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11-10 1:10am Deke, Mike Scarborough

Nov 10, 2013|

Deke talks to Tigerbait.com Publisher Mike Scarborough about LSU's loss to Alabama

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight -- Alabama 38 to seventeen the tide roll over LSU including a dominant second half by the crimson back. Welcome back to six or 187866889. Teammates and my style broke tiger beat that time doing this man Mike. Seventeen to seventeen with thirteen and twelve left in the third and to then the big crimson machine with the work and they grew real issue out. You know. 7070 you know she gets to third no one's stopped. It looked like Alabama's got issues with the personnel on the field they call a timeout. Can't say enough about -- -- between USA you know that would have been no left now that need to come -- -- that right there. You know people would become a bunch of names right now. They come a time out they get the other first down they think he would they like him on the punt coverage. And that was the turning point in the football game. And I think what this game really shows you is it while losing close games all these years and he's great football games. You now to the point now where is it's not a matter of who played better who had a better game plan. Is different now it's just very obvious that there's a big talent gap between the two -- I think they have -- -- when you look at the numbers and I think I made it. I'm almost all the economy is in Alabama just getting to a three more determined at his hands up because you look at both these numbers that -- him in the with the system since they both have good talent. But it didn't -- for all the literature. I'm it's -- in any enemy is as it it has the state of Louisiana recruiting wise really missed the last three times all defensive line won't really how would -- of those. And I make a Davenport do well at Tulane but you know these expectations I -- -- how I don't understand how the whole conference in the media. They and I don't I don't know -- anybody but they had and think Johnson pre season all SEC I don't think he's -- the honorable mention. My I don't think you belong there when -- when I came out I can do that it was all based on you know what. Know him get another year to field a new rookie he's impressive looking physically. Get all the accolades that a high school. Tom if it was now that the year where you people in the program long enough and I think they gave him the benefit of the doubt. But like -- said the three games. You look at this LSU football team. And when that when the -- coach when the coaches and -- Out there. They're going to be intelligent player on either one of those things defensively. And that that's not LSU football. You're playing along with you have to go who would you could you name perspective -- I I'll hold their own -- out of my hand. Look at the rest of the conference I don't know who you can put all take -- you have a couple of you have an eagle for it was an -- -- -- mention. He yeah you have to get on the all freshman team. Yeah but Paterno -- -- football team a program that. One of many football games they had over the years. Always defense team with the strength of the football team. And now have a year where you're not talking about a single player on the first team and probably -- the second he neither. -- let everybody know how -- get the latest post game cook. I can get those type of thing we got both of postgame stories up from Brian on their side tonight that coverage for us it and the message boards are still going hot -- won't what is the vibe on the message board my it is. Lot of people saying it now officially Bear Bryant and Charles McClendon and you know it's McGinley -- if you look at the SEC west. He -- you -- -- particularly in him. You know I was -- finishes fourth in the left in. You know we're where we talk about Bo Ryan Gator -- music city. I don't own worries you a worse. He got help if you lose that football game we kind of screw it we're penalties he -- -- Mike the the big recruits from Louisiana -- -- announce that they are all on the arm and all American. That does the game like this -- -- thing. On -- I would think. Maybe not so much just the game but like. And you've got a note those players out. But don't recruit tonight and Tuscaloosa they sort of a good time and it's a good atmosphere in the in only fifteen could be returned in two weeks clearly shoot things if they take care -- -- him but. It is being any worry about making my distance we recruit. I didn't -- -- at the same time Alabama here Dynamo found. But not not to -- Cornet who was there for this one whose tweet all night long. You know Tony Brown -- -- was you -- -- from Beaumont he was there on his official visit. You know Kim Robinson's only lost but you know get killed will have their brother you know random place. I think. -- you look at it it was the players to the players see opportunities. Do you lifting gear to a top linebackers in the country up and don't -- a true Mike linebackers watch in this one. You know he humor he graduates didn't determine who comes in and he's going to be a starter. Little bit at how those guys look at that but when you see what all we're doing we -- which has seen them do and and -- really. Can help village you can make something. A little bit more palpable -- relishing playing oh win over the Maggie and you know. He did you don't want to finish fourth if it in the west if he goes through a mid level for all we saw how hard it -- felt that you play last year. Mike. Since an entertaining -- game. Alabama's 22 want they want to -- championships and a favorite to win their third LSU seventeen and seven lost two straight gold. And not. Unless something happens the only way to you know big -- ms. Bolden less miles there. Where where is his program anywhere is. Well you can imagine hit. Not I talk about the town you can have you know and strong recruiting -- -- could you -- than me. Do you go a year without. If any defensive tackles. Anything can happen gap -- in your recruiting not coming up inadequate number that particular position. And then when you get hammered by -- we. -- leadership in that particular position you call with the takedown. Skills. -- -- you know that that's a part of so. You look it was human tissue removed with the other schools come after you win and everybody's pushing. You know -- You can certainly -- -- you know not knowing who's gonna retire. With