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11-10 5:10pm Fans First Take w/Steve Korte and Todd Menesses

Nov 10, 2013|

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From the flagship station of your New -- -- -- -- 870. Am 1053 up. Freeze play action steps up in the pocket rolls to his left Atlanta to have those deep downfield with Jimmy -- he's great catch inside the hottest that is a fifty. -- yard touchdown strike. And it's brand coming back making the catch touchdown. It's the first week. Oceana restaurant just steps -- -- in the heart of the French Quarter. Louisiana does well senator I WS -- and supplies your one stop shop. MA gym urgent here because great fans deserve great healthcare. -- so why don't include automotive group of everything automotive under one -- Thibodeau regional medical center patient centered actual. Superior offers brother Marcus -- on the right -- into the golf so. Subway he's fresh. And life flow went hard Jewelers is the exclusive -- of the New Orleans Saints. Things sings well. First season. First take a lot of good restaurants that were kind enough time for -- one quality that makes me. Closer closer. -- kick off the Mercedes-Benz superdome and the Dallas Cowboys. Are in town to take on your New Orleans Saints both. Division leaders. They can be at peace now that the Cowboys you know the east. And games that are currently in progress. The Broncos are all over the Chargers 47 positions now. That's sort of not pretty good and now it's only six relative to doing many years. I think I would enough that the ambiance is standing -- media and the owners thomas' we're close ones and yeah it's. There on the way 286 all right the the Texans still lead the Cardinals at the halves of the fourteenth. And it's still pretty tight. In San Francisco and I -- seventh. The Panthers. 49ers -- the Panthers -- well look at those are two good defensive ball close and I think right now obviously season niners and what they've done the past. Carolina is really sort of come back in the -- defensively in her homeland and the defense is really really play well so that. That's -- low score right there doesn't surprise me at all. I let's go to a sporadic -- hate Brett you're on transportation. -- that was where you play -- big man -- immediately -- a game -- it contained a -- no penalty. It would have been perfect -- -- -- the open on the play in my life and come up with the ultimate dream. Even but it. Didn't come. Out and open. -- And it. Looked like did not look like pre and but -- look back on and keep the pedal to the medal. That's what we -- out now. Well look you know there's no doubt about that I think it anytime you see a team -- It in this league there that's who. You rested for you know and obviously some teams do that. -- in the second half when that third quarter comes on it's really sort who has made the best. And adjustments at halftime in this sort of get their -- back at that same level. You know they played the first half with him a lot of times it's tough to do that it. You know the better teams -- that do that real well because third quarter a lot of times that is the thing that's pretty much talent poor. That is the time down you know lots of times you see that's -- -- -- -- to -- -- and that's the one thing we do they keep you execute it you know scores reason what he's doing that yet they need to -- just wore on as quickly as it possibly look at try to do that habit out. It certainly is nice to see what they just couldn't you know continue to keep the cast them. And Brett I'm sure Steve doesn't remember that game I could use that it was a good game he's already gone through the fact he doesn't remember when he had yeah that's he just remembers the result is going to threaten. More. The another -- coming Saturday 7870. Let's see Saints 42 cowgirls seventeen. Tony Kokomo grossed four interceptions. Another text. That's let's see here it's going to be close. 386 this is 3816 Saints -- -- it says it will go into overtime. 31 at 28 in overtime the Saints will win who -- -- one hope not. -- -- -- When exports when he to Saints will the last second -- do you goal. I don't know how I always win like OK I'll just get out of there with a W I love the predictions here. Romo throws -- last minute interception that sealed the deal for the Saints 35 quality. Well we've seen that happen and work we have seasons with certain guys them. -- next to -- students. And are. You got a lot of great player in that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now he's on the a tractor -- the real comfortable do you have one -- -- and sure enough -- he does it. All right let's see another prediction coming up -- win a jacket most of lose. That have come in the 4223. Counter actually -- cowgirls. Lot of people still concerned about our offensive line. Someone saying our offensive line needs to step up and number 29 needs to step up tonight as well. Running you let it shine to establish their running game that's. Meaning I read -- yet. We'll look he's definitely -- guy that you could I was sort of Chris Ivory version of a couple of years ago. And certainly brings a little bit better you know -- that kind of -- running style. Look I. I -- probably -- -- you have all the right as far as I'm concerned through the screens