem but they are eight to them. For keeping -- for the regular season when he fourteen over can stay. Ole miss has now 6334. Point four victory over walk and solid Georgia over at 845 or six. North Carolina beat Virginia 45 of fourteen. It was Syracuse over Maryland sporting the green. Nebraska give Brady holds his first loss as a head coach at the big house. If they defeat Michigan seventeen to thirteen -- all the trouble Nebraska boat cleaning it through. Nebraska can win next week over Michigan State in the weekend today they would be defeat in the championship game. Against Ohio State. Boston College forty and 34 over New Mexico State it was his thirty -- when he opened NC state Duke is 72. No western state in Louisiana State defeat of lost 37648. Honestly scores. Hastily called the University of Texas San Antonio -- -- seven Sam Houston State foreign and it's wonderful over the -- they. It's southeastern rolled to the central Arkansas 58 to 31 the biggest game of the history of the southeast we David personally. Football program would take place next week they'll probably move up a little bit for pole anyway entertaining top ten team Sam Houston State next week. Southeast wind that when they were locked up the south land -- top eight national seed and being at home would have wells -- at least one game before they're likely to. Should they be a -- so it was important because it's southeast of next week. To check out the line. Also in state college so football this season it was. Second technical school. Well the school if you -- people if you don't think when he hit point four. Nancy if -- won the other night 41 of 36 to be porno. In the sun belt but -- again don't. Now folks went just over punching his ticket to the flag championship game. Jaguars beat Alabama State 31 it's only eight and then of course. Earlier today it was some balance in Texas and losing in Ohio State. Beat prairie view so southern in Texas they will meet again just went championship -- Birmingham. So a lot of teams in Louisiana during world hey grammar mistakes all -- 45 to forty. There's a look and you'll. -- still -- -- deep score for a crucial energy JW everybody sole options. For folks in the Louisiana 38 to seventeen. It was Alabama always LSU in his second hand Alabama had to -- -- have positions. Unless we don't count that's the one they were on knocking down and sort of kneeling on the football fourteen plays seven hang -- -- -- touchdown. Ten plays 71 yards and a touchdown eight plays 78 yards and a touchdown 32 plays 220 yards -- we want more. LSU four offensive position in the second half. Six ways to deal with a field goal. Seven plays 46 show the form. -- plays minus three -- -- down. Five plays minus six north turnover on -- LSU 42 point 67 yards. Three points in the second -- final numbers LSU falls 38 to seventeen. They hit 284 yards of total offense just 52 with a -- -- it's -- -- point three passing it was that -- -- with the tour -- -- your. They had 31 yards and 31 appearance of 430 at one point for your. Rushing a field this afternoon. The big number there -- other issues. 773. Yards minus two. In the turnovers Alabama wins 38 to seventeen welcome back another hours ago. Prove it to a Mike Hargrove tiger -- background also real locker room for reports from Browns on. You keep your team is -- issue tonight calls Alabama. 38 to seventeen and beat -- on the -- after on the home for the Tigers and into all insane is that because you.

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