the Eagles and we both know that despite we're Cleveland might come -- be drafted and you start projecting for next you look at it. Losing the two receivers and a new -- A new left tackles. April because of tackled him. The Eagles feel they feel on the roster that your comfortable. He can make you can pick next year is more of a rebuilding situation. My when I look at -- you -- right now even let you know within I don't think anybody would have thought -- -- -- tonight's game do you think will be fifth. Any SEC wins but I think 33 like -- -- little miscue tonight because they beat him. If you hit eighth that's. That's that's -- disappointing and I mean you don't wanna bet there's victories with the they lost to Vanderbilt for the first time in since 1945. And they might know one another ballgame that being a Florida Gators so. It did not really much to hang your hat on not only be in the conference this year than anyone you better wins against a ranked opponent. They don't have a losing record in TCU's something -- and at this -- at the moment I don't need to be doom and gloom but let me tell you shoot this win -- fall. I thought his arm but if those two teams in the final play right now. I don't think -- she could be Auburn. Yeah. They're going to be unstoppable. Career that hey you know that. We'll do they really got a scrutinize everything everything they're doing I think this recruiting class will be special -- Numbers you can. Next juniors you're right now he's talking about how good are these two guys who -- churning out on the defensive -- Staying in Gilmore. You know how good is that our going to be continual -- -- the way that he needs to do. He then we we -- -- and found him when he we had seen him you know it's just I this I don't know if we've and we all just believing the hype or it just seemed like there. The you know the run we hand with quote in the gravel lane and how Williams into all those guys are you doing things could threaten us right now. Yeah 88 -- as a as it was say at Drake never -- on -- level Mayo of Williams you're. And make all the difference in the world they just the interior defense of Atlanta that does it's it's. That's that's been a big drop off my. -- -- -- And looking you really sit there and watch Jeremy hills you know who run the football and and -- And they come up and get smacked -- -- big Alabama linebackers. Agent a much bigger football team quick to run the 34. And they like those bigger linebackers. When you put LSU linebacker corps he compare know what -- thinking at Alabama. I mean it is night and day. This go to the phones the professor only I want to thank you for calling you want my Scarborough on WW. -- I got to talk about deception -- any reference to. Feels good recruits. In England to vote even. People travel alone -- -- compare these -- like -- use like in World War II. You know like we had the Germans believe -- that we were gonna schools to support to -- we totally. Confuse the Germans thought we thought but fortunately we never went to we went -- to Normandy the and this is what the list miles had they had in these plans some deception for every now India. In one form of deception is to use this every now and the end went. When he -- to -- the receiver. The timing of the quarterback and the receivers come like one they'll -- to really cute did receive it turns around. And go towards speed line of scrimmage because their vote Alabama please cover receivers so tight deal was beat them up. In so if he's running towards the field the line of scrimmage he's going to be even some so what. A week from the -- -- defensive at least somewhat because they. So you like that you feel like the way to receive his game plan that with the same. Well intentional -- -- pleased that he could've put the there's still some planes like. -- you recover from refers which it lost me when you -- -- received with you talk about you go back to may this year coming into everything -- can't you really need to do it. I -- from the fake field go to the long field goal to go to the breakdown in. There was there was none of that tonight I mean there was none of them I thought the team playing with a good game plan 88 didn't they did executed the first hands on you know that that. Went about -- give it to remain a telephone Alabama. I don't know that -- them a little more but Alabama did what I don't do won't do at that get deep into the -- They Alando. And they pounded LSU and at that is what other team did in this conference. Mississippi State they just got so far behind they had to get out of that they would do it for half fraud and couldn't really do with -- you all -- did. Auburn did in the second hand this is it seemed look Mike in that first half. That you could name has been for the defense I mean didn't they got off the field they have this thing hits and stop the forced to three -- been a seven. They they won't want to -- fourth wanna fooled on third down they were always three. Coming out I'm thinking like this is a big time you don't think this is big but he's the -- when you look it would -- conference numbers were. But in the second half that that was the LSU defense we've seen in SEC play. And -- -- -- stay warm out there were worn down you don't he you know rotating in and a little or edwards' first semi gummery. You know which is this. They did they dedicate themselves so -- big offensive line and run the football and you know when when your your Q when your -- get up front. And he gets an inexperienced and I mean that it was gonna happen but. You know that in the in the NF that the that's the difference. Mike eat because alien to him as if this schedule like play here. It is to be -- due to being put tiger fans but because men's there is coming to bad route. If I think there's a little bit out to look forward to put it this will like it was when she just loves Alabama has not on the backhand. And you play me -- him early. It would it would really be -- be hard but because you get to play any of them out I think it does give the fans and even team. So to look forward to extensive wanted and it's about his schedule the way it laid out this year vs last year that's just my opinion. We have two weeks from Buffalo quite -- she sure would like to have. And Akron at least on the schedule for this Saturday just to get. You know just to -- to play football again when I have an astute owner for two weeks now. Mike I'm not a volume tunis those who need a score -- my chickens don't -- get -- tiger -- -- come on FaceBook and of course. Our main site. Tiger -- I come down to a lot of free stuff there and you know she came relief. Tony force seven on on a message boards with a great discussion. We're McNeal achieved fame at right now Weasley. And and it's flying into Choi hit all the walls. What's what's with some guys that are some might think wanted to rest until it was a little people are really great you know it is an intelligent discussion there and didn't give a lot of people breaking down our roster and in. I think it's it is pretty. -- other lots of kids and we talked about. I think for a lot of people it's really -- -- and -- -- hit Knicks got a dose of reality. It does the separation. Between the two programs. Talent wise and how do you compare. You know when you've got a number of positions and -- you had in your talking about. You know movies first year players and then. Players -- never started and she didn't do enough in those big numbers which you've got to. They'll come in and hit home runs -- -- -- -- just next to impossible. 260178668890. Ticket price over tiger beat -- -- is on Fisher is skating has taken her. -- Kevin and I 3817 -- through -- -- -- locker room reports. Look at players say what went on -- locker room with senior right type of a backup final thought and I thought visit. With Mike -- go -- for -- being good evening thank you for calling WW it. AB man are you don't grow up healthy -- Our guys I'm gonna screw something up against the wall of the which you think about it okay. You know everybody. Has been saying for a long time. Then you know let all this great recruiter. And you and I both know you can't drive down mystery. We have great fans. And everybody wants to go to LAQ all he's really down occurred and I don't think I think he's just openers authorities credence star recruit. And stuff. You know -- -- or forced or bubble bath. And let no man and I don't think he's a great recruiter. And when does this catch up with them because. Would he just says the guy you you were just talking -- are career -- is Sam -- good defense. Right pad but he just kind of alluded to the fact that. -- talent level in the young people come in and it is not. -- are there and I keep enough to Duke forward. I was -- team. -- I I think there is some guys be utilized but he. Right now the -- there's there's some definitely number issues and the defense -- -- and we've been talking about that for a while. As far as recruiting. You know look if you're -- not gonna if it is gonna go multiple years. First of all you can Glenn Dorsey is don't grow on trees. When you do have a five star because of how many you sign him and Anthony Johnson. We need him to perform like a five star. A couple of three years into the program and that and it's just. There has not happened what -- Anthony Johnson. But that's pity -- if if your statement is that producing a Glenn Dorsey it's hard to go to Dallas. It's hard to go to Jacksonville. You take those away from the state schools and that it if it did they want those guys fight to play guitar player at another school to come in Louisiana get them. You know but that's thread. Nick Saban were able to go nationwide and pull those type acute do you look at that offensive line though she dealt with tonight. And they look at their hometown. And an intimate that that that's the difference if you stick now produced and you've got to be able to have -- on your staff with the -- to go anywhere in the country to get them. Yeah you know -- goes I mean it goes back to look. I think both of these teams you can lineup and you could take it take him Lamine. And unlike a local do you say you know land into the lead in the best -- being put -- -- -- anyone who any chance of -- another. That's what a difference is here that's a mobile home hopefully that's what differences do you think you can prepare this field guys put that Alabama is false appear on the line right now. You look at Louisiana is only gonna happen abundant left smiles seven and if that doesn't. Around. With the recruiting hot. And not just recruitment. But the meat at any Davis and -- it was a big camera crew to -- -- Johnson was supposed to be good -- you looking at 2000 you thought to be young to come in and play. Was not produce and want to not play it is not just who you hit it it's how how they progress in your program I think it does have a lot to coach -- For a that's just my -- So Mike. London wise and. Q you and 2012 without sounding defensive tackle. Exactly who would I do my -- and everything and I know my. That's what I'm Anthony Johnson eagles' first for everything you've got a true freshman in Christian market tour. In Quentin -- from -- rich -- didn't play his senior football and I feel him against tocchet and a a bad high school football team. He only made a play I thought he was a project -- probably would end up on the offensive line. You know you you can't you can't go to multiple years -- it at that position. You know when you do sign on how you get into any job somebody get a couple of questionable by the -- -- in the class meet your memory -- person. You know take -- sworn in as an offensive lineman. When he was committing them at one point. Slope. And I think a lot of them -- might eat you you kind of scratching his -- -- pick on Rondo is all on a message board but. -- people call me and ask me say what you don't wealthy can attack we get beat but I look at legacy we're going. They must they must don't trust anybody else at least beat the right place that you could be somebody is more talented. But he had around -- -- I'm no big capital put somebody out there just because they have editors prominent faster if you don't know -- -- You can you do have a -- a field and I only -- -- could take it the reason why he's out there because they don't have anybody else out there they feel. Then they have worked around the clock to trying get Lamar Lewis to be that guy he just hadn't they hadn't materialized. Final finally might have in the don't know how to get the latest and now it's -- to find your own social media -- You know go to tiger at bay dot com will be breaking this one down and I get a follow recruiting and in the next. 72 hours. But -- -- -- -- -- come that's -- -- Michael on Twitter and FaceBook page tiger make that come. Mike Scarborough tiger -- dot com Mike thank you so much -- the time -- told later this week. -- do you think brought.

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