that appear. -- mix in a couple of our -- -- Swiss army knife with those rules and then give him the rest them when it doesn't bother me. We get on the field and get it going and they protect the football. They can they can usually when they get -- if they -- -- I'll be true talent and surprise surprise that we. That's a RFC south game day predictions are delivered by originally pizza reignited or take out. Or delivered regularly pizzeria now one of those games already in progress obviously the Panthers. And the 49ers. How do you see that game turning out the 49ers. -- wind you know. Those are teams that are. Both beginning to really sort of hit their stride at the San Francisco's good you know you fell off a little that the beginning of the year but they've looked at the back. Quarterback play is going to be the -- on -- and right now I think. Yeah obviously it's just me speculating here but. To me Cam Newton is really sort of in the mr. -- that you do well and that definitely -- and it's a great player and is obviously going to be around for a long time in. They sort of have a lot of similarities there. With the same time I think in time that he can do it gets hot it's can creates huge problems. We prepare for the and a final. I'm still gonna stay at the niners are still going to be them but it's gonna be -- -- -- -- -- has three points. That's what I say I think the niners just because they're playing at home run though the Panthers are played incredibly well -- One other game will be the Monday night game the Dolphins and the Buccaneers the winless Buccaneers at the -- -- Ole miss. We've all heard all week all the problems the Dolphins have had. With the rich you -- you know situation down there. That's a bunch enough is that there isn't gonna expect this particular ago. I think they're pretty they have a pretty good nucleus -- -- you know. You know they've been sacked a lot so obviously everything it's not going to be like and you know so that -- used to and -- -- -- -- At the same time I think that Lamar Miller's play well and they got Cameron Wake back and their defense probably starting play better. You know why I see them probably sort of pulling together on this thing and I think they're gonna win the game I think. -- and obviously had some some. Great tools with the same time they just seems like -- fractured. And I still think that the coach and players on the same side at this point. And I think that the Dolphins even that is these distractions this past week I figure students would be the football field. I'd protect the Buccaneers of that morning and the -- -- just because I think they're super Whitley played. Pretty well against Seattle as well and that -- great team to hit you know his point because of all the distractions immensely if they could focus not. I think they'll take advantage of whatever happened on the offensive -- -- to go with. And of course the other one tonight Saints and the Cowboys hear the Mercedes McLaren. Well quote. Know how well you know yeah I think it's because things the high scoring is going to be close and the -- of the you know 3734. I feel good and we do things a via the incidents that. I think it's going to be -- court as well in the thirties maybe even higher and I think there's going to be a three point difference but for the victory on this one and I think the Saints will prevail in this one I hope I'm wrong you know the globe bottled water. -- to a shut out. Citizens and they unison -- Bryant and send -- currently. Yeah I that if I that it is the media attack uses the explain okay -- a lot of -- have a restaurant that 39 outside the press -- before -- conservative up. Once they thanks to Jose -- it -- -- -- the entire staff here Oceanic of around applause of those guys working there and excellent. Irvin fell through twelfth. On a graphics grass for the -- -- the guys got rob are on site DJ who keeps you guys that are eager commercial breaks it up -- around. -- Dominik are on site engineers. Who does an excellent job keeping us on the air with -- without him could. Beyond the scene that you guys don't see that through this man sitting right here has an important job. Watching those meters of the picture where everything's run and obviously on the -- So there's several times you read books -- even though. Thank god the classroom. And -- don't would be able to. All right Saints and the Cowboys tonight Mercedes-Benz superdome more predictions coming in. And the folks continue to -- community that 870. Some commenting on our predictions as well. Summonses thirty foursome team McKnight for a Graham -- meet him. Tonight. Saints 38 count police and that's from an advantage in Atlanta. I like this next 4520. -- the -- -- -- does the bookie and Jerry Jones chokes Romo once again. Someone else saying Nazi years Saints 42 cowgirls seventeen. Tony Romo -- -- -- people saying it will win it with Tony Romo throwing inception at the end. Etc. it's ironic that come out that I don't either but I I think it's going to be close and I think we may. We may get close overtime tonight. Last time these two teams advance. That in Dallas we went into over in Thanksgiving but that's not right now. So who knows. It could happen again. Again these two teams that have some history. Obviously with Sean Payton. Tony Romo never looked better and -- when he was under Sean speaks to it on me was over there who was. Sean was it adrenaline getting Tony -- there could be equated his own monarch. And that's when Tony Romo looked really good and everyone was saying he was going to be one of the elite quarterbacks he -- -- look that way since he's had flashes of it but he hasn't sense. Song made of course comes here we don't know what he does with Drew Brees and the new world of Saints winning the Super Bowl. Now you have Rob Ryan. On the defensive side of the ball was let go from the Cowboys their scapegoat if you will. Being blamed last year is the reason why the Cowboys didn't get where that was supposed to be when most people do was not the defense. Problem well it looked it was a defensive problem but it was because injuries he hit that. You know he started were gone an -- and these guys don't give me -- issue with you can do. You know so yeah go back form but -- that's. Felt that shot him to hit her record fourteen to I don't go watch I -- it's there -- one guy you text video Texas I just alone here. Well yeah it's he was that he was. And he's probably disgruntled. Characters man who as they continue to lose to the the lead runner the more disgruntled. That they do they wish they had -- I. We're back at this point. But again rob -- another another way the defense and other connections right over the Cowboys. I think all that comes together tonight and I think as we've said before our predictions. That the Saints do win however I do think it's going to be a close win I don't think we got to see. A big blow up which we really haven't seen this year. But this New Orleans Saints team that kept all of them close and been able to win one you know. With the exception of the Cardinals game they've been able that we always sort of at the end yeah and the bills to that started out slow right they've they've pretty much kept them close. Well. Look these teams are good they're full of good players and you can look at that you know -- there's a couple of superstars everybody's team. That you couldn't trade out with the other player that plays the same position team and be equal but other than that other than really kind of the superstar players. Either there a lot alike and -- -- it's sort of the idea that the coaches to find out really kind of what they do best. You know -- know your personnel right and then you know figure out what they do best and then design things that they do best and -- that gives you an opportunity and chance to win so. And then that you hate to do is obviously there's stuff that self destructive you know the penalties and in the pre snap stuff -- and those types of things turnovers but. Those are the things that everybody has to play each and every week -- great teams still turn the ball over great team still make mistakes. This makes fewer and it less crucial times. Militants community 7870s as a whole -- gets his revenge tonight against the Cowboys. So what did we win should we win big. With Drew Brees because an NFL record for seven touchdowns wrong. Some of the Saints 35 cowgirls. When he for a lot of people don't -- -- here today at the -- maybe it's something that probably were. -- of that before and -- and that that's the original -- Do we get the run game picked off tonight. We finally -- it was one well. You know this they've got some great players on the defensive front and obviously they're known more for what their pass rushing skills are that their run stopping ability -- You know they. Look they've got some spasm in his linebacker Sean Lee that's a treat to watch play he's really one of the better players in the league and and obviously deposition you'll watch him and he is he's fun to watch it. I you know I don't know how it's gonna be I don't they're not playing very well defensively right now but. As far as us in the running game started I think it has worked with Austin has been with them right so if we can get sort of our attitude right there kind of get in the position to release -- take it. You know. Advantage of that kind of stuff. And obviously I think we can be a great night to get started I can't think of a better night to get started. I can't think -- either prime time the Saints always play well it prime time lets hope they continue tonight and we can see that running game kicked off received court. And everyone else here at Oceana restaurant thanks for stopping by thanks for listening and coming -- next. It's fun like countdown to kickoff live -- Mercedes-Benz superdome here on six radioed WWL. First take -- get ready for the seem to officials know. -- -- -- -- -- things radioed Dillon. 053 at. First take. Oceana restaurant just steps off -- in the heart of the French Quarter. Louisiana doesn't -- yeah my WS gasoline supplies your one stop shop. And the -- urgent here because great friends deserve great help here and also why the good automotive group everything automotive under one who. Thibodeau regional medical -- and patient centered excellence and superior -- -- -- but larger Xerox authorized agent in the gulf so. Subway and keep fresh and by. When hard Jewelers the exclusive -- of the New Orleans things. Location. -- Love when Bobby Hebert coming up next on the flag ships stationed at your New Orleans Saints